Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Why BBC or VOA Persian Didn't Report Jamali Fashi's Photoshopped Passport?

I don't think I ever remember an Iran related news story that was so widely reported in the global media, as the Jamali Fashi's photoshopped Israeli passport was, which still didn't make the news on BBC Persian or VOA Persian; the two most funded Persian news channels outside Iran, not financed by the Islamic Republic.

To explain the main reason for my disappointment, I need to talk about a brief chance meeting I had with a former OTPOR activist, Ivan Marovic, few years ago. As I listened carefully to Ivan's recollections of how OTPOR grew from a small organisation into a movement that played a major role in bringing democracy to Serbia, there were a number of commonalities that matched his experiences to my own instincts.

One of Ivan's recollections of how they brought down the dictatorship in Serbia, that relates to this post, was the importance of exposing the bungling incompetence of the Milosevic regime.  Ivan was saying if someone wanted to make a documentary about North Korea, it shouldn't be about the tortures and brutalities and the iron grip of the regime, we already know all that, it should be about how easy it was to bribe the border police and fool the party officials etc.  To constantly keep going on about the brutality and the tortures and the imprisonments by the regime will create an atmosphere of fear amongst the general public and will show the state is powerful and in control.  What needs showing most; is the regime's ineptitude and it's Achilles Heel.

The comical attempt by the Islamic Republic's intelligence ministry to show how Jamali Fashi was given an Israeli passport by Israel was just the sort of thing Ivan was talking about and it was just the kind of story that needed to be told to the Iranian public but both BBC Persian and VOA Persian failed to report the story.

What could be the reason for such bad judgement shown by their news teams? Is it a personal problem they have with me? Possibly or more probably, as another friend of mine suggested, the overwhelming majority of staff in BBC Persian and VOA Persian are anti-Israeli Leftists who become tunnel visioned as soon as they hear the word Israel. It is a question that can only be answered by VOA Persian and BBC Persian news teams themselves.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Regime Hypocrisy for Martyrs

Martyrs, Martyrs, Martyrs! Thats all you hear from the regime's propaganda machines. Everything is justified by just mentioning the word martyrs. If dissidents are imprisoned it is for the martyrs, if protesters are killed, it is for the martyrs, if newspapers are closed, it is for the martyrs, if the election candidates are hand picked, it is for the martyrs, if the dictatorship continues, it is for the martyrs.

Of course respect for our martyrs who stood up to the Saddam invasion is a must, but the truth is if they were alive today, they would have stood up to the tyranny and the hypocrisy of the Islamic Republic. Many of the children of the martyrs are now in prison and many openly oppose the regime.

This footage from Iranian state TV, sums up how much the regime cares for the martyrs. Laying flowers on the graves of the martyrs on the anniversary of the liberation of Khorramshahr is a noble act, but not if they are immediately removed and probably sold after the cameras have gone.

This footage below, sums up the false shop front window of the IR propaganda for the martyrs:

Friday, May 25, 2012

Why Pep Guardiola was 'Sacked' According to IR State TV

I was quite pleased with the global attention my previous post on Jamali Fashi's fake passport received. Hopefully it gave a little taster to people around the world that not only the Islamic Republic is a brutal regime but that it is also an incompetent establishment which lies through its dentures.

Here is another disclosure which will appeal to the football fans:

According to the 20:30 program, which is widely thought to be the production of Islamic Republic intelligence services, Pep Guardiola, the legendary F.C Barcelona coach, did not leave for personal reasons to have a break. He was, according to whoever makes this ideological propaganda 20:30 program, removed by the Zionist lobbies.  Of course! who else to blame for the loss of such a legendary coach to turn millions of football fans against Israel, but the Zionist lobby.

But why would the Zionist lobby 'sack' Guardiola? Watch the video @1:03 you see some other player lift his team shirt to reveal the words Palestine written on it. This player is not Guardiola but he looks like him from a distance and if he is shown quickly, some may believe it is Guardiola. I am sure this will include the "useful idiots" in the West who support the religious apartheid in Iran.

Case shut and closed. Guardiola is a campaigner for the Palestinian cause and so despite his legendary successes with Barcelona, the Zionist lobby decided to eliminate him.

Here is a footage of Guardiola arriving happily in Israel. A trip which angered many Arabs:

"They consider telling lies the most disgraceful than anything else, and next to that is owing money" - Herodotus on Ancient Iranians.

Monday, May 21, 2012

How Fake is this Passport?

This video below is another IR state TV showing of Jamali Fashi's "last minutes" before being executed. Here they claim he was given an Israeli passport with a different name.

Below is a freeze frame of what the state TV alleges to be Jamali Fashi's Israeli passport:

There are several things that don't add up.

The date of issue is 17/11/2003, that is nine years ago. It was said that Jamali Fashi was 24 years old when he was "executed" last week. The passport picture however does not come across as that of a 15 year old teenager.

In fact the picture is truly a give away in many ways. No passport will be issued with such a picture, anywhere in the world. You need a headshot where you are open-eyed AND looking into the camera.
This is yet another question in the whole series of doubts about what Jamali Fashi's role, if any, in the assassination of Iranian particle physicist, Massoud Ali-Mohammadi was.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Three Questions About Jamali Fashi's Execution

The Times published an article this week, which questioned whether a wikileak report gave the pretext for the regime to implicate Jamali Fashi in Prof. Ali-Mohamadi's assassination.  This post is not about the wikileaks report, I never managed to find out who the martial arts instructor in the wikileaks report was, but I was the one who after watching Jamali Fashi's confessions on state TV, found out he had been representing the Islamic Republic in a kick-boxing tournament in Australia and I have always suspected the regime's own involvement in the assassination of scientists since 2010.

Here, I want to ask three questions about Jamali Fashi's alleged execution after having watched this video, showing him "few minutes before his execution" on IR state TV:

Question 1) Does Jamali Fashi's demeanour in this video suggest this is a man few minutes before his execution?

He comes across composed and articulated. At one point the camera even focuses on his hands and they are not trembling a bit. Once again his statements contradict his other statements in this video and his previous recants shown on television as to when and where he first made contact with the Israelis. He suggests that he was duped by the Israelis into thinking that by killing the Iranian scientists, he will 'save the world'. A motivation that just doesn't become his portrayed greed for money.

Question 2) Where are the other 9?

At the time of his arrest and first TV confession, it was suggested that he was arrested as part of a ten man network. Two years on, nothing has been said or heard about the other nine. Where are they?

Question 3) Is that Jamali Fashi in the picture of a hanged man?

The only picture of Jamali Fashi's execution which is shown in the video above is blurred and from a distant and it can not be verified that its him. Given that the regime is not known for its regard for public sensitivity in seeing pictures of the dead and morbid images, why is it that in this instance they have chosen not to show his pictures? A practice which they have been quite comfortable with in the past, ever since publishing pictures of the executed regime officials of the Shah.

Hoveyda After His Execution

Rigi After His Execution

Jamali Fashi?

Thursday, May 17, 2012

"I will Kill Shahin Najafi" - Abdolreza Helali

"Maddah" is a difficult word to translate into English. There is no equivalent profession I have come across outside Iran. A panegyrist or a eulogist are the dictionary translations but are not full descriptions of the job. Maddahs have good voices and they recite/sing poetry/songs praising the Shiite saints. They are like the DJs in a religious warehouse party that get the crowds going into a frenzy of ecstasy.

Perhaps its best to watch this video of one of the famous Maddahs at work and understand this profession. Watch Abdolreza Helali:

Yesterday, following one fatwa after another by the Grand Ayatollahs, Safi Golpayegani, Makarem Shirazi, Alavi Gorgani and Malekooti to kill the Iranian rapper, Shahin Najafi for singing a rap song in which he is addressing the Shiite Imam Naghgi to take notice of what is going on in Iran, the same Maddah above, Abdolreza Helali publicly pledged that he will kill Shahin Najafi.

Helali's pledge came after Shia-online website put up a reward of $100,000 for anyone who kills Shahin Najafi.

Here is Abdolreza Helali, in a video footage which was released a few years ago, smoking something and flirting with a woman who is not his wife:

Those who wear their piety on their sleeves are normally the most corrupt on earth.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Farewell Parviz Shahriari

Parviz Shahriari, grew up in a Zoroastrian peasant family in Kerman. His parents toiled on the lands owned by feudal landlords and after his father died, he had to work alongside his mother to support his family. None of this hardship and poverty however, stifled his passion for learning and in particular for learning what he loved most; mathematics. He worked as a porter in the railway and studied in Tehran university at the same time until he graduated in 1953.

The fifties were a politicised decade which saw many students become active in politics and Shahriari's humble beginnings and the hardships he experienced during his childhood gravitated him towards the Tudeh Party, Iran's Soviet backed Communist Party. He was arrested several times and learned Russian in prison.

Shahriari's greatness however was due to his enormous contribution in making mathematics and physics interesting and accessible to thousands of Iran's youngsters, including myself. His numerous translations of mathematics books made the boring school mathematics fun and challenging and those who were lucky enough to be his pupils speak of his classrooms as sheer delight. One such former pupil of Parviz Shahriari is Firooz Naderi the current director for Solar System Exploration at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL).

Parviz Shahriari was also a founding member of some of Iran's best schools like Kharazmi and Marjan schools. Apart from his contributions in mathematics and sciences, Shahriari also published some cultural magazines too.

Shahriari was also jailed for 18 months by the Islamic Republic and the regime deprived him of his pension. He had to work until the very last days of his life to have an income.

During the war with Iraq, Shahriari published a magazine which he had named 'Peace with Mathematics'. He was called up by the Ministry of Guidance and told there should be no talk of peace and to change the name of his magazine or stop its publication. He told the Guidance Ministry official 'but this is peace with mathematics not with Saddam' and he was still told the ministry will have no mention of peace anywhere. Shahriari had to change the name of the magazine to "Getting Acquainted with Mathematics". This anecdote perhaps describes just one tragical aspect of the 1979 revolution and the "cultural revolution" which subsequently followed it, i.e. Iran's elite academics being "guided" by the illiterate zealots.

The greatness of men like Shahriari always win through at the end however. Here some of Iran's  school kids give the humble Parviz Shahriari a standing ovation:

His indomitable spirit made him fight back and survive several heart attacks and strokes until he finally passed away last Firday at the age of 86.

Not one official from the Islamic Republic's Science Ministry attended his funeral held yesterday at the Zoroastrian cemetery and for sure it was better that they didn't. What an insult it would have been for someone like Kamran Daneshjoo, Isalmic Republic's science minister with his fake PHD to attend the last farewell with the great Shahriari.

For all those Iranian kids who became interested in maths and physics through Shahriari's works however, he will live for many more years to come.

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

How dare You Hold The Eurovision Contest in Baku?

A wise man once told me, a society which is cruel to animals will disregard human rights too. In the past week there have been some repulsive reports of the most detestable mistreatment of animals in Iran. Like this poor lion in a Mashad zoo, which had his mane set on fire. The perpetrators filmed the lion's agony as they laughed and cheered:

In another incident, a donkey was hit repeatedly with a sledge hammer in Semirom, South of Isfahan. The footage of this vile despicable act should only be seen if you have nerves of steel for its truly sickening:

With such incidents of cruelty beyond belief against God's innocent creatures, what do men of cloth and turban, who claim to represent God on Earth, have most on their mind in Iran? Will they issue a fatwa and condemn these sadistic and atrocious behaviours in society? Not likely. Such cruelty against animals is an insignificant matter for these men from the dark ages, even though it was reported that those who beat the donkey with a sledge hammer had also been involved in some other animal cruelty cases, equally as disgusting if not more, such as blowing up a gazelle to bits with an air  compressor and setting another gazelle on fire after pouring petrol inside it.

So what is the main concern of Iran's clerics, these guardians of morality, at the moment? Apparently the most pressing matter on their mind is the  Eurovision concert to be held next month in Baku, Republic of Azerbijan.

The notorious Friday Prayer leader of Tabriz, Mojtahed Shabastari, also the Supreme Leader's representative in the E. Azerbijan province, a particularly monstrous cleric and one of the founders of the Islamic Republic has been tearing himself apart worrying about the Shiite population of Baku having to endure the shame of hosting the Eurovision concert followed by a gay parade.

Below are some of the pictures of Mojtahed Shabastari's organised mob who had nothing better to do on a rainy day, than to go outside the Azerbijan Rep. Consulate in Tabriz and protest vehemently against the Republic of Azerbijan's audacity in hosting the next Eurovision concert.

Not only Iranian people are deprived from singing and dancing, Iran's clerics are now also telling Iran's neighbours that they can't have fun either.

The placard held reads "Eurovision is not a music festival but a festival to promote decadence and homosexuality"

This placard reads "Mr. Aliyev instead of holding a gay parade, think about liberating Karabakh"

Thursday, May 03, 2012

Paedophile Diplomat and the Regime's Contempt for Dancing

When the Islamic Republic diplomat, Hekmatollah Ghorbani, was caught abusing children in a Brazilian swimming pool, the knee jerk reaction by the Islamic regime was all too predictable. First of all it was interpreted by the FMA as a misunderstanding and a "cultural difference" and then when they realised no amount of "cultural difference" can justify molesting children in a swimming pool in front of their parents, it was decided to say it was yet another Zionist plot.

When they realised the Zionist plot conspiracy theory was making them look even more stupid and even their Brazilian friends were not buying that crap, eventually they decided that perhaps its just as well to say this was one bad apple in an Islamic garden full of piety and Godly devotions.

Hekmatollah Ghorbani, the pedo-diplomat, then became a leverage tool in the factional fighting.  The hardline Ya Letharat newspaper carried a full page article yesterday with the heading, "About the Scandal at the Mixed Swimming Pool" and asked this revealing question "What else can one expect from the FMA,  when another Iranian diplomat's son is going to dance classes?"

Going to dance classes and taking dance lessons by some serving Iranian diplomat's son is regarded by the sick minds of the hardliners in Iran as being the equivalent of an envoy of the country dipping in the swimming pool and molesting little children!

"Cultural Invasion" a term often referred to by the regime against any independent source of information is in fact a term which should be applied to the post-1979 rulers of Iran. For the Islamic Republic is in fact a "cultural invasion" of Iran.

While it is unclear what punishment if any will be applied to the pedophile diplomat, there have been reports that a young girl by the name of Solmaz who won a dance talent competition on one of Persian speaking satellite TVs was arrested at the airport when she entered Iran and taken to Evin prison. Solmaz is now free on bail but inmates have been saying Solmaz was dancing herself all the time and teaching others how to dance, even when she was in prison. That is the Iranian spirit and the joyous culture, that has preserved Iran from numerous foreign invasions, is the "cultural difference" between the people of Iran and the  turban clad clerics who are currently in power in Iran.