Friday, January 23, 2009

Khavaran Cemetery Must be Preserved

According to Amnesty International, between 4500 to 10000 Iranian political prisoners were massacred in 1988 over a period of just two months. The relatives of the victims were not allowed to have the bodies of their loved ones or hold a funeral, instead the bodies were taken in meat trucks and dumped in places like Khavaran or what the regime referred to as La'nat-Abad [The Damned Place], a cemetery used for burying non-Muslims.

The mass burial at Khavaran was only accidentally discovered by an Armenian priest who had become curious as to why stray dogs kept digging there for bones.

Although the useful idiots across the West, who are always ready to march in support of terrorists and brutal dictators, thought the massacre was not worthy of a protest, even the successor to Ayatollah Khomeini at the time, Ayatollah Montazeri, could not stay silent and wrote a protest letter, which promptly resulted in his removal from the position of successor to the Supreme Leader.

Now, twenty years later, the Islamic Republic can not tolerate families of those victims who come to Khavaran to console their sorrow. Mothers and fathers, brother and sisters, sons and daughters who just hold pictures of their loved ones and plant trees and flowers to say we have not forgotten our victims. But thats too much for the Islamic Republic authorities, they want to demolish Khavaran altogether.

Imagine, if the Israelis decided to mass execute the Palestinian prisoners they hold, 5000 to 10000 prisoners over two months, then dumped their bodies in meat trucks and buried them somewhere unknown. What would be the international outcry? Somehow the Iranian blood does not stir the same emotions and the pain of Iranian mothers and children does not count for much with these 'progressive peace activists'.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

BBC Persian TV

Its nearly a week since BBC Persian TV started its broadcasting. Apparently its the talk of the town in Tehran and everyone is asking 'Did you watch BBC TV last night?' from one another. The truth is that the Islamic Republic state TV is so boring, bland and overtly indoctrinating and evangelist (State Shiite evangelism that is) that any half professional run TV will be different and amusing to watch for the Iranians inside Iran. How long the novelty will last, is another matter however.

My initial reaction to BBC Persian TV broadcasting was that at last VOA Persian will have some level pegging competition other than the state run TV in Iran. At last the VOA Persian program makers and editors will have to stay on their toes and no longer be able to make decisions based on their personal envies and preferences as to who can be invited or otherwise on their nauseating talk shows and interviews.

The Islamic Republic state reaction to BBC Persian TV has been anger and fear along with accusations of espionage and a plot to bring about a velvet revolution, or soft overthrow, as they call it. Sort of thing one would expect from the Iranian government, for they seem to be scared of everything including their own shadow as we say in Persian when we want to describe a paranoid person.

So how has the BBC TV been so far? I haven't had much time to watch the programs but from what I have watched, my first impression was that at least the BBC is making original television programs. I have often said VOA Persian TV is not TV but another radio station. They have no programs other than news and interviews and some irrelevant copy/paste programs from other sources.
BBC on the other hand has some fresh original ideas that can be classed as TV programs and not just news and interviews. As for the 'soft overthrow' that the Iranian regime is worried about, I just fail to see any signs of it. I watched a reconstruction of water boarding torture used in Guantanamo prisons, the devastation of Gaza by the Israelis, more grave news about the financial crisis in US and Britain, and so on. Just the sort of thing the Iranian state TV wants to show to the Iranian public but in a less evangelist way and with better looking presenters, and since the BBC is also hosting the likes of pro-Rafsanjanis liars like Massoud Behnoud, I can safely advise the Iranian government that they should have no worries at all. The UK government on the other hand should have a lot more to fear from PRESS TV and the messages it is sending to the English speaking Muslims, that's for sure!

Friday, January 16, 2009

When the Police Run Away

What do you do when even the police run away? Watch this video:

From what I can work out from the footage, it looks like the militant Islamists chase the British police, from the Haymarket all the way to Green Park. Watch the silly Leftist girl without a scarf, she thinks because she is wearing a bright vest, she is the steward and the Muslim militants will listen to her, little does the useful idiot know that she is just another Kaffir to them.

Soon at this rate, it won't just be the police who will be on the run, those Leftists who went along these marches with the Islamic militants, the spineless politicians who constantly appease them, the academics who host them and glorify them in the UK universities, the journalists who always take up their cause and the churchmen who want Sharia in UK will also be on the run and it will be too late for them to realise what dimwits they have been.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Human Spirit in Hospital

I was visiting in hospital until the early hours of the morning. There was a Jewish doctor wearing a couple as well as a heavily bearded Muslim doctor on duty in the ward. It struck me how amidst all that calamity and misery you would expect from a hospital ward, how ideal some other things were.

The two doctors got on well with each other and despite their obvious religious affiliations there were no religion related issues. They just pulled their sleeves and helped patients regardless of their race or creed. I won't go as far as the words in John Lennon's song, 'imagine'. I can never imagine a world without a religion. There will always be many people who find comfort in spiritualism and until there is death, there will be religion for some people and many will feel more comfortable with a particular set of customs and life style, but wouldn't it be nice to imagine a world where no one tried to convert another person, or discriminate or hate another person or conquer others because of their religion and there was no hidden agendas other than the pleasant human spirit which let people live their life and choose for themselves for how they want to worship or not worship. Imagine that!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

'Death to Peace Lovers'

In a previous post I wrote admiringly about the democracy in Israel which allows Israeli Arabs and Israeli Jews to demonstrate peacefully against Israel's current offensive in Gaza and asked the question, imagine what would happen if a demonstration against Hamas took place in Iran? Little did I know that what I should have also asked was imagine if a non-government sanctioned demonstration happened in the Islamic Republic, even if it was against the Israeli offensive!!!

For today 'Mothers of Iran for Peace' gathered in Palestine Square in Tehran at 11:00 am. Their objective was to demonstrate against the Israeli offensive in Gaza and express sympathy with the women and children of Gaza. The gathering however was immediately broken up by the regime's thugs who were shouting 'Allah Akbar, Khamenei Rahbar!' and more revealingly 'Death to Peace Lovers!'. The thugs attacked the women which included Iran's renowned poetess, Simin Behbahani. Clearly demonstrating the Iranian regime can not tolerate any unofficial gathering.

Does that leave any doubt in any sane person's mind what the Hamas and more importantly their financial backer, Islamic Republic of Iran's objective in Gaza is?!!

Useful Idiots, stop being pawns of Hamas and the Iranian regime, understand what the Hamas and Islamic Republic's agenda in Gaza is. You have everything to lose if you don't wake up soon.

Raising 'Awareness'

This weekend London was once a again the scene of Gaza related demonstrations. On Saturday morning, Islamic Republic funded Press TV, almost entirely committed all its airtime to churn out the crowds in UK and Europe to demonstrate for Gaza by continuously showing pictures of dead and injured children. It was pure moral blackmail. The message was clear, if you did not join the demos later outside the Israeli embassy in Kensington, you had the blood of the Gaza children on your hands.

It was not just moral blackmail however, former British Intelligence officer, Annie Machon was on Press TV to tell the UK Muslims how hard done they were and how much they were discriminated against, just to get the Muslim blood boiling further.

Curious as to why some British citizens would turn out to support Hamas and how much they know about Hamas, I tried to talk to as many people as I could on the demo route in the short time I had on Saturday. To my first question, 'why are you joining this demo today?', probably 9 out of 10 people I talked to, straight away replied with the cliche answer, 'I want to raise awareness about Gaza!'. Yet when I had a chance to hold a dialogue with them, it soon became apparent that they themselves needed some serious awareness about what is going on in Gaza, what Hamas is all about and the Middle East in general.

None of the people in the demo I spoke to knew anything about Hamas's support for Saddam Hussein for example and that Hamas had declared three days of mourning after the Iraqi dictator was executed. Not one knew about the Iran-Contra affair, when Islamic Republic purchased weapons from Israel or when I asked them about the 'Black September', none of the young ones knew anything about how several thousand Palestinians were killed by the previous Jordanian King. I asked some who were older, why they had not taken to the streets when hundreds of thousands of Chechens were murdered, thousands more had become refugees and their entire cities were flattened into the ground by Putin's air force, and they didn't seem to have an answer, occupation of Chechnya and the massacre of Chechnyan Muslims was Russia's God given right it seemed.

I heard afterwards that some of the demonstrators had then attacked some of the shops and businesses in Kensington, including smashing the windows of a Starbucks Coffee shop, terrifying innocent bystanders and children, I suppose smashing shop windows was presumably to 'raise awareness' too!

Probably 6 out of 10 people I spoke to said their knowledge of Gaza was from watching the news on BBC television alone. Those of us who follow Iran news will know how badly informed BBC news coverage can be and talking of television coverage, I just didn't get to talk to anyone long enough to ask them what they thought about the Hamas TV, Al-Aqsa's porn blooper, when apparently a Hamas TV station technician who was bored with broadcasting the Gaza images on 7th Jan went on a Polish porn channel for 6 minutes before realising that it was all being broadcast live on Al-Aqsa TV :))


Thursday, January 08, 2009

Death to Everyone

This is such a classic and it reminds me so much of the illiterate thugs that raided the universities in Iran during the 'cultural revolution'.

In this clip, the mob leader with the tannoy shouting the slogans, warms up the flock with the usual 'Death to Israel' and 'Death to America' to begin with but then his zeal takes over his brain cells and he shouts 'Death to Palestine'. Few of the mob twig on and start laughing but the rest simply repeat the leader and shout accordingly 'Death to Palestine'.

Absolute classic :))

Monday, January 05, 2009

The Real Strength of Israel

Israel's strength is not just its air superiority or its sophisticated weaponry or its well trained army, Israel's real strength is its democracy.

This is a picture of Israelis Jews and Israeli Arabs, demonstrating against the Gaza war. This is why we want democracy for Iran, it will make us truly strong.

Be fair, what would happen if a demonstration against Hamas took place in Iran? What would happen to those who took part in the demo?

Imagine if Jews living in an Arab country demonstrated in favour of Israel's actions to stop Hamas rockets. Imagine if a small group of Gaza residents demonstrated against Hamas and asked Hamas to negotiate with Israel, what would happen to them?

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Attack on Shirin Ebadi's House

The 61 year old Iranian lawyer and Noble Peace prize winner suffered another attack on her home after her offices were shut down by the Iranian authorities. More than 150 Baseejis demonstrated outside her house accusing her of siding with the Zionists! Demonstrators shouted 'Israel commits crimes, Ebadi Supports Zionists' and sprayed her house with graffiti.

Shirin Ebadi says the police were just watching and not dispersing the demonstrators while they were damaging her house and she is now scared to go back to her house.

It is mind boggling how these organised thugs could accuse her of being a Zionist. As soon as Ebadi won her Noble Peace prize, she described the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as an unjust war between those with sticks and those with advanced sophisticated weapons. So much so that most Iranian dissidents accused her of taking up the Palestinian cause more than that of the Iranian people. As soon as the current conflict started Ebadi's office condemned the state of Israel.

Neither BBC television nor the Islamic Republic Press TV reported these attacks and intimidations, yet such attacks clearly demonstrate how the Islamic Republic is using the current conflict between Hamas and Israel for its own political gains.

Those 'useful idiots' in the West who have been demonstrating 'in support of Gaza' have no idea how they are being manipulated for the political games of the Iranian regime.