Tuesday, May 31, 2011

IRI Thugs Kill Dissident's Daughter at His Funeral

Haleh Sahabi was killed today by the Islamic Republic security thugs at her father's funeral.

This morning was the funeral of the 81 year old Ezzatollah Sahabi, the reformist Iranian dissident. Haleh Sahabi was walking ahead of the funeral holding a wreath, when security forces tried to break up the funeral procession and steal Sahabi's coffin.

Haleh resisted the thugs and insisted that the funeral procession should proceed as planned. Islamic Republic security thugs attacked her, kicking her repeatedly and punching her with a knuckle duster. Haleh collapsed at her father's funeral and later died as a result of her injuries.

Haleh Sahabi was 55 years old and a Koranic expert. She was also a member of Mother's for Peace and was arrested, two years ago, during the protests outside the Iranian parliament when Ahmadinejad was taking the oath of office. She was sentenced to two years imprisonment by the revolutionary court. She was given leave from Evin prison to attend her father's funeral.

This is the Islamic Republic! so scared of the smalles gathering. Even the funeral of an 81 year old man is intolerable for these insecure savages. The thugs even kill a man's daughter during his funeral.
Once again the Islamic Republic has brought eternal shame on itself.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Justice itself is Handcuffed in iran

Nasrin Sotoudeh managed to embrace her husband for a few seconds and for the first time since she was arrested in September last year. Nasrin has been sentenced to 11 years imprisonment but now she faces a life time ban from working as a lawyer.

Sotoudeh was brought from Evin prison before the Iranian Bar Association, handcuffed throughout, to defend her right to continue work as a lawyer.

Sotoudeh represents justice and those who have the courage to stand up for justice. This picture is symbolic of what has happened in Iran, justice itself has been handcuffed in Iran.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Today, A Nation Mourns One its Favourite Sons

"They tell me not to get angry. Do they think I have no pride and expect me to be indifferent to the pains and sufferings of my people? They are imposing subsidy payments and people's living conditions are getting worse, not better, serving people means bringing about their welfare and comfort, but sadly we are witnessing the hardship and poverty of our people. The government says we hand out $40 a month to everyone, do they think the people of Iran are beggars? People of Iran are sitting on top of oil and gas treasures"

These were some of Nasser Hejazi's last words before he passed away on Monday after his final battle with lung cancer. Nasser Hejazi was Iran's legendary goal keeper in the 70s and Iran's first goal keeper to play in a World Cup. Twice, he was part of Iran's national team which won the Asian cup in 1972 and 1976. He has a total of 63 caps to his name playing for Iran's national soccer team. His last game was in 1981, when the Islamic Republic came up with a ludicrous plan to retire the football players who played in the national team before the 1979 revolution. According to this plan that became known as the '27 year olds plan', players over the age of 27 could no longer play for the national team. Hence Hejazi had to retire at the age of 33, a goal keeper's prime.

Hejazi was also a successful coach and won the best Asian football coach award in 1998. In 2005, he tried to run for president but was disqualified by the Guardian Council. Most of all however he will be remembered because of his goal keeping and that he stood by the people of Iran against the injustices of this regime. He was a proud man, when he was first hospitalised, the regime made out to have helped Hejazi with his medical bills but he denied this and said I will not take a penny from them, I will sell the carpets in my house if I have to and recited this poetry verse:
"I am that proud petal who will go without water
 But I will not lower myself to beg for a drop of dew"

In his very last interview, he quoted Gandhi and said "My pain is not loneliness but it’s the death of a nation who considers poverty as contentment, incompetency as patience, and with a smile on lips, consider this naivety as destiny.”

Today, thousands will take part in his funeral and millions of Iranians will mourn the nation's legendary goal keeper who never abandoned them.

Read Alex Ferguson's letter to Hejazi here:http://goalkeepermagazine.com/tag/alex-ferguson/

Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Insanity of Islamic Republic Judges

When you are primarily monitoring Iran's political developments, it is easy sometimes to forget the non-political activist victims of this evil regime. Iranian websites reported on Thursday the 4 year old Nima, severely abused physically by his brutal parents, was handed back to his father by an Iranian judge.

The report said: "Nima is a four-year-old boy in Tehran and the second victim of child abuse [who received media attention] in the past month. Yesterday, and only ten days after he was taken to the Mofid Children’s hospital, he was released and delivered to his abusive father."

"Nima suffered injuries from severe beatings from his parents who burned various parts of his body including his genitals and caused deep bruising around his eyes. He was transfered to the hospital on May 8th. Upon arrival at the hospital, Nima told the staff that his father had burned his body," said the report.

Of course, sadly, the despicable physical abusive of children happens everywhere but where do you find a judge who hands over a victim of such savage abuse back to his abusers and yet a devoted mother like Nasrin Sotoudeh is taken away from her children and jailed for 11 years? Where in the world would you find a penal code like this:

"According to paragraph 220 of Iran’s Islamic Penal Code, if the father or father’s father kills his child or grandchild, he will not be punished for murder. Physical punishment by a parent is permitted in Iranian law."

My heart goes out to this little boy who has to suffer the consequences of a mad generation who brought about the 1979 Islamic revolution in Iran.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

New Revelations About Ahmadinejad's Exorcist

The website Javan Online, affiliated to the Revolutionary Guards has made more revelations about Ahmadinejad's exorcist, Abbas Ghaffari, who was arrested 10 days ago.

Despite Ghaffari's initial good fortunes after his arrest, when his interrogator was said to have died of a heart attack, the charges against him are piling up like there is no judgement day tomorrow.
According to Javan Online's new revelations:

- Ghaffari obtained his supernatural demonic powers after rubbing the holy Koran on excrements
- By now 360 women, including married women, have claimed they have been raped by him
- Ghaffari would eat his own dried up excrement on a daily basis
- He possesses two main spells which by mixing with two minor spells can paralyse people's heart, mind and eyes or in every day terms make them deaf and dumb.
- Ghaffari is completely competent in numbers sorcery as well as in the art of energy healing. It is said that he spent some time in King Fahad's palace trying to heal him too.

Javan Online asks is readers who either knew Ghaffari or were his victims to contact this number +9821-88498443 and give further information on him.

Thanking Wael Ghonim in Person

When the uprising in Egypt erupted, the Islamic Republic was full of it. All their media outlets were directed to broadcast the uprising as an Islamic revolution following the footprints of Iran's 1979 Islamic revolution. According to the Islamic Republic's propaganda machine, Egypt's revolutionaries looked up to the leaders of the Islamic Republic and wanted to establish an Islamic Republic in Egypt.

When Iran's state TV and its English speaking channel, Press TV pined at the brutality of Mubarak's regime, it was rank hypocrisy at its best which was rubbing salt on our wounds.

So when a photograph of Wael Ghonim, the Google employee and one of the pioneers of Egypt's pro-democracy protests, showed him wearing a green wrist band, we were all hoping that he was wearing it in support of the Green Movement in Iran. We were then told Wael's wrist band was to raise awareness about the victims of the flood in Pakistan and so our hopes were once again dashed. The wrist band he wore was neither to do with Iran's Green Movement nor with Pakistan's flood, it was coincidental, but Wael Ghonim did make the following statement:

“I would tell Iranians to learn from the Egyptians, and we have learned from you guys that at the end of the day with the power of people, we can do  whatever we want to do.  If we unite our goals, if we believe, then all our dreams can come true”

As I wrote back in February, with this one message of solidarity, Wael Ghonim, destroyed all the efforts made by the Supreme Leader's regime in Iran to hijack the Egyptian uprising. It was a huge moral boost to the Green Movement in Iran and energised the protests which then took place in Iran on 14th Feb, where people's main slogan was "Mubarak, Ben Ali, its your turn next Seyyd Ali (Supreme Leader)"

Today, I had an opportunity to meet Wael Ghonim at Google's Bigtent event in person, to thank him for his support of Iran's Green Movement and make him aware how important his message of solidarity was.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Iran's Attorney General and the Exorcist

I have been wanting to find this video for a long time. I had seen it many years ago with disbelief shown on some trash Persian speaking LA TV channel which promoted this exorcist trickster called Ali Akbari.

The video shows Iran's current Attorney General and former Minister of Intelligence, Mohsnei Ejei, writing a protection letter for the trickster, Ali Akbari. Towards the end of the video, Ali Akbari can be seen expelling bad spirits from Ejei.

The video is a clear evidence that both sides are using exorcists and sorcerers.

Monday, May 16, 2011

"Ahmadinejad is Bewitched" - Messbah Yazdi

When I first started my blog, this article
I wrote about  Messbah Yazdi, was probably my first blogpost that caught a lot of attention. Messbah Yazdi is the very definition of an opportunistic snake. He is a man with no principles other than looking out for himself. It is no wonder now that despite all his previous backing for Ahmadinejad and all his efforts to promote him, now that his protegee is in hot waters with the Supreme Leader, Messbah is amongst the first to abandon ship.

On Sunday, Messbah Yazdi, a member of the Assembly of Experts and Head of the well funded Institute of Teaching Imam Khomeini's Thoughts, in a meeting with the Islamic Coalition group said:
"We became sensitive with regards to the statements and actions of this controversial person (Mashaei), we realised his words are not plain at all and there is a lot more into them. One day, I realised there is a huge danger within this trend and a lot of effort has been made, my brain couldn't tell whether it was just simple hypnotism, sorcery, contact with some cults or what? Personally I know nothing about these things, but I knew there was some supernatural behind all this. We saw that this person (Mashaei) bewitched him (Ahmadinejad) and has him trapped in his fist. There is a lot evidence and you know better than me  that there is the look and encounters and the effect of spells and these things in place"

But just to leave an opening for himself, in case fortunes change again, Messbah finished by saying
"Of course these are all things we have heard and been told and I have not seen them with my own eyes"

What a piece of shit this snake or as they call him this crocodile, Messbah Yazdi is.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Sheikh Mohamad Haj Hassan Calls for the Release of Moussavi and Karroubi

Sheikh Mohammad Haj Hassan, leader of the Free Shiites movement in Lebanon issued the statement translated below yesterday. I think you will agree that Sheikh Hassan is more consistent than Stop the War fraudsters. Perhaps the Western useful idiots posing as intellectuals could learn from the brave Sheikh Hassan.

In the Name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate

People are the source of power and it is time that people be able to choose their own destiny. For this reason, continuing with the repressive savage policies should not be allowed. Hence if a people are pursuing change, it is the duty of governments to respect their wishes. Sadly the most dangerous phenomenon we face today is the religious dictatorship which has donned the clothes of holiness and got involved in politics in order to pursue its own unhealthy interests.

It must be known that it is in no way permissible for innocent blood to be shed and hanging gallows to be raised and innocent men and women to be thrown in jail, just because they want to change their destiny or deny a certain ideology, and this is precisely the story of the Iranian regime, which tries to imply this idea that it is exercising the religious laws and yet it acts completely opposite to them. In fact it must be said that this regime is an unpopular regime ruled by a turbaned clad. This is a state run by those who will do anything in the name of religion, if its in their interests, even if contradictory to the religious laws. An example being the Baseej who shoot, kill, arrest and repress innocent people in the streets. Worse still they use the most brutal methods against their own former statesmen if they ever disagree with the establishment.

We ask the sick regime of the Islamic Republic of Iran, here and now, to release Mr. Mir Hussein Moussavi and the religious scholar, Mehdi Karroubi and all other political prisoners and end all the harassment of their families. The Iranian regime is duty bound, instead of making recommendations to other states to respect the wishes of the people to choose their own government, to give these rights to the people and nation of Iran first and foremost.

Nations seek peace and stability and reject all forms of violence and rule by force. The fall of dictatorships by pro-democracy movements seeking change in the region, is the best testimony for this claim. We, who have chosen the Koran as our guiding light and Islam as our religion, are obliged to respect Islam's teachings based on refraining from violence, murder and destruction.

Now that the people of Iran are subjected to repression and tyranny, we feel obliged to defend all nations under repression, for we want democracy to succeed, the very democracy which was the way of the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH). Tolerance and kindness were the honourable traits of those great men which were taught to us. Hence if someone wants to pretend to be in their place and refer to themselves as the 'leader of the Muslims', they should behave as our holy figures did and understand that no one has a mandate on God's behalf simply because they hold the reigns of power.

It is time for the wheel of change for building a free and democratic world without murder, terror and war to be put in motion. It is our duty to make all endeavours to stop the Fascist savage repressions in Iran, Syria, Bahrain, Libya and Yemen.

We also ask all world governments and seek their help to support the people who want freedom and not to compromise on the people's rights to achieve a free future and stop the dictatorship governments in repressing and committing crimes against their people."

Saturday, May 07, 2011

More Details on Ahmadinejad's Exorcist Revealed

The pro-Khamenei website, Shafaf [means Clear!] claims to have further information on Abbas Ghaffari, the man claimed to be Ahmadinejad's exorcist who was arrested last week. The article includes a photo of him and a handwritten letter to his friends which Shafaf article suggests is Ghaffari's own handwriting.

So here is a summary of what Shafaf article has revealed about Ghaffari, extracted from this alleged handwritten letter:

- He was born in 1953 in Rostam Abad
- His father was a debt/ransom collector who did not know the identity of his real parents
- His father became a police constable and married his mother who was a prostitute
- His mother had several illegitimate children from other local men and his sisters became prostitutes too
- His bastard brothers became thieves and conmen
- After the 1979 Islamic revolution, his sisters had to give up prostitution, wear a veil and stay home
- After the 1979 Islamic revolution, he and his family pretended to be pious and religious

The article then continues by quoting the unknown recipient of the alleged letter, that Ghaffari became a Satanist in the city of Ahvaz, doesn't say when, and learned his witchcraft from another satanist in six months.

Mashaei's circle, now referred to by Khamenei supporters, as the "deviant current" within the government, are supposed to have consulted Ghaffari on a range of issues which included fortune telling and government policy advise. If being a satanist, child of a prostitute and a ransom collector parents whose brothers and sisters were thieves and prostitutes was not enough ammunition for character assassination however, the article throws in just one more accusation by the unknown friend, just for good measure. Abbas Ghaffari, the sorcerer pretends to be a Muslim, claims to know the Koran and other holy Islamic texts by heart but he is Jewish and wears a star of David.

How loyalties quickly change in the Islamic Republic! which begs the question, the Green Movement leaders - called Seditionists by Supreme Leader's camp - have been accused of not having the adequate "insight" by the Supreme Leader, what insight does the Supreme Leader then have, when he has backed these satanists and sorcerers to run Iran for the past six years?

Friday, May 06, 2011

Parading a 70 Year old Bahaii Man, feet chained, in Iran

This recent shameful report has sickened many Iranians, including myself, who are sick of their compatriots being humiliated and abused in such ways, just because they have a different spiritual belief. The extract below was taken from Iranian.com written by Shifteh Ansari.
"Vajihollah Mirza Golpour, a 71-year old resident of Safar Abad Village outside Sari in the province of Mazandaran.
He was arrested after he appeared at the Sari Intelligence Office, following summons. His relatives said that he was transferred from Sari to Tonekabon, where he was interrogated. Mirza Golpur's relatives say he has heart disease and only one week prior to his arrest, he had been hospitalized for treatment. His family say they still don't know exactly on what charges he was arrested. All they know is that he is a Bahai, and he is just one in a large group of Bahai's who have been rounded up and arrested over the past couple of years in Mazandaran, some with their homes and farms destroyed.
Friends and relatives of Vajihollah Mirza Golpour said that in order "to put him under more pressure," last Tuesday he was made to walk ankle-cuffed all around the town of Tonekabon. A source said that earlier, during his interrogation, "in order to extract confessions of him, his head was hit against the wall, and he has been kicked in his side."

I have never understood why the Bahaii religion stipulates their followers must refrain from getting involved in politics, but to parade a 71 year old man, ankles chained together, in order to humiliate him is reason enough not to stay silent and let evil prevail.

Khomeini Fan Beaten up at Football Ground

It has not been a good week for sycophants in Iran. The ongoing rift between Ahmadinejad, who wishes to choose all his ministers himself and the Supreme Leader who is determined that he alone has the authority to appoint key cabinet posts has caused major confusion amongst those who usually choose their masters based on which one offers better cheese and wine.

Below is a picture of one such sycophant published in the Iranian daily, Alef, wearing a T-shirt with Khomeini's picture:

Same fan after he was hit over the head with a truncheon by law enforcement forces:

The pro-Khamenei camp have also arrested 25 people close to Ahmadinejad's favourite cabinet member, Rahim Mashaei. Those arrested include Parivash Fatemi, who was so full of praise for the Supreme Leader in the conference attended by Islamic Republic's stooges in London, at the Millenium hotel last year.

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Ahmadinejad's Exorcist Arrested

The recent rift between the Supreme Leader and Ahamdinejad which led to the later's 10 day absent from cabinet meetings seems to be over for now, after Ahmadinejad returned to office and thanked the supreme leader for supporting his administration and in return affirmed the tenth administration’s unquestioned adherence to the principle of Velayat-e Faghih [rule of jurisprudence]. The rift has left several casualties on both sides however. Two of the casualties on Ahmadinejad's side are the presidential prayer leader, Abbas Amirifar and Ahmadinejad's personal exorcist, Abbas Ghaffari.

Abbas Amirifar is accused of being the man behind the controversial CD which was circulated in Iran depicting Ahmadinejad as the prophesied, Shoaib-ibn-Saleh. the right hand man of Imam Mahdi, who will liberate the world according to the Shiite theology, from corruption and repression. According to the CD, Ahmadinejad manifests all the prophesied characteristics which include a small beard, thin body frame, dark skin, leader of armies, sharp insight with strong determination and from the city of Ray, current day Tehran. Amirifar has also showed unequivocal support for Ahmadinejad's right hand man, Rahim Mashaei.

The other interesting casualty which is said to be the most important reason for Ahmadinejad's 10 day absence, is the arrest of his mysterious exorcist, Abbas Ghaffari. The website which first reported the arrest of the exorcist, 1Shanbeh, claims metaphysical capabilities that Abbas Ghaffari is supposed to have and hints that the sudden heart attack of Ghaffari's interrogator could also have something to do with Ghaffari's skills in the black art.

Meanwhile the most conscious and educated people in the region continue to live under the spell and the rule of the most superstitious and deluded gang of thugs who run the Islamic Republic of Iran.