Saturday, December 16, 2017

Mashad Friday Prayer Leader on "Alexander Booris Johnson", "Booris the Womaniser"

Looks like Boris Johnson's recent trip to Iran has been a great success and he has won the hearts and minds of Iran's ruling conservative clergy.

Below is the word by word translation of Mashad's Friday Prayer Leader, Ayatollah Alam-ol-Hoda , speaking during yesterday's Friday sermon to the faithful in Mashad, NE Iran, on "Booris the womaniser":

'‍"England's Foreign Secretary, this evil English individual, is intrinsically an evil person. Look him up and see who he was? Since 2003, 2004, when this Mr. Alexander 'Booris' Johnson, entered the political stage, he has made a name for himself in the English media, as Booris the Clown, Booris the Womaniser, Mad Booris, Booris the Liar. He was sacked in 2004, by the Conservative Party, by his own colleagues, after his sexual affairs were exposed in the press, but then, when this woman became England's Prime Minister, she brought him back as her Foreign Secretary. An evil man with a terrible track record, and now he comes to our city, to our country, to help two dirty spy traitors, who stretched their arms from here to shake the hands of the enemy to sell out this country, but the powerful hands of the judiciary and the security services grabbed them by the collar and imprisoned them. Now he, [Boris Johnsson], comes to help these two spies and makes out he has come here to express his opinion about 'human rights' to the Iranians!  What audacity he has, and yet our officials sit down with him and have a meeting and negotiate with him! I mean which country does England represent? The Supreme Leader called England, the Evil England, the road grader for the US and the source of misery for the regional countries, this is how the Supreme Leader has described England!"