Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A Nightmare Even Worse than the Islamic Republic

A new Sunni extremist terror group, Jeish-ol-Adl (Army of Justice), claimed responsibility for the attack on the Iranian border guards at Sarawan last week.

Looking at the group's websites and videos on the internet suggest this is an Al-Qaedeh like terrorist unit, most probably financed by the Saudi blood money.

The picture on the left shows Jeisholadl training young children for their idea of Jihad.

The idea of financing and using such groups, as Jeisholadl, to repeat the Syrian tragedy, even on a small scale in Iran, is so repulsive that it will only serve to unite all Iranians, for or against the current regime.

The ruling Ayatollahs in Iran should appreciate the main stream peaceful civil opposition that they face in Iran as a responsible opposition which wants nothing other than peace and prosperity for all Iranians. To further clamp down on the mainstream opposition in Iran will only breed more terrorist outfits such as Jeish-ol-Adl, a prospect that no patriotic Iranian wishes to contemplate.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Daily Telegraph Nonsense of Iran Cyber Army Warfare Officer Assassination

The pure speculation, without any basis, by the Daily Telegraph regarding the death of an IRGC employee three weeks ago in Karaj, outside Tehran, was a typical media manufactured nonsense that just goes viral and the joe public then regard it as factual news.

It was not just speculation and conjecture, it was deliberate news engineering.

Contrary to the claims made by the authors of this fantasy news, Alborz news site is neither affiliated to IRGC nor did it ever change its story. There is also no bonafide "Facebook page of the officers of the Cyber War Headquarters . In fact when one of the authors was contacted regarding the story and asked where this Facebook page was, a url of a website was given, which again did not convey any such information as the Daily Telegraph story claimed.

Incredibly without any verification, the mass media picked up on the story, and since there was no meat on the story, it was all linked to the "assassination of Iranian nuclear scientists" etc. :))
The completely fabricated story then became the foundation material for much of "analysis". Shashanak Joshi, a fellow at the Royal United Services Institute(RUSI), for example wrote a whole load of claptrap on "Iran, the Mossad and the power of cyber-warfare". Only at some point, Joshi must have realised the original news is not that reliable. The paragraph below with a different font seems to have been inserted in the middle of the article, 'Details remain murky' as an after-thought in case it was later proved to be all nonsense.

But there is a difference between murky and fabricated and this story was totally fabricated. The commander of Iran Cyber Warfare would neither be known by name nor live in Mohamad-Shahr of Karaj. The assassination of a Cyber Warfare Commander would not be investigated by the police either. 

Ramezan Sahrif, the spokesperson for the IRGC told ISNA, that the death of Mojtaba Ahmadi was not as a result of an "assassination".

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Khomeini’s Grand-daughter Shuts Down her Facebook Page After Vulgar Joke about War Martyrs

Khomeini’s grand-daughter, Naeimeh Eshraghi, shut down her Facebook page, after a vulgar joke by her about Iran war martyrs, caused an uproar on the Iranian cyber space, notably amongst the children of war martyrs.

Two of Khomeini’s famous sayings during the war were:
“Revolutionary Guards should marry the widows of their fallen comrades, so as they were not left without guardianship” and “I wish I was a revolutionary guard”.

Word quickly spread that Naeemeh has left a comment via her Facebook account, saying 'sometimes we used to joke with our grand-father by combining the two statements “Revolutionary guards should marry the widows of their fallen comrades, so as they were not left without guardianship. I wish, I was a revolutionary guard” ‘

Son of Ibrahim Hemat, a distinguished war martyr, wrote “when the children of this country were being blown to bits with bullets, bombs and mortars, the leader of the country for whom many had sacrificed their lives, was making vulgar jokes..”

Faced with such a strong backlash and grasping at straws, Naeimeh Eshraghi, denied the comment was from her and claimed her Facebook account had been hacked. Those who had spotted her comment, before her Facebook page was closed, were adamant however that they had checked several times and it was definitely from her Facebook account.

Previously Naeimeh had got in trouble for photoshopping her daughter’s picture and exaggerating the award she had won. More recently Naeimeh had posted a picture posing with her red boots, saying how much her grand-father liked happy colours and hated the colour black, encouraging all the girls in the family to wear brighter colour dresses.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

The Outcome of the "Death to America" Chant in the Islamic Republic

In the Islamic Republic, "Death to America" slogan has been chanted consistently and held with much reverence  - with the exception of the Friday Prayer after 9/11; until Jack Straw called the Islamic Republic "UK's partner in the fight against global terrorism" and it was business as usual after that. 

In 1995, Rouhani, himself, referred to the chant as the "Beautiful unifying chant" which unified Iran.

The recent rapprochement between Rouhani's team and Obama's administration, started a debate however as whether chanting this slogan should be continued? Rafsanjani, as usual these days, pulled up a new, as yet untold memoirs of his close conversations with the founder of the Islamic Republic, Ayatollah Khomeini, saying how Khomeini was against chanting this slogan and Iran's current Foreign Minister, Zarif (means delicate in Persian) delicately suggested, in an interview with ABC,  that the slogan meant death to the US policies and not death to America as a country.

Last Friday, however, it seems any ambiguity as to whether to continue with this slogan was clearly resolved. Friday Prayer leaders who are all appointed by the Supreme Leader, spelled it out in black and white.

Translation of the sermon speech:
"We think America is a liar, a hypocrite and an oath-breaker,
[crowds chant death to ...]
From one side they smile these days and welcome negotiations and they lie by saying sanctions have brought Iran to the negotiating table, these are all lies, first sign of them telling lies is that in meeting with Netanyahu they say all options are on the table with Iran, including military option, well Iranian people have all the options on the table, including the option of 8 years of defence and a hard slap in the mouth of the aggressors, 
[crowds chant death to...]
The liar president of US says they are not after regime change in Iran, for 35 years you have been wanting regime change in Iran and you couldn't, neither can you now, not that you didn't want to, why do you lie to the world?
In the sedition of 2009 [post-election protests] who was it that wholeheartedly supported the seditioners? It was you!
You let all your media in the hands of the seditioners, so that was the second point

Third point is
The basis of the hatred of our people towards America is these things, I said this as just one last example, otherwise if we want to list all their lies, and America's hypocrisies it will be a huge novel, this is the secret to the chant of death to America being alive amongst our people, 
[Death to America...]
This slogan was chanted for 10 years during the time of Imam Khomeini, in his presence. In the last message by Imam given to the Mecca pilgrims, he referred 46 times to America with hatred, this is the way of the Imam, and the basis for it is clear too, the basis is that America is the Great Satan, Did Imam say this or no? Everyone heard this, In this 35 years has America become less of a Satan or has it become 35 times more of a Satan?
If in the last 35 years with regard to Iran, US was a snake, today it has become python, in every conspiracy formed against Iran, one constant pillar is always US, therefore we have logic on our side and we say logically Death to America
[Death to America] 
Let the American know and let those who are trying to remove this slogan know, this slogans is the manifestation of the resistance of the Iranian people, and until he devilishness of the US remains, this magnificent slogan will remain amongst the people too, this is a reality without doubt
I have two more things to say and then I will finish. First thing is let the diplomats do their work, our FMA should do its work, everyone has their own task to do, we believe in fact these chants put more impact in the fists of our officials, and they can confront US with more strength, even collide with them, this is even in favour of our country's diplomacy, this was the first point, secondly, if one day according to the edicts of the Supreme Leader, because the US case is in th ehands of the Supreme Leader, it has been, it is and it will be, in this regard, the last word will be only with that of the Supreme Leader and no one else, if one day, negotiations take place, even restoring relations, our hatred towards America with the help of God will not wear away"

Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Rouhani as the Nobel Peace Prize Candidate

The nomination of Hassan Rouhani as a candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize by the Guardian's Saeed Kamali-Dehghan, reminded me of the nomination of Ayatollah Khalkhali for the Iranian Majlis elections, by Iran's Soviet puppet Communist Party (Tudeh Party),  after the 1979 revolution.

More than three decades ago, the Tudeh Party, Iran's Soviet backed Communist Party, or as the party leaders liked to refer to their outfit in their publications, "Iran Workers Leading Progressive Party", nominated the mad Ayatollah Sadegh Khalkhali as one of their parliamentary candidates for his "uncompromising stand against US imperialism".

Khalkhali was a mad henchman, who strangled kittens in his youth as a hobby. Ayatollah Khomeini appointed Khalkhali as his first Revolutionary Chief of Justice in 1979. Khalkhali quickly gained notoriety with his summary executions, Haj Mehdi Araghi, a bazaar merchant and the first governor of Qasr prison after the 1979 revolution, complained that "this guy [Khalkhali] executes people first and then makes up their charges" and when others also criticised Khalkhali's swift executions and suggested to him that he may be killing innocents, Khalkhali replied without showing any emotion "If they are innocent, then they will go to heaven, so what's the problem?".

One of Khalkhali's victims was a family friend who was arrested on his way to work, where an anti-government demonstration had taken place nearby. The family friend had nothing to do with the demonstration, his second child was born a few days earlier and all he thought about was raising his children.  He was killed without a trial, because Khalkhali had a quota to kill 100 people that day.

Khalkhali wrote in his memoirs, how he shot a 16 year old boy in cold blood. He said he was talking in the car with a friend and they were discussing how these counter-revolutionary groups should be dealt with; when right in the middle of their discussions, he saw a young teenager selling a Leftist newspaper. Khalkhali then pulled out his revolver and shot the boy dead, while calmly turning to his friend laughing and saying "thats how they should be dealt with". Such was the "progressive" anti-imperialist nature of the candidate nominated by "Iran Workers Leading Progressive Party"!

Three decades after, Saeed Kamali-Dehghan, a refugee Leftist journalist from the Islamic Republic, has nominated Hasan Rouhani for the Nobel Peace Prize candidate. The spirit of the Tudeh Party lives on in many of Iran's Leftist "intellectuals".

Saeed Kamali-Dehghan is also responsible for propagating the false story of a haemophiliac boy dying in Iran because of the medicine shortages that were caused by the sanctions.

Wednesday, October 02, 2013

'Heroic Flexibility" Overseas, Tanks and Bulldozers at Home

When Rouhani was the guest speaker at the Asia Society and Foreign Policy Relations, he was asked if people in Iran were allowed to watch satellite channels in Iran?

He smiled and replied with one of his clever statements that are neither false nor tell the whole truth, by saying "In Iran everyone has easy access to satellite, you see satellite dishes even on the roof tops throughout the Iranian villages'.

Of course the true answer is that owning satellite dishes and satellite receiver equipments in Iran is illegal and the regime makes it even more difficult by jamming signals both locally and at source, but the public are so fed up with the nonsense which is aired from the state TV that they risk the punishments and try to watch the satellite channels despite all its possible dire consequences.

And interestingly just when Rouhani was pulling the wool over the eyes of his American audiences, tanks and bulldozers in Shiraz had come to the streets to crush people's confiscated dishes and receiver equipments.

and of course "Death to America" written on an American flag marked with foot prints on it were part and parcel of the festivity: