Monday, June 29, 2009

Faces of Our Martyrs

This is Kianoosh Assa, gunned down in Azadi Sq. on Monday 15th June.
He was a chemical engineering undergraduate at Tehran Science and Technology university.

Despite all intimidations, his student colleagues held an impressive memorial for him. They even brought down Ahamdinejad's picture and replaced it with Kianoosh's picture.

Kianoosh was from Kermanshah. His family were not told about his death until they came across his body while searching Tehran's morgues after they had not heard form Kianoosh for days.

The enemies of knowledge are extinguishing our brightest stars but they can not see that these dark nights are full of bright stars.

Nick Ferrari Says He has Resigned from Press TV

LBC presenter, Nick Ferrari, who also presented programs on Press TV, was confronted with angry listeners who were critical of him working for the Islamic Republic funded Press TV. Nick however claimed he had already resigned from Press TV two weeks ago following the crackdown on pro-democracy protesters and any program which still shows him is pre-recorded.

Amongst other English Press TV presenters, other than Galloway, there is also Derek Conway, Andrew Giligan and Yvone Ridley who appear on their programs.

Derek Conway is an MP for Old Bexley and Sidcup. He presents a book review program called Epilogue on Press TV. In 2008, it was emerged that he had employed his student son at Newcastle as his researcher in Westminster, having paid him in excess of £40000 including pension contributions:) As a result of his fraudulent misuse of public money, Conway has announced he will not stand for the next election. At Press TV, he may be more comfortable that he is amongst fellow thieves and liars.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Will Any Freedom Loving Person, Ever buy a Nokia Siemens Again

Riot Guards Beating Up Iranian Youth Yesterday

Comments by the family filming the footage describes how hated the regime and its thugs have become.

German Neo Nazis: Hail Ahmadinejad!

It is not just the Socialist Workers Party (SWP), CASMII, Ali Fathollah-nejad, Hugo Chavez and Galloway that support Ahamdienjad and hail him as the 'anti-imperialist' hero. German Neo Nazis are also delighted at the messianic coup and use the similar vocabularly.

German neo-Nazis and extreme right-wingers have expressed their solidarity with the messianic junta in Tehran. Among them is the fugitive Swiss Holocaust denier Jürgen Graf, who fled to Iran in 2000 seeking “political asylum” - Graf gives his address as “PO Box 19395/7161, Tehran,“

“Hearty congratulation to your reelection, Mr. President!“ rejoiced the Deutsche Volksunion (DVU) under its leader Matthias Faust.

The Iranian people, says the DVU, “have decided in favor of a man of the people.” Ahmadinejad is acclaimed by the DVU as an “uncompromising patriot” coming from “the people,” against whom “the self-proclaimed money-elite, the smart merchants and the western- oriented members of the Tehran upper class” has conspired.:))))

Isn't it ironic how all these extremists sound the same? They are after all, the other side of the same coin. Perhaps Galloway will join the DVU next and get his pay checks form there soon.

We Are Iranians and You Should be Too

Look at the nobility of the Iranian freedom protesters once again. The riot guards are trapped in what seems to be a dead end. The mass of protesters facing them are ready to give them a battering they deserve, yet the Iranian trait of 'Javanmardi', the noble tradition of the strongmen protecting the weak, shows again in this clip. Leaders tell the protesters to hold back and one of them is heard telling the riot guards, 'We are Iranians and you should be too, so be off'. Will all these honourable virtues finally have an impact on these brainwashed savages?

Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Faces of our Martyrs

Remember behind every number and casualty figure, there is a face, a real person, someone who was loved and had a whole life ahead.

This was Ashkan Sohrabi, shot in the chest on Saturday, at the junction of the Roodaki and Dampezeshki.

He was a keen sportsman, a black belt and second dan in Tae Kwan Do.

There are hundreds more martyrs like Ashkan and there are thousands more like him in the captivity of the evil monsters now. Thousands who could face execution if the evil Friday Prayers leader has his way and the world lets him.

The Original Interview with Dr. Arash Hejazi

Below is the link, followed by the text of the original interview with Dr. Arash Hejazi, the brave Iranian medic who risked his life to help Neda and then even more courage by fleeing the country and telling the full story to the media.

This original interview was to make the front page of the Times, but because of recent other news about the sudden death of a celebrity, it was changed and included in the middle pages.

See also the email exchange between the novelist Paul Coelho and Arash Hejazi:

Original Article & Interview:

Martin Fletcher
They were a few brief minutes that Arash Hejazi will never forget, that have changed his life for ever, that have shocked the world and ripped every last shred of legitimacy from Iran’s tyrannical regime.

There was the pandemonium of the protests, the terror as the riot police charged, and the sudden crack. And there was this beautiful young woman looking down at her chest in surprise as the blood gushed out.

Dr Hejazi rushed to help as Neda Soltan’s life rapidly ebbed away. She could not speak, but he said: “I felt she was trying to ask a question. Why?”

Why? Why had a presidential election that generated so much excitement and exuberance ended with a government that claims to champion the highest moral values, the finest Islamic principles, butchering its own youth?

Dr Hejazi, 38, trained as a doctor, but later turned to his real passion — literature. He became a novelist and editorial director of a Tehran publishing house. He has spent the past seven months with his wife and infant son doing a postgraduate course in publishing at Oxford Brookes University. He was caught up in the excitement of Mir Hossein Mousavi’s campaign. He believed he could change Iran.

On June 12 he went to London to vote, and encouraged all his friends to do likewise. The next day he flew back to Tehran on business and found a capital convulsed by running battles between the security forces and hundreds of thousands of Mousavi supporters who believed that President Ahmadinejad had stolen the election.

The following Saturday, shortly before 7pm, he was sitting in his office with three friends when they heard a commotion in nearby Kargar Street. They went to see what was happening and found riot police — some of them on motorcycles — charging towards a huge crowd of protesters, firing teargas and lashing out with their batons. It was terrifying, he said. Everybody started running. But amid the pandemonium he noticed Neda Soltan. She had been caught up in the swirling emotion of the moment. He saw her shouting “Death to the Dictator” and an older man pushing her — rather against her will — into a side alley, Khosravi Street.

Dr Hejazi and many others joined her there. They believed that they had found a refuge. Miss Soltan was standing just a metre away from him when “all of a sudden we heard a blast. I asked my friend what it was, and he said he’d heard the police were using plastic bullets. A second later I looked at Neda. She was just standing there, blood gushing out of her chest. She had bent her head to look at the wound, then put her hand to her chest. I just saw surprise on her face, then she lost control.”

Dr Hejazi and another man rushed to support her. They laid her on the ground. “I put pressure on the wound. From what I saw the bullet had hit her aorta and lungs. When the aorta is hit the blood drains from the body in less than a minute. There’s nothing you can do. She didn’t say a single word.”

He remembers the older man — later identified as her music teacher — wailing, “My child, my child”.

Miss Soltan’s body was bundled into a car, a Peugeot 206, which rushed her to hospital but it was pointless, Dr Hejazi said. She was already dead. “She died in my hands.”

As Miss Soltan was being taken to hospital another commotion erupted about 20 metres away. A crowd of demonstrators had caught the basij — an Islamic volunteer militaman — who shot her from his motorbike. He was a big, strong man in his forties, clean-shaven except for a moustache.

“I heard him shouting, ‘I didn’t want to kill her. I didn’t want to kill her. I meant to shoot her in the leg’.” The crowd were furious. Some were trying to lynch him. Others were saying: “We’re not killers. Don’t harm him.”

All agreed that there was no point in handing the man to the police so they simply took his identify card and let him go.

Dr Hejazi’s clothes were soaked in Miss Soltan’s blood. He returned to his office to wash. His friends joined him there and they sat for two hours, waiting for the streets to clear, discussing the horror of what they had seen. “I was pale and furious and afraid and sad,” he said. “As a doctor I’d seen death before, but I never thought I’d have such a feeling. It was not just her death, but the injustice of the thing and the gaze in her eyes as life was leaving her.” He did not weep then, but he did later that night in bed.

Dr Hejazi finally reached his parents’ home at about 10pm, which is when he realised that he was in grave danger himself. There on television — CNN or al-Jazeera — was the grainy footage, shot with a mobile telephone, of him trying to save Miss Soltan’s life. That 40-second clip was flashing around the world, making Miss Soltan an instant global symbol of the regime’s brutality. The authorities moved swiftly to silence her family, bury her body and prevent any wake. How long before they tracked him down?

Within a day or two friends were calling, asking if it was him in the video. He started growing a beard to disguise himself. He went to the office, but returned well before dark and avoided the demonstrations. He lived in increasing fear. “If I was identified I would have been arrested. I would have been one of the hundreds of people who have disappeared in the past ten days . . . Anything can happen in that country right now.”

He decided to return to Britain, not knowing if he would be stopped at the airport. He tried to conceal his fear from his parents, and on the telephone to his wife in Oxford, but on Tuesday he e-mailed his friend Paulo Coelho, the distinguished Brazilian novelist: “Trying to leave the country tomorrow morning. If I don’t arrive in London at 2pm something has happened to me . . . If something happens to me please take care of [my wife] and [son], they are there, alone, and have no one else in the world. Much love, it was an honor having you as a friend.”

Dr Hejazi made it. He flew out on the British Midlands flight on Wednesday morning and may never be able to return. He escaped, but he did not leave behind the horror he had seen.

Speaking from the safety of his Oxford home last night, he said of Miss Soltan’s death: “I can’t forget that scene. I live it every moment. I don’t know how I can cope with this. I don’t know if I can heal. I don’t sleep much now. I just fall asleep when I’m exhausted for a couple of hours.”

On his Facebook site he told his fellow students: “I’m not sure I can be your class clown any more. I have many scars now. Deeper than what I already had.”

He is outraged by the regime’s attempt to suggest that Miss Soltan was shot from behind by a fellow protesters — she was shot from the front, he insists. Or even more outrageously, as some Iranian government newspapers suggested yesterday, that the BBC’s newly expelled Tehran correspondent, Jon Leyne, arranged for her to be killed so he could get good propaganda pictures. “Oh my God. That’s outrageous . . . nonsense,” he said. Above all, he is consumed with fury at the rulers of his own country, who profess to rule in the name of Islam but slaughter their own people and violate its most sacred values. “It’s outrageous. It’s unbelievable. No government has the right to use such force against its own people.”

A coup détat has taken place, he said. “It may not sound like a coup because those who had power still have it, but it was a coup in the sense that the people chose someone else and they prevented him coming to power.”

His only consolation is that Miss Soltan has become a global symbol of innocence destroyed by evil. For that he is glad. “This way her blood is not wasted and she did not die in vain,” he said.

“She was everything that this movement is about. She was a civilian. She was against violence. She was not carrying a weapon. She was just shouting, just a person in the street who was against injustice going on in her country, and for that she was murdered.”

Friday, June 26, 2009

Evil Words of the Evil Cleric

"Based on Islamic law, whoever confronts the Islamic state should be convicted as mohareb [one who wages war against God] and punished ruthlessly and savagely. Under Islamic law punishment for those convicted as mohareb is execution." Tehran's Friday Prayer Leader, member of the assembly of experts, Ahmad Khatami, speaking today.

Chilling words by a cleric who looks evil, talks evil and does evil. How will the Islamic Republic apologists justify these words now? Are we going to see evil prevail and a mass execution of Iranians whose only crime ihas been that they called for freedom? Will the good men stay silent in the face of this evil?

Below, Islamic police and riot guards smash cars and attack people's homes. Behind the tree, a man is lying on the ground unconscious, yet despite all the dangers a good man doesn't fear to walk up and care for him.

UK Trade Union Solidarity with the People of Iran

UK Trade Union representatives staged a solidarity rally outside the Islamic Republic embassy in London today.

The rally was part of a worldwide Trade Union solidarity which was held across 20 countries today.

Also present there was Owen Tudor, Head of the TUC European Union and International Relations. It was a good opportunity to get some signatures for the letter below to Boris Johnson, which I did and will send it right now.

Mayor of London,
City Hall,
Queen’s Walk,

Dear Mr Johnson

We are writing with reference to the advertising of Press TV on London buses and on the London Underground. You as chair of Transport for London as well as Mayor have overall responsibility for transport in the capital.

We are obliged to point out to you that Press TV is a propaganda station for the Iranian government. It is funded by that government and was launched by Mahmoud Ahmadinezhad personally in 2007. By allowing these advertisements Transport for London are giving implicit support to that government and helping to promote their propaganda.

It claims to give “voice to the voiceless.” Yet the events of the past few days have shown the true “voiceless” are not the Iranian government, who have a whole phalanx of nauseating apologists outside the country, but the Iranian people who are being bludgeoned and killed by the regime’s thugs for trying to make their voice heard.

At a time when Iran’s bus drivers union leaders are in jail, foreign journalists are expelled from Iran, Internet is clamped down and satellite TV stations outside Iran have their signals jammed, to have London buses carry Press TV ads with the motto of 'we give voice to the voiceless' is an insult to the Iranian people who are killed and beaten up for their desire for a freer society.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Inhumanity Beyond Belief

Please read this:
The Iranian authorities have ordered the family of Neda Agha Soltan out of their Tehran home after shocking images of her death were circulated around the world.

Now the messianic junta in Iran accuses Jon Leyne, the BBC correspondent, to have arranged her death for a documentary!!!

Please read the above. Please do not forget the regime apologists. Please ring/email and tell them how they are insulting our people by inviting Galloway to speak in their meeting on Friday:

Stop War Contact Details
020 7801 2768
231 Vauxhall Bridge Road, London SW1V 1EH

Galloway's contact details

You can contact George's Parliamentary office on 020 7219 6940
or his constituency office on 020 7613 5225.

Galloway's constituency surgery is held every Friday between 3pm and 6pm at the Respect office - 9, Club Row, London E1 6JX

More Blood on the Hands of the Messianic Junta

Does any one still think only 15 people have been killed in the protests agianst the coup??

George Galloway will be here plus all the other usefulidiots, Lindsey German included:
Friday 26 June 6.30pm
Bishopsgate Institute, Bishopsgate, London EC1

Shooting at Baharestan Square Has Started

Despite all the security measures and the confusion on whether Moussavi has called for the people to gather outside the Islamic Assembly in Baharestan Sq or not, people have started to converge towards the square. Many are wearing black arm bands and holding pictures of Neda.
One girl has been shot already and not known whether she is alive or dead.

Picture is not from today at Baharestan. How many of us will they have to kill? how many generations will have to pay the price for this messianic junta to enslave the people of Iran?

How many more times, is the world prepared to let them get away with it?

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

More Defections from the Revolutionary Guards


This is the picture of Ali Fazli, the Commander of the Seyyed-ol-Shohada RG units and former deputy Commander of RG Operations and a war veteran who was injured in the defence of his country against the Iraqi invasion on our country.

More importantly now, a man of honour who did not betray the people of Iran and refused to obey orders to gun down his people. Commander Ali Fazli has been removed from his post, arrested and his whereabouts is unknown as a result of his decision to stand by the people against the Supreme Leader and his messianic junta.

Following Commander Fazli's honourable refusal, Commander Ghassemi and 16 other heads of the RG have also reportedly held a meeting and said if they are put under pressure by the Supreme Leader to kill ordinary people, they too will refuse and resign.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Random Shooting of Iran's Youth by the Evil Monsters

These are the Iranian youth, Galloway dismisses as North Tehran Rich Kids. Don't ever forget the regime's lackeys. Don't ever forget their insults against our people

The Myth of Ahmadinejad Working Class Supporters

I am told George Galloway, who claimed the protests in Iran are just a fad by rich North Tehran kids, is himself the fifth richest MP in Britain. Yet he is so impressed with Ahmadinejad's "working class" cabinet and their spartan life style :))))

Isn't it amusing how the fifth richest MP in Britain - and that must be some money - gets impressed by such nonsense? Of course Galloway knows this is not true. He is worried about his Press TV pay checks.

For others who may have this misconception, here is a glimpse of the real truth.

The aerial view of the house or shall I say palace of Commander Mahsooli's residence, Ahmadinejad's former oil minister and now the interior minister, in charge of conducting the elections. He made his fortune overnight when he worked with Ahmadinejad, while he was the governor of Ardebil.
Click Here :

And below you can see one of Ahmadinejad's henchmen on the back of a bike with a hand gun. He is in fact no other than Seyyed Hassan Mir Kazemi, head of the Baseej in Al-Haadi mosque in Shams Abad, Tehran, he is also the General Manager of the World of Metal factory in Karaj Highway. The document shows he has received an unsecure loan of 175 Million Dollars for his three factories from the Agricultural Bank and has not returned of the loan so far :))

The moral of the story when pampered aristocrats like Haleh Afshar, SWP and Galloway go on about working class values, something fishy is going on :))

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Mosque Told to Cancel Neda' s Ceremony

They killed Neda, they deprived her of her future, they took her away from her loved ones. Now these evil monsters who claim to represent God on earth won't even let her family hold her ceremony at the mosque. What do they fear? that millions will come to say their farewell to this daughter of Iran? Has the world ever seen evil like this before? How did those apologists ever justify this evil regime? How did they ever look themselves in the mirror?

Watch the repression in this footage, feel the fear they are trying to instill but also feel the defiance.

Weep not Mother Iran, for every one of your sons and daughters that fall in this battle of good against evil, thousands more will pick up your banner and sing your anthem

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Rest in Peace My Beautiful Sister, Neda

Rest in Peace my beautiful sister, Neda, for with your death you have taken on a new life. Neda meaning call, has become a new rallying call for freedom of Iran. Her final moments, her last innocent looks and her last gasp for life will stirr our passions for ever and stronger. Damn these savages who took your life away, damn their evil masters and their pathetic apologists. I swear I will avenge your death, I swear I will never forget you.

The killings continued into the late hours last night. Savages were bursting into hospitals and dragging away the injured and killing them outside. Those who were wounded were avoiding the hospitals and being attended secretly by volunteer doctors.

Can these two bob "celebrities" of LA TV stations, still call themselves Iranian? Can they still call themselves human? when they still pretend as if nothing is happening in Iran?

Another Daughter of Iran is Murdered by the Savages

DO NOT FORGET the likes of Baroness Afshar, Elaheh Rostami, Ali Fathollahi-Nejad, Mehri Honarbin, BBC Persian's Somayeh Zadeh, SWP ,CASMII, Galloways etc. and how they went out of their way to portray the Islamic Republic as a legitimate regime.

God! I made an exception last night and prayed to you. I asked you to protect Iran's sons and daughters, why did you refuse me?

The Most Disturbing Account from Today

The most disturbing account I heard today was from an eyewitness in Sattar Khan Sq. She witnessed 50 riot guards club a young man to death and even when he was dead and drowning in his pool of blood, the riot guards continued to beat his dead body as if they were getting high on an orgy of pleasure from senseless violence. She said she was so distraught from what she witnessed she had to throw up when she got home.

People Power!

Nothing can withstand the tsunami of an oppressed people, nothing can stand against 30 years of pent up rage, not even their truncheons nor their Russian advisors on how to crack down on velvet revolutions, nor their apologists outside Iran.

Kargar Street Clashes

People chase away the riot guards and Baseej

Death to the Dictator

The Most prevalent slogan of the day. Death to the Dictator.

Guess who the dictator is?

Heavy Clashes Throughout Tehran

People have been trying to reach Azadi Sq in groups of 100-200 but at every crossroad there is heavy riot guard presence. Gun shots can be heard throughout Tehran constantly. Riot guards have used high pressure water canons with boiling water to disperse the crowds. Never before has so much tear gas been used.

As the coup masters show no sign of retreat, people become more radical. here they shout 'Death to Khameneii'


Friday, June 19, 2009

"Most Evil" or "Most Stupid" Government?

I thought the Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Khameneii, had a cheek calling UK, "the most evil of western governments". The figure head of this "most evil" government, i.e. Her Majesty the Queen, congratulated the Islamic Republic on the anniversary of the Islamic revolution, calling it the 'Iranian National Day'.

This "Most Evil" government has allowed the Islamic Republic to set up its Press TV here in UK to poison the minds of young impressionable Muslims in Europe. London's buses advertise Press TV as the 'Voice for the Voiceless', while the crack down continues in Iran and Iran's bus drivers union leaders are still in jail.

This "Most Evil" government has allowed the Supreme Leader to open an Islamic Centre in Maida Vale, London. This "Most Evil" government has allowed the mad messianic Ayatollah Messbah Yazdi to fund the Islamic Studies Centre in Durham university and extend its tentacles in UK.

This "Most Evil" government continues to shy away from outright condemnation of people being beaten to death in the streets of Iran.

Perhaps Most Stupid, would have been more fitting. A Most Stupid government that is easily taken for a ride and has advisors like Baroness Haleh Afshar.

Big Day Tomorrow

Was on Sky News and Aljazeera English again tonight. Wasn't too happy with the Aljazeerza interview, couldn't get many points across. Tomorrow is a big day for the future of our country, lets hope there will be no bloodbath and if there is lets make sure there will be a worldwide condemnation.

Don't forget to attend the demos wherever you are. Wouldn't it be great if thousands of non-Iranians join in solidarity too. Keep the momentum going!

I am not a spiritual person, can't remember the last time I prayed but tonight I will say a prayer, hoping God will protect the children of Iran.

Here is a picture of a club wielding thug contained by the noble and courageous people of Iran:

Attacking People in their Homes in Isfahan

Don't ever forget CASMIIS, SWPs, Baroness Afshars, Elaheh Rostamis and George Galloways:

My Speech at the FPA

Below is the text of my speech today at the Foreign Press Association in Pall Mall, in front of TV and Radio networks from around the world.

I was speaking to a friend in Iran and told him I will be speaking at the FPA. I asked him what do you want me to say? He said tell the World:

The repression which is taking place in Iran is much grimmer than what you see on the international media. So many horrific scenes and footage cannot be shown because they are too distressing to be viewed by the public. Even Youtube is forced to remove some of the footage because they are too distressing.

Yesterday I heard a friend’s cousin in Shiraz was wounded and taken to hospital. He was taken to the operating theatre for emergency operation. The savage thugs that you see in the media and on the internet who are attacking our people, went to the operating theatre and dragged him away and left him for dead outside the hospital.
A family in Shahrake Gharb who were holding a wake for their son killed in the protests were attacked by the riot guards in their home. Their home was set ablaze and all present in the wake were beaten up. Their crime was that they held a mourning ceremony for their son.

The repression is beyond belief. Not even the war veterans and their families are left alone. Yesterday the wife of the former assassinated prime minister, Rajaii, and other relatives of the war martyrs who had backed candidates other than Ahmadienjad were also arrested.

If the repression is beyond belief, the resentment towards the regime is deepening too. In our mythical stories, Iran is taken over by Zahak the usurper who has two snakes coming out of his shoulders. Incidentaally the depictions of Zahak in our text books were very similar to the Supreme Leader's pictures. The snakes on Zahak's shoulders needed to be fed with brains of two youngsters every day. Kaweh the blacksmith finally rose up against Zahak and liberated our people but not until he had 17 of his boys killed. It seems our people have a large capacity to accept oppression but there comes a point where they will take no more. That point has reached now.

This is not just the students, not just the teachers, not just the trade unions, not just the feminists, this is all of Iran, young and old, rich and poor plus part of what has up to this point been the establishment, plus part of the clergy against a minority who have become so arrogant with what they believe they can get away with that through their own foolishness, they have managed to do what seemed to be impossible. They have united the Iranian people against them.

Today it matters not if you called for a boycott or took part in the voting. It matters not who you voted for and whether you were part of the establishment before. What matters is are you against this coup or not??

No ordinary human being can watch the images from Iran and not get emotional. How can a human being not be moved to see a footage of a university student in his dying seconds after being beaten up by some savage Neanderthal? How can one not be moved to see riot guards break into someone’s house and beat a protester to death on the balcony?

With such images one would have thought the regime’s promoters and apologists will finally see the light and join the people’s side. Yet sadly and strangely with the help of the media, they seem to be re-forming and re-grouping with their new outrageous justifications for their paymasters. They are talking about that the elections were in fact fair and Ahmadinejad has won. They are talking about waiting for the ‘legal process’ to go through and the Arch stooge of dictators, George Galloway, refers to this as a protest by the rich North Tehran kids against a simple living president and a working class cabinet, and Galloway predicts this movement will fizzle out soon.

Of course Galloway works for Press TV which is funded by the Islamic Republic. They are his paymasters but it boils my blood when I see Press TV advertisements on the back of London buses and in the underground.
- While the leaders of the bus drivers union in Iran are in jail,
- the foreign journalists are kicked out from Iran,
- foreign satellite TV programs like the BBC Persian are jammed,
- Internet is slowed down and filtered,
- sms texting is stopped
- and citizen journalists with their mobile phones are told they will face severe punishments
- and savages beat our people to death, Press TV advertisements on the London buses and underground claim they give Voice to the Voiceless!
The Voiceless people now are the people of Iran. Make no mistake about that.

How are the people of Iran reacting to all this savagery and brutality and lack of international support ? In the most NOBLE way. I am proud to say.

If you have seen the footage taken by the Italian cameraman you see the protesters capture a riot guard. With the images you have from the Middle East and the Iranian regime, you may have thought the captured riot guard would be beaten or mutilated to death. But our noble people give him some water to drink and wash his face with and ask him to take his uniform off and tell him to go his way. The Neanderthal moves away without remorse or thanks.

This is our noble people of Iran, This is the noble struggle of the Iranian people and this is why when we win it will change not only the face of Iran but the whole region for a better and a more humane one. Victory to the noble people of Iran!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Today at Toopkhooneh

Massive crowds, mourning the martyrs of the protests so far, sing the true national anthem of Iran and not the official Islamic Republic one:

Protests in Rasht. Young girl is caught badly beaten up, God knows what happened to her afterwards at the hands of those savages.

Shot in the throat:


We Are Not Afraid to Die, We Are Afraid Our Children Don't See a Free Iran

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Our Noble People, I Salute You

We ask Google to change its logo for one day in solidarity with the people of Iran and their uprising for peace and freedom:

Where is their vote?

Look what a noble people we have. These are not the bloodthirsty neanderthals hungry for revenge and bloodshed. Only minutes ago, this foolish policeman was riding his bike through them and beating them with their electric batons, yet when he is captured, the people are magnanimous towards him and show him humanity. This is why if this revolution wins, it will change the face of the region and the world for better.

Yet no one is marching for us in the world, and once again we are denied the international support and the Galloways and the SWPs of this world have no shame to call this a movement of rich North Tehran residents only.

People are cursing Obama and Gordon Brown in the streets of Tehran for their silence but how would they feel if they knew about Galloways and the SWP of this world?!

Who is Shervin Zeinalizadeh?

Does anyone know who Shervin Zeinalizadeh is? I saw him on Aljazeera English today, he was in a London studio wearing a suit and tie. Like Haleh Afshar on Channel4, he was saying that the legal process should be given time to consider the election irregularity complaints, otherwise 'it will undermine the democratic legal system of the Islamic Republic' but he went even further than Haleh Afshar saying that the riot police is only dealing with those who are attacking properties and as in anywhere in th eworld, the police is forced to react. He was introduced as an Iran security expert. Who is this wanker, does anyone know?

The Price of Freedom

I post these as tears roll down from my eyes and anger rages inside me. This is the price of freedom. Do not forget those who supported this brutal dictatorship:
Galloway Claims This was Fair Election and the Protester are just Rich North Theran Kids

This video has been removed by Youtube because it is too distressing. Watch it here:
Isfahan Student Pays with his Life for Freedom

Tangible Evidence of Vote Rigging :)

When Ahmadienjad's supporters came on the streets and the regime started threatening the expulsion of foreign journalists, I noticed that the correspondents started getting back to their 'lets not be too critical' mode again. Aljazeera English Tehran correspondent started saying for all we know Ahmadienjad may have won fairly and had more support in provinces and villages. BBC's John Simpson laughed off the protests as nothing substantial that can uproot the Islamic Republic and that there has until now been no tangible evidence of vote rigging. Next day however when 2 million people marched on the streets, 600 were wounded at Tehran university and five killed and at least 7 confirmed deaths in other parts, then they finally heard the sound of the Iranian revolution :)

Here is also a another small tangible evidence of blatant vote rigging. Look at how Rezaii's vote disappears as the results are published live on State TV. Click on the picture to see the figures clearer.

The Iran Internet War on Channel4

I was at Channel4 studios again yesterday. This time it was a pre-recorded piece. I think I was there for a bout 15 minutes but only one sentence I said was shown on TV.

See: Internet War

Never mind at least more images and film footages including the back of my head was shown :)
An old footage of the savagery of the Islamic Republic masked policemen publicly beating a young man during the so called Campaign against "Thugs and Hoodlums" was also aired. How hard we tried to get any coverage of those savage beatings at the time without success! Things are changing. Keep the momentum going everyone.

Monday, June 15, 2009

I Think its All Over

What a day! I was up since early hours of the morning to be able to fit everything in. Had a pre-recorded radio interview with BBC Radio Scotland in the morning at the Millbank. On the way there I saw these Press TV advertisements on London's red buses, saying Press TV gives Voice to the Voiceless! You can imagine my frustration, we have the bus drivers union leaders in jail in Iran, the BBC Persian satellite signal funded by UK tax payers money is jammed sporadically, they want to kick out all the foreign journalists from Iran, citizen journalists taking film and photo are told they will be arrested. So who is the Voiceless who needs a voice? How much more of this exploitation of democracy?

I was at a meeting in central London when I heard the vicious attack on the Tehran university dormitories by the regime's hired thugs. I was told some students may have been killed. Then I heard the entire body of the university of lecturers have resigned in protest of the vicious attack.

I was stewarding the demonstration outside the Islamic Republic embassy in the afternoon, when I heard the numbers in Tehran have reached 2 million and sadly some demonstrators have been shot and killed. Then I was called by Aljazeera English for an interview at 9 pm. Finally when I came home my internet wasn't working!!! Arrrgh...

There is so much to post, I don't even know where to begin! but as I said on Aljazeera English, once the crowds reach 2 million that is it, there is no going back. This is the critical mass I have always talked about. This is what tips the balance, when people see such large numbers, their fear disappears and at the same time the riot guards become more unwilling to beat up the protesters and scared of their own future. We have now reached that point. So long as people lead with their demands and are not fooled by compromises designed to take the sting out of their momentum, then our day has finally come!

Can you hear it? Can you hear it?
This is the sound of heart beats

We are about to create a storm you have never seen before....

People demonstrating in the Metro. The SWP still thinks these are rich North Tehran kids :)))))))

Pictures of Iran's citizens shot dead today:

Fascist Islamic Republic police going to people's homes

The thugs whose days seem to be over soon:

Old thug beating up a daughter of Iran:

Channel 4 Film of shooting demonstrators in Iran

My BBC Interviews on Saturday

Thanks to a friend who put this on youtube:

Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Fear is Gone

Look at this brave Iranian lioness, first she swing kicks and then she side kicks the neanderthal truncheon wielding riot guard! She gets a few baton strikes but this is the price for freedom and she cares not.

Blessed is our motherland Iran, for having such daughters.

The fear is gone and the momentum continues.

and this one is already beaten and on the floor:

Outside the IRI Embassy in London

I was told there were some scuffles yesterday, outside the IR embassy in London between different factions with different view points, which is really embarrassing. Luckily I got there too late after everyone had gone and didn't see any. Today I hope I played a small part, along with some others, in reconciling everyone to a reasonable degree. There were all sorts there today, most political factions, girls with Hejab and girls without and everyone respected each other's choices.

It doesn't matter now who voted or who boycotted or who they voted for etc. What we need right now is a united front against Ahmadinejad's coup. We need to carry images and shout slogans that are acceptable to everyone in these gatherings.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Its Time to Fight Back

I will not Run Away Any More!

I Will Not Sit Back Any More!

I Will Not Take it Any More!

Its Time to Fight Back!

This is Street Justice!

Our brave countrymen are fighting back and giving the tyrants what they deserve, lets not let the Islamic Republic apologists get away with it outside Iran!
This is the street justice of all that pent up rage over the years and it will not go away that easily!

Riot guard is overcome by crowd numbers and is held back from further beating up the protesters.

Look at the fear in the eyes of this riot guard; until a few days ago no one dared look at him the wrong way. When the protests reach the critical mass, everything changes. Lets keep the momentum going.

The Resistance Starts

Just came back from a Channel4 interview, didn't go as well as the BBC ones this morning, Haleh Afshar, the Islamic Republic apologist, was their other guest and I didn't get enough time! Will write more about it tomorrow. Going to go outside the Embassy now.
Watch the interview at the end of the Channel4 report on Iran from this link:

Crackdown Begins

After all the euphoria of last weeks, crackdown begins. Pictures that need no explanation:

Friday, June 12, 2009

Worrying News

Pro-Ahmadinejad news websites are already announcing Ahmadinejad as the outright winner. Rajanews says 69% have voted for Ahamdienjad and 28% for Moussavi. Islamic Republic News Agency IRNA, has also announced Ahmadienjad as the certain winner.

The picture shows, club wielding pro-Ahmadinejad supporters are already in the streets intimidating the people.

Hugo Chavez Wishes Success for Ahmadinejad

Hugo Chavez wished Ahmadinejad all the success in his bid to remain the president of the Islamic Republic.Chavez described Ahmadienjad as 'A courageous combatant, defender of the third world and a champion against US imperialism'

Below is a picture of Chavez embracing with Saddam Hussein:

Thursday, June 11, 2009

CASMII Mob Sense the Collapse is Near

For the last three decades the majority of the 'academics' who have signed this statement below:
Statement of 'Academics'

have ignored the plight of their countrymen. They stood silent when Iran's universities were intellectually cleansed during the 'cultural revolution'. They stood silent when the clerics seized every instrument of power after the 1979 revolution. They stood silent against the crimes of mad Khalkhalis, Gilanis, Lajevardis and a whole array of Islamic Republic psychopaths. They stood silent during the massacre of Iran's political prisoners, even when minors and pregnant women were summarily executed. They stood silent when corruption spread to unimaginable proportions and Iran's wealth was plundered by the clerical mafia and their off springs. They ignored the rise in poverty, prostitution and drug addiction. They stood silent when our women were forced to become second class citizens. They ignored medieval punishments like public executions, stoning, cutting off hands and limbs which had thrown Iran back to the dark ages.
They ignored the brutal crackdown on Iran's students after the uprising in 1999 and the list of their treacheries goes on.

But some on the list did not just ignore what was happening to their countrymen, they even went out of their way to promote the regime. The likes of Elaheh Rostami, Ziba Mir Hosseini and Haleh Afshar even made outrageous cliams that Iranian women were better off now than before the revolution. The likes of Abbas Edalat, Mohammad Kamali and bourgeoise Communists like Ali Fathollah-Nejad, went out of their way to suppress any news of human rights abuses which would portray a negative image of the Islamic Republic in the world.

Suddenly these 'academics' have sensed the desire for change amongst the Iranians. Suddenly the 'eruptions of pent-up rage' of our people against the Islamic Republic's 'empire of lies' has rang their alarm bells and so they have decided to produce a statement asking for the very things they have always refused to highlight in the past when they were asked to do so.

It is obvious that the centres of real power in Iran are not going to read their statement or show any concern over it, nor will these 'academics' engage in any campaigns for the rights of their countrymen. The reason they have written this statement is one thing only. In case the Islamic Republic collapses, they want something to exist somewhere, which in their mind would exonerate them.

But we should never forget these turncoats and the harms they have caused to the freedom and the well being of the people of Iran. Their objective has always been to boot lick whoever is in power for their own personal gains. We should make sure the future generations of Iranians learn that betrayal and boot licking has grave consequences.

Moussavi's Supporters Twenty Years Ago

In Iranian politics, it is not so much the candidate himself but his team and his supporters who should be studied. Here is a brief glimpse of where a lot of Mir Hussein Moussavi Khamenii's current campaign team and supporters were twenty years ago:

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

The Dilemma of Voting or Otherwise

Let me get this over with quickly, I am under no illusion and it will make no difference to people inside Iran whether Potkin Azarmehr thinks we should vote on Friday or otherwise. I have no influence on how people will decide inside Iran.

Personally I myself will not vote, for I have no idea who and how the polling stations in London will be supervised and the votes counted. I also doubt if the expat vote will make any impact on the outcome. What is important is to explain the predicament that people face inside Iran to the outside world.

Every four years our people are faced with a choice of voting for the bad or the worse. This time round, the choice of worse is really bad, it will be a disaster if Ahmadinejad becomes the president again. Those who decide to go to the polling stations are by no means in favour of the regime. They understand that an election in which candidates are vetoed by an unelected body is not fair. They understand that the real power is not in the hands of the president and he can change very little. Notice I didn't have to write he/she in the last sentence, for the vetoed presidential candidate has to be a man. He also has to be a Shiite Muslim, and he has to be a Shiite Muslim who accepts the rule by the Supreme Leader, and even then it is not enough, for in case this male Shiite Muslim loyal to the Supreme Leader has in the past been more critical of policies than is tolerated, he will also be disqualified. So no one with a reasonable amount of brain cells accepts that this is an inclusive or a fair election.

Those who are not in favour of the regime and still vote, do so because they simply want to breathe a little bit easier during their lifetime, they want to experience a slight improvement in the economy, they want to feel less worried that their daughter is not picked up by the morality patrols and taken to the police station with unpredictable dire consequences.

Those who advocate a boycott say by turning up at the polling stations we are giving legitimacy to the regime, we are helping the regime lobbyists to promote the regime as a democracy.

Of course the Islamic Republic lobbyists, the CASMIIs, the Haleh Afshars, the SWP and all the other puppets of the regime will do their best to exploit the public turnout and claim it as people's support for a legitimate regime and evidence of democracy in Iran. To combat such nonsense is the responsibility of expats like me.

High voter turnout or low voter turnout is not a reason for legitimacy or democracy or otherwise. Look at the low turnout for the European elections and the 99% turnout in Saddam's elections. Legitimacy of a regime stems not from turnout at the polling stations but from whether the regime suppresses its peoples, whether it provides a fair and free elections, whether it cares about the public opinion, whether it is accountable to its subjects and whether the public participate in running the country without prejudice regarding their ethnicity, religion or gender. Clearly on these basis the theocracy in Iran has no legitimacy, it is forced on the people of Iran and the minute that force is removed, the people will reject it.

For the reasons above, I think as expats who do not have to face the harsh realities of living in Iran, it is not our job to advocate a voter turnout or otherwise but explain the undemocratic nature of the election process in Iran and the predicament that the Iranian people face in choosing between the bad and the worse, to the outside world and make sure the regime puppets do not twist the 'elections' for their own pro-regime agendas.

This time round there are also other marked differences which have to be taken into consideration. Unlike four years ago, it is not a choice between the bad and the worse but between the bad and the very terrible worse and the second option is in power already.

The polls and other evidences suggest that the Moussavi camp have convinced the majority that only a vote for Moussavi will ensure putting a stop to Ahmadinejad. Most of those who are voting for Moussavi are not so much pro-Moussavi but they are casting an anti-Ahmadinejad vote.

The weeks leading up to the election day on Friday have also provided the public with rare opportunities of public gatherings and demonstrations. Topics which until now were considered taboo in the Islamic Republic, like the massacre of political prisoners in 1988 and the 'cultural revolution' have surfaced beyond the control of the authorities, because of the courage of the activists inside Iran.

The live televised debates between the candidates has been a total condemnation of the Islamic Republic in its entirety, where millions of people have watched the approved candidates expose the level of corruption, nepotism and incompetence throughout the three decades of theocratic rule in Iran.

The spontaneous demonstrations in the aftermath of the televised debates are gathering momentum day by day and as the numbers grow, the more confident the people get in asking for their real demands which are beyond the jurisdictions of an Islamic Republic president.

This special atmosphere of opportunities and this momentum of public demos which is politicising the population and specially the young will not last forever however. The ideal situation on Friday, in my view, will be if Moussavi and Karrubi go to the second round. It will keep going this momentum of crowds pouring into the streets for another week and so much can happen in a week if large crowds are on the streets. It will also let people concentrate on real issues and on their real demands without the shadow of Ahmadienjad's re-election hanging over their heads.

But we must think beyond 12th June. We must be ready for all the possible outcomes on Friday. What if Ahmadinejad is re-appointed again through cheating and vote manipulation? What if Ahmadienjad and the Guards resort to a military coup? What if Moussavi wins and like Khatami disappoints the people and their expectations once again leading to another era of political apathy and hopelessness. Are we planning for these outcomes?

Monday, June 08, 2009

Karroubi Supporters March in Tehran

This is the film footage of the march by Karroubi supporters which I wrote about in my previous post. I couldn't download it from facebook but with the help of a friend, finally I managed it.

This footage is a vivid example of how the Iranian people are taking advantage of the freedoms briefly granted before the elections.
Some of the slogans they are shouting:
'Free choice of Hejab is the Right of Iranian Woman'
'Down with this government of lies'
'The oil money is missing, we have all been cheated'
'Reform of the Constitution'
'Death to Dictator'

Moussavi v Karroubi Debate

Moussavi v Karrubi debate turned out to be an opportunity for both Moussavi and Karrubi to have a bash at Ahmadinejad. Karroubi started off by reading out straight form a text in which he answered some of Ahmadienejad's questions from the previous debate. Ahmadinejad had claimed that Karroubi's newspaper, Etemad Meli, had insulted his wife and when Karroubi had said he was not aware of such thing, Ahmadienjad had snapped back at him saying 'if you are not even aware of what has been said in your paper, then how can you become a president?'. In the debate with Moussavi, Karrubi showed the article Ahmadienjad had referred to, was in fact printed in Etemad daily and not Etemad Meli daily and so had nothing to do with Karroubi's paper. Karroubi still struggled to explain why he had accepted the money from the financial convict, Shahram Jazayeri, saying at the time when he accepted the money, Jazayeri was not convicted.

Moussavi also used his time to counter the charts shown by Ahmadienjad in the previous debate. Moussavi put two charts together, one shown by Ahmadinejad during the program and the one he claimed was the correct chart produced by the Central Bank and told the viewers, 'we have a president who sits here, looks into your eyes and lies with such confidence that some people may be taken in by his lies'. Moussavi claimed, the danger he sensed from a government that so blatantly lies to the people, was the main reason why he felt he had to join the race and save the country [the regime] from collapse.

The highlight of the debate was right at the end. The moderator who looked uncomfortable throughout the debate, must have finally been instructed to stop Moussavi from having a go at Ahmdienjad. He sheepishly reminded Moussavi that he should not go on about candidates who were not present at the debate. Moussavi stood up to the moderator with much decisiveness and said he had the right to criticize the policies of Ahmadinejad's government and explain the underlying reasons for his bid to become the president. When the moderator tried to justify his instruction, Moussavi cut him short and slammed his fist on the table and said 'when the other person [Ahmadinejad] sat here and talked down others who were not here, including my wife, you didn't utter a word now you want to stop me?'

Pro-Moussavi and Pro-Karroubi papers today have also continued to expose Ahmadinejad's lies in the debates. Entekhab Daily produced figures from Central Bank which showed the latest inflation figures to be 23.5% and not 15% as claimed by Ahmadienjad's charts and another article showed 12 official statistics not matching what Ahmadienjad had shown the viewers in the debate. Karrobi's deputy and former mayor of Tehran, Karbaschi, accused Ahmadienjad's son of embezzlement in Kish island and others have questioned Ahmadienjad's sister's academic qualifications.

In short, the televised debates which are attracting audiences of 35 million upwards are displaying the extent of corruption, nepotism and incompetence throughout the whole establishment. With the rising levels of anti-Ahmadinejad feelings amongst the public, if Ahmadienjad somehow becomes the next president again, there will surely be eruptions amongst the population that will threaten the very survival of the Islamic regime.