Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

1979 Islamic Revolution, A Huge Failure

It was supposed to be a revolution by the poor and to help the poor. A new Arabic word even entered the Persian vocabulary, Mostazafeen, a kind of Islamic equivalent of Marxist reference to proletariat. All sorts of claims were made that all Iranians will have a roof over their head, the oil revenue will be divided equally and gas, electricity, water and buses will be free. Three decades on, the claims are still uttered, in the footage below, Ahmadinejad in a press conference in Copenhagen tells the foreign media, "95% of the Iranian population were below the poverty line before the 1979 revolution and now We have no one in Iran who is in need of their daily bread"

Revolutions in the name of the poor are always full of rhetorics, regurgitated by an army of useful idiots around the world who idolize and justify populist dictators. The reality however is very different. Three decades after the 1979 revolution in Iran and after a decade of incredible oil revenue, patients who can not pay their hospital bills in Iran are thrown out of the hospital and left by the roadside to die:

These pictures were taken by Iranian daily Jahan News. One of the patients suffered a broken leg and was unable to pay a $200 bill, the other was an elderly woman who had suffered burns to her body.

This is the Islamic Republic. In the current turbulent period of revolutions in the Middle East, lessons of the 1979 Islamic Revolution and the emptiness of rhetorics must not be forgotten.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Killing Fields of Syria

The footage is hard to watch and not weep, but it must be shown around the world as the testimony of the criminal regime of Bashar Assad. This is a regime which is firing non stop machine gun rounds at its own people, young and old are gunned down and not even children are spared. It is total war against a courageous noble people who are saying 'we do not want Bashar's one party rule any more'.

Yet, you will not see this footage on Press TV. You will not see Stop the War marching in the streets or protesting outside the Syrian embassy like they did with Egypt. The likes of Lindsey German and John Rees are not saying a word, for they are scared they will soon lose another one of their beloved allies. Galloway will no rant about it. They are all bemused as why the Syrian people do not want a lifelong hereditary dictator any more?

Monday, April 18, 2011

VOA Persian's Worst Possible Performance

In years to come this interview with VOA Persian News Networks' new director, Ramin Asgard, will become part of a text book for Western diplomats as how not to appear before tyrannical regimes.

VOA Persian Interview with its New Director, Ramin Asgard

Millions of Iranians on Friday watched Asgard interviewed in VOA Persian's popular political satire show, Parazit, with disbelief, as the new director was resigned to begging the Iranian regime not to jam their satellite channels.

Asgard, who is of Iranian heritage, struggled to conduct the interview in Persian, first making a complete mess of trying to explain why Hilary Clinton did not show up on the station as had been promised. The real comedy however started when Asgard was asked why VOA Persian is no longer on Hotbird, and Asgard again struggling even worse than before to speak in Persian, explained how the Satellite company, EutelSat, had decided to kick out the satellite channels which get jammed by the Iranian government, i.e punish the victims and not the offenders. Then came the most stomach churning part of the interview, VOA Persian's new director begged the Iranian regime, 'Please for God's sake if you want our programs to continue, allow satellites to operate freely, please stop jamming us'!! I can just imagine how delighted the officials of the Islamic Republic became when they watched this bit, just as a bully would get intoxicated with joy when his victim starts pleading and begging for mercy. I can also however imagine how despondent people in Iran became when they watched the new director of the VOA Persian brought down on his knees, unable to do anything against IRI's violation of satellite broadcasting other than beg them for mercy.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Miracle Birth of the Supreme Leader


Iranian cleric describes the miracle birth of the Supreme Leader:

"..he [Mr. Zeinoldin], was in hospital and we had gone to visit him. Mr. Zeinoldin told his wife to tell us the story of Supreme Leader's birth. Mrs. Zeinoldin started telling me about it. One or two of my friends were chatting amongst themselves, Mr. Zeinoldin interrupted his wife and told those chatting amongst themselves to listen too. Mrs. Zeinoldin started again and said, 'The Supreme Leader has a half sister who now lives in Qom, her husband, Mr. Shamseldin was a senior cleric and used to throw lots to answer people's prayers in his office, and passed away recently but the Supreme Leader's half sister is still alive and lives in Qom.' Mrs. Zeinoldin then continued that she went to Qom and spoke to the Supreme Leader's step sister. This half sister told this to Mrs. Zeinoldin, 'Supreme Leader's father married again after his first wife passed away. Supreme Leader's father was Ayatollah Seyyed Javad Khamenei, he was the Friday Prayer leader in the Mosque of Turks in Mashad. When the Supreme Leader's mother became pregnant with our beloved leader [and went into labour], they told me[Supreme Leader's half sister] to find a midwife, and so I went and fetched a midwife.' So now the Supreme Leader is about to be born, she carried on 'They threw us out of the room and the midwife was preparing for the birth of this new child, all of a sudden we heard the midwife scream, 'May Imam Ali protect you'. We opened the door and rushed inside and asked what happened? The midwife said when this baby, i.e our Supreme Leader, was about to exit his mother's body shouted 'Hail Ali', and the midwife said she shouted back 'may Imam Ali protect you' as soon as she heard the baby chant this,'

This is what she told us, this ended here, several nights ago, sorry several days ago, Mr. Zeinoldin was having a meeting with several of the Revolutionary Guards commanders who were retired or about to retire and they came to see me in my office, Mr. Zeinoldin was there with that group [RG Commanders], I asked Mr. Zeinoldin to retell the story the Supreme Leader's half sister had said about the Supreme Leader, and he turned to the Revolutionary Guards commanders and said Saeedi is asking me to tell that story. He told the story to the commanders, and the commander of the Ali-ibn-Abi Taleb division, General Mahdavi-Nejad, asked for [Supreme Leader's half sister's address] so that they could record this tale. Oh ye Faithful, your Supreme Leader is someone who chanted Hail Ali the moment he was born and Hail Ali throughout his life, and you the Hezbollahi faithful must chant Hail Ali behind your Supreme Leader until eternity. This is the secret of our success, Oh dear Almighty, make us remain grateful of this gift from God, the Supreme Leader, keep us forever in the trenches of Imam Ali and the Supreme Leader...."

Arrested Iranian Actor, Ramin Parchami, in Court Today

Well known Iranian actor and director, Ramin Parchami, arrested during the 14th Feb protests appeared in court today. 

According to human rights sources reports inside Iran, Ramin Parchami was handcuffed and with a long beard looking thin and poorly surrounded by several security agents during his court appearance today.

Ramin Parchami is a graduate of drama school from Azad university in acting and directing. 

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Bravery Medal for a Psycho

While the world is admiring the courage of the likes of Iman Al-Obeidi and the Syrian woman who stood up to Bashar Assad in the middle of his sycophants, a different type of person is being rewarded for a different kind of "courage". Mola Hassani, the Friday Prayer leader of Oroumieh, a psychopath who shopped his own son, Rashid, for being a Marxist. Rashid was subsequently executed, much to the delight of Molla Hassani.

The psychopath Friday Prayer leader of Oroumieh, also refused to attend his daughter's funeral after she committed suicide. This is one heartless evil cleric, but of course he is the ideal type of psycho-path neanderthal, which the Ahmadinejad administration chooses to reward.

Mohammad Reza Rahimi, former Rafsanjani crony who switched side to Ahmadinejad and under investigation for massive fraud, and next to him Ahmadinejad's messianic in-law, Rahim Mashaei and finally Hamid Baghaii, another one of Ahmadinejad sycophant, who has referred to Ahmadinejad as the 'Cyrus of our Times', can be seen applauding Molla Hassani for his "courage".