Thursday, March 31, 2011

Mir Hussein's Father Passed Away

Mir Hussein Moussavi's father, Mir Ismael,  passed away yesterday while he was still incarcerated along with his wife. Mir Ismael's last words in Azeri were 'Mir Hussein harda di, nia galmir?' - Where is Mir Hussein? Why is he not coming?

During the 1979 revolution, the Supreme Leader, Ali Khamenei, used Mir Ismael's house as a hideout. Thirty two years later, this is how the Supreme Leader repaid his debt, by incarcerating Mir Ismael's son and daughter-in-law and preventing them from being with Mir Ismael during his last hour.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Syria's Iman Al-Obeidi

Dictatorships are dab hands at organising rent a crowd mobs for their state cameras, making out the hired mobs are spontaneous outbursts of popular love and affection for the dictator, but it only takes the courage of one person to show how false they all are. Here a Syrian lioness, shows exceptional courage in the middle of thousands of Bashar Assad's procured supporters on live TV and it takes tens of Bashar's security men to subdue her. Little they realise that they have lost the game already, the courage of one woman has spoiled their party:

A Tribute to Iranian Bazaar Merchant, Mohsen Dogmehchi

Iran's bazaar merchants do not have a good reputation. They are conceived by most Iranians to be wealthy individuals with their own interests as their top priority. A conservative cast who embody resistance to change and modernity, rarely thinking about other fellow human beings.

A typical Iranian bazaar merchant is someone who wears his religious piety on his sleeves, with the sole aim of furthering his own goals. They have been the prime source of funding for the clerics for centuries and they played an important role in the 1979 revolution. Their motives was nothing noble however, by funding the clerics, they thought they were investing in their after life and at the same time fighting back modernisation.

In a typical Iranian bazaar merchant's house, you will be lucky to find any books, instead what money they have not hoarded, they would spend on items which may increase in value and mostly hidden away. For this stratum of the Iranian society, despite their wealth, they are even clueless in how to enjoy their money. As always of course, there are exceptions to the rule. The Iranian bazaar merchant, Mohsen Dogmechi was a huge exception to this rule.

Mohsen Dogmehchi, was a bazaar merchant who helped the families of Iran's political prisoners. A crime intolerable for the revolution savvy Islamic Republic of Iran, hell bent on crushing any sign of resistance or human charity. The evil Judge Salavati sentenced him to 10 years imprisonment in August 2009, purely for helping the families of political prisoners in Iran. He was first incarcerated in the notorious Evin prison and later transferred to the even worse prison near Karaj.

Monday, March 28, 2011

The Courage of Iman Al-Obeidi

So many crimes and atrocities by the despotic regimes around the world go unnoticed. Thanks to technology like mobile phones with cameras, the world today is witnessing some of these human rights abuses in these despotic countries. So much still goes unnoticed and what we are seeing today is still the tip of the iceberg.

Technology on its own is useless however, without the courage of the individuals who apply it. The courage of protesters, citizen journalists and the likes of Iman Al-Obeidi who tell the world about the crimes committed by these tyrannical regimes.

Iman Al-Obeidi must have known what will happen to her once she described her ordeal and the kinds of despicable crimes which go on in Libyan prisons. She must have known the group of journalists with cameras at the Rixos hotel will be no match for the government minders and security thugs with knives and guns and that she would be facing her terrible ordeal all over again. Iman Al-Obeidi however consciously decided that the world must know what the Libyan regime is about. A tyranny of one mad man who is prepared to sanction his security thugs to gang rape a citizen and then urinate and defecate on her.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Syrian Uprising

Our Syrian brothers and sisters, our hearts are with you. Stand firm against the Islamic Republic backed despot. No ruler should rule forever.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Close OFCOM Now! Sack Adam Baxter

OFCOM has once again ruled in favour of Press TV: See:

This time, Adam Baxter, OFCOM's standards executive, has decided
"Given the broadcaster's assurances that both Sakineh Ashtiani and her son willingly participated in this programme, we considered that the context was not materially misleading so as to cause harm and offence,"

Have you ever come across a more clueless and stupid executive than Adam Baxter? Who on earth would take Press TV's assurance that Sakineh and her son, Sajjad were willing participants in the program? Did Adam Baxter go to Iran and interview Sakineh and Sajjad himself? If they were so willing, then why were no foreign reporters allowed to interview them?

And how can Adam Baxter accept such assurance, when Maziar Bahari, held and tortured in Iran after last June's protests, has already referred Iran's Press TV to Ofcom after it sent a journalist to cover his interrogation in prison?

OFCOM's Tel: 0300 123 3333 or 020 7981 3040
OFCOM's email: or

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

STW, No Enthusiasm for the Syrian Protests?

At the height of Iran's Green Movement protests, Stop the War Coalition scum either remained silent or some members even backed the Ahmadinejad administration openly in their meetings. Those who remained silent justified their silence by saying they are predominantly an anti-war organisation and no war or invasion was taking place in Iran. Now that would have been a fair enough excuse had they been consistent and not been so active in supporting the anti-Mubarak opposition, and I am talking about even before the Egyptian revolution and at the same time they were refusing to back the Iranian anti-regime protests.

During the Egyptian uprising, Stop the War Coalition were full of it, organising rallies and meetings left, right and centre. Had a war taken place in Egypt? Was Egypt invaded? None of that was relevant to the likes of Lindsey German the tape recorder, what mattered was that the Egyptian protests fitted with the agenda of the STW's leadership. They are not against war, they are not against massacres, they are not for liberty and freedom, they are about an agenda pursued by self hating rich Western kids who will support any anti-Western dictator.

And to prove the point, is their further lack of enthusiasm in supporting the recent protests in Syria:

Nowruz in Shiraz: Death to Dictator

People of Shiraz greet the Iranian New Year in their own way:

Death to Dictator
Freedom, Freedom, The Cry of All Iranians
Mubarak, Ben Ali, Its Your Turn Next Seyyed Ali (Supreme Leader)

Happy Nowruz, Our Martyred Brothers

The Most Disgusting Atrocity I Have Ever Watched

Its Nowrooz, the Iranian new year, the first day of the spring and the time when the new replaces the old. Its a time for celebration of life and its continuity. This year, even in London, the weather has been good. Yesterday it was clear blue sky in the morning and one could feel the warmth of the sun. No blossoms as yet but I could feel Nowruz was in the air. As I browsed through my emails yesterday, I tried to answer the Nowruz greetings but there was one email which was not about Nowruz. It was about a horrific act by a group of Neanderthals in Indonesia. The most brutal and savage killing of fellow human beings by other human beings I have ever watched on video. This despicable atrocity took place in February, but I must have been so consumed with the recent Iran and Middle East news that it was only yesterday I came to know about it.

It shows a group of extremist Muslims attacking a residence of another group of Muslims, belonging to the Ahmadiya sect, dragging them out and savagely beating them to death in front of the eyes of the incompetent local police.

How can any human being so mercilessly beat a helpless fellow human being to death? and over what? You belong to a different sect of Muslims than me!! But most importantly where are the Muslim religious leaders? Where are the fatwas they are usually so eager to issue over someone's words or drawings? Which is worse? I hope the Indonesian authorities will punish the perpetrators of this crime, for otherwise Indonesian Muslims will bear the shame of this savagery for a long time to come.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Joy of People in Benghazi

These scenes must have made Workers Revolutionary Party and Stop the War Coalition leaders pull their hair out. I can just visualise them saying how dare the people in Libya reject Colonel Gadaffi, what do they know about "scientific socialism"? :)))

Another Chaharshanbeh Suri, Another Defiance of Supreme Leader's Fatwa

More than 30 videos of Iranian people celebrating the ancient Iranian fire festival and protesting against the regime throughout Iran. After three decades of mullahs trying to ban Chaharshanbeh Suri, the fire of Zoroaster still burns on and a nation cries Iran Will Never Die.

Why I Back Intervention Against Gadaffi

I have never backed intervention to overthrow the Islamic Republic but there are times when intervention is necessary to get rid of the most evil regimes engaged in genocide. Had it not been because of the military intervention by the Vietnamese, Pol Pot's Khmer Rouge, would still be in power now and millions of Cambodians would continue to die or live under the most miserable conditions.

Other examples that come to mind are the overthrow of the Talibans in Afghanistan and the Nazis in Germany and military intervention to save Bosnians. In other words when a regime is so evil that it engages in ethnic cleansing and mass genocide, and does not allow the slightest dissent but uses maximum force to crush protests, there is every justification for a military intervention to save fellow human beings.

If Gadaffi and his clan regain the control of the rest of Libya, there will be a massacre. If the world sits by and allows Gadaffi to bombard its own people in order to survive, it will send a devastating message to other dictatorships, use maximum brutality, do not give any concessions and you will survive.

Gadaffi's survival will embolden the rest of the dictators and will mean long term misery for people living under tyrannies. Military intervention in Libya to stop the madman Gadaffi is well and truly justified.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Never Forget Halabja

Today is the anniversary of the massacre of men, women and children in Halabja by Saddam Hussein. Never forget Saddam's crimes:

and those who saluted his "courage" in murdering children"

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Jahanchahi the Pillock Sinks to New Depths

Narcissist Iranian expat millionaire, Amir Hossein Jahanchahi, who has been trying to pose himself as an influential player in the opposition to the Islamic Republic with his two man team known as the "Green Wave" has sunk into new depths by slandering one of the defected diplomats as an IRI infiltrator.

Farzad Farhangian, the Iranian diplomat who defected from his post as the Islamic Republic's embassy press attache in Brussels, left Brussels for Norway, fearing for his safety and that of his family in Belgium. At the time, Jahanchahi obsessed with seeing his name and picture in the media, duped some media outlets that he had been behind the defection and had been funding Farhangian as well as advising him on immigration and security arrangements. One year after Jahanchahi's constant false claims in pretending that he is behind the defections, the defected diplomats issued an explicit statement that denied Jahanchahi's claims and that they have anything to do with the two man team known as the "Green Wave".

Last week, the Norwegian authorities deported Farhangian and his family back to Belgium, as part of the Dublin Convention. Basically the Dublin convention means if Farhangian applied for asylum in Belgium and Belgium is regarded as a safe country, his asylum should be decided by Belgium.

Jahanchahi however, enraged by the diplomats denouncing his claims, has published an article on his site  claiming that Farhangian was deported from Norway because the Norwegian authorities had identified him as an IRI infiltrator! Jahanchahi also writes that all the defected diplomats who issued the statement against him have been expelled from the Green Embassy Campaign!!

The defection of the diplomats was a source of joy for the Iranian public, it was another sign that the Iranian regime was crumbling, but once again a dubious Iranian millionaire, who for the last three decades had not cared about any of the injustices taking place in Iran has tried to smear and tarnish the reputation of these former diplomats for his own obsessions of vanity.

The defected diplomats are men of integrity who gave up their position and all their privileges to stand by the people of Iran, despite all the consequences of hardship they faced as the result of their defection.  Jahanchahi's attempts to tarnish them will get him nowhere other than expose him for what he is, a conceited self loving impostor who does not realise reputation and integrity are more important than money.

Iran's Young Poetess to Face Trial

Islamic Republic's intelligence ministry have filed a case against Hila Sedighi, Iran's young and beautiful poetess whose passionate political poetry recitals have stirred the deepest emotions amongst Iranians.

Hila Sedighi, a pro-Moussavi campaigner in the elections, has been interrogated for up to 10 to 11 hours a day in the last three months, on an almost daily basis.

Security agents have raided her house and took away her personal belongings and she now awaits her trial. Hila has responded by saying she will not accept any charges made against her and she has always acted within the framework of the country's laws.

Hila's video clips of her poetry recitals on youtube and facebook have received hits well above 100,000.

Below is one on youtube with subtitles (not a good translation)

and another one of her masterpieces which I have tried to translate myself

My Homeland,
The Magical Land
The Heart of the Middle East
Your Name, Your History and Your Men are Immortal
I am an Iranian woman, Iranian just like you
I am patient and I am proud too
I am your daughter
I am an Iranian woman like Shirin
Tahmineh's sister and in the same stories from Parvin and Pouran
I am an Iranian woman, a civilised person
I am a Daughter of Persia
and I roar like the sea
I am the Gulf, the Forever Persian Gulf
I am an Iranian woman
I have a spring full of grace
Like the water behind the Sivand Dam
I have as much tears behind my eyes
I am an Iranian woman
I mould you with the blocks of my soul
I raise and hold up your crown
With pillars made of my bones
I am an Iranian woman
Iranian like you
I am patient and I am proud too
I am your daughter 

Friday, March 11, 2011

Liar, Liar! Your Pants Are on Fire

Galloway tries to distance himself from Ahmadinejad in LSE. I think he owes our friend, Amir a thousand pounds. One can't ask for more witnesses than that

Workers Revolutionary Party: Victory to Gaddaffi!!!

I honestly didn't think the Marxist-Leninist-Trotskyist Workers Revolutionary Party existed any more. I thought it was some UK leftist group funded by the Libyan dictator which existed in the eighties and then disbanded as a result of internal strife. Apart from open admission that they received funding from Libya, WRP had  celebrity members like the Oscar winner British actress, Vanessa Redgrave, one of my earliest introductions to prominent useful idiots in the West.

Vanessa Redgrave's brother Corin Redgrave, also a celebrity actor, let his villa in Derbyshire to be used by the WRP as a venue for "training".

This morning however, as I was following the latest Libya news, I learned two new facts. Firstly, Workers Revolutionary Party still exists and it still vehemently supports Gaddaffi. See their editorial on their website, "Victory to Gaddaffi!!". Victory in what?? In killing his people and continuing his dynasty?

Secondly, Vanessa Redgrave, has been awarded a CBE, Commander of the British Empire. So much for her Left wing principles! Meanwhile as these rich useful idiots play their fantasy revolutionary games, and make up their own scenarios of oppressed people's champions, Gaddaffi's troops continue with their massacre of their own people. Below is a footage of a tank which has overrun a car with passengers inside the car:

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Millionaire Expat, Jahanchahi Stains the Defected Diplomat Campaign

I have only met the Iranian billionaire, Jahanchahi once, in a meeting he held in South West London. The meeting was attended by a handful of mainly over seventy year old Iranian expats, who each in turn, having smelled the possibility of a cash handout, tried to flatter the money-man in some way. One praised his strength and courage, one praised his resolute tone in his speech, one praised his good looks and said it was fit for leadership! The adulation was stomach churning and when I asked him what he thought opposition activists outside Iran should do, his answer convinced me that this guy does not have a clue, and just like some of the other super rich Iranian expats, I have been unfortunate enough to bump into every now and then, his motives were also mainly narcissism and self promotion. Just looking at his website and realising how many times he mentions his own name and displays his picture, will confirm my claims of his narcissism.  Here was another rich Iranian expat who thought just because he had been a successful businessman, he could also overthrow the Islamic Republic.

In that meeting, Jahanchahi tried to make a big song and dance about being able to meet Western statesman if he simply clicked his fingers. Others reacted with their exaggerated facial expressions to make sure Jahanchahi saw how impressed they were. I thought so what? I meet lots of politicians and media people, meeting people is not a big deal, its getting them to do something which counts.

It seemed to me, Jahanchahi having sensed that Iran is about to change, wanted to ride the wave and appropriately he called his group, the Green Wave. He declared that his plan to overthrow the Islamic Republic was buying the regime officials. Here was this rich kid who thought he had so much money, he could buy the regime officials one by one.

When the Iranian diplomats started defecting, Jahanchahi claimed he was behind the defections and he was helping the defected diplomats by arranging their immigration issues, security arrangements and also helping them financially.

When I first heard the Iranian diplomat in Japan was facing deportation from Japan, I heard Jahanchahi was helping him and was bringing the diplomat to France. When I contacted the diplomat in Japan and asked if Jahanchahi was helping him? The diplomat's response was, 'who is Jahanchahi? I have never heard of him'

The total cash donated by Jahanchahi ever since the first diplomat defected was 100 Euros towards a press conference costs, which was given back to him afterwards. All security arrangements were made by the defected diplomats themselves and their host authorities and as far as immigration issues, some like Farhangian, who defected from his post in Belgium, face serious difficulties and uncertain future.

The last diplomat who defected from his post in Italy, has more or less been kidnapped by Jahanchahi. No one is able to contact him, including the former senior diplomats who defected and joined the campaign. The defected diplomats have not even been able to convey to the latest defector, Ahmad Maleki, that Jahanchahi is nothing to do with their campaign. Hossein Alizadeh, the senior Iranian diplomat who defected from his post in Helsinki, was turned away from the five star hotel in Paris, where Jahanchahi had arranged the press conference for Maleki.

Finally the Green diplomats have had enough and issued two statements in recent days, where they categorically deny he Green Wave being behind their defections in any way. I hope the campaign will move forward from here on, but inevitably Jahnachahi has managed to stain the campaign and undoubtedly discouraged many more diplomats from defecting.

Friday, March 04, 2011

Kidnapping at the Highest Level

Saham News reports eye witnesses have reported the mysterious aid close to the Supreme Leader, known as Vahid, to have been personally involved and led the kidnap of Karroubi and his wife, Fatemeh.

Vahid Haghanian, more commonly known simply as Vahid, is the deputy executive of the Supreme Leader's office. He has become known as an influential figure whose duties include co-ordination of various military, political and security units as well as delivering the Supreme Leader's messages. He is said to be the Supreme Leader's right hand man and yet very little is known about him. None of the better known people around the Supreme Leader have ever commented or mentioned anything about him in their memoires.

First pictures of Vahid ever seen in public were during Ahmadienjad's inauguration, where he was seen handing the presidency edict to the Supreme Leader, a task normally carried out by either the former president or the head of the Assembly of Experts.

Good Luck Negotiating with this Pinocchio

Tuesday's Protests

Been so busy, I have not been able to write about the protests which took place on Tuesday across several Iranian cities. Here is a summary translation of how a friend on the ground described the events on Tuesday:

The movement in spreading. Government has been able to localize its censorship and can cut Internet, telephone and communication of different parts of the city separately (in Tehran at least). Islam Shahr uprising shows that the movement is spreading everywhere. Ayatollah Dastgheib's showdown with Ayatollah Khamenei shows that a growing (however slow) number of religious leaders are breaking away from the system. The regime is increasing the brutality. I heard gun shots but did not see anyone with gunshot wound. Yesterday evening was extremely cold and rainy and dark so it was hard to keep up with the visual aspect of the events. The guards are becoming extremely ruthless and they are bringing some new forces which look very strange. I mean we already know how a ruthless bastard Islamic radical guard looks and the way their eyes look at you as if there is nothing behind their eyes except an empty black void, but these people were mixed with the rest of the police and normal anti-riot police (that are just doing their job); now there are more of these "psychopath looking weirdos" and some of them don't even speak Persian.

On the negative side, it is inevitable that the peaceful movement will turn violent in the days to come. The regime is leaving no other option for the people.

Footages from Tuesday protests:

Nawab Street Protests:
[Independence, Freedom, an Iranian Republic]

Forsat Street: [Death to the Dictator]

Arrests and tear gas used in Mashad

Anti Riot Guards on Bikes in Shiraz