Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Hate Sermons Against the Jews on Iran State TV


This is a sermon given by an Iranian cleric, broadcast on Iran's State TV, about the Jews and their global aspiration to rule the world, and this is an exact translation of what he says below, [Don't miss the last part about Einstein]:
"This Star of David emblem that you see on the Israeli flag, if you pay close attention to it, then you will know what the Jews want, it contains the entire objective of the Jews in itself. The Jews want one thing and thats to take over the world. But they have to take the world in three stages. The first stage is the Qods, they have to base themselves there, in Palestine. The next stage of their operations is to takeover the area from the Nile to the Euphrates. The third stage is to conquer the entire world.
This is what the Star of David tells you. Its a six sided star as you know. The tips are arrows, this star is supposed to rise from Jerusalem, once the star has risen, the two horizontal lines below are then supposed to locate in their rightful place, those two blue lines are the Nile and Euphrates.
The tips of the arrow are then to be fired off in all directions across the globe and meet each other again.
So to recap, Jerusalem first, second, Nile to Euphrates and three, the rest of the world that they have to capture.
In their global pursuit, they have ranked the people of the world into three categories. In their vision, the people of the world are classified into three categories, the first class, the second class and the third class people.
The first class are themselves, the Jews, the Israelites, they think God has created the world for them only, God has told them to conquer the world and folded his arms on his chest waiting for them to conquer the world. God cant put his arms down until they have conquered the world. This is the summary of what they say.
The second class people according to them are those who are not of the Jewish race, they are not the children of Jacob, but accept that the Jews to be the first class, these are the second class citizens. They have the right to live, so long as they serve the Israelites. They have to be the servants of the Jews as it says in their Talmud: 'Just as you feed and care for a horse to give you a ride, help the stranger who lives near you and accepts you by feeding him, so that he serves you.'
So the second class citizens are the non-Jews who accept the superiority of the Jews and serve them.
Now the third class citizens are those who are not Jewish and they don't accept the Jewish supremacy.  They say who says all this? God has created all men as equal.
What do Jews think these people deserve? One metre below the surface of the earth for them they say! This is from the Talmud: 'kill them as cheap as possible. If you can kill them by stones do not kill them by your sword, for you blunt your sword.
So what category does that make us? Third class. In other words in the global rule by the Jews, the one people who must be completely annihilated are the Muslims.
Because Muslims do not accept the supremacy of the Jews, they must all be killed.
Let me tell you something now. Who benefits from the nuclear bomb in the world? whose is it?
You see the only school of faith, who for the sake of global rule, needs to kill on a mass scale, are the Jews. We are currently 1 billion and 400 million Muslims. No Muslim accepts the Jewish racial supremacy. So for the Jews to rule the world, they have to kill all the Muslims as they are instructed to do so. They have to kill 1 billion and 400 million Muslims. well if they try to kill so many people with ordinary weapons of destruction, with missiles and nuclear[sic] warheads, sorry with ordinary war heads, a typical non-nuclear war head, may weigh a tonne, if they use something like that, then may be 500 people will be killed.
But to kill 1 billion people you will need 10 million one tonne war heads. they don't even have a place to store them. So they will need a weapon that will annihilate on a massive scale, so that 400,000 people or 500,000 are killed in one go. Thats what nuclear bomb can do. Thats the sole purpose of nuclear bomb, its no good otherwise. And who needs to kill on such a large scale to rule the world? The Jews!
So the nuclear bomb belongs to them. Do you know who invented the nuclear bomb? It was Einstein!
Einstein was an honourable figure in mathematics but in the world of politics he was a disgrace, why? because he was a Zionist, he was Jewish and he was one of the founders of the state of Israel and they did not create the state of Israel until they tested the nuclear bomb, its theirs."
There you go, hope you get the gist of what is blared out of Iran's state TV.
Whats really confusing me now, is did Einstein embrace Shia Islam or was he a Zionist? There seems to be a clerical dispute over this matter!

Monday, July 07, 2014

When Shevardnadze Met Khomeini

Eduardo Shevardndze's demise today, reminded me of when he met Ayatollah Khomeini in 1989.
Khomeini had written a letter to Gorbachev, warning him of the imminent collapse of the Soviet Union and had called him to embrace Islam instead of Communism.


The Soviets with enormous benefits in keeping good relations with the Islamic Republic had decided to maintain a conciliatory and diplomatic response. In fact thousands of Iranian Communists were being executed in the Islamic Republic jails at this time and the Soviet Union was totally indifferent to the slaughter of thousands of young misled Iranians who looked at the USSR as the utopia of the working class masses! 

In this video, Shevardnadze starts with some over the top diplomatic flattery of Khomeini and then states  "your letter contained some in-depth philosophical context; all the soviet officials have read your letter; and without a doubt we agree with many fundamental issues but with some (of the issues) we can disagree"

Khomeini then replies "...but tell him that I wanted to open a bigger space in front of you". The translator however must have though what the hell is the Ayatollah on about and translates differently by saying "Thank you for your message, tell him that I would like to talk to him more about general matters."

While the conversation is still going on (interpreter is translating), Khomeini suddenly stands up to leave. Shevardnadze wants to continue with the conversation but  poor Shevardnadze and his delegation get totally confused as what to do, they stand up, Shevardnadze makes a sheepish bow and tries to at least offer a handshake, but Khomeini ignores him and places his hands behind his back, then makes a point of turning round and walking through the delegation without any customary pleasantries, not even an eye contact :))

The moral of the story is flattery and boot licking gets you nowhere with the Islamic Republic.

50 Lashes for Iranian Journalist, Marzieh Rasouli

Iranian journalist, Marzieh Rasouli, was first arrested two years ago, as part of a general crackdown on Iran's journalists.

Charged with the usual "Acting against the national security", Marzieh and two others were accused of being agents for the BBC Persian broadcasting.

Iranian State TV and its English speaking arm, Press TV, showed a documentary they called "Eye of the Fox", in which the accused journalists were shown making forced confessions on how they collaborated with the BBC Persian from inside Iran and "collected sensitive data".

At most, if any of these accusations were true, it is far less than the sort of things IRIB and Press TV reporters freely do in UK.

Marzieh Rasouli was freed on bail in February 2012. Today, she was summoned to serve her sentence; two tears imprisonment and 50 lashes.

Rahman Bouzari, another Iranian journalist, whose father is a Shia cleric and comes from a very religious family, received 74 lashes in August 2012.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Neda's Music Teacher Dies on the 5th Anniversary of her Death

Hamid Panahi seen here with Arash Hejazi
desperately trying to save Neda
Hamid Panahi, Neda Sultan's music teacher, who was with her during her last moments, died today. Chillingly, today also marks the 5th anniversary of the day Neda was killed.

Panahi was the man with the long white pony-tail hair who was heard in the video shouting "Neda stay, Neda don't be scared"

Neda's music teacher was put under intense pressure by the regime after the video went viral and displayed the cruelty of the Islamic Republic to the world. Panahi was interrogated and threatened for hours and finally succumbed to pressure to appear in a shameful Press TV documentary and say things that the regime wanted him to say.

Those close to Panahi say he went into a severe depression after he appeared on the Press TV program and never managed to get over it.

Panahi is seen here playing the piano and singing a song one year before Neda's death.
The song goes:
Her eyes were like a Sky of mirrors
She who faced me like a mirror
Damnation and torment on departing
The destiny of this departure was in His hands
Don't cry if destiny removed me from you
For it will once again join us together

Monday, June 09, 2014

The Absurd Drive to Increase Iran's Population

Figures and statistics from Iran's economy are indicative of an imminent collapse. Officials warn of water shortages, gas and electric shortages. The living standards of a people who live in a country which is the fourth largest oil producing country in the world has been steadily falling since the 1979 Islamic revolution and in the last 8 years, the decline in the standard of living of Iranian people has been tantamount to a free fall.

While Rouhani and his administration keep warning of the necessity to tighten the belts further, the Supreme Leader and his commissars are singing an entirely different tune, they want Iran's population to double. Iran's handpicked lawmakers who have had to go through the rigorous pre-selection by the unelected Guardian Council are intent on banning vasectomies, condoms and other birth control measures.

Any sane person would shake his head in disbelief at this paradox, How can doubling the population at a time when Iranians are told to either tighten their belts or face an economic abyss, make sense? Where is the money to support and sustain thispopulation explosion going to come from?

Clerics appearing on state TV curse the previous birth control programs.

They tell the faithful viewers “for the love of the holy Zahra and for the love of Imam Ali, the prince of the faithful, save yourselves from this ominous culture of one child or two children nonsense ” one cleric tells the viewers.

He encourages them to choose an auspicious Shiite number for the number of children they should have. “Have five children as in the Five of the Purest, or eight children as in the eighth Imam of the Shiites, the holy Imam Reza, the only Shiite Imam buried in Iran, or have twelve children in the name of the twelve Shiite Imams or fourteen in the names of the 'fourteen sinless' “

Imagine if every Iranian couple listened and had fourteen children in the names of the “Fourteen sinless”! - by the way only one of the fourteen sinless is a female!

So what is the cause of this madness? Is it simply yet another sign of sheer ignorance by the mullahs? Is it as some have suggested to make sure there are enough Shiite soldiers to fight a holy war? Are they expecting a holy war soon and fear being outnumbered? A cartoon by the exiled Iranian cartoonist, Mana Neystani, showing a Shiite combatant holding his wife like a rocket propelled grenade launcher firing children at the enemy through her legs went viral in the Iranian cyber space.


Or is this all simply a way to continue survival for the mullahs, as it is often the reason behind their mad policies? One thing ideological dictatorships hate most is a thriving middle class. An affluent middle class is moderate and shuns extremism, it is liberal minded and wants to be part of the mainstream world. The thing that worries the mullahs most is the striking contrast between themselves and the population. Anyone who travels to Iran can notice this contrast. This is a regime which does not represent the population. The two seem to be on different parallel universes. By keeping Iran's middle class a small minority, the mullahs will be able to rely on a poor majority which are easier to manipulate and easier to string along with meagre hand outs.

The declining Iranian middle class and its tragic consequences which will limit Iran's economic revival is an issue that the renowned Iranian economist, Mohsen Ranani often writes about. He refers to the systematic destruction of Iran's middle class as “historic treason”.


Ranani fears an increasing polarised class divide in Iran, a very rich small minority and a majority below the poverty line population.

Ranani wrote before Rouhani's second phase of targeted subsidy removals, “A bench test for the health of the Iranian middle class, is to see how many people will not bother to register to receive the cash handout program. If the number of those who did not register for the cash handout program is below five million, it means we have gone back to a pre-developing country period and we should be prepared for unpredictable social storms”

Less than 3 million Iranians, at the end, decided not to register for the cash hand out program

Monday, May 26, 2014

About the Director of the Iranian Version of the Happy Video

The end credits for the much publicised Iranian version of the Farrell Williams' "Happy Video", showed the director's name simply as "SOL". He was the only one of those involved in making the video, not to have his real name shown and was the last one who was arrested. He is also now the only one who has not been released on bail.

Sasan Soleimani, who was shown simply as "SOL" in the end credits of the video, was in fact actively involved in Rouhani's election campaign. In this article published before, he says he took all the studio photos of Rouhani used for his election campaign posters and banners. Soleimani also claims that it was him, who suggested the colour violet to become Rouhani's campaign colour.

Sasan Soleimani often argued with Iranian expats on the  social media chats, saying they should not paint such a bleak picture of Iran and that "things are not as bad as they suggest".

Perhaps some times you can not see the forest for the trees!

Sasan Soleimani seen with Rouhani, second from  the left

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Iranians Told to Have 5, 8, 12 or 14 Children!


Supreme Leader and his appointed clerics are intent on doubling Iran's population by curbing birth control measures but this cleric on Iranian State TV is appealing to the Shiite population inside and outside Iran to have up to 14 children.

"For the love of the holy Zahra and for the love of Imam Ali, the prince of the faithful, save yourselves from this ominous culture of one child or two children nonsense ” The cleric tells the viewers.

He encourages the Shiite population inside and outside Iran to choose an auspicious Shiite number for how many children they should have. “Have five children as in the Five of the Purest, or eight children as in the eighth Imam of the Shiites, the holy Imam Reza or have twelve children in the name of the twelve Shiite Imams or fourteen in the names of the 'Fourteen Sinless'  saints“.

Luckily, I fall outside of the "ominous culture of one or two children only" zone but still way to go to 14 :(

Monday, April 28, 2014

If They Are Iranian, Why are they Ashamed of Having Iranian Names?

videoAyatollah Montazeri, was once designated to replace Ayatollah Khomeini as the Supreme Leader of Iran, instead he ended up under house arrest for much of his later life and the man who was once destined to be the next Supreme Leader, died as a dissident under house arrest. 
Ayatollah Montazeri often said the Islamic Republic of Iran is neither Islamic nor a Republic" and I have always added,  "and it is neither Iranian".

The video above is one segment of the controversial documentary "I am Rouhani". It was made by the media agents of Tehran mayor, Ghalibaaf, in response to Rouhani telling Ghalibaaf "I am a lawyer and not a general", during the last televised presidential campaign debate. 
In that famous televised debate, Rouhani set out to show himself as a moderate man with a different approach to Ghalibaaf's harsh combative style. The full documentary about Rouhani, however shows that actually Rouhani has not always been such a moderate man that he now makes out to be, but I need another post to discuss the documentary in full.
For now, I have just posted a segment of the documentary where Rouhani explains why he changed his surname:
"when I entered the seminary school, my seminary student friends criticised my original surname, Fereydoun. They mocked me by saying, one day you will become an Ayatollah, how can an Ayatollah have a name like Fereydoun?" and so this led him to change his surname to Rouhani.

Fereydoun is a popular Iranian name, it is the name of a major figure in the Iranian mythology. The rightful king, who along with Kaveh the blacksmith, led the popular revolt against the tyrannical usurper, Zahak. 

If these people are Iranian, why are they ashamed of having Iranian names?