Saturday, November 23, 2013

How to Deal with a Nuclear Explosion Islamic Republic Style

What will happen, if God forbid, there is a nuclear explosion in the Bushehr nuclear reactor? Iran straddles a major geological fault line, making it prone to seismic activity, hence ensuring any nuclear plant's safety in Iran, is a top priority concern.

If this has ever been one of your concerns too, then fear no more, for the Islamic Republic's emergency forces are more than adequately equipped and trained to deal with such a disaster.

See below, pictures of special exercises or as the Islamic Republic authorities called them, "Bushehr Nuclear Explosion Readiness Manoeuvres"

The fire fighting sisters dressed in their presumably radioactive protection providing chadors, will ensure no females working at the plant will have their heads uncovered if they escape the explosion.
The strip with the mushroom cloud sign, seen below, will alert everyone where the radioactive affected areas are.

Latest technology fire fighting equipments, like the shovel seen below, will be used to put out nuclear fires. There may be some collateral damage as seen in the picture, with the person using the shovel throwing some earth on the person standing behind. Special face masks will be provided but wearing them will be optional.

Of course hand held fire extinguishers will also be used. Only a few elite Baseej members will use the hand held fire extinguishers however, as sanctions mean they are in short supply.

Below, what appears to be a suicide fire fighting sister, runs towards a nuclear fire to martyr herself for the Islamic Republic.

Two Baseej brothers help each other with securing the nuclear perimeter zone. The challenge is to attach the strip to the mushroom sign previously secured safely in the ground by the Russian scientists.

Oops! There is one brother caught by surprise as the nuclear fire engulfs him. The surgical mask worn by the Baseej brother should prevent him from inhaling the harmful smoke.

Well there you have it. After a hard day of Nuclear Readiness Exercise, the sisters march off for a well deserved drink and and friendly frolicking with the elite Baseej brothers, having saved millions from a nuclear disaster.

The real efficiency of the Islamic Republic has never been in saving lives but in taking lives.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

They Murdered Love

The 17 year old Avian, an Iranian girl from the village of Hanjalieh in the Kurdish region, went out hiking and sightseeing with her brother and her fiance, outside the town of Baneh last Thursday.

On their way back, the Revolutionary Guards dressed in plain clothes, suspected the couple of being smugglers and opened fire on them without giving a prior warning.  The bullets hit Avian in her legs and in her back. She died two days later in hospital as a result of her injuries.

Avian and her fiance were due to get married today.

Avian's brother was allowed to be present during the autopsy. A Revolutionary Guard was also present during the autopsy and told him "Why are you so upset? We are in the holy month of Moharram. The blood money compensation for the victim's family will be twice as much!"

Avian in Kurdish means Love. Once again they murdered love in the Islamic Republic.

This flyer which was stuck on the walls thanked all the people who turned up for Avian's funeral. It started with this poem:

"My little sister, Avian,
  Your heavenly white wedding dress
   made all our seasons shine so bright
   and that bullet that was shot towards you
   will one day go back towards the barrel it came from
   to compensate your wasted beauty
   Sleep my little sister,
   so that the howling of the wolves
   Does not disturb your autumn sleep
   Put your head down and sleep well"

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Extracts of the Supreme Leader's Speech to Baseej Hours Before Geneva Talks

Extracts from Supreme Leader’s speech to 50,000 Baseejis today, just hours before the Geneva talks:

"Is the Islamic regime after war with others? this is the statement that is heard from the mouth of the region's dog with rabies, i.e. the Zionist regime, that 'Iran is a threat to the world'. The ones that threaten the world are those who have brought nothing but evil for the world, like this very illegitimate Zionist regime"

"wherever there is a stage for the test of strengths, we should stand up to the enemy. Your will must overcome the will of the enemy.  Your resolve must overcome their resolve. In the battlefield of Jihad, any turning back and running away from the enemy is forbidden in Islam and in the Koran."

"Heroic flexibility is an artful manoeuvre to achieve the final goal"

"Any forward and backward move in the battlefield must be in line with the previously decided objectives"

"The animosities  of the Islamic rule are directed towards the world arrogance. The world arrogance thinks crimes against nations is permissible  Today the state of America is at the head of all global arrogance"

Sunday, November 17, 2013

"We will not accept a compromise" song performed in the former US embassy compound in Tehran

The following song was performed in the former US embassy compound in Tehran to commemorate the anniversary of the US embassy takeover, one day before the last round of Geneva talks. The former US embassy compound has been occupied by the IRGC since.
The yellow flags being waved by the enthusiastic trusted audience have "Death to America" written on them.
See the translation of the song below the footage.

We will fight, we will die, we will not accept a compromise (2)
In the battle fields with the world devouring enemy,
These vultures of the swamps
We will not accept a compromise (2)
Chorus : "We will not accept a compromise "

poison in the chalice of the enemy
is like nectar for the comrades

We are the volcanoes of wrath
We will not accept a compromise (2)
Chorus : "We will not accept a compromise "

America, America, the world devouring America

Your sanctions and your threats, have no effect any more
The damnation of our oppressed against you will not let off

Chorus "will not let go of you" x2

The massacre of the innocent people of Gaza and Palestine
Leaves no alternative but revenge for Muslims

Chorus "There is no other alternative" x2
Chorus "We will fight, we will die, we will not accept a compromise (2)"

Imperialism and the Zion,
You are soaked in blood

We are the inheritors of Martyrs
We will not accept a compromise

chorus "We will not accept a compromise" x2

(America) unaware of religion and faith
and the fury of every Muslim
Our oath is to the Koran
We will not accept a compromise
Chorus : "We will not accept a compromise " x2
Chorus : "We will not be humiliated" - repeated

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Supreme Leader's Training in Moscow Also Mentioned in Carole Jerome's Book

Its nearly three years since Russia Today, broadcast a piece celebrating the 50th anniversary of the People's Friendship University of Russia.

The university also known as Patrice Lumumba university, named after the Congolese independence leader, became the alma mater of terrorists such as Carlos and third world leaders who were assigned to spread the Soviet ways upon returning to their home countries.

In the footage shown on Russia Today to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the university, there was also a brief mention of its alumni who are now world leaders.

The presenter went on to name Ali Khamenei, the Supreme Leader of Iran as one of the university's alumni. The mention of Ali Khamenei having been trained in Moscow, quickly made some headlines on the Iranian cyberspace, although the former Tudeh party [Iran Soviet backed Communist party] members and sympathisers running BBC Persian did their best to ignore the revelation. RT and PFUR officials have since remained silent about the unintended disclosure made on the Russia Today program.

Totally irrelevant to the above, last week, I have been reading a book called, The Man in the Mirror, written by the Canadian CBC reporter, Carole Jerome. The book is about Sadeq Ghotbzadeh, a life long revolutionary who opposed the Shah and became a close aide to Ayatollah Khomeini in exile. Ghotbzadeh became the first head of Iran state TV after the 1979 revolution and the foreign minister during the hostage crisis until he lost Khomeini's favour and was finally executed by the very regime he helped to bring about. Carole Jerome was also Ghotbzadeh's intimate lover and so became the confidant of much of the grisly power struggle that was going on behind the scenes in the post-revolutionary Iran.

As I read the final pages of Jerome's book and Ghotbzadeh's demise, I came across this paragraph, which also confirmed Ali Khamenei's earlier training in Moscow:

"A thin ascetic looking man with a fierce mien, Khamenei was a righteous zealot who, like Khoeini'a [the mastermind of the US embassy hostage taking] combined religious zeal with a puritanical devotion to some of the principles he had learned in early days in Moscow."

Lets not forget who has gained the most from the 1979 revolution in Iran, definitely not the people of Iran, but definitely Russia.

Friday, November 08, 2013

"Hang them in Public During the Friday Prayers" - Hasan Rohani

This picture on the left is a newspaper clipping of the Islamic Republic Daily, dated 15th July, 1980. It is six days after a plot by a group of petty officers to overthrow the mullahs in Iran was discovered and hundreds of suspects,  some of Iran's finest military officers, had been arrested. How the plot was compromised is still not fully clear. The planned military coup never took off the ground and the plotters did not fire a single round. Just about all factions at the time from the Soviet puppet Tudeh Party to the MeK claimed credit for having alerted the authorities about the plot. Around 200 of Iran's finest officers, pilots and paratroopers were executed as the consequence.

The headline quotes Mostafa Chamran, Iran's defence minister at the time and a veteran of PLO training camps in Lebanon, promising fundamental changes in the structure of Iran's armed forces.

There are also some chosen quotes in the highlighted box in the middle of the article. One of the quotes is by the Deputy of Semnan, i.e. the "Moderate" Hasan Rouhani, the current president of the Islamic Republic of Iran. It simply says:
"Hang the plotters in full public view during the Friday Prayer sermons".

Just to add a humorous note at the end,  UK Peer, Baroness Williams of Corsby, regards Hasan Rouhani as a "Liberal Internationalist".

Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Supreme Leader's Speech on Sunday

Below is the translation of the Supreme Leader's speech, as he addressed the Baseej students and pupils on the eve of the US embassy takeover, last Sunday. The event was not shown live on Iranian state TV but they showed the following 15 mins clip later on the news channel:

“Even governments  mistrust America,  the reason is the behaviour of the Americans in their policies, anyone who trusted America paid the price, hence one can say today the most hated state  in the world is that of the Americans, 

Crowds chant [Allah Akbar, Khamenei is the Leader, Death to those who oppose him, Death to America, Death to the Hypocrites and the infidels, Death to Israel]

I want to mention a few points about our current problems with America which are being discussed these days
People ask the question, but first let me alert you all to an important issue, no one should regard our negotiators who are negotiating on our behalf with this American collection, the 5+1, as compromisers, this is wrong, these are our own children, they are the children of our revolution, they have a mission to achieve and its a difficult task, they are working hard to do what they have to do, therefore no one should undermine an official engaged in such work, or insult them or make false interpretations like sometimes we hear said 'they are compromisers'. No, this is not the case. The task they are engaged in currently is to do with negotiations on nuclear issues, so pay attention the negotiations that are taking place with the six countries which America is also included in. These talks are purely negotiations on nuclear issues specifically and nothing else.

I said in Mashad, in the beginning of the year, on specific issues, there is no problem with talks, but I also did say I don’t trust talks and negotiations, I am not optimistic, but if they want to talk, fine they can go and negotiate, it won’t be a loss for us either, God willing. The nation of Iran possesses an experience already gained, which I will mention, this experience will raise the thinking capacity of our nation, like the experience gained in 2003 and 2004, regarding the suspension of enrichment, back then the Islamic Republic accepted negotiations with Europeans on enrichment suspension, and we got delayed by two years, delayed by two years, but it was to our gain, why? because we learned by suspending the enrichment we can not expect any cooperation from the Western partners, there is absolutely no such hope. We learned this. WIth that voluntarily suspension, which of course was imposed on us, but nevertheless our officials had agreed to, had we not agreed, then some may have said, well you could have conceded a bit and the problems would have been resolved.

What we learned from that experience was that by conceding, by suspending enrichment, by getting behind our plans timescale, the problems will not be resolved. The opposite side are after something else. So we learned this and started the enrichment and our situation is now totally different from that in 2003. In those days we would barter over one or two centrifuges, today we have thousands of centrifuges, our youth, our scientists, our officials did their utmost and we moved on.

Therefore there won’t be a loss for us in these current negotiations either, although as I said before I am pessimistic. I don’t think these negotiations will yield results, not the results that the people of Iran are expecting. Nevertheless it will be another experience, it will increase the experience base of our country. Nothing wrong with that. But it is essential that the nation remains alert. We support our officials who are working in the diplomacy front, we give them steadfast support, but the people should remain alert and know what is happening. Don’t let some of the paid propagandists of the enemy, and some of their naive unpaid propagandists, deviate the public opinion.

One of their lies and tricks is to induce to the public opinion that if we give total submission in nuclear issue all our economic problems will be solved. This is what they are saying in their propagandas, of course the foreign propagandists give them the targets and very skilfully using their propaganda techniques induce some in the country to also go along with them, some from pure naivety without having ill intentions, but some really through ill intentions are propagating such idea that if we submit to the opposing side over the nuclear issue all the economic problems will be resolved. This is wrong.

This is what we have told all our officials, past and present that to solve our problems we will have to rely on our internal forces. We have a lot of capacities inside the country, the capacities of this country include natural and manpower skills resources, we have geographical capacities too and of course these must all be utilised
and we will back the diplomatic endeavours too. When we say there must be a reliance on internal potentials it does not mean there should be no diplomatic moves or that we don’t work with the rest of the world. Diplomatic work, diplomatic moves are all appropriate and officials that do these things must continue but the emphasis must be on internal potentials.

In diplomacy too, the country will be successful which has an internal generating outlook, It is those states that rely on their internal strengths which can establish their arguments and reach the conclusions they are after in their diplomacy. Thats the sort of government others will respect. We repeat our former advise, do not trust the enemy that smiles, this is what we tell our officials, to our children who are working in the diplomacy arena, these are our own ilk, our advice to them is to be careful the devious smile does not compel you to make mistakes. Look at the fine prints of the enemy,

Americans have most of their obligations to the declining Zionist regime, they care the most for the Zionist assemblies, we see this situation, the claws of economic powers and Zionist companies have such a firm grip on the US congress and American officials that they have to care for them  but we don’t have to.
We say today and we will say it after today we regard the Zionist regime as an illegitimate and bastard regime
[people chant: Death to AMerica, Death to England, Death to Infildels and hypocrites, Death to Israel]

So our officials pay attention to this point; on one hand they smile and show interest in talks and on the other hand they say all options are on the table. What the hell can they do with their ‘options’? 
[people chant Death to America (10 times)]

If they are serious about talks, they should control themselves, they have to stop those who talk such rubbish things, some rich American politician suggests that they should attack some part of an Iranian wilderness with nuclear weapons and threaten us with such things, they should strike such a person and smash his mouth, 
[people chant: Death to America, Death to England — The Leader of the Free, We are ready we are ready]

The state that claims it has the illusions if responsibility to deal with world matters, and thinks it is responsible to deal with the nuclear issue of this and that country can go to hell with its nuclear threats against another country at such times, they should stop such nonsense,