Monday, January 25, 2021

Twitter's Thought Police Find Nothing Wrong with Child Porn!!

Twitter is facing a lawsuit in the Northern District of California, because its Thought Police repeatedly refused to remove child porn videos saying they found nothing that violated their rules and policies!

Not only Twitter refused to remove the disgusting videos which were going viral, Jack Dorsey's company made money off the clips as well, according to the New York Post article!

Those of us who have had experience of the inconsistencies and duplicities of Twitter's Thought Police, including me, can very well believe Dorsey's Kapos are capable of such hideous acts.

In a previous post, I published screenshots of how Twitter did not consider the threats to rape my family members, including my children, as "violating their rules and policies".

I sincerely hope the courts will handout the punishment Dorsey deserves. He is a threat to democracy, free speech and also to the basic moral decency. The BigTech billionaires should not be allowed to get away with their control of public opinion. 

Thursday, January 21, 2021

Help Me Move Away from Twitter to Telegram

Ask anyone who has had to flee tyranny and dictatorship and they will tell you their greatest feeling about living in a democracy is that they no longer have to watch over their shoulder after what they say.

The feeling of being able to say what is on your mind and expecting no retribution other than a debate and a civilised exchange of pros and cons of what you have said, is like the weight of a mountain off your shoulders.

Twitter and Facebook's thought police have now become intolerable platforms for free speech.

Help me move away from those platforms by following me on Telegram:

Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Twitter Bans Me Again! - The Utter Hypocrisy of the BigTech Thought Police

Twitter has banned me once again. This time for calling a Leftwing activist (@djuk2k) - an "inherent racist"! He had assumed I don't understand English because of my foreign name! Of course the Left can label you all sorts of things and right now the Bigtech companies, like Twitter and Facebook, let them get away with it. Well in fact they encourage and support them.

Even worse still, I have reported tweets which have threatened my family members, some even said they were going to rape my wife and my sister.  Twitter however responded "We have considered your report carefully and have found no violation of our rules and regulations"! See below:

So to summarise, the Twitter Thought Police bans me for calling someone a racist but allows someone to threaten to rape and kill my family members! 

When is this Bigtech censorship and hypocrisy going to stop? When will our elected representatives pick up the courage to properly regulate these user content generated social media platforms that are getting too powerful and are undermining our fundamental rights of free speech?

The twitter account for the Left wing activist who reported me is @djuk2k, He claims to be Darren Jackson from Manchester. He can't debate so he tries to ban people's right to express themselves. with the help of his BigTech Thought Police.

At at time when the people in Iran are struggling to be heard and their protests are being brutally suppressed, the likes of Darren Jackson - @djuk2k - from Manchester and his followers are more than happy to help the Ayatollahs in Iran by silencing the likes of me.

And here is another previous ridiculous Twitter ban I faced. I posted a tweet which just said "Twitter allows this?" I was referring to a tweet by an American "comedian" showing a severed head of Donald Trump drenched in blood, and Jack Dorsey's Thought Police banned me!