Thursday, March 09, 2017

Trump's Visa Ban

It is not up to me to tell America who they should allow into their country, but I think it is right to demand a clear explanation of who is excluded and who is not. Visitors to US have the right to know beforehand whether they qualify for entry and not have to face a humiliating procedure at the airport, and this has been my bone of contention with Trump's visa ban, the ambiguity and unclarity of it.
When the executive order was first signed by the new US administration, there were many ambiguities, made worse by the anti-Trump  media frenzy. The UK Foreign Office issued a statement which clarified many points, but the US embassy failed to do the same and in fact by changing the statement on their website 3 times, and contradicting the UK Foreign Office statement, they made things even more unclear! In the last revised statement one paragraph even contradicted the previous one. 
Below is the unhelpful response from the US embassy when I wrote to them for clarification:
From: PA Press Duty
Sent: Monday, January 30, 2017 4:34 AM

Hi ,
We'd refer you to DHS for any information.


Which was about as useful a response as a water resistant tea bag!

There is however another side to the story which the mainstream media have failed to report. For more than 3 decades, the Islamic Republic of Iran has exploited the lack of proper vetting by Western countries, and have sent their agents, lobbyists and sleeper cells to establish firm roots on Western soil and this poses a very serious security risk.
This is best explained in the following speech by Hassan Abbassi, a political strategist and head of an IRGC think-tank called ‘Center for Borderless Security Doctrinal Analysis’ speaking to his audience in Iran:

Text of Hasan Abbassi's speech:

"I be brief with you

We have 2 million Iranians there
be certain that I will raise a guerilla army from amongst them against you
you know this well
look how vulnerable you were on 9/11
when 4 Arabs from Saudi
who don't know how to fight
managed to endanger your foundations
yet with us you face a nation even stronger
dont forget we have 7000 PhD holders in US
if only 11 people created 9/11
do you realise what we can do?
We dont need nuclear weapons
you have 6000 nuclear warheads
those warheads are our target
for our guerillas to destroy
not even an Iranian guerilla movement
but we have people from all Islamic countries
You can deport them all
But we are working on the Mexicans too
and the Argentinians too
we will guide anyone who has problems with US
We have identified the US's Achilles heel
we have all their ground, naval, air , technology
and their other vulnerabilities
and we let the global guerilla armies have them
as it happens we have set up a department for England too
we have the section for England's implosion on our agenda too
We will print T-shirts too
which will say “Disintegration of USA” "