Saturday, November 27, 2010

UK Police Brutality: Student's Hand is Scratched

I support the UK students against tuition fees 100%. I am fully aware of so much government wastage in so many other departments that I know the government plans for tuition fee rises  under the pretence of times of 'austerity' is just an excuse to continue with other government spendthrift squanders. A modern civilised society should be able to provide its citizens with free education. If it means dropping some of the ridiculous courses recently sprung up, like David Beckham studies for example, all well and good but tuition fees for tomorrow's doctors and engineers and scientists etc., definitely no.

Having said that above, I expect students to be knowledgeable citizens who are aware of what goes on around the world. In the footage shown below, some of UK's halfwits who have managed to enrol on a university course seem to be indifferent or unaware of they are being interviewed by Iranian state TV. Have they no idea what has happened to student protesters in Iran? Instead of ceasing the opportunity and telling the Iranian state TV reporter to fuck off and report on Iranian student protesters if he dares, one namby pamby cretin in the mob, shows his hand and complains about a superficial scratch he has received as a result of police brutality. Ahh! My heart bleeds for the pansy imbecile...

Below is a glimpse of what happens to Iranian students, attacked by a combination of elite units and professional thugs who are all armed to their teeth. Watch how the lifeless bodies of Iranian students beaten unconscious are dragged on the ground and piled on top of each other like dead meat. Scenes the Iranian state TV chooses not to report:

Picture comparison of a UK protester's scratched hand who is complaining to Iranian state TV and an Iranian protester:

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Flowers and Barbed Wire

Until the post-election protests, Mohamad Nourizad was a supporter of the Supreme Leader and opposed the reformists in Iran. The brutal crackdown of protesters and widespread arrests that followed however, compelled Nourizad to write open critical letters to the Supreme Leader, which resulted in Nourizad himself ending up in jail, despite his impeccable revolutionary credentials and former loyalty to the revolution as a journalist and a film maker.

Prison only served to open Nourizad's eyes even further at the sheer scale of the tyranny and the crimes carried out against Iran's best sons and daughters. During his initial arrest, when he was given the rare chance of contacting his family, he told them 'It is not important how long I remain in prison, what is important is whether I leave this place with my head held high or not?' Determined to make up for his past support of a tyrannical state, Nourizad has indeed held his head high. Not only he has resisted all the pressures against himself, defiantly he has been describing what goes on inside Iran's prisons and has told the outside world the tales of Iran's individual prisoners and their epic resistance. In a series of letters, Flowers and Barbed Wire, Nourizad tells the outside world the injustices of Iran's 'flowers' incarcerated by a corrupt dictatorship hell bent on keeping the reigns of power at whatever cost and by whatever means.

In his latest letter, Nourizad describes the treatment of student leader and activist, Abdullah Momeni, sentenced to 9 years imprisonment.

'Dear God, our security men have exonerated the Shah's SAVAK in what they have done to Abdollah Momeni. They have insulted his mother, a mother of a war martyr, with unmentionable profanities to make him recant what they wanted him to say but he had not done. God where were you when Abdollah repeatedly lost consciousness as he was beaten up time and time again by his interrogators and his honour desecrated by the vulgarities they were hurling against his family?

They pushed Abdollah's head into the toilet and threatened to rape him with a stick and told him 'Not even the best of carpenters will be able to pull this stick out of you' in order to humiliate him.

Dear Lord, Abdollah is an educated Muslim, he is devoted to the glory of his country and averse to injustice and tyranny. He is a prisoner of those who tell him 'Why do you object to our wrong doings? Why do you expose our corruption? Why do you want to end our monopolies? What is it to you what the president and his advisors do? Why do you interfere in the Revolutionary Guards' stranglehold on the economy? Why do you criticise the clergy who dabble in everything but remain unaccountable to anyone? What is to you that we are making people despise Islam under the name of Islam? Why have you said the night will be over? You think there is a dawn coming?'

Nourizad finishes by raising the spirit of all those who carry on the struggle for freedom in Iran:

'To you the unknown but true children of Iran, I say, be aware and be certain that the dawn is still breathing and is alive, just like you are and just like freedom is. Hail freedom, hail the good God'

Monday, November 22, 2010

IRI Foreign Minister Praises Fraudster Kordan

In any other normal country it would have been a huge scandal. For a cabinet minister to have faked and forged an Oxford PHD in such an obvious vulgar way, it would have meant all sorts of grave consequences including the entire cabinet resigning. In the Islamic Republic of Iran and in an administration led by Ahamdinejad, such forgeries seem to be normal and even praiseworthy however. Blatant cheating, forgery and lying seem to be recommendable attributes that enable you to climb up the promotion ladder in Ahamdinejad's administration.

On the anniversary of Kordan's death, Manouchehr Mottaki, Iran's Foreign Minister not only did not try to distance himself from this former interior minister falsifier but he praised him by saying 'whether as a governor or as the interior minister, Kordan was a resolute man with stamina and strength'!

Motaki continued 'the late Kordan, was totally absorbed, in the spring of Velayat [obedience to the Supreme Leader] and in the shadow of Velayat..' Nothing to argue with Mottaki on that point.

'I salute Kordan's spirit and I ask the Almighty to keep us steadfast in our common path of progress and justice, so that we can serve this great nation.' Mottaki ended his praise for the deceased fraudster.

It was also revealed that Kordan had a rape conviction before the 1979 revolution.

May the Almighty have mercy for us all.

Friday, November 19, 2010

So Which One is the Liar??

Sept 19, 2010:

AMANPOUR: OK. I’d like your opinion on stoning.
AHMADINEJAD: first, what I want to say is that Miss Mohammadi was never sentenced to stoning. This was news that was produced and incorrect

Not the first time Ahmadinejad's statement is contradicted by the judiciary officials in Iran but here is the latest one:

Hojat-ol-Islam Malek Ezhdar Sharifi, Chief of East Azerbaijan Judiciary, quoted in pro-Ahmadinejad Farsnews yesterday:
'The correct news about this person [Sakineh] is that she has been condemned to stoning for betraying her husband'.

One of the two must be lying! and some slap heads still bother to analyse statistics to see if cheating took place in Iran's presidential elections or not!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Symbols of Freedom Who Will Inspire Many More

'It is not those who inflict the most but those who can suffer the most who will prevail'. The very first time I heard this quote, it struck a chord with me. I always admired those who against all odds stuck to their beliefs no matter what the consequences, people whose strength was not in inflicting damage onto others but in their courage and resilience to tolerate the pain and the suffering meted out against them by the oppressors. Perhaps because such tolerance of pain and suffering was so remote to my own abilities. 

Last Saturday, the world cheered the release of Aung San Suu Kyi, a woman who has had the courage to share the sufferings of her people in Burma, and today was the trial of Nasrin Sotoudeh, an Iranian human rights lawyer who has said 'If I can not save my clients, I might as well die with them'.

The strength of these women in facing the consequences against them is beyond words. They may become the very manifestations of the opening quote in this post, they may prevail in their life time, but they will definitely, without a shadow of doubt, inspire thousands more to seek freedom and justice and hence prevail at the end.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Build Bridges for Lebanon, Let our People Lose their Fingers

So where is Iran's billions of petro Dollars gone to? What happened to all the promises in the beginning of the revolution? The free housing, free telephones, free electricity, free water etc. we were promised? After thirty years of Islamic revolution, it is hard to write down even a short list of 'What the Iranian people have gained from the 1979 revolution?'. One thing is for sure though, some in Lebanon have gained massive benefits from Iran's billions of petro Dollars. Only on Thursday, the Iranian Reconstruction HQ announced it will rebuild nine bridges that were destroyed in Lebanon by the Israelis, and this is just pocket money spending compared to what the Iranian regime has spent in Lebanon alone.

There is no such chance of building a bridge for the Iranian villagers living in Gavdaneh however. Their own water is not drinkable, to bring drinking water to their homes they have to go to their nearest villages. To do this they have to cross a river and the only way they can cross is via this makeshift tele-cabin which they operate manually by pulling on the steel wire rope above them. Almost all the villagers at some point have lost a finger in the accidents that have resulted from this perilous crossing.

In the report that was published on the Iranian website, one of the villagers says 'we have sent our children along with our delegations asking for a bridge, thinking the officials will be moved by seeing their missing fingers but to no avail'

It seems the authorities in Iran are happy to see Iranians lose their fingers so that the Lebanese can wave at Ahmadinejad with their fiver fingers.

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Thank You Sheikh Nassrollah

So there we go! Now we know exactly what is going on in Iran and who is ruling in Iran. Thank you Sheikh Nassrollah for stating the obvious. Our country is under occupation by foreign usurpers who are threatening our identity, heritage and culture. But don't be too happy Sheikh Nassrollah, Iran has dealt with worse usurpers than you and turned them into Iranians. You too will not be successful. Iran will never die.

And what do you expect from this Lebanese man when on Iran's state TV, some complete idiot talks a lot of nonsense and then finishes it by saying Arabic is the only spoken language in heaven and only Persian will be spoken in hell and the host is delighted and says 'Oh good, I know Arabic'

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Islamic Republic Police Shoving Arrested Youth in the Car Trunk

Here is a footage I have just received demonstrating how the intimidation of the people of Iran by its law enforcement forces continues. Arrested youth are shoved in the trunk of the car, two in each car, despite their desperate pleas:

But the yearning for democracy still continues despite all the intimidations.

Monday, November 01, 2010

Nine Years Prison and Ten Years Ban for Iran's Human Rights Lawyer

Iran's judiciary was described as the 'worst judiciary in the world' by its previous head, Ayatollah Shahroudi, when he was the head of the judiciary himself. Yet, perhaps even he did not foresee that the 'worst judiciary' in the world can get even worse.

On Saturday, 30 October, Branch 15 of Tehran’s Revolutionary Court sentenced prominent lawyer Mohammad Seifzadeh to nine years in prison and a ten year ban from practicing law. Seifzadeh is charged with the usual “acting against national security” by “establishing the Defenders of Human Rights Center (DHRC).” Abdolfattah Soltani and Mohammad Ali Dadkhah, two other co-founders  of DHRC are also under prosecution for similar charges. To which Seifzadeh commented, "it seems the gentlemen have a problem with human rights and consider it a crime".

Nasrin Sotoudeh, another lawyer affiliated with DHRC, has been in detention since 4 September 2010, and held in solitary confinement. Neither her husband nor her children have been allowed to see her since. The only contact she has had with her husband and children is a three second phone call which was cut short, when she said 'I have been threatened'.

Mohammad Oliyaiefard, another lawyer, is serving a one year sentence for having interviewed with the VOA Persian regarding the case of one of his clients, a minor who was executed.

Iran's first post-revolution general prosecutor, Mehdi Hadavi, wrote an open letter yesterday to the Islamic Republic's Intelligence Minister, after his son and grandson were both arrested, which said:
- No state can be run in secrecy and stealth. Official institutions must not behave like pirates and armed robbers.

- The judges in Iran these days execute the orders given to them by the intelligence ministry.

- By your orders, people have even been arrested for taking part in prayers. Do you not fear teh Almighty?

Hadavi, was the Qom prosecutor in 1963, and was dismissed when he refused to sign Ayatollah Khomeini's sentence to exile. After the revolution, Ayatollah Khomeini rewarded him by appointing him as the country's general prosecutor. Hadavi, however resigned after two and a half months, saying he wanted to be accountable on the judgement day.