Monday, December 23, 2013

CNN iReporter a New Platform for Islamic Republic's Lies

Some of the Islamic Republic's lies are not just outrageous, they are damn silly and stupid. Websites and publications like Kayhan, Fars News (aka False News), Young Journalists Club (YJC) and so on, are so discredited amongst the vast majority of Iranians, that no one would think twice about believing their so-called news.

Islamic Republic however, has found a new platform to give credibility to its unconvincing lies recently. It is the CNN iReporter's website. Anyone can go and post any defamatory falsehood on CNN's iReporter site and CNN makes no effort to vet or verify the posts.

Once the purely fabricated story gets published on CNN's iReporter, then the credibility of a major US news agency rubs off, even on the most unlikely report. Many people seem to think the iReporter page is somehow creditworthy news and thus the old saying "If you throw enough mud at someone, eventually some of it will stick" manifests itself on CNN's unverified iReporter pages.

The Islamic Republic's defamatory propaganda has recently been targeting the presenters on the popular Iranian satellite television channel, Manoto TV. The depressing drab IR state TV, unable to compete with the popular Iranian satellite TV station, broadcast from London,  has resorted to portray the TV's presenters as immoral degenerates who will set a bad example to the youth of Iran.

Here is their most recent attempt against Raha Etemadi, a popular presenter and host on Manoto TV:
"Iranian Artist Arrested"

An average reader with a reasonable number of brain cells may soon realise something fishy about the story posted on CNN's iReporter site, by reading Raha Etemadi was arrested on the "border of Netherlands and Denmark"! but it seems CNN is happy to once again be of service to the Islamic Republic.

Saturday, December 07, 2013

Even a Pixelated Fernanda Lima was too Much for Iran State TV

As I mentioned in the previous post, the graphic images of Catherine Ashton being kissed and embraced by John Kerry and Laurent Fabius, after an agreement was reached in the Geneva talks, was just too much for the Islamic Republic's state TV. That crisis however was quickly resolved by some good pro-active readiness on behalf of the state TV's experts in "image pixelating and blurring" department.

But just when the state TV chiefs in the Islamic Republic, could breathe a sigh of relief after their successful blurring of Catherine Ashton's provocative images, they were hit by the tsunami of Fernanda Lima appearing in the Brazil 2014 World Cup draw ceremony.

State TV's Adel Ferdowsipour, was ready to host the program with three football guests on his show. The messages in his earpiece however kept telling him to delay the start of the program. There must have been a glimmer of hope that Fernanda was not going to be present for the entire show and may decide to walk away after a few minutes and abandon the show. Prayers were said in earnest "God, Almighty, please make Fernanda go away" but to no avail.

For a few seconds, an overview of the stage, with the lights off, was shown, just to get the ambiance of the moment, but how long can you show a dark stage on a TV program? The host joked, "wouldn't it be good to broadcast the entire show like this? it will be easier to report it".
He was told to apply more delay tactics by talking to the guests, while the experts at the pixelating and blurring provocative images department, tried experimenting with covering up Fernanda with all the cover up tools they had at their disposal.

Ferdowsipour struggled to find a suitable subject to talk about. After all, the show was about the world cup draw and viewers wanted to know which team was selected to be in which group?!

Finally it was decided that Fernanda was just too sexy and provocative, even if blurred or pixelated.
The live coverage of the draw was cancelled and it was back to the studio for good. Why show Fernanda at all, when the host and the guests could just talk about it?

 The thoughts of the faithful viewers squinting their eyes to de-pixelate Fernanda must have gone through the minds of the "moral guidance" officers and even further horrified them. The way things worked out however, they won't have to face the wrath of the Friday Prayer sermon leaders next week and can sleep well, at least until Brazil 2014 starts!

Sunday, December 01, 2013

How the Islamic Republic State TV Censored the Kissing and Embracing of Ashton

This is how a historic moment is shown on Islamic Republic state TV. Finally the 5+1 and the Islamic Republic reach an agreement on the nuclear issue. Ministers and negotiators congratulate each other by kissing and embracing one another, but thank God, the state TV censors in Iran were on full alert and covered up the erotic scenes of Catherine Ashton being kissed ad embraced which could have led to the sexual provocation of the faithful viewers.

Scene from Borat kissing the male boat crew at the Henley regatta but not the female one: