Friday, August 22, 2008

Arash (Abu-Ali) Mohajerani-Nejad in Imminent Threat of Deportation from UK

UK Home Office's inadequate lottery system for accepting asylum seekers, which has let so many Islamic fundamentalists and terrorists into UK, has once again failed a genuine bona fide Iranian secular pro-democracy activist, who has been seeking political asylum in UK.

Arash (Abu-Ali) Mohajerani-Nejad is also the brother of prominent Iranian pro-democracy dissident and student activist, Gholam-reza Mohajerani-nejad, who fled Iran after the 1999 student uprising. Arash was arrested and detained in Charing-Cross police station and can be deported back to the Islamic Republic any moment, where he will face grave consequences for his life and liberty and that of his comrades in Iran.

Below is a VOA(Persian) radio recording of how Arash was attacked by Islamic Republic agents during the Islamic Republic sponsored Al-Quds day [Jerusalem Day] march in London few years ago:

If Arash is deported back to Iran, the message sent by the UK Home Office will be as follows:
While Islamic Republic sponsored supporters are free to march in the streets of London, and pretend they care for the Palestinians, Iranian pro-democracy activists are being deported back to the Ayatollahs, the very sponsors of Hezbollah, Hamas, Moqtada Sadr and other terror organisations!

Please write, fax, phone or email Tony McNulty, Home Office minister who also happens to be the MP for the constituency where Arash lived and politely inform him of the grave mistake the Home Office is making.

25th Aug, 2008 - See important note by Harry Barnes, retired MP himself, on how you can help, in the comments section below.

New contact details for Home Office contacts:

Private Office to The Rt Hon Jacqui Smith MP
* Telephone: 020 7035 0198
* Fax: 020 7035 0900
* Email:

Private Office to The Rt Hon Tony McNulty MP
* Telephone: 020 7035 0201
* Fax: 0870 336 9035
* Email:

Private Office to Liam Byrne MP
* Telephone: 020 7035 0195
* Fax: 0870 336 9034
* Email:

Pictures of Arash:

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Friday Prayer Leader on our Sportswomen

This is probably the worst ever Olympics for Iran, only one Bronze so far puts Iran behind Afghanistan in the medals table. But thats not what Ayatollah Alam-ol-Hoda, the Friday prayer leader for Mashad is worried about! His holiness is more worried about a picture of an Iranian female skater he has seen in some magazine. In an interview with Khorasan Daily, which clearly shows the sheer backwardness of the people who are ruling in Iran, the Ayatollah criticises the female Iranian skater's pose as too erotic despite her adherence to the Islamic dress code!

But it was not just the skater and her erotic pose that he was worried about, the Ayatollah also criticised other pictures of Islamic Republic sportswomen. He said he had also seen a picture of another Iranian sportswoman who had won a medal and while her Islamic dress was satisfactory, the picture showed her shaking hands with the man who is awarding her the medal! Allah forbid what a disgrace!

What irritated Alam-ol-hoda most however was a female rower who represented Islamic Republic in some competition, again observing the Islamic dress code for women but then when she was snapped up by a foreign team she disregarded her Islamic cover and competed wearing the customary vest and shorts for rowers.

'On the one hand we tell the world that women can compete in international competitions with appropriate Islamic dress code and on the other hand this woman sends an unethical message against our Islamic values when she joins another team'

Alam-ol-hoda never mentions these women by their names. Ayatollahs avoid saying female names, it may sound too erotic.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Moshayi Resigns

One day after I wrote about Ahmadi-Nejad's in-law and deputy, Rahim Moshayi being in trouble over his remarks about friendship with the people of Israel, Iranian dailies are saying that Moshayi has finally handed in his resignation. Although Moshayi himself has not yet publicly announced his resignation but the report claims that Moshayi resigned this morning after a meeting with president Ahmadi-Nejad.

He denied reports of his resignation afterwards:

Monday, August 18, 2008

Consequences of Claiming Friendship with People of Israel

Ahmadi-Nejad's deputy, Rahim Moshayi, whose daughter is married to Ahmadi-nejad's son, seems to be getting deeper and deeper into trouble after saying 'We are friends with all the people of the world, even the people of America and Israel', in a press conference back in July.

Any where else in the world, such a statement would be interpreted as reasonable and sensible but not in the Islamic Republic establishment!

Two hundred "representatives" of the Islamic Assembly have signed a letter asking Ahamdi-nejad to deal severely with his deputy for his claim of Iran being friends with the people of Israel.
Ayatollah Makarem-Shirazi, one of the 'Shiite Sources of Emulation', is the latest of the clerical big guns who is now demanding Moshayii's resignation. He has criticised the Islamic Republic president for having Moshayii next to him during his recent trip to Turkey despite all the calls for his resignation.

Editor of Tehran based daily, Kayhan, and former prison interrogator, Hossein Shariatmadari, also demanded the immediate resignation of Moshayii from the 'popular and elected' president, saying 'Why has the president not acted already against his deputy who refers to the thugs and hoodlums living in Israel as people and calls them our friend?"

But perhaps the most comical of the reactions has been from Fatemeh Rajabi, the wife of Ahmadi-nejad's government spokesman, Gholamhossein Elham:

'There is no excuse or justification for Moshayii's statement. How can he come up with such statement on the eve of our hidden Imam's birthday? Moshayii must know that not only the people of Iran will not approve of his friendship with the people of Israel, but none of the nations of the world will support it either. When Moshayii says the nation of Israel, he must know the word nation is a collectivisation of individuals under a legislation. Do the people of Israel have an iota of legislation?? [ :))) ] What is the difference between the people of Israel and their government? Are they not acting together in their crimes?
.....Rahim Moshayii must know that the Jewish tribes were admonished in Koran, The Jews were the enemy of Islam and Allah's last prophet on earth. ...Rahim Moshayii must know that Imam Khomeini, right from the beginning, attacked Israel as a bunch of Jews. Of course non-Zionist Jews around the world are also colluding with Israel. . '

And this bit is a classic :))
'Hence, considering the president's denial of the holocaust, which was like an explosion of light in the darkness of Zionist suppression, and our government's close ties with the wishes of our hidden Imam, which has terrified the lost sect of Bahaiism and also their pro-democracy backers around the world; such statement by the president's deputy is like a stab in the back, and that is if one is being optimistic' :)))))

Fatemeh Rajabi then criticised Moshayii's competence and suitability for his government posts, saying he has no qualifications for any of his positions. Moshayii is also head of Iran's Heritage as well as tourism and handicrafts.

Former Iranian Political Prisoners and their Horrifying Experiences

Iranian political prisoners talk about their horrifying experiences in prison.
An important work in 5 parts below, shocking and heartbreaking:

The subtitles could be better but nevertheless the clips convey the horrors of what went on in the Islamic Republic prisons in the 80s. As the prisoners describe, the Islamic Republic wanted to destroy all traces of humanity in them.

When you hear about the children in these prisons, then perhaps you can understand why we are so full of hatred towards the apologists and the 'useful idiots' who try to legitimise these neanderthals.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Lessons of the Georgian Conflict to Iran's Separatists

If there is one thing to learn from the recent Russain invasion of Georgia, the carnage, the misery and the large number of civilian lives lost as a result, is that you can not be a small independent nation of a few million, live near the ruthless expansionist Russian bear and not suffer from the misfortunes of this proximity with this forever despotic state.

Don't even think about the "anti-war" groups marching in the streets of Europe in support of your plight, for these active groups only disguise their true agenda under their "anti-war" slogans. Does anyone remember any marches or street protests in Europe when the Chechens got slaughtered by the Russians and when the Chechen towns were flattened?

Similarly don't think about the US or the EU states standing up for you. They will think about their own interests and pros and cons as you would naturally expect them to. The only way to stand up to the brutal expansionist Russia is to remain a strong, united and large nation. Only a Greater Iran will be able to stand up to Russia, our historic enemy. Our historic and cultural ties will bind us together and our differences will enrich us further.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Was this the Woman Behind Today's Islamic Fundementalism?

Unfortunately I have never had time to read any of AKS Lambton's works about Iran and I was under the impression that she must have passed away some time ago. In fact AKS Lambton died only last month at the age of 96.

Anyone who has read about Iran's recent history, however, would have surely come across Miss Lambton's name. Her detailed knowledge of Iran, written in her numerous research papers, is often admired by those writing about Iran's history in the 20th century.

Her death in July this year, has prompted many Iranians, like Amir Taheri, who knew her personally, to write about her. According to Amir Taheri, AKS Lambton, considered Iranians as either illiterate peasants or a minority of affluent intellectuals with little social conscience or regard for their country. She was some one who looked down on Iranians and claimed that Iranians, were like minors who needed looking after.

Miss. Lambton's official position between 1939-1946 was Britain's press attache in Iran, although this must have been a front for her other secret activities, for Iran only had 4 official newspapers at the time and so the British embassy hardly required a dedicated position for a press attache.

Amir Taheri points out Miss Lambton was the mastermind behind the accusations and the fabrication of lies made by the BBC between 1941-2 about Reza Shah, the founder of the Pahlavi dynasty, which portrayed him as a corrupt and greedy pro-Nazi monarch as well as instructing the BBC to say that the exiled Shah stole Iran's crown jewels and assets just before he was forced into exile by the British. Later in 1941, when Foroughi, Iran's Prime Minister after Reza Shah, asked Britain for the return of these alleged stolen assets, the British Embassy in Tehran said " These were only necessary propaganda at the time".

Miss Lambton herself a staunch Christian who was awarded the Cross of St. Augustine by the Archbishop of Canterbury for her services to the Church of England and Christianity, saw religion as the best way to combat the rise of Communism. According to Amir Taheri and others, she was the brains behind the formation of political Islam as the most reliable and effective force to stand up to the spread of Communism in the region. In fact Ayatollah Khomeini's first riots against the Shah's land reforms, women's rights to vote and religious minorities having the right to swear on their own holy books etc. erupted two years after Miss Lambton's work on how the British could use political Islam for furthering their interests.

Miss Lambton was in constant contact with the anti-Shah opposition groups giving them guidance throughout her political career. Amongst the many revolutionaries who in 1979,
became the leaders of the Islamic revolution that she was in direct contact with, were Ayatollah Beheshti, Ayatollah Mottahari, Ayatollah Baahonar, Ayatollah Mofatteh and even Khomeini's first appointed Prime Minister, in the post revolutionary provisional government, Mehdi Bazargan.

According to Taheri, the secret documents relating to Miss Lambton's work in Iran will not be declassified for 75 years instead of the customary 30 years for such documents. So perhaps only the next generation will know for sure whether this British agent in Iran was responsible for the rise of the Ayatollahs to power and an ideology which has terrorised the region and beyond ever since.

Fake PHD Certificate of the IRI Interior Minister

It is not just social justice and claims of championing the cause of the dispossessed that are fake in the Islamic Republic.

On the left is the fake PHD certificate of the Islamic Republic's minister of interior, Ali Kordan, from Oxford University, which is like everything else in the government of the clerics, also a fake.

Oxford University has also issued a denial that anyone by the name of Ali Kordan has ever received an honorary doctorate from the university.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Only in the Islamic Republic!

We all heard how the vice chancellor of Zanjan University, Hassan Madadi, was caught on camera, by students of Zanjan university, while abusing his position and trying to sexually assault a student girl who was due to appear before the university disciplinary committee.

A brave female student went against all the threats and intimidations of the so-called disciplinary committee and university authorities and refused to give in to their demands and instead helped gather evidence to prove the corruption and abusive action of the university vice-chancellor Hassan Madadi. The vice chancellor's demands for sex was caught on mobile cameras by the students who had been alerted by the female student and who burst into Madadi's office to save her. Tens of thousands of people saw the mobile phone video posted on YouTube showing students seizing him, turning him over to the authorities and demanding that he be charged. (

The news outraged Zanjan university students and 3,000 took part in protests. A flood of solidarity and support came from other university students. The university authorities, who were in a weak position at the time, tried to end the protests by giving false promises to meet the students’ demand

Any where else in the world, the vice chancellor would have faced the most dire punishments and would have probably lost his job and his university career would have ended for good, but not in the Islamic Republic, which presents itself as the flagship of morality to the unaware admirers of itself.

Any where else in the world, the female student and the other students who stood up to the abuses of the vice chancellor, would have been commended, but this is the Islamic Republic of Iran, where thugs and criminals are in government and the 'useful idiots' around the world can't admire enough the meaningless rhetorics of these 'anti-imperialist' tyrants.

After the demonstrations ended and the university closed for the summer holidays, the Zanjan prosecutor announced that 'exposing a sin is worse than the sin itself!' and the woman student who dared expose this abusive official was herself arrested and accused of having an unlawful affair. The university Vice Chancellor has now been promoted and there is talk of whether the Sigheh, Shiite temporary marriage where a man can marry a woman for as short as an hour, prayer verses were read or not before the sexual demands were made by the chancellor.

Four of the students who took part in videoing the abuse and rescuing the girl, Payam Shakiba, Hassan Joneydi, Arash Rayeji and now Bahram Vahedi have also been arrested.

Similar events in other Islamic Republic universities of Sahand and Kermanshah have also resulted in the arrest of the students instead of the authorities who were abusing their position. This is the Islamic Republic!

I was speaking to a war veteran friend of mine in Iran recently, he was telling me he was going along with his daughter to the university to collect her loan cheque, 'I have to accompany her everywhere, you can not even trust the academics in this regime, we never thought our country would come to this when we were fighting the Iraqis'.

Friday, August 08, 2008

People Fight Back Against Morality Police

Of all the clips which have been posted on youtube, showing how Iranians stand up to the Morality Police in the Islamic Republic, harassing Iranian women, this is my favourite.

See how the young girl fights back and punches the police woman several times, how the crowds gather and jeer the Morality Police and help the girl escape and how the cars press on their horns and make enough noise to make the police back down and panic. Excellent team work.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Iran Students Wearing Ties Risk Not Graduating

When I was at university, I remember I had an Ethiopian friend who had been a school pupil during the Marxist rule in Ethiopia. I once asked him if they were taught about Marxism-Leninism at school during those years. He shook his head and sighed as if I had touched a sore point. He told me with much grief how they had to stay behind every day after normal classes and learn about Marxism-Leninism, and God forbid if one of the students in the class raised his hand to ask a question, the other kids would gang up and beat the crap out of him after the class outside. Reason being that any question asked prolonged the pain and the suffering of having to stay behind and listen to all that nonsense, whereas kids wanted to finish school asap and go to the beach or the cinema and enjoy themselves. Yet for another friend of mine who was a student in Chile, under Pinochet, where Marxist literature was banned, going along to secret "study cells" and learning about such matters, not only was not boring but it was actually a cool thing to do.

The point I am trying to make by giving the examples above is that when any state wants to force feed you with some unwanted ideology, the natural reaction is to regurgitate it and puke it up. In the Islamic Republic of Iran, there are many such examples. The population is so continuously bombarded with empty meaningless slogans like the revolutionary Islam, the dispossessed, joys of martyrdom, the Graceful Supreme Leader, the combatant clergy and the hypocrisy of it all makes them run a mile as soon as they hear these things or such repeated phrases have become the butt of day to day jokes.

Another symbol of defiance to the ruling clerics in Iran is wearing a tie. Ever since the inception of Fedayeen of Islam in 1946, a fundamentalist Shiite terrorist group, which set about killing secular Iranian intellectuals like the great Iranian historian and linguist, Ahmad Kasravi, a tie for Shiite fundamentalists has been a symbol of a cross and Christian domination of Islamic people. I remember reading an article about, Navab Safavi, the founder of this terrorist group and a disciple of Ayatollah Khomeini, in the newspapers after the 1979 revolution, and how he would only allow a reporter interview him if he removed his tie first. The way the article described Navab Safavi's insistence at the reporter to remove his tie was as if it was the ultimate act of piety by this single brain cell terrorist.

Hence you never see an Islamic Republic official wear a tie. You will never see an Islamic Republic diplomat, statesman, embassy staff or anyone with an official position wear a tie. Instead they either wear those round collar shirts, or round neck sweaters or button up their shirts all the way to the top. For this reason, wearing a tie, especially on special occasions, for the Iranian youth is a must and a symbol of defiance to the mullahs.

I remember during the making of the Dispatches documentary, Iran Forbidden, I was at the end of my tether, trying to tell the Iranian dissident students, that this documentary will be for the English speaking market and here the students wear T-shirts and jeans. But whatever I said it did not stop them from wearing a suit and a tie for the interviews. Once I was called up to the sound studio and asked to translate a badly recorded scene. A former Iranian student was ringing his friend back in Iran. To my horror and despite my repeated requests, he had put on his best silk shirt, tie, cuff links, white socks , the lot. The sound engineer, who had only seen that scene and didn't know what the documentary was about, asked me if the subject was a second hand used car salesman? and I was resigned to go through the whole spiel of why Iranian youth insist on wearing a tie, repeating some of all I have written above to make him understand. Although I think the sound engineer was just sorry he had asked me the question in the first place.

When some news agencies reported a few days ago that thirty-two Iranian students who showed up to their graduation ceremony with a tie were told their final exams could be annulled as a form of punishment for not having removed their tie, I was inundated with my non-Iranian contacts as to why that may be the case. Hence I thought I write this post, it will now be easier to refer them to this post than to explain to them who the terrorist Navab Safavi was and the roots of the ruling clerics in Iran now every time I am asked the question.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

First Reaction of Separatists to the Azarbijan Movement Conference

This blog is mainly to explain the Iran related news and events to the English speaking audience, it is an attempt to combat the Islamic Republic apologists in the cyber space. However on this occasion, I just don't have time to translate word by word, the pathetic email which was sent around by this unknown separatist. I will leave it as a comment as it was originally written. Yes Azeri separatists write in Persian :)))

Basically what this junk mail says is that a group of unidentified and unknown figures, 'enemies of the Azeri people', who do not physically exist! came together to hold the first meeting of the Azarbijan Movement for Democracy and Integrity of Iran, and then lists the names :)) and who was the signatory of this junk mail?? an unknown, unidentified nobody whom we do not even know if he/she is a man or a woman and calls him/her self Baybak with an anonymous email of ??!! If anyone knows this vermin please let me know.

Yet this nobody claims the signatories of the Azarbijan Movement who include well known Iranian personalities like Dr. Amoozegar, Ismail Khoii, Professor Keykavoos Afshar, Dr. Parviz Adl, Dr. Zartosht Sotoodeh and all the other well respected signatories are unidentified unknown figures that don't exist :))!!!

How pathetic these coward separatists are!!

Monday, August 04, 2008

The Mossadegh Project or Another Site for IRI Apologists?

I was browsing through one of the CASMII related web sites, Iranians for Peace! and came across this link I thought I find out a little bit about who runs this site and what their aims and objectives are by emailing them and asking them questions. My school teacher's advice 'Beware of people and ideologies who are not keen on being asked questions', as always, being my guideline.

I must say I was not surprised to find out this was yet another pathetic attempt to use Mossadegh's name and what happened more than half a century ago as an excuse to promote the mullahs and silence those voices who highlight the human rights abuses in the Islamic Republic. I wonder what Mossadegh would have said, if he was told 'What we should all be concerned with is to prevent a military attack on Iran by the Allied Forces and we should not be critical of Reza Shah'.

So this is how the email conversation went:

Me: I would like to join your group. Can someone contact me?

Mossadegh Project: Thank you for your interest in our non-profit and independent endeavor, and offer of participation. I can refer you to our Mission Statement, but if you have other ideas or means of assistance we are interested to hear about them. (We are based in the U.S.). Our main goal is to study the events of the Mossadegh era, its relevance to current world affairs, and lessons learned for the future. Highlighting this subject is a way of promoting democracy and sovereignty for Iran.

thanks again
Ebrahim Norouzi

'Our main goal is to study the events of the Mossadegh era, its relevance to current world affairs', so surely there must be some mention of how the present rulers of Iran helped topple Mossadegh I thought and asked the following question in my reply email:

'By the way you don't say anything on your site that Mossadegh was removed with the help of Mullahs and how much the present day rulers of Iran hate the secular Mossadegh. Why is that?'

and their reply was:
'We intend to fully address the role of religious figures in the future.' and continued that Mossadegh's removal was mainly due to foreign intervention, 'It is doubtful that without foreign intervention, the domestic enemies of Mossadegh's government could have succeeded.'

to which I replied:
'I would argue that without the domestic agents, i.e. mullahs and their thugs and hoodlums followings, the coup would not have been possible. Lets not forget the famous thugs and hoodlums who were earnest disciples of Ayatollah Kashani and so forth.

Mossadegh is a hated figure by the present day ruling clerics and many Iranians think the mullahs are puppets of the British. Lift a mullah's beard and you will see the sign, 'Made in Britain' surely you have heard this and when you say you will fully address the betrayal of the religious figures in the future, how far in the future are we talking about?

Just like all those people and ideologies that my maths teacher warned me against, the Mossadegh Project had enough of my questions and decided to call it a day:
'You have already made up your mind about what is more important and we do not wish to continue with your interrogation'

So for those who claim their 'main goal is to study the events of the Mossadegh era' there seems to be an unhealthy reluctance to discuss the role of the ruling Ayatollahs in the downfall of Mossadegh and the vicious annihilation of the followers of Mossadegh, Iranian National Front, after the revolution by the Ayatollahs, and by the way the Nowrouzi brothers who run the site have chosen to live in America. They are Iranian-Americans and 'US Based'.