Friday, April 10, 2015

The Complete Translation of the Speech Made by the Supreme Leader

One may disagree with the utopia that the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic has in mind, but one has to admit that he is resolute and unwavering in leading the path to that utopia.

I got so fed up with the short cherry picked tweets about his speech, his first reaction to the Lausanne joint statement, that I set out to translate his entire speech myself, below:

"And now to the nuclear issue,

Some people ask the question, why isn't he [Khamenei] saying where he stands on the nuclear issue ?
the answer is there is no reason to make a stand. Our officials, our nuclear experts our advisors are telling us nothing has happened yet. Nothing binding between the two sides has taken place.
Where is there to stand? If they ask me are you for or against? I will say, I am neither for or against, because nothing has happened yet. The whole hard work will be on the details which they are to sit and individually discuss, this is what the officials have said too. Thats what they have told us and what they have said in their interviews, they told the people this. The difficult path all lies ahead after this.

It could be the opposite side is a stubborn, perfidious and untrustworthy side, they may be back stabbers and they may attempt to encircle our nation and our negotiators inside a ring later on, but there is nothing yet, nothing binding has been achieved.

this is meaningless when they congratulate me or congratulate others, what congratulations? What has been achieved so far is neither guaranteeing the principle of the agreement and neither the negotiations leading to an agreement, nor does it guarantee the contents of an agreement

It does not even guarantee that the negotiations will reach an end and lead to an agreement. This is what has happened so far. It all depends on what happens after this.

I will mention a few points about the nuclear issue:

I have never been optimistic about negotiations with the US. Not because of an illusion, but based on experience. We have experience, now if one day God willing, you [the audience] – for we will not be around on that day naturally, [Crowd cries and prays] . But you will be and if God willing read about the writings and the notes and the details of these negotiations, you will see where our experience has come from... we have experienced this, but despite the fact that I was not optimistic with negotiating with the Americans, I did not object to negotiations on specific issues and I agreed to them and I wholeheartedly backed our negotiators and I still support them.

I will fully support an agreement that supports the interests of our nation and the integrity of our nation, and I will welcome it. Let everyone know this. If someone says we are against reaching an agreement or a milestone in an agreement, then no they are telling lies.
If an agreement is reached that secures the interests of the nation and the country then I will be totally for it.
Although we have said before, not doing a deal is better than doing a bad deal. This is what the Americans say too. This formulae is a correct formulae. Not doing a deal that stampedes over the rights and esteem of our great nation is much more honourable than doing a bad deal.

The next thing is that I have not interfered in the details of the negotiations and I still will not. I will interfere in the overall issues, the main guidelines, the important frame works, the red lines..
I have always told these things to the country's officials, I told the respectful president with whom I have regular meetings, and on a few occasions to the respectful Minister of Foreign Affairs. The main and major guidelines.. The details and the small specifics, which have no affaect on the overall guidelines are not an issue, these are within their boundaries and they can work on these. To say the details of these negotiations are under the control of the leadership is not an accurate thing to say.

Of course I feel responsible regarding this issue and in no way am I indifferent. We have said all this to the public and said all this more completely to the officials.

Next thing is that I trust the negotiators, you should know this. I have no doubts about those who are doing the work, not so far and God willing not after this either, but at the same time I have serious concerns. These concerns are because the opposing side is extremely deceitful and lies and welches on agreements. Thats how they are. We saw one aspect of this after the recent negotiations. After our negotiators, just a few hours after, the White House statement was published to explain what was negotiated. This statement that they published and called it “factsheet” is in most cases contrary to the truth. In other words their narrative of what has been negotiated and agreed is a distorted and wrong narrative.

They brought this factsheet for me to see. Its 3,4 or 5 pages. These 4 or 5 pages were not made up in the two hours after the joint statement, they wrote this at the same time they were negotiating. You see thats what they are like. At the same time they are talking to you about issues that are being negotiated, they are working to come up with something which is contrary to what is being said between the two sides and as soon as your negotiations is finished they go and publish their own statement. Thats what they are like, they are cheaters, they are welches. They talk and then they say these are just to save face, so that they don't lose face in front of their opposition at home, they just write something.

Well thats nothing to do with us, what they have written for sure will not be our criteria. Of course they say the same things about us. They claimed after the negotiations the leadership may, to save face, express some opposition!
The non-believer thinks everyone has the same religion as him [Persian proverb] [audience chuckles]

We on the other hand speak to our people based on mutual trust. The people have trusted this humble meek person [himself] and I too trust every single person in this nation. I trust this mass movement, that God's hand is behind this movement, look at the anniversary of the revolution, in that cold, with all those difficulties, look at the Qods day, in that heat while people were fasting, what is it that brings our people to the streets? what do they gain by coming out on the streets? this is the hand of God. We see God and we trust this popular movement, this popular feeling, this popular honesty and this popular foresight and we talk to each other.

They [Americans] are of a different ilk and they assume we are like them. This is why, I, the humble servant, have these real concerns, about what they will do and how they will go on about it.

Next thing, some have been for and some against it in our press, in our cyber space sites, some admire and some oppose, we shouldn't rush things, I believe we shouldn't exaggerate either, we have to see what happens. I have said this to the officials, they should inform the public and especially the elite about the details, we have no secrets. This is the manifestation of empathy with the people.

Empathy is not something that can be imposed on the people, its not something that can be ordered,
you can't have someone order the people to empathise with the government and make the people say, Yes Sir! How can that be empathy?

Empathy is like a flower, is like a flower bulb, it has to be planted in the soil, then looked after, you have to water it, defend it from harm, so that this empathy grows, otherwise it wont happen.
This is what I advise everyone, now is a good opportunity for empathy, some are opposed and have objections, ok our officials who are honest people, who are interested in the interests of the nation,
, let them invite some of the notable opposers and listen to them, may be they have a point! And if they don't, then convince them, this will create that empathy. This will be unifying the hearts and actions.

They may say we only have three months, well three months may become four months, well the Sky won't fall if takes 4 months, like in the past they postponed things for 7 months. So what if the final decisions are delayed? Nothing will happen

Next thing is that in these negotiations which are partly with the Americans, these negotiations are only on the nuclear topic. That's it!

We have no other negotiations with the Americans on any other topics! None! Let all know. Neither on internal issues, regional issues or international issues. Its only nuclear issues.

This will be an experience for us, if the opposing side refrain from their wrong doings it will be a new experience for us, it will prove to us that we can negotiate with them on something else too.
Otherwise our past experience of them will be reinforced. And note that the side that opposes us, is not the rest of the world. I hear sometimes from our own people, and I have criticised it when they say “the international community opposes us”, there is no international community against us, its one America and three European countries, thats it! There is no one else that opposes us!

Only two years ago in our own capital we hosted more than 150 countries, we had 50 heads of state attend, for the non-aligned movement conference. That wasn't 100 years ago, it was two years ago. Thats the international community! This nonsense that the international community doesn't trust us, what international community?! The international community totally trusts us and even in these countries that oppose us, they have many people who do not agree with their governments.

Lastly, the things which I have demanded from the officials . I have had certain demands that I have relayed them to the officials
One is that they should know our nuclear achievements are a worthy achievement.
I want them to know this and not look at it as a trivial thing.
Nuclear industry for Iran is a necessity. This thing about some pseudo intellectuals writing things like “What do we need nuclear industry for?” this is a deceit This is like what some Iranian officials during the Qajar dynasty said about Oil. When the British had discovered oil in Iran and wanted to take it away, the Qajar official had said “what do we want this smelly substance for? Let them take it away”

Nuclear industry is a necessity for the country, for energy as well as medicinal purposes, as well as converting the saline sea water to fresh water and for many other demands in agriculture and others.
Nuclear industry is an advanced industry in the world.
Our own children have made this achievement by themselves, this was as a result of the explosion of their talents and capabilities.

Now some backward country claims “If Iran enriches then I want to have enrichment too” So go and have your enrichment!” [Crowd chuckles] Its not as if we have stopped you from doing it. It was our own talent, if you have the same talents within your nation, then go and do enrichment yourself
such childish excuses that some countries come up with!

enrichment and what has been achieved until today is extremely important this is not a trivial thing
These are only our preliminary steps in this industry, we need to make more progress, now there are some criminal states like America who have applied this knowledge to nuclear weapons and used it or have tested it like France, only 10-12 years ago, France carried out three nuclear tests in the ocean, testing which is destructive, testing that damages the sea environment, three very dangerous tests, and yet only a minor public controversy and soon everyone was made to shut up. Who are they to tell us off?!

We are not after creating nuclear explosions, nuclear tests or nuclear weapons, not because of what they say but because we have chosen not to. For the sake of our religion and for the sake of our own wisdom. This is our religious fatwa and this is our rational fatwa too.

Our rational fatwa is that we do not need nuclear weapons neither today, tomorrow or ever and nuclear weapons are a cause of trouble for us, for our country ,which we can talk about more at another time.

Our next demand from our officials is that we have told them “Do not trust the other side”
Fortunately, recently one of the respected officials explicitly did say that we have no trust for the opposing side and for me this is very good to hear.

We said do not trust the other side, do not be taken in by their smiles, do not trust their promises, when their donkey has passed the bridge they will turn around and laugh at your beard. Thats how hideous they are.

Look at how when today some kind of understanding has been reached, a note has been written or a joint statement has been made with no legal bindings, right away you saw the American president appear on their TV so full of himself.

Next issue ,which we have told the officials and so we will tell the people too, is that during the next few months, where the important details are discussed, what must happen is that sanctions must fully and in one go must be cancelled. This thing that sanctions will be cancelled 6 months later, one of them says 6 months, another one says oh it may take a year, and another one says it may even take longer than a year, this is their usual game plays, none of these ae worth consideration or trustworthy, if God willing they managed to reach an agreement then on that very day of the agreement, then all sanctions must be completely abolished. This has to happen
[crowds chant: Allah Akbar, Khamenei is the leader, death to those who oppose the Supreme Leader, Death to America, Death to England, Death to hypocrites, Death to Israel]

If it is to be that the sanctions be cancelled until the end of yet another process, then why did we even start the negotiations? What was all the negotiating and talking and arguing for? It was all for having the sanctions removed. If they want to link this to something, it is in no way acceptable.

The next issue which we notified the officials and we also let you in on, is that under no circumstances, should they under the excuse of monitoring and inspection, penetrate into our security and defence privacy. No way!
[chants Khamenei is the leader, death tho those who oppose the Supreme Leader, Death to america, Death to England, Death to the Hypocrites, Death to Israel]

The military chiefs of our country under no circumstances should feel obliged, under the excuse of
monitoring and inspection and such like, let foreigners have access to our defence and security places or pause the defensive development of the country.
The defence development and capability of the country is the mighty fist of the nation and it needs to remain strong and become stronger.

Or our support for our brothers involved in the resistance movements across the globe must not be tarnished.
No non-standard monitoring or inspection that treats the Islamic republic as a special case will be tolerated. Only the standard inspection which is the norm every where else will be acceptable here and nothing more.
Further research and development into the nuclear field should in no way be stopped, may be we will accept a few limitations, we are ok with that, but the technical development must be continued with more fervour than before.

These are the things we have told our officials in regular meetings in the last year and half that we have with the respected president and occasionally to our respected foreign minister.

These are my principal demands now how they achieve these, thats up to them. Let them go and find the best methods of negotiations and benefit from the most informed and trustworthy , listen to the critics and achieve what needs to be done.

So thats the nuclear issues, now the issue of Yemen, the Saudis have laid a bad cornerstone in the region and of course they have made a mistake, what the Saudis are doing in Yemen is exactly what the Zionists did in Gaza.

There is two issues about this, one is that this is a crime, it is genocide, it is worthy of international investigation, thats one dimension of the issue, they kill children, destroy houses, destroy the infrastructure and the national assets of a country, well this is all a great crime, the other dimension however is that the Saudis will face a loss in this. In no way, will they be victorious.
[crowds chant Allah Akbar]

There is a very obvious reason why they will be defeated, the reason is the military capabilities of the Zionists is several times that of the Saudi so and so's [crowds chuckle]

Zionists had several times their military capability and they faced a tiny Gaza, here the Saudis face a country made up of tens of millions, a nation, a vast land and country, if they [the Zionists] could become victorious over there [Gaza] then these [Saudis] can be victorious here [Yemen]
Of course even if they [Zionists] could have won, the chances for these [Saudis] is zero! Now it is below zero!
[Crowds chuckle]

The Saudi will definitely receive a blow, for sure the Saudi noses will be rubbed on the ground,
[Crowds show appreciation]

We have several differences with the Saudis on many political issues, but we always used to say the Saudis show some dignity and grace in their foreign policy, they have lost this too now.
A few inexperienced youngsters have taken over the running affairs of that country and their savage side is winning over their serene appearances.
This wil be a loss to them. I warn the Saudis they must refrain from their criminal act in Yemen. This is not acceptable in this region.

[chants Khamenei is the leader, death tho those who oppose the Supreme Leader, Death to america, Death to England, Death to the Hypocrites, Death to Israel]

And the US of course supports them too, this is the nature of America, they always back the tyrants instead of taking the side of the downtrodden. This is their nature and they are dong the same here too. But they will receive a knock, they will be defeated.

Now they will make a hoo-ha that Iran is interfering in Yemen, yes we say a couple of words and they call this interference, yet their criminal planes have made the skies of Yemen unsafe and thats not interference?

The excuses they come up with is neither acceptable according to the international law, nor do nations accept them and nor does God accept these excuses.

The nation of Yemen is an ancient nation, its a great nation with thousand years of history, this nation has the capacity and capability to decide for itself. Of course some have tried to create a power vaccum and repeat the sort of things that has happened in Libya, there is a disastrous bad situation in Libya and they wanted to repeat a similar scenario in Yemen, but fortunately they were unable, a faithful and enthusiastic youth were able to stand up to them, Shiites and Sunnis and all sects stood up to them and God willing they will be victorious and victory belongs to the nations.

Lord make our brethren wherever they are victorious
Lord destroy all the enemies of Islam and enemies of Muslim nations wherever they are
Lord acquaint us with our duties
Lord make us perform our duties

Thursday, March 19, 2015

"The Chicken Vaccine Invented by the English and the Jews That Shrinks Iranian Male Penises"

The guy in this video [Dr. Ravazadeh] has been on the Iranian State TV on a number of occasions. He is introduced to the viewers as an alternative doctor, promoting traditional Islamic medicine and herbs. Western medicine according to this alternative doctor is part of the overall conspiracy to subdue and control the Iranian population. His outrageous claims often go viral on the Iranian social media, but perhaps this is the most outrageous of them all, so far:

Here he claims the "English and the Jews have created a vaccine for chickens" and the chickens which have been injected with this vaccine cause the male genitals of Iranian males to shrink to a mere 2cm.

He further adds "This is why most Iranian males today aged between 18-25 have tiny 2cm penises and divorce is so rife in Iran".

No one in the audience, some of them male and aged between 18-25, challenges his claims.

Well with the price of chicken sky rocketing in recent times, what better way to reduce the demand for chicken than to scare an average male Iranian that eating chicken will cause his penis to shrink?!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Who Does Obama Invite to the White House?

Although the guest list to the recent White House Nowruz party is not made public, but somehow the cat got out of the bag and it was revealed that NIAC's research director, Reza Marashi and its founder, Trita Parsi were amongst the guests.

This selfie at the White House Nowruz party was taken by NIAC's founder and then tweeted by the Iran lobby organisation's research director, Reza Marashi.

NIAC were behind spreading the lie that US sanctions were responsible for the medicine crisis in Iran. Even though Iran's own Health Minister at the time, who was later dismissed by Ahmadienjad, repeatedly and explicitly said that the medicine crisis was nothing to do with sanctions.

I have written in the past about NIAC and how they tried to cash in on their lie:

Central to Obama's gigantic failures in the Middle East was when he tried to seek moderate Muslim groups and was then badly advised that the Muslim Brotherhood were a moderate Muslim group (probably because they wear ties!)

It seems on Iran, Obama is also wrongly advised as to who is friend and who is foe and he cosies up to people who spread lies about his administration's policies. Well with friends like that who needs enemies?!
No wonder Obama administration's foreign policy is in such a mess.
Throughout the 2009 protests in Iran, the people of Iran chanted "Obama, Are you with them or are you with us?" Well it seems the answer is obvious.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Interesting Comment on the Haleh Afshar Post

It is now 7 years since I wrote this post about the pretentious Baroness Haleh Afshar, the aristocratic Marxist pretender who now thrives on acting as the reborn Shia Muslim feminist, but last week someone left an interesting comment on that post, which I thought should be shared.
I would also like the person who left the comment to get in touch and provide me with more details.

Here is the comment:
Lol @ standing outside Rowntrees in a Chanel suit trying to get the workers to go on strike! I bet she was told to fuck off in no uncertain terms. She's the textbook example of overpriveleged twat playing at "radical politics. She could afford to go on strike(If she ever did a proper days work in her life!) because her and her family managed to smuggle all their inherited wealth out of Iran. She spends her time hobnobbing with the upper middle classes and leftist academics pretending to give a fuck about the proletariat. She definitely isn't a Muslim in any real sense of the word, it's just a label she uses to give her more appeal amongst ordinary people. Her son recently spent time in prison for a race hate attack(you couldn't make this shit up!) guessed it Muslims!!! She really is a poster girl for the shallow,overpriveleged faux revolutionarys that pollute the left. Don't anyone be fooled by this odious woman. At heart shes just an entitled snob who is interested solely in her own career and the status it brings. She definitely doesn't represent Iranians or Muslim women. The most revolutionary thing she ever did was probably go visit her son in the nick. I'm sure it made her unconfortable being around all those working class people. That's the ultimate hypocrisy with her ilk. They claim to be Marxists etc. Yet they despise the working class. Fun fact. Recently a relative of hers died and she and her family were left a small fortune! This wasn't a close relative,I'm talking a distant relative. Goes to show you how much the shah and the Iranian aristocrats and landowners managed to drain out of Iran. If she really wants to help, how about returning some of her aristocratic inheritance returned to the land it was bled out if! Didn't think so you old witch! Instead she'll sit in the house of lords at the taxpayers expense going and eating in Michelin starred restaurants with the establishment cronies pretending she has anything in common with normal people. Oh and I've met her, she's also incredibly stuck up and rude in person!

Monday, February 16, 2015

The Great Problem of Ignorance

Appearing at the Atlantic Council in Washington, DC last week, former six-term congressman Rep. Jim Slattery (D-KS) said: “One of the great problems we have to overcome right now is ignorance, individuals in both countries have poor knowledge of each other."

Jim Slattery was making the speech at the Atlantic Council after being the first former US congressman who has visited Iran since 1979. It seems however that all his 'interaction' attempts with the Islamic Republic officials has done nothing to diminish his own ignorance of the ruling religious dictatorship in Iran.

Even before his visit to Iran, Slattery has been doing his best to "interact" with the Islamic Republic officials through the Abrahamic Dialogue interfaith initiative, yet astonishingly, it seems no amount of "interaction" is helping to reduce his sheer ignorance on the nature of the ruling theocracy in Iran.

The Kansas Democrat seems to think he has found a commonality with his counterparts in Iran, religion! “Religion is a big part of their life, just as it is in Kansas”  Slattery told the think tank audience. One would assume on the basis of this commonality he has discovered, he will in the near future, also initiate one of his "interaction" trips with the representatives of the Islamic State, as religion seems to be a big part of their life too.

"the one thing they [Islamic Republic officials] yearn for, is respect,” Jim Slattery, the former Democrat representative shared his new found wisdom with the Atlantic Council think tank. The mind boggles at the stupidity of these Western do-gooders and how easily they can be fooled. I wonder as part of his "interaction tour", whether the former Democrat Congressman, also attended one of the Friday Prayer sermons held across Iran, where the faithful are urged to chant "Death to America!" during every Friday prayer, perhaps he would then been wiser as to what was really meant by "yearning respect". 

All this stupidity and ignorance reminds me of a time when I, myself, met some of the US State Dept officials at the time of George Bush's presidency. I was told straight away by one of them that "the US foreign policy was not about regime change in Iran, instead it was about changing the behaviour of the regime", to which I replied "Ah thats good! and how do you intend to change their behaviour?" 
"We have a website!" The US State Dept official replied. I was shown a website in Persian which promoted democracy and civil society and I assume the hapless diplomat thought that eventually the Iranian ruling clergy will stumble on this wonderful website and find the benefits and advantages of democracy and in time it will lead to a change of their behaviour.
The only words I could find to say at the time was "Well, Good Luck!" and all I can say to the likes of Jim Slattery who attended a conference in Tehran on "combatting violence and extremism" is also "Well, Good Luck!". As I am sure if former Kansas Congressman was around at the time of Hitler, he may have also attended a conference organised by the Nazis on how to combat violence and extremism and came back and told his audience of well wishers, "All the Nazis yearn for is respect!"

Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Whose side are you on, you fools?

13th September, 2014. The Iranian national volleyball team is playing in Poland. Amongst the crowds, there is one female Iranian fan, who has not succumbed to the suppression of her national symbols by the Islamic Republic occupiers of Iran. Darya Safaei, as in all the other volleyball matches she attends to, is waving the true national flag of Iran - the green, white and red tri-colour with the historic Sun and Lion symbol in the middle, the true flag of her fatherland. She is also holding a poster of Ghoncheh Ghavami, the girl who was arrested in Iran after attempting to watch a volleyball match.

This is all too much for the Islamic Republic security agents. An intelligence agent of the regime who is leading the Islamic Republic supporters in the crowd, wearing their head scarves and waving their phoney flags, calls a spectator to tell Darya, if she does not bring her flag down, she will be severely dealt with and the stadium stewards will obey his command to remove her.

The dumb Polish officials then move in to obey the instructions handed to them by the Islamic Republic agent. Yet the steadfast Iranian lioness stands her ground and tells them "This is my flag! I will not move!". Another spectator, who unlike the mushy-brained stewards understands what is going on, tries to intervene and yells at the uniformed order-taker "Are you with the Islamic Republic?" 

Darya keeps telling the Polish stewards "That's my flag!" and the idiot steward pumped up on ignorance dares to tell her "No!" and again Darya is not intimidated and the Islamic Republic state TV is resigned to show images of the Sun and Lion flags during the match.

My blood boils when I watch these scenes and I feel ashamed I was not there to help Darya.  I feel ashamed that I was not in the stadium to wrap the steward's ID sling around his neck. I want to yell at these dumb Polish stadium stewards, "Whose fucking side are you on, you dumb asses? Have you forgotten what it was like when your own national symbols were suppressed by the Nazi and the Soviet occupiers?"

Friday, January 16, 2015

Question I asked at the Frontline Club in Jan 2014

Question I asked at the Frontline Club a year ago, on how the new oil exploration technology will change the supply and demand of oil and how it will effect Iran's economy: