Friday, July 20, 2012

Supreme Leader's Representative: Iranians Spend $5Bn on Prostitution

Prior to the 1979 Islamic revolution, there was one district in Tehran, where the brothels were.  A notorious district known as Shahre-nou, where pimps and prostitutes carried out their business . The Islamic revolution was supposed to cleanse Iran from all social malais. There were to be no more addicts, no more prostitution, just pious people all working for God and a "classless society". It was no wonder that the zealot revolutionaries burned down Shahre-nou and the prostitutes who worked there. An Islamic Iran was to be an example of purity and piety for the rest of the world.

It was all mumbo jumbo of course, not only the social malais did not go away, they got exponentially worse. Prostitution that was previously contained within the Shahre-nou district just spread out, drug addiction became epidemic and only few who wore their piety on their sleeves, benefitted the most.

Yesterday, the Supreme Leader's representative in the Martyr's Foundation, Hojat-ol-Islam Rahimian, accused Iranians who travel abroad, "do so for no reason other than engaging in prostitution. 

"Every year 5 million Iranians travel abroad and they spend $5Bn a year on prostitution", Rahimian said, speaking in Mashad. Why else would Iranians want to travel abroad?!

The question is, how many prostitutes do they go with? Do they go with one thousand cheap $1 a time prostitutes or just one high class prostitute at $1000 a time, or somewhere in between?

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