Tuesday, December 28, 2010

NUS and Trade Unionists Against Habibollah Latifi's Execution

The Islamic Republic regime has tried to exploit the UK student protests for its own propaganda. The joint statement below is a slap in the face of IRI's opportunistic exploits. If the regime does goes ahead with the execution of Habibollah Latifi, it would have only shot itself in the foot by further showing its true savage nature.

This statement has been sponsored by the NCAFC and the International Alliance in Support of Workers in Iran, an international campaign to support workers, students and resistance activists in Iran.

Please add your name by emailing againstfeesandcuts@gmail.com
We the undersigned call for the release of, and dropping of all charges against, Iranian student Habibollah Latifi. This is urgent: Latifi’s execution was scheduled for 26 December 2010; it was postponed after international protests and after 300 supporters protesting outside the prison gates, but could be rescheduled at any time.
Latifi, who was a law student at Azad University in the south western province of Ilam, in Western Iran, was arrested in October 2007 and sentenced to death in July 2008 after being convicted of moharebeh (‘enmity against God’), a vaguely defined ‘crime’ for which the penalty is death. This was in connection with alleged activities on behalf of a Kurdish liberation group (Latifi is from Iran’s oppressed Kurdish minority; according to Amnesty International, sixteen Kurdish men and two women are on death row in Iran in connection with alleged ‘separatist’ activities).
On 26 December, members of his family including his father and sister were also arrested.
We call on the Iranian authorities to drop all charges against Habibollah Latifi and release him and his family. We will continue to make solidarity with Iranian student activists, who alongside workers have been at the forefront of the struggle for human rights and democracy in Iran.
Initial signatories:
Patrick Murphy, National Union of Teachers National Executive member and Leeds NUT Secretary
Olivia Bailey, National Union of Students Women’s Officer
Barnaby Raine, School and FE Students Against the Cuts
Sean Rillo Raczka, National Union of Students National Executive Committee and Birkbeck Students’ Union Chair
Alan Bailey, NUS Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Officer (Open Place)
Vicki Baars, NUS LGBT Officer (Women’s Place)
Claire Locke, London Metropolitan University SU Communications and Campaigns Officer
Louis Hartnoll, University of the Arts London SU President
Robyn Minogue, University of the Arts SU Education Officer
Wanda Canton, Queen Mary SU Women’s Officer
Katherine McMahon, Edinburgh University anti-cuts activist
Michael Chessum, NCAFC co-founder and UCL Union Education and Campaigns Officer
Daniel Lemberger Cooper, Royal Holloway Anti-Cuts Alliance and Save our services in Surrey
Bob Sutton, Merseyside Network Against Fees and Cuts
Tali Janner-Klausner, London NCAFC activist
Rowan Rheingans, Newcastle University anti-cuts activist
Jade Baker, University of Westminster SU Vice-President Education
Chris Marks, Hull University occupier
Help us to stop the Iranian state murdering Habibollah Latifi! Please add your name by emailingagainstfeesandcuts@gmail.com
We call on NUS and other student networks like the Education Activist Network to support the campaign and promote this statement.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Latest on Latifi's Situation

Execution of Habibollah Latifi, who has been in jail for three years, was delayed after protests but his entire family are now arrested. See:

Islamic Republic has invested a lot of propaganda in exploiting the recent protests by UK students. A single statement by the NUS distancing itself from the Islamic Republic and in support of Iran's students can totally spoil all that regime propaganda and show them that executing Iranian students will have a price tag for them. Yet, despite all this, still no statement form the NUS.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Fears for Iranian Student's Execution on Sunday

On Sunday most people in the free world will be recovering from celebrating the festive season. Quite right too, life is all about working, contributing, loving, resting and enjoying its moments. The terror machine of the Islamic Republic, knows no such things however. Its one efficiency, bringing death and misery to its people remains unhindered.

Iranian student, Habibollah Latifi's family are not looking forward to Sunday. They are fearing that Habibollah will be executed. Habibollah Latifi's lawyer, Saleh Nikbakht has been notified that the execution of his client will be carried out on Sunday.

Born on 21St March, Iranian New Year, 1981, Habibollah was a gifted child. He loved sports and excelled in football. He played for Sanandaj Municipal football team but quit playing after it was required of him to join the local Baseej militia. In 2002, Habibollah entered the Ilam University after having graduated with a Maths/Physics diploma to study Industrial Engineering. He was also keen on working with NGOs and cared much for environmental issues. He joined two environmental NGOs, Zhianeh Vah and Shahoo.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

And They Complain About UK Police Brutality

For those British students who were getting too enthusiastic to appear before Press TV and describe UK police brutality, this is police brutality in the state which funds Press TV:

Monday, December 20, 2010

Religious Tax on Subsidy Cash

I have never tried to interfere in people's spiritual beliefs nor do I ever publicly talk about mine. How people want to make themselves feel comfortable with the mysteries of afterlife and the tragedies that hit us all during our lifetime is a private matter and no one else's business so long as others are not hurt. At the same time I have never concealed my despise for organised religion and men who want to profit from making God into a business.

'Khums', literally meaning one fifth, is a religious tax demanded by the Grand Ayatollahs or Sources of Emulation from the Shiite faithful. Every Shiite faithful is duty bound to pay one fifth of his income to his chosen Source of Emulation.

On Saturday, Ahmadinejad finally announced the removal of subsidies which have been keeping the prices artificially low in Iran's economy. To ease the pain of this move, each Iranian will receive a cash pittance amount in their bank accounts. In his televised announcement, Ahmadinejad, true to his messianic nature, referred to this cash as the Hidden Imam's money. A zero interest loan endowed to the people of Iran by the Lord of All Ages, Imam Mehdi, who will return and rid the earth from corruption and injustice. How far this cash will go and whether this cash injection into the economy will cause inflation or hyperinflation is not what I want to talk about however.

What I want to talk about is what I read on this Iranian news website:
The cash subsidy is nevertheless an income and so it has brought up the question to the Shiite faithful, will they have to pay 'Khoms' on this cash subsidy?! Will they go to hell if they don't?

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Norwegian Eyewitness to the Massacre of Ashura Protesters in Iran Last Year

Norwegian student who witnessed the masacre of Ashura protesters in Iran last year, talks to amnesty international.

The Norwegian student, named as Lars, agreed to give his first interview with the media about what he experienced on 27th December, last year in Iran, when he was arrested and taken to an intersection in central Tehran.

The student's unprecedented depiction of the horror experience in Iran during December 2009, is now known through a document from the website Wikileaks alerts that VG Nett has been granted access.

Read the exclusive report in Norway's VG Nett:

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Monday, December 13, 2010

Nourizad's Heroic Stand Against the Evil Judge

I have written about Mohammad Nourizad before. Shortly after I translated his letters from prison, barbed wire and flowers, Nourizad was put before yet another kangaroo court.

The evil judge was the overweight and notorious Judge Moghisseh, who started reading Nourizad's file during his summary trial. Nourizad asked the judge 'Should you not have read my file before this court?' Moghisseh answered ' We are busy, we don't have time'.

Moghisseh then told Nourizad 'You have to prove these allegations you have made'
Nourizad knowing that this is nothing more than a show trial, where the sentence was already dictated beforehand to the judge by the intelligence ministry, replied:
'I recognise neither you nor this court'
Judge Moghisseh told the clerk to write down Nourizad's reply and then told Nourizad:
'If you don't prove your allegations you will be whipped'
Nourizad defied the judge again 'You fear the intelligence ministry, I do not recognise you as a just judge'
Moghisseh getting more irrated continued with his threats 'You pathetic creature, do you know what I will do with you?'
Nourizad remained resolute however 'Do whatever you can, one year, ten years, twenty years, life imprisonment, with each unjust sentence you issue, you fan the flames of your own hell fire'
Moghisseh answered 'You foreign lackey, I will show you. Prove to me what you have written about Abdollah Momeni and Hamzeh Karami'
Nourizad mocked the judge again 'And what if I call the interrogators here and prove it to you? Are you up to giving a judgement against them? No, you are not! for that reason I have not the slightest regard for you.'

Moghisseh 'I have hanged bigger fish than you. I have been a judge for thirty years'

It took judge Moghisseh ten seconds to hand down another further two years imprisonment for Nourizad.

Nourizad has been on hunger strike since Saturday. He said 'I want the Ashura this year to coincide with the day my corpse falls on their heads'.

BBC Persian and Shirin Ebadi's Problem with the Media Focus on Sakineh

When Shirin Ebadi won the Nobel Peace Prize, I was utterly disappointed with her for losing the best opportunity until then to highlight the Human Rights abuses in Iran. There she was with the whole world's attention focused on her winning the prize and yet she chose to highlight the problems of Palestinians and remain silent on the  plight of her own people.

Many years ago, I attended a meeting by Shirin Ebadi for an Iranian audience at Imperial College, London . There she spoke beautifully about the fundamental wrongs of Iran's legal system, why elections in Iran are fraudulent from the start and the plight of Iran's prisoners of conscience. We were told to hand in our questions in writing during the break. My question was 'why does she not say these things when she faces an international audience?' and she chose not to answer that question.

With the start of the Green Movement, Shirin Ebadi however stood resolutely by the people of Iran. The regime's brutality in suppressing all dissent and all peaceful protesters in such a barbaric way, united the people of Iran in an unprecedented way in the last thirty years. Old differences and criticisms of each other was forgotten, and defeating the coup administration became the common goal that united all of us despite our previous tactical differences.

And so I too became supportive of Shirin Ebadi and backed her efforts to highlight the human rights abuses in Iran and her attempts to solicit international help for the pro-democracy movement.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Iran's Student Remembrance Day at SOAS

Press TV has been making a big song and dance about the recent UK student protests, although conveniently Press TV didn't mention a dicky bird about the nationwide student protests that took place in Iran last Tuesday. Below is a footage of Green Movement supporters in London, commemorating the Iranian Student Day at SOAS by displaying pictures of jailed Iranian students. I hope at least the UK students who came across these pictures will become aware as to why they should shun the mouthpiece of a repressive state that kills and jails Iranian students for expressing their opinions.

Islamic Republic, nor its mouthpiece television, Press TV, is no friend of students, it is the enemy of knowledge.

A Tree for Neda and Other Martyrs of Iran's Pro-Democracy Movement

I remember watching a documentary about the massacre of Polish officers by Stalin. The documentary showed the children of the Polish officers who for the first time, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, were able to visit the Katyn forests where their heroic fathers had been buried by Stalin's henchmen. Huge trees had grown by the graves of these Polish officers, as tall and proud as the men who lied beneath them. One Polish woman hugged one of the trees, and said 'This is my father' and cried with joy. There is something about trees that represents eternal life, dignity and pride and those Polish children of the massacred officers saw their martyred fathers live on in the lofty trees of Katyn forest in Russia. 

Just opposite the Iranian embassy in London, coinciding with the International Human Rights day, a tree was planted today in honour of the martyrs of Iran's Green Movement. The tree was named Neday-e-Iran, the 'Calling of Iran'.

The ceremony started by traditional Persian music played by the flute followed by some speeches and ended with the singing of Ey Iran anthem. Amnesty International's representative, Drewery Dyke, was also there and emphasised the importance of remembering the fallen heroes.

I hope Neday-e-Iran tree will one day become huge and enormous, tall with lots of branches and full of green leaves, and remain there overlooking the Iranian embassy long after the present occupiers are gone.

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Iran's Students, the Bravest of Them All

Borzou Daragahi from LA Times, has made it easier for me by his well written round up of the events in Iran over the last two days. See 'IRAN: Despite crackdown, students stage anti-government protests nationwide'. The courage shown by Iran's students yesterday has shown the world, that the Green Movement is still alive and the yearning for change will not go away despite all the crackdown and all the repression. Iran's students, the bravest of them all.

Monday, December 06, 2010

Islamic Republic of Iran: Where the Witness is Jailed and the Killer is Free

Leyla Tavassoli is a young female Iranian engineer and a newly wed. It is less than a month since she has been married but instead of enjoying the best days of her marriage, she has to spend the next two years in jail. Her crime is that she was a witness to the IRI police running over and killing Shahram Farajizadeh during the Ashura uprising last December. Leyla Tavassoli spent two months in section 209 of Evin prison last year before she was released on bail and now her sentence of two years imprisonment has been confirmed by the appeal courts.

Shahram Farajzadeh's sister has called Leyla Tavassoli, Ashura's contemporary equivalent of Zeinab, the prophet's grand daughter who was taken hostage and forced to march to Damascus by Yazid's forces after the battle of Karbala on Ashura.

'I am lost for words as how to thank Leyla for her courage in bearing witness to my brother's murder and as how to express my sadness as the pain this has caused Leyla and her family. Men looked up to Zeynab for her courage and sacrifice and today Leyla has emulated Zeynab's courage by bearing witness to what happened on Ashura. I know not how these 'gentlemen' - regime officials - manage to sleep at night?' Shahram Farajzadeh said.

'They have had no trial for those who murdered my brother and no one has even been investigated, yet the witness to my brother's murder is jailed for two years. I congratulate these 'gentlemen' for making all other tyrants look innocent in comparison with themselves' Mrs Farajzadeh continued as she fought hard to stop herself from crying.

Iran Students Will Die Before They Accept Humiliation

One Day Ahead of Iran's National Student Day, a traditional time for student protests:

Death to the Dictator:

Friday, December 03, 2010

Ardeshir Amir Arjomand, Moussavi's Advisor at UCL

Ardeshir Amir Arjomand is a former law professor at Beheshti University and a top adviser to Mir Hussein Mousavi. He was detained after the post-election protests last year but managed to flee Iran. Pro-Ahmadienjad sites like Javan Online, described him as Moussavi's legal adviser in his campaign HQ, and as usual, accused him of having links with the MKO and foreign intelligence services etc.

Yesterday he spoke at the Wilkins Gustave Tuck Lecture Theatre, UCL, where he described the Green Movement as a pluralistic movement with no centralised leadership command centre and a modus operandi of non-violent struggle based on tolerance of other views and adherence to basic human rights principles. 'The hardliners have shown they have nothing but violence as their only means to remain in power. They also realised that they are unable to use all of Baseej and all of Revolutionary Guards to crackdown on peaceful protesters and hence they had to deploy criminal thugs and hoodlums to confront peaceful protesters. They have passed the peak of their ability in suppressing the movement and the only way for them now is down. This is what they are scared of and this is why we should remain optimistic about the future. If we lose our hope, we would have handed the authorities a winning card they desperately need'

After his speech he fielded a range of questions without any hesitation or red boundaries which included questions like Mousavi's role as the Prime Minister during the 1988 massacre of political prisoners, Moussavi's economic policies for the future, the next phase of the struggle for change and evidence of cheating in the elections.

On the evidence of election fraud, he said not only there were numerous irregularities but the results were engineered as well. He then listed a number of these irregularities and said there was even an audio recording which commanded what the provincial counts should be announced as regardless of what the actual counts were. Most of all, the very fact that the regime refuses to set up an independent commission to review the complaints made about the election fraud, itself is indicative that the elections were engineered.

Arjomand then used the case of Taraneh Moussavi, as an example of how the regime tries to block the truth and any investigation into the truth. He mocked the pathetic attempt by the administration to pretend the only Taraneh Moussavi in a similar age range resides in Canada and swore on his honour that he, himself had personally interviewed an eye witness who was detained with Taraneh Moussavi at the time.

Thursday, December 02, 2010

IRI Police Priorities

Below is a glimpse of one of many savageries shown by IRI police and Law Enforcement Forces against ordinary people. Where else in the world would you find police smashing up people's cars and throwing rocks at people's homes?

Here is another one. IRI special units are seen jumping on cars and smashing them up like juvenile thugs. A man is seen lying unconscious, only one brave bystander is seen coming to his aid, while the IRI police continue with their orgy of violence and destruction:

Here is the IRI police standing by as a murder victim is left to bleed to death. Bystanders who want to help are threatened by the murderer as the two policemen stand by and watch

And today this is the latest video from Iran, where police dare not apprehend the killer for some reason. The dead body is left on the road as cars swerve past. Quite a contrast from their trigger happy, batton happy approach towards peaceful protesters last year as is blatantly evident.

The IRI police and Law Enforcement Forces seem so busy and overstretched cracking down on pro-democracy activists that they have no time to deal with day to day crimes.

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

New Video from the Ashura Uprising Last Year

New video of 25 year old Amir Arshad Tajmir, who was ran over by a police car during the Ashura uprising last year.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

UK Police Brutality: Student's Hand is Scratched

I support the UK students against tuition fees 100%. I am fully aware of so much government wastage in so many other departments that I know the government plans for tuition fee rises  under the pretence of times of 'austerity' is just an excuse to continue with other government spendthrift squanders. A modern civilised society should be able to provide its citizens with free education. If it means dropping some of the ridiculous courses recently sprung up, like David Beckham studies for example, all well and good but tuition fees for tomorrow's doctors and engineers and scientists etc., definitely no.

Having said that above, I expect students to be knowledgeable citizens who are aware of what goes on around the world. In the footage shown below, some of UK's halfwits who have managed to enrol on a university course seem to be indifferent or unaware of they are being interviewed by Iranian state TV. Have they no idea what has happened to student protesters in Iran? Instead of ceasing the opportunity and telling the Iranian state TV reporter to fuck off and report on Iranian student protesters if he dares, one namby pamby cretin in the mob, shows his hand and complains about a superficial scratch he has received as a result of police brutality. Ahh! My heart bleeds for the pansy imbecile...

Below is a glimpse of what happens to Iranian students, attacked by a combination of elite units and professional thugs who are all armed to their teeth. Watch how the lifeless bodies of Iranian students beaten unconscious are dragged on the ground and piled on top of each other like dead meat. Scenes the Iranian state TV chooses not to report:

Picture comparison of a UK protester's scratched hand who is complaining to Iranian state TV and an Iranian protester:

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Flowers and Barbed Wire

Until the post-election protests, Mohamad Nourizad was a supporter of the Supreme Leader and opposed the reformists in Iran. The brutal crackdown of protesters and widespread arrests that followed however, compelled Nourizad to write open critical letters to the Supreme Leader, which resulted in Nourizad himself ending up in jail, despite his impeccable revolutionary credentials and former loyalty to the revolution as a journalist and a film maker.

Prison only served to open Nourizad's eyes even further at the sheer scale of the tyranny and the crimes carried out against Iran's best sons and daughters. During his initial arrest, when he was given the rare chance of contacting his family, he told them 'It is not important how long I remain in prison, what is important is whether I leave this place with my head held high or not?' Determined to make up for his past support of a tyrannical state, Nourizad has indeed held his head high. Not only he has resisted all the pressures against himself, defiantly he has been describing what goes on inside Iran's prisons and has told the outside world the tales of Iran's individual prisoners and their epic resistance. In a series of letters, Flowers and Barbed Wire, Nourizad tells the outside world the injustices of Iran's 'flowers' incarcerated by a corrupt dictatorship hell bent on keeping the reigns of power at whatever cost and by whatever means.

In his latest letter, Nourizad describes the treatment of student leader and activist, Abdullah Momeni, sentenced to 9 years imprisonment.

'Dear God, our security men have exonerated the Shah's SAVAK in what they have done to Abdollah Momeni. They have insulted his mother, a mother of a war martyr, with unmentionable profanities to make him recant what they wanted him to say but he had not done. God where were you when Abdollah repeatedly lost consciousness as he was beaten up time and time again by his interrogators and his honour desecrated by the vulgarities they were hurling against his family?

They pushed Abdollah's head into the toilet and threatened to rape him with a stick and told him 'Not even the best of carpenters will be able to pull this stick out of you' in order to humiliate him.

Dear Lord, Abdollah is an educated Muslim, he is devoted to the glory of his country and averse to injustice and tyranny. He is a prisoner of those who tell him 'Why do you object to our wrong doings? Why do you expose our corruption? Why do you want to end our monopolies? What is it to you what the president and his advisors do? Why do you interfere in the Revolutionary Guards' stranglehold on the economy? Why do you criticise the clergy who dabble in everything but remain unaccountable to anyone? What is to you that we are making people despise Islam under the name of Islam? Why have you said the night will be over? You think there is a dawn coming?'

Nourizad finishes by raising the spirit of all those who carry on the struggle for freedom in Iran:

'To you the unknown but true children of Iran, I say, be aware and be certain that the dawn is still breathing and is alive, just like you are and just like freedom is. Hail freedom, hail the good God'

Monday, November 22, 2010

IRI Foreign Minister Praises Fraudster Kordan

In any other normal country it would have been a huge scandal. For a cabinet minister to have faked and forged an Oxford PHD in such an obvious vulgar way, it would have meant all sorts of grave consequences including the entire cabinet resigning. In the Islamic Republic of Iran and in an administration led by Ahamdinejad, such forgeries seem to be normal and even praiseworthy however. Blatant cheating, forgery and lying seem to be recommendable attributes that enable you to climb up the promotion ladder in Ahamdinejad's administration.

On the anniversary of Kordan's death, Manouchehr Mottaki, Iran's Foreign Minister not only did not try to distance himself from this former interior minister falsifier but he praised him by saying 'whether as a governor or as the interior minister, Kordan was a resolute man with stamina and strength'!

Motaki continued 'the late Kordan, was totally absorbed, in the spring of Velayat [obedience to the Supreme Leader] and in the shadow of Velayat..' Nothing to argue with Mottaki on that point.

'I salute Kordan's spirit and I ask the Almighty to keep us steadfast in our common path of progress and justice, so that we can serve this great nation.' Mottaki ended his praise for the deceased fraudster.

It was also revealed that Kordan had a rape conviction before the 1979 revolution.

May the Almighty have mercy for us all.

Friday, November 19, 2010

So Which One is the Liar??

Sept 19, 2010:

AMANPOUR: OK. I’d like your opinion on stoning.
AHMADINEJAD: first, what I want to say is that Miss Mohammadi was never sentenced to stoning. This was news that was produced and incorrect

Not the first time Ahmadinejad's statement is contradicted by the judiciary officials in Iran but here is the latest one:

Hojat-ol-Islam Malek Ezhdar Sharifi, Chief of East Azerbaijan Judiciary, quoted in pro-Ahmadinejad Farsnews yesterday:
'The correct news about this person [Sakineh] is that she has been condemned to stoning for betraying her husband'.

One of the two must be lying! and some slap heads still bother to analyse statistics to see if cheating took place in Iran's presidential elections or not!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Symbols of Freedom Who Will Inspire Many More

'It is not those who inflict the most but those who can suffer the most who will prevail'. The very first time I heard this quote, it struck a chord with me. I always admired those who against all odds stuck to their beliefs no matter what the consequences, people whose strength was not in inflicting damage onto others but in their courage and resilience to tolerate the pain and the suffering meted out against them by the oppressors. Perhaps because such tolerance of pain and suffering was so remote to my own abilities. 

Last Saturday, the world cheered the release of Aung San Suu Kyi, a woman who has had the courage to share the sufferings of her people in Burma, and today was the trial of Nasrin Sotoudeh, an Iranian human rights lawyer who has said 'If I can not save my clients, I might as well die with them'.

The strength of these women in facing the consequences against them is beyond words. They may become the very manifestations of the opening quote in this post, they may prevail in their life time, but they will definitely, without a shadow of doubt, inspire thousands more to seek freedom and justice and hence prevail at the end.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Build Bridges for Lebanon, Let our People Lose their Fingers

So where is Iran's billions of petro Dollars gone to? What happened to all the promises in the beginning of the revolution? The free housing, free telephones, free electricity, free water etc. we were promised? After thirty years of Islamic revolution, it is hard to write down even a short list of 'What the Iranian people have gained from the 1979 revolution?'. One thing is for sure though, some in Lebanon have gained massive benefits from Iran's billions of petro Dollars. Only on Thursday, the Iranian Reconstruction HQ announced it will rebuild nine bridges that were destroyed in Lebanon by the Israelis, and this is just pocket money spending compared to what the Iranian regime has spent in Lebanon alone.

There is no such chance of building a bridge for the Iranian villagers living in Gavdaneh however. Their own water is not drinkable, to bring drinking water to their homes they have to go to their nearest villages. To do this they have to cross a river and the only way they can cross is via this makeshift tele-cabin which they operate manually by pulling on the steel wire rope above them. Almost all the villagers at some point have lost a finger in the accidents that have resulted from this perilous crossing.

In the report that was published on the Iranian website, one of the villagers says 'we have sent our children along with our delegations asking for a bridge, thinking the officials will be moved by seeing their missing fingers but to no avail'

It seems the authorities in Iran are happy to see Iranians lose their fingers so that the Lebanese can wave at Ahmadinejad with their fiver fingers.

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Thank You Sheikh Nassrollah

So there we go! Now we know exactly what is going on in Iran and who is ruling in Iran. Thank you Sheikh Nassrollah for stating the obvious. Our country is under occupation by foreign usurpers who are threatening our identity, heritage and culture. But don't be too happy Sheikh Nassrollah, Iran has dealt with worse usurpers than you and turned them into Iranians. You too will not be successful. Iran will never die.

And what do you expect from this Lebanese man when on Iran's state TV, some complete idiot talks a lot of nonsense and then finishes it by saying Arabic is the only spoken language in heaven and only Persian will be spoken in hell and the host is delighted and says 'Oh good, I know Arabic'

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Islamic Republic Police Shoving Arrested Youth in the Car Trunk

Here is a footage I have just received demonstrating how the intimidation of the people of Iran by its law enforcement forces continues. Arrested youth are shoved in the trunk of the car, two in each car, despite their desperate pleas:

But the yearning for democracy still continues despite all the intimidations.

Monday, November 01, 2010

Nine Years Prison and Ten Years Ban for Iran's Human Rights Lawyer

Iran's judiciary was described as the 'worst judiciary in the world' by its previous head, Ayatollah Shahroudi, when he was the head of the judiciary himself. Yet, perhaps even he did not foresee that the 'worst judiciary' in the world can get even worse.

On Saturday, 30 October, Branch 15 of Tehran’s Revolutionary Court sentenced prominent lawyer Mohammad Seifzadeh to nine years in prison and a ten year ban from practicing law. Seifzadeh is charged with the usual “acting against national security” by “establishing the Defenders of Human Rights Center (DHRC).” Abdolfattah Soltani and Mohammad Ali Dadkhah, two other co-founders  of DHRC are also under prosecution for similar charges. To which Seifzadeh commented, "it seems the gentlemen have a problem with human rights and consider it a crime".

Nasrin Sotoudeh, another lawyer affiliated with DHRC, has been in detention since 4 September 2010, and held in solitary confinement. Neither her husband nor her children have been allowed to see her since. The only contact she has had with her husband and children is a three second phone call which was cut short, when she said 'I have been threatened'.

Mohammad Oliyaiefard, another lawyer, is serving a one year sentence for having interviewed with the VOA Persian regarding the case of one of his clients, a minor who was executed.

Iran's first post-revolution general prosecutor, Mehdi Hadavi, wrote an open letter yesterday to the Islamic Republic's Intelligence Minister, after his son and grandson were both arrested, which said:
- No state can be run in secrecy and stealth. Official institutions must not behave like pirates and armed robbers.

- The judges in Iran these days execute the orders given to them by the intelligence ministry.

- By your orders, people have even been arrested for taking part in prayers. Do you not fear teh Almighty?

Hadavi, was the Qom prosecutor in 1963, and was dismissed when he refused to sign Ayatollah Khomeini's sentence to exile. After the revolution, Ayatollah Khomeini rewarded him by appointing him as the country's general prosecutor. Hadavi, however resigned after two and a half months, saying he wanted to be accountable on the judgement day.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Iranian Girl Resists Arrest by Morality Police in Oroumiyeh

Footage of an Iranian girl who resists arrest by the morality police in Oroumiyeh, North West Iran. She was being harassed by the morality police for showing her ankles. At the end of the footage she is heard shouting 'You have destroyed our country':

Poll Shows Moussavi Had 59% of the Votes in Qom

As the Supreme Leader's trip to Qom is coming to an end, I think Borzou Dargahi's article in the LA Times sums up the trip best. As Borzou descibes, the trip's purpose was to warn the non-compliant and dissident Ayatollahs that if the boat sinks, they will all go down with it. At the end of the Supreme Leader's trip, a further damning disclosure of a poll taken shortly before the 2009 disputed elections has also surfaced, which goes to show the depth of discontent and dissent in Iran's holiest city and the very bedrock of the 1979 Islamic revolution .

The poll was conducted by Qom's Revolutionary Guards with the help of Information and Surveillance unit of Qom province's Ali Ibn Abi-Taleb's 17th Division. The poll sample is based on a 200,000 statistical population and includes a complete representation of Qom's four districts as well as Qom's seminary and three surrounding burghs, which the letter claims to have the necessary dispersion and deviation for a reliable valid poll.

The poll results are as follows:

- Mir Hussein Moussavi 59.3%
- Mahmoud Ahamdinejad 23.1%
- Mehdi Karroubi 16.3%
- Mohsen Rezaei 1.3%

Add to this the fear some people may have had when taking part in a poll conducted by the Information and Surveillance unit of the Revolutionary Guards, one can extrapolate the true extent of dissent across Iran's holiest city and then across the rest of Iran.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Mixed Results Boards to be Banned from Iran's Universities

The country is facing grave economic and social catastrophes but just like comical Ali in his final days, Iranian officials are living in a state of total denial. The Science Minister, Kamran Daneshjoo, was interviewed on state TV few days ago. He denied important issues like the brain drain facing the country and instead unveiled his plans for new Islamic universities. Daneshjoo claimed that after three decades since the Islamic revolution in 1979, Iran's schools and universities were still run based on Western models and were not Islamised enough. When the TV presenter asked Daneshjoo, what will his ideal Islamic universities be like? What do you think was on the top of his list? You probably guessed from the title of this post. To a bemused looking presenter, Daneshjoo replied 'Mixed results boards will be banned and will be segregated'.

Presumably a mixed results board means male and female students will huddle together in front of the results board and some un-Islamic activities will then pursue, leading to threats against the national security of the country. At a time when the rest of the world is pursuing to lead the science and technology race, the most important issue for Iran's Science Minister is the mixed results boards!

And where did Kamran Daneshjoo, who conducted the fraudulent 2009 elections study himself? Here in the good old UK, where there are mixed student resident halls, mixed lecture halls, mixed student bars as well as mixed results boards. Only Kamran Daneshjoo was deported from UK. We are not sure why? He claims its because he took part in an anti-Salman Rushdie demonstration.

On Daneshjoo's own university page, he states he is a graduate of Manchester Imperial Institute of Science and Technology. Does anyone know where that is?

Thursday, October 21, 2010

How Pro-Ahmadinejad News Websites Twist Facts

Combing through Iran news today, I came across an article in one of the pro-Ahmadinejad websites. The title was 'Israeli Women Sell Their Bodies: [Pictures Included]' and the first paragraph said:
'In a blatant act of decadence and social moral corruption, women are displayed for sale in shop windows throughout Israel's major chain stores'. The article quotes several Israeli papers to back up its claim for this depraved social perversion which is gripping Israel and ends with a paragraph which says:
'Each woman has a price tag, which also displays her age, weight, size and her country of birth. The pictures below show modern women slavery in Israel, a country which claims to have democracy!'

So the message to the people of Iran is clear, democracy will lead to women being displayed in shop windows as sex commodities, is this what you want?

As I scrolled down to see the images and decide whether democracy should be pursued or not, I noticed the women didn't look like they were trying to attract customers. The images didn't look they were trying to entice or provoke men in a sexual way, unless Ahmadinejad supporters find a picture of a battered woman with a black eye sexually enticing! In fact it looked more like a powerful protest against human trafficking and prostitution. The caption for the picture below published in the Iranians news website says 'Slave market in Israel'

And sure enough, the truth is nothing like what the pro-Ahmadinejad sites are claiming with their exact same texts. When did Ahmadinejad and his followers ever tell the truth? It was in fact a protest to highlight the problem of human trafficking for the sex industry and the protesters were calling for people who pay for sex to be prosecuted too.

See the version slightly nearer to the truth: http://www.euronews.net/2010/10/20/women-to-go-protest-targets-sex-trade-in-israel/

and a reminder of what goes on in Iran:

Friday, October 15, 2010

To the Lebanese Women Without Hejab who Welcomed Ahmadinejad

To the unveiled Lebanese women who went to welcome Ahmadinejad:

Have you ever heard of the Mourning Mothers of Iran, whose children have been murdered for having taken part in peaceful protests? Do you know that on the same day that you were cheering for Ahmadinejad, four of the Mourning Mothers of Iran were arrested? Can you imagine what these families are going through right now? They have killed their children, now they are arresting the mothers and you are cheering for the chief murderer like ignorant illiterates. Are you not mothers yourself or will you not become mothers one day? Have you ever heard of Kahrizak? Can you even imagine what went on there?

Have you ever seen the footage of how Iranian students were dragged like meat by the security forces in Tehran university ? Have you ever watched how your Hezbollah brothers raid people's homes in Iran?
Did you never see how Ahmadinejad's security forces simply ran over the protesters with their vehicles on Ashura? While you were dancing away in your exotic nightclubs, did you never have time to watch how Ahmadinejad's special forces break into people's houses and club defenceless men to death on the roof?

Have you ever heard of Hamed Rouhinejad? Before you let your enthusiasm for Ahmadinejad take over your brains, did you think what his mother could be going through right now? Did you think that she may be watching you on Iranian state TV and how that would cause her further insult to injury?
Have you ever heard of Evin prison? Do you read books? Do you read the papers? Do you go on the web? Did you never watch any of the videos of Neda as she was murdered?

And you still want to cheer for the man whose administration authorised and carried out those crimes?

So you may say Ahmadinejad gave you money, but do you know the price you will eventually pay for his handouts? The price will be the lives of your sons and husbands and the freedoms you have now. The very freedoms that Iranian women have been denied. For if any of you went out to greet Ahmadinejad in Iran the way you were dressed, you would have been arrested and bussed away to a detention centre and humiliated. Is there no limit to your stupidity and ignorance?

I understand your Lebanese men in order to impress you will sit in the cafes and HIRE a bottle of Champagne to look good and impress you.  If you are so easily impressed by false pretences then perhaps I am wasting my time here. In any case those of you who have been pictured screaming for your own version of Don Quixote hero, will go down in history as the quintessential symbols of nitwitted idiot women of Lebanon.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

At the Time Ahmadinejad Was Welcomed in Lebanon

At the time when Ahmadinejad was welcomed by some Lebanese who have benefitted from Iran's handouts, these human tragedies took place in Iran.

- The 10 year prison sentence for Hamed Rouhinejad, the Iranian student who suffers from MS, has been extended by a further year. Ahmadinejad's sadistic torturers have sent Hamed to a remote prison and banned his family from visiting him despite the long journey they made to see their son. Hamed has been denied his medication. Hamed's father said "My son is dying, he is now 50% paralysed and is unable to perform his daily routines by himself. How is he a threat to national security?" Hamed's father has had three strokes since his son was arrested.

- Iranian imprisoned human rights lawyer, Mohammad Olyayi Fard, who is in prison for defending his client, is feared to have leukemia.

- Iranian imprisoned human rights lawyer, Nasrin Sotoodeh, who defended her colleague, Olyayi Fard amongst others, is still in prison without being charged and on 18th day of her hunger strike.

- Iranian IT genius, Hossein Ronaghi Maleki, sentenced to 15 years prison is also on hunger strike and his family are not allowed to visit him.

- Four Mourning Mothers, mothers of those martyred in the protests last year, have been arrested, charged with contacts with Zahra Rahnavard.

- Iranian teacher, Abdolreza Ghanbari is facing execution for having taken part in the Ashura protests.

- Families of political prisoners like Parvin Tajik, Elaheh Mojaradi, Akram Neghabi and her daughter have been arrested for no other reason than being related to the prisoners or talking to the media about the plight of their loved ones.

and the list goes on. It seems one solution that will make both Iranians and Lebanese happy is for Ahmadinejad to stay in Lebanon.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Hanna Makhmalbaf Addresses the People of Lebanon Ahead of Ahmadinejad's Visit

Hanna Makhmalbaf is the daughter of Mohsen Makhmalbaf, the famous Iranian film director and an ardent revolutionary in his youth. So much so that during the Shah's rule, by the time Mohsen Makhmalbaf was 15, he had formed his own Islamic militia group and by the age of 17 he was shot and arrested while trying to disarm a policeman.

Neither Mohsen Makhmalbaf nor his daughter Hanna now support what is going on in Iran. In fact they both now back the Green Movement and desire a democratic change in Iran like most Iranians do. Having had the experience of living in a religious state, Hanna hopes her experience will alert the people of Lebanon ahead of Ahmadinejad's imminent visit to Lebanon. Her address to the people of Lebanon comes after the Lebanese authorities decided to stop the showing of her award winning film, Green Days, ahead of Ahmadinejad's visit, during the Beirut International Film Festival, so as not to upset the Iranian dictator who has promised a half billion Dollar loan to Lebanon.

How the People of Iran Were Lied to 30 Years Ago

The picture on the left is an amalgamation of some newspaper titles 30 years ago. It demonstrates how the people of Iran were lied to at the beginning of the revolution.

Starting from top right hand corner, the titles are numbered 1 to 9.

1 - Water and Electricity will become free.

2- Imam Khomeini "In an Islamic state, there is no dictatorship"

3 - Marxists will be allowed freedom of expression

4- Islamic Republic differs from a religious state

5- Imam Khomeini "I will not become the top chief in the country"
6- Elimination of Bank Interests is Certain

7- Do Not Buy Houses, We Will Give Everyone a Home

8- The hapless leader of Iran's secular National Front, Karim Sanjabi "The essence of the Islamic Republic is democratic"

9- Imam Khomeini "The clerics must not become president"

15 Years for Iran's Cyber Hero, Hossein Ronaghi Maleki

There never was an anti-filtering software called Haystack. It simply never existed, yet its advocate, Austin Heap, was sweeping awards and accolades one after another. There was no shortage of media attention for Austin Heap, it was the story of Emperor's Clothes all over again. So much so that Haystack even got exemption from US technology export ban to Iran.

There is no hard evidence that Hossein Derakhshan, a blogger with strong connections to the regime, who constantly justified Ahmadinejad's administration and labelled Iranian opposition figures as Western stooges, is even in prison, yet the plight of the 'Blogfather' is all over the Western media.
Five Western Human Rights organisations and advocators of free speech have called for Derakhshan's release, Article 19, CFJE, CPJ, Index on Censorship and PEN Canada.

The true hero of Iran's struggle against internet censorship, Hossein Ronaghi Maleki, however is in dire condition. He has just received a 15 year prison sentence and is in his sixth day of  hunger strike in protest against this unjust sentence.

Branch 26 of the Revolutionary Court, presided by judge Mirabbas, issued the verdict. A court secretary by the name of Sattari orally served Ronaghi-Maleki the verdict.The judiciary officials told Ronaghi's mother, Zoleikha Moussavi, she should be grateful because her son's sentence should have been execution but they reduced it to a prison sentence and if he had co-operated and appeared on a television confesion it would have been further reduced.

Yet there is nothing about Hossein Ronaghi Maleki in the Western media. To my knowledge no freedom of expression organisation or human rights organisation in the West is actively campaigning for Hossein Ronaghi Maleki's release. What do you have to do to get in the Western media and win awards? have a non-existent product or be a regime apologist?

Hossein's mother with the picture of her son outside the prison:

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Sadistic Bullies in Iran's Judiciary and Prisons

I have written about Hamed Rouhinejad before, the Iranian student of philosophy who is sentenced to 10 years imprisonment and suffers from the debilitating MS disease.

Hamed's crippling MS has not made the Islamic Republic judiciary and prison authorities any more lenient or merciful. In fact they seem to enjoy maximising this poor young man's suffering. Iran's prison authorities and judiciary not only have denied him his medication, they transferred him to the remote prison in Zanjan too.

These sadistic bullies seem to enjoy watching a young man being tormented to a slow death. Hamed has now lost 50% of his visual and hearing senses and day by day more parts of his body is paralysed. To be a strong healthy man in Islamic Republic's prisons is hell, to endure these dungeons while incapacitated with a terrible disease like MS is beyond any imagination.

Despite the long journey from Tehran to Zanjan, Hamed's family have made every effort to visit him so that their son is not alone as he suffers this gruesome slow death. You would have thought even the cruelest, the most sadistic and heartless fiends would not prevent a young man in such conditions from having the one luxury of a family visit every now and then, yet after having made the long journey to see their son last week, Hamed's family were told they were not allowed to see him and his visiting privileges have been stopped until further notice. How utterly inhumane is that?

Those Iranian expats who attend the regime's dinners, should think about the Hameds in Iran before scuffing their iniquitous morsels.

Monday, October 04, 2010

Arya Aramnejad's Heroic Defence

I am standing before you in this court so that the Almighty will be a witness before you and I. A witness to what is happening today to our beloved Iran and to its brave sons and daughters. So that upon the judgement day when we are held accountable, those of us who stand proud and those of us who hold our heads down will remember that such is destiny. The final reward and punishment is only by God.

If justice was the benchmark, instead of me standing trial today, it should have been those who have disgraced Iran and Islam who should have been standing trial. The very people who want to plunder Iran's wealth and use Islam to cover up their foray and despotism.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Derakhshan Enigma

'Iran doesn't have a policy of imprisoning people for the content of their blogs, as some human rights campaigners would have us believe.' - These were the words of Hossein Derakhshan, printed in the Guardian, May 7th, 2007.

But now the person who was responsible for writing that nonsense and a lot more nonsense on his blogs, especially on his blog in Persian, is supposed to have received 19 and half years in prison, or has he?

To me, Derakhshan just came across as a bisexual who liked his wine too much and so preferred to live outside Iran and enjoy the privileges and the freedoms in the West but at the same time he wanted the regime in Iran to survive, so that his rich daddy could finance his idle lifestyle. Which is more or less what can be said about many Lefties in the West, who although admire tyrants, still rather live in the centre of imperialism and rather not miss their intellectual progressive champagne parties.

Hossein Derakhshan is well connected in the elite circles of power in Iran. The Supreme Leader himself performed the wedding ceremony of Derakhshan's first marriage in Iran. His father is a wealthy Bazaar merchant and a member of the hardline Islamic Coalition Group in Iran. His uncle was a victim of the MeK bombing of the Islamic Republic Party Head Quarters in the eighties, the famous 'more than 72 martyrs' case, where IRI news agencies reported the casualties as 'more than 72 dead' to make it similar to the  battle of Karbala tragedy, where the prophet's grandson, Imam Hussein and his 72 companions were martyred in an unjust battle against the ruling Khalif.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Dying to Tell a Story - Journalists Under Attack

I went to a meeting organised by Article 19 and POLIS at Free Word Centre in Farringdon last night. The organisers had gathered an impressive panel of journalists and others who had personal experiences of violence against journalists around the world. In the panel were Sorious Samura, Heather Blake, Uvindu Kurukulasuriya, Rodney Pinder, Christopher Cobb-Smith, Maziar Bahari, Nathalie Losekoot, Milica Pesic and the meeting was chaired by Charlie Beckett. I let you google these panelists yourself or click on the links to see who they are.

My first thoughts as I sat down were if these panelists were all Iranians and the meeting was for an Iranian audience, there is no way the chairman could manage to wrap up the meeting in its allocated two hours. In fact one more addition to the panel was via a Skype connection with a journalist in Mexico, but embarrassingly I have forgotten his name. Credit to Charlie Beckett though, he chaired the meeting really well and the whole thing despite the variety of its panelists went very seamless and remained focused on the issues and finished in time.

Monday, September 27, 2010

So Who Were the People Who Attended Ahmadinejad's Dinner in New York

They call them Sundis-khors in Iran. Sundis is a cheap soft drink handed out to those who participate in the government organised rallies as rent a crowd pawns. Sundiskhor means someone who drinks Sundis and is a reference to those people who for the sake of getting a free Sundis drink are prepared to take part in the pro-regime rallies. One can argue that the Sundis-khors in Iran have a valid reason and we should not be judgemental about them, they may be hungry and poor, but the ones in the footage below who attended Ahmadinejad's dinner in NY, are not poor and hungry. You need a little more than a cake and a drink to buy these greedy expats. They need at least a three course meal at a posh hotel.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Liars Have a Bad Memory

The most I have been dreading about Ahmadinejad's trip to UN is the thought of US news networks interviewing him. So much so that I left the following comment on my Facebook status:

'I hear Larry KIng will be interviewing Ahmadinjead in New York again. If this is true, can someone tell this idiot not to make this monster look like a cuddly celebrity by asking him soft questions and instead educate himself with what is going on in Iran'

If we are to go by past precedence, a typical UN trip by Ahmadinejad will be a propaganda opportunity for this tyrant to represent his government as the 'axis of justice' and all Western governments to be the real human rights abusers, followed by some stupid US anchormen who will interview him without doing much background homework on what is going on in Iran and throw some soft questions at him which will win him more popularity with more 'useful idiots' turning up at his dinner invitations to take photos with him, and at the end he will return to Iran with his state controlled media calling the trip a huge success that has won over many friends for Iran!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Defecting Diplomats and Detained Lawyers

What are the signs of a regime crumbling and falling apart? Antony Thomas who fought against apartheid in South Africa most of his life, says 'It is unreasonable to expect unarmed people to win over the armed security apparatus of a repressive system, what happens at the end is that the very people in the ruling establishment reach a conclusion that it is impossible to continue with the status quo'.

Over the last fifteen months we have seen the circle of those still loyal to the establishment getting smaller and smaller. Karroubi described the Islamic Republic ship to have been reduced to that of a dingy boat. Significantly this week, we have seen two major defections within the Iranian Foreign Ministry's diplomatic service. The number two Iranian diplomat in Finland and the Press Attache in Belgium defected this week and openly affiliated themselves with the Green Movement. No one should underestimate these defections. These were both senior diplomats with more than 20 years service in the Iranian FMA. It must have been exceptionally hard for them to leave their positions, their careers and their privileges and risk the consequences of their decisions which includes the safety of themselves and their families. The Green Movement has embraced these courageous men with open arms and must value their sacrifices.

These defections started with the Iranian consul in Norway, Mohamad Reza Heydari. Unfortunately the media is always limited by air time and by the number of words to disseminate all the information. For example I doubt any Western media or Persian media for that matter, have reported Heydari's services during the war against Saddam Hussein. Heydari is registered with the Martyr Foundation and is classified as having received 40% injuries during the war. "The 1979 revolution has deviated from its path and from its original goals. When we fought and defended the country against Saddam, we did not envisage the country to deteriorate into the situation it is in now. What we want is for our people to gain their own destiny again and be free".

When the system starts to crumble, even the law of the land itself goes out of the window. This is what we are seeing within the Iranian judiciary. The establishment has become so desperate in preserving itself  that the judiciary itself has become the biggest law breaker in the country. Prominent Human Rights lawyers like Mohamad Olyaifard and Nassrin Sotoodeh are detained for daring to defend their clients and even their lawyers and their families are threatened for publicising their plight.

The dinghy boat now seems to be full of holes, with the remaining elite forcefully and hurriedly trying to patch the holes or throwing off more passengers to continue their miserable survival.

Friday, September 10, 2010

A Book is for Reading not for Burning

After the Islamic revolution, the zealot revolutionaries, ransacked Shapour Bakhtiar's home and destroyed all his books from his extensive library by burning them. Years later one of those zealots who had ransacked Bakhtiar's home, fled the Islamic Republic and seeked asylum in Paris. Repentant by what he had previously taken part in, he contacted Dr. Bakhtiar to express remorse and seek his forgiveness. Dr. Bakhtiar had replied "If you want forgiveness from me, all you have to do is read some of the books you destroyed"

I remember watching books being torn and set alight during the "cultural revolution" in Iran. It was a defining moment in my life. The horror of watching ignorant illiterate zealots destroy books was a horrifying experience. 

Those who kiss a book and those who burn books only show their ignorance. A book is for reading, you may like it or you may not like it but reading the book is the only way to treat a book.

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

How Do Chants of 'Death to Moussavi' Help the Palestinian Cause?

You only need to look at these two video footages to understand the hypocrisy of the AlQuds rallies held by the IRI embassies throughout European cities. In UK, the rally is organised by an IRI funded body calling itself Islamic Human Rights Commission. Here in this footage one can see Massoud Shajareh, the Iranian head of IHRC. At first he says some very nice encouraging words, "coming together regardless of creed standing up to the oppressors", but then watch him when he is asked about the oppression of Iranian protesters:

And here you see some Pakistani participants in the AlQuds rally chanting 'Marg bar Moussavi', Death to Moussavi!

Why would a body that calls itself Islamic Human Rights Commission teach its puppets to chant 'Death to Moussavi' in a supposedly 'pro-Palestinian' rally? How does that help the cause of Palestinians?

These goons are taught to chant Death to Moussavi, someone who led Iran during the war against Saddam Hussien and are marching towards the rally point, where former Saddam and Uday Hussein stooge, George Galloway will be speaking to their cheers and applauses.

I really hope these people will educate themselves a bit about the facts or we will sadly carry on witnessing more of these inhumanes scenes in Pakistan (see below), where lynch mobs beat two innocent Pakistani brothers to death in front of the local Sialkot police chief in Pakistan. If you want to liberate others first of all put your own house in order:

The Al-Quds rally does not do anything for Palestine or Palestinians. All the Al-Quds rally shows is that there is so much freedom in this country that even its most hardened adversaries are allowed to march in the streets. I mean imagine if the UK embassy organised a march in the streets of Tehran with protesters carrying pictures of the queen and the prime minister! I don't think we need to think twice what would happen to them.

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Somaye Zadeh in Pro-IRI AlQuds Rally in London

Somaye Zade, or Somaye Bagherzadeh (full name) is the daughter of former MKO member, Hossein Bagherzadeh.  As well as being a studio manager for BBC World Service, she is also an active member of Iran Campaign, the arch apologists for the Iranian regime. She has gone on record during a Stop the War Coalition meeting as suggesting Iran's homosexuals are not harassed and they are free as long as they change their sex'  :))

Here she is trying to remove an Iranian dissident and former political prisoner from one of the Campaign Iran meetings in SOAS before she was assisted by a number of embassy goons. SWP member Dominique Kavakabian is seen standing next to her.

When the post election protests erupted in Iran, on a number of occasions she tried to take pictures of herself and her SWP comrades handing out Campaign Iran leaflets, so that they could pretend the protests outside the embassy were in tune with the Campaign Iran apologists and not in favour of regime overthrow.

Of course she was kicked out every time she was spotted:

and here she was marching amongst the Iranian regime organised AlQuds march yesterday:

More pictures from yesterday's rally by pro-Iranian government supporters:

Hammer and Sickle flag of Communists aloft at the pro-Iranian government rally. Don't these stupid people know how many unGodly Communists have been killed in Iran? Another clear demonstration of the failure by the Iranian Left to tell their comrades what Islamic Republic is about.

As usual, no one from BBC Persian to cover the event.

Thursday, September 02, 2010

A Beautiful Family Reunion

As soon as you can see Norway's magnificent forests and lakes from your aeroplane window, you get a sense of a freshness and natural beauty. You won't be wrong either, it is a beautiful country, it is efficiently run and the only oil producing country which has not fallen victim to despotism, corruption and mass poverty. Norway is prosperous, its people are beautiful, hospitable, courteous and very civilised. This was my first visit to a Scandinavian country but I wasn't going there as a tourist. I was going to Oslo to be alongside the famous Iranian Human Rights Lawyer, Mohammad Mostafaei, in what turned out to be a roller coaster of emotional anxiety and waiting but fortunately a very happy ending.

Mostafaei got in trouble with the regime in Iran after he helped publicise the stoning case of Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani. Unable to get hold of Mostafaei, the Iranian intelligence ministry had resorted to the despicable act of taking his family members as hostages. Mostafaei's wife, his brother-in-law and even his elderly father-in-law were all taken into Evin prison. They were being held as hostages to get their hands on Mostafaei. The regime's desperate act of taking family members as hostages however, only exposed the backwardness and illegality of Ahmadinejad's administration. As someone once told me, Islamic Republic's worst enemy is itself. They accuse everyone who disagrees with them as 'threats to national security' but the real threat to national security is none other than their own backward laws, their intolerance and their disregard for human rights and normal behaviour.

This morning however all those terrible times were put behind the Mostafaei family. Finally common sense prevailed and a loving wife and daughter joined their dear husband and father.

I am not going to write much more, I let the mass media that were there to cover this joyful event, do a better job than me. Just one note however to finish this post. There was not a single Iranian journalist there, no one from BBC Persian, VOA Persian, Radio Farda or any of those well funded organisations. An observation that once again confirms what I have said, we do not have good reporters outside Iran. We have lazy journalists who at best like to interview people. 

Watch the footage of the reunion here:

Cry No More Parmida. No One Will Arrest Your Mum or Dad Now.