Sunday, December 06, 2015

You Are Giving Islam a Bad Name!

Have you ever wondered what Islamists think when a non-Muslim, who has never read the Koran or the Sira [biography] of the prophet, tells them what they are doing is not Islamic?!

Well below is one example. The video below shows Ayatollah Khomeini amongst some of his disciples, reacting to the former US president, Jimmy Carter, who had claimed what Khomeini was doing, was not Islamic!

Khomeini: "Becoming an Islamic expert seems to be on the rise, Saddam thinks he is an Islam expert, Sadat seems to be amongst these Islam experts too who think they can tell what is Islamic and what is not and recently Mr. Carter has joined the ranks of these Islam experts too [Laughter] during a meeting on one of his trips, [Carter] has claimed 'these things that are happening in Iran have nothing to do with Islam' [Laughter]
So it looks like Islamic experts are on the increase, may be [Menachim] Begin will also soon claim to be an Islamic expert [Laughter] These people keep going on about what Islam is or isn't and they don't even know how to spell Islam"

So the short answer to the original question on this post: "They laugh"