Thursday, July 30, 2009

Opposition Goes from Strength to Strength

You murdered our people, you beat them savagely, you imprisoned them in your death camps and you killed them under torture. The result is the opposition grows stronger and stronger, more determined and more radical. The more you kill and the more you maim, the more people will make sure the blood of our martyrs will not be in vain. You have stained your hands with so much blood, your conscience will bring about your demise and the hell fire that you deserve.

Chanting: 'Thirty Years of Atrocities, in the Name of Religion'

Ghanbarnezhad street, Tehran

Silent protest in Rasht, but they couldn't even tolerate this and attacked the people:

Valiasr, Tehran:

Abbas Abad, Tehran:

Russia, death to your deceits, the blood of our youth drips from your claws

Yussef Abad, Tehran night protests


'Political Prisoners Must be Freed'


Behesht Zahra, to mourn the martyrs

Independence, Freedom, an Iranian Republic

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

More Martyrs of Iran

How many more must fall before the tyrant falls?

Today reporters without borders confirmed the death of 29 year old Iranian journalist, Alireza Eftekhari. He died as a result of head injuries from truncheon blows. Alireza worked for the Abrar daily.

Amir Hossein Toofanpour, 31 years old, another martyr. He leaves a seven year old daughter. Amir Hossein was shot in the arm, side and back. His arm was broken and there was a large hole in his back which was filled with cotton. The authorities wanted his family to pay for the return of his body. Amir Hossein was alive for some time after he was shot. An unknown person next to him picked up his mobile and rang his mother saying he was shot in the arm and was being taken to Rasool hospital.

Hossein Akbari, only 16 years old. He was reported missing on 15th June. His family were notified two days ago. Hossein also died of repeated truncheon blows to the head. His body showed bruise marks where he had been hit.

But if you thought all this killing is weakening the resolve of the Iranian people, just listen to the roof top chants, Allah-o-Akbar, Down with the Dictator, Down with Russia:

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Faces of our Fallen Heroes

It saddens me to put up more and more pictures of our fallen heroes, but they must not be forgotten. The criminals who took their lives must not be forgotten either, nor the collaborators and those who remained silent.

Martyr Hossein Akhtar Zand (32 Years Old)

What kind of beasts did this to you Hossein? What coward can see what they have done to you and remain silent Hossein?

Hossein Akhtar Zand, died in Isfahan at the hands of Fascist Baseej Militia. The Baseej even tried to stop the people from taking him to Shariati hospital. One of the nurses at the hospital said, Hossein would have been paralysed had he lived, they had severed his spinal cord.

Hossein was the bread winner of his family and his mother and sisters were his dependents. His funeral was attended by Mr. Nekooyi from Moussavi's campaign team in Isfahan. Mourners were told by the authorities they must not chant Allah-o-Akbar.

Return the Bodies to their Families

More and more detained protesters are reported to have died from their injuries while incarcerated in the death camps run by Ahmdienjad's junta. Amidst all this misery and evil, families of the martyrs are further enraged when conditions are enforced upon them to collect the bodies of their loved ones.

In a meeting with Iran's teacher associations, Moussavi lashed out at the coup masters, Saham News reports.

Moussavi, Iran's Prime Minister during the eight year war against Saddam's invasion of Iran, condemned the recent atrocities and addressed those who are carrying out the felonies 'The minimum act of decency for you is to release the bodies of those you have killed to their families'

Moussavi mentioned Amir Javadi, the young Iranian student who was tortured and killed while detained after the protests and said 'What about those whose names have not been released? What about those from the provinces? Return their bodies to their families. Why do you put people through so much suffering? People have the right to know where their loved ones are buried.'

Moussavi referred to recent arrests and murders as a tragedy and said 'I remind those who are carrying out these crimes, remember what happened to those who acted aginst the people before the revolution and how people brought them to justice. People will not forget your crimes.'

'If we remain silent, we will all go to hell. I am happy about the protests. Our people do not condone these atrocities, our people are not happy about a bunch of criminal thugs who attack them in their houses and destroy their cars, the protests show that our people are alive and the officials must realise this. You can not turn Iran into a prison for 70 million people' Moussavi added.

Moussavi then addressed the judiciary and mentioned another martyr, Mohsen Roohulamini son of one of Mohsen Rezaii's campaign advisors, who died of his injuries while detained. 'They say he contracted meningitis while in prison. Will the judiciary investigate why all his teeth were broken? did he trip and fall or were other things done to him? I mention him because everything about him is known, he was a pious and religious young man, witnesses say he was alive when he was arrested'

Moussavi also talked about the election campaign and said 'After the revolution, people were chanting 'In the spring of freedom, we miss our beloved martyrs', we are asking what happened to that freedom we fought for? What we were asking for during our campaign was what the people of Iran were asking for. That is why this green wave started and became so widespread.'

'They accuse us of destabilising the country, you only need to look at the way Neda, Sohrab or Roohulamini, were murdered and see who the destructive force is. This is not what we wanted in 1979! Did we want a regime where hired thugs would raid university dormitories and kill and beat our students? that they attack people's houses and destroy their cars? and then all the institutions of power, from the intelligence ministry to Baseej, claim they were nothing to do with them? So where are they from? Are they from the Mars planet? They always claim that their intelligence agencies are so strong, so why don't they find out and investigate who these hundreds of criminals who have killed and maimed our people are? who in their right mind believes them? Are they not making the whole system to look it is made of lies?'

At this point, Moussvai brought up the widespread posters and flyers across Iran which say 'No More Lies' and said 'There is a big lie behind what is going on in these events, they want to step on the constitution and all the ideals of the revolution, and now the rulers have no alternative but to go back and implement people's demands and if they don't, people will force them into. They thought after a few protests and demos, people would go back to their houses but for forty days, the widespread protests have proved that the people are willing to pay the price. They thought the protests are being organised by a few ring leaders, what they don't realise is that the protests don't have a pyramid structure but this is a widespread movement that has penetrated into every family in Iran and that is the reason for the survival of the movement. The power of this movement is as a result of the high awareness of our people and we should appreciate this'

Moussavi finished by saying 'Whether with a permit or without it, people will turn up for marking the 40th day ceremonies of our first martyrs. You can not fool people for ever. May God help us to get back to the path of Islam and the revolution'

Monday, July 27, 2009

Tehran Mayor's Bombshell on Ahmadinejad

Tehran mayor, Mohammad Bagher Qalibaf is categorised as a 'principalist' within the spectrum of Iran's ruling elite. Principalists are referred to those who follow the Supreme Leader blindly, if the Supreme Leader says the day is night or otherwise they will accept it without question. Yet there are now serious divisions over Ahmadienjad within the principalists camp too.

Rokhdad News quotes Qalibaf in a meeting with a group of Islamic Consultative Assembly deputies, accusing Rahim Mashaei, father of Ahmadienjad's daughter-in-law and his original choice of first deputy, as being an MKO sympathiser. Qalibaf told the deputies, Mashaei's wife was a former MKO prisoner who had become a repenter in prison and Mashaei was her prison interrogator at the time who married her. MKO or otherwise known as the MeK is the Mojahedin Khalq Organisation, a rival Islamic group, who took up arms against the Shah and helped the revolution but when they felt there was no power sharing for them after the revolution, again they took up arms against the Islamic Republic in the early eighties. They were brutally crushed and fled to Iraq where they served Saddam even during the invasion of Iran.

Further to the above, Lahzeh news has obtained an audio file of Qalibaf who hurls further accusations at Ahmadienjad and his cabinet. Qalibaf is speaking to his campaign team seven months before the elections in the audio file.

In this audio file, Qalibaf makes the following points:

I do not consider Ahmadinejad as an honest and genuine person, he is not a revolutionary and he is a liar.

Ahmadinejad has no track record of having taken part in the revolution, he did not even receive a slap in the face, if he has done anything during the uprising against the Shah, why doesn't he share it with us?

Ahmadinejad never served in the fronts during the war, not even one day nor even one hour, if he had, he would have reminded us about it a thousand times a day.

He then refers to all the embezzlement in the city municipality when Ahmadinejad was the mayor and how his overnight millionaire cronies then became governors during his presidency.

Qalibaf said if the oil price drops to below $50 a barrel the country's economy Will simply cease. He then asks Mofidi, an energy expert, who is present in the meeting 'Mr. Mofidi, can you tell us how much electricity we produced when Ahmadinejad became the president?' Mofidi answers '36000 Mega Watts'. Qalibaf then continues 'Yet Ahmadinejad told the Supreme Leader that our electricity output has increased by 12000 mega watts since he became president. if we had 48000 Mega Watts electric output we wouldn't have electricity shortages now. I was there when Mr. Ahamdinejad was telling these things and could see his people whisper in each other's ears and laugh as he was saying these lies'

Qalibaf also attacked Ahmadinejad's ministers and advisors. Qalibaf claimed Hamid Molana had received his scholarship from the Pentagon itself. Even Kordan's wife and children didn't want to talk to him after it was revealed he had a criminal record for rape before the revolution. Without naming names he also said one of Ahmadinejad's ministers drinks alcohol and another one is married to a French woman.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Global Solidarity with the People of Iran

25th July, global day of action and solidarity with the people of Iran. Find out what is happening in the city near you from

Message from Nobel Peace Laureate, Bishop Desmund Tutu asking people around the world to support the people of Iran in their fight for freedom.

Tomorrow we will be with you:

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Faces of Our Martyrs

Nasser Amirnezhad, 26 Year old aero-space student at Azad university. Killed by a Baseej bullet

Mohsen Roohulamini, Computer Engineering student from Tehran's Tech University. Arrested and subsequently killed on 9th July, 2009.

Mostafa Ghanian, Engineering student killed during the savage raid on Tehran university dormitories, 14th June.

'It is not just a single leaf that falls,

They are turning our forests into barren lands' ... Fereydoon Moshiri

Scab celebrities, do you still want your 'precious' slot on Press TV?

Regime Officials in London

I am not sure when this pictures was taken but it shows Gholam Ali Haddad Adel, shopping in a women's department in London. Haddad Adel was the former speaker of Islamic Consultative Assembly, Majlis. In 2000 Adel received the lowest number of votes to enter the Majlis, but in 2004 when Ahamdinejad became the president, Adel also mysteriously received the most number of votes for the thirty Majlis deputies from Tehran.

Haddad Adel's daughter is married to Mojtaba Khameneii, Supreme Leader's son who is the string puller of the current coup to keep Ahmadinejad and his junta in power. Mojtaba wants to become the next Supreme Leader after his father.

I am also investigating reports that Ali Kordan visited Lonodn on 11th July this year. The source tells me Kordan's visit was to negotiate the release of Hossein Rassam, UK embassy in Tehran's employee who was detained after the 'election' protests. In return the source tells me the British government agreed to make BBC Persian programs give less coverage to the protests in Iran.

Britain has always been host to many repressive figures in the Islamic Republic. This one, Oroumieh's Friday Prayer Leader, Mollah Hassani, even snitched on his dissident Marxist son, which led to his arrest and subsequent execution. Molla Hassani writes about this with much pride in his memoirs.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Flowers v Bullets

Like I have always said, this is the battle of good against evil. Look at the awesome courage of protesters in Iran, going up to the riot guards, who are brainwashed to kill their own people, with nothing more than flowers and humanity.


The Faces of Our Martyrs

Pictures of two more of our bravehearts who fell in the path of freedom for Iran:

Massoud Hashemzadeh.
'Massoud was full of life, he was always such an optimist. They were putting us under pressure not to talk, even told us not to cry by his grave and we nearly gave in because our other son was also arrested, but then I thought, we owe it to him and we must talk' - Massoud's mother.

Mohammad Kamrani. According to the witnesses he died in hospital on the 16th of July after 3 hours. He died of his wounds inflicted by torture

Yesterday's Protests at Haft-Tir Square

and the nightly chants that they just can not stop despite all their intimidation

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Spirit of a Co-operation During a Revolution

Watch this video to the end. It shows how protesters help each other who have been overcome with tear gas. Also chants against the Supreme Leader specifically mentioning him by name are clearly heard:

How I Wasted 4 Hours of my Precious Time on Saturday

I was so annoyed, I was cursing myself for having wasted 4 hours of my valuable time on Saturday. Some of the young people who are active in organising the demos outside the Iranian embassy, asked me to go along to a meeting at SOAS where a mixture panel of old Iranians were speaking. The main speaker was the Iranian philosopher, Abdolkarim Soroush, one of the former theoreticians of the 'Cultural Revolution' that took place soon after the 1979 revolution. 'Cultural Revolution' meant closure of Iranian universities for two years, sacking most of the secular students and academics and re-writing the courses to conform with the Islamic revolution. It was the turning point in my life when I unwillingly started getting involved in politics.

The young people who asked me to go along said they wanted to go and debate with the panel, but I knew from previous experience that this sort of show is no opportunity for a debate. Nevertheless, I reluctantly agreed to go for their sake only.

When I arrived, the only spare seat turned out to be near the front, to the left of the panel, and guess who I was sitting behind? Elaheh Rostami and Mehri Honarbin, two of the prolific promoters of the Islamic Republic as a popular and anti-imperialist regime and regular guests of SWP meetings on Iran! How these turncoats quickly change sides when the winds of fortune change is beyond me. It was only a few weeks ago they were performing their boot licking for Ahmadinejad's 'working class cabinet' in front of Press TV cameras, at another lecture hall in the same university. This time they were more camera shy however. They kept asking people who were taking photos not to include them. Presumably they still want to be able to go back and forward to Iran if the current protests don't come to fruition.

I have no desire to open up old wounds if the likes of Elaheh Rostami and Mehri Honarbin put their hands up and say we were wrong, now we want to make up for our mistakes, I would not have a problem but these people never admit their mistakes, they want to remain close to whoever has the upper hand and even have the audacity to give instructions as to how the movement should proceed. Apparently they were trying to hand out leaflets but for some reason they abandoned that plan.

Coming face to face with Soroush was interesting. To think this was one of the culprits in motivating the illiterate thugs who had attacked the universities and caused so many deaths and injuries of young Iranians who wanted nothing more than a free Iran, was not easy. Once again I felt the pain of those blows I had received from the thugs in those three terrible days we naively thought we could defend the universities against the gangs of cut throats on the loose, but I am a forgiving person. I am told Soroush has come a long way since those idealistic days. Idealistic in the sense that any crime could have been justified for the sake of ideologies that were held above everything else even human life.

Soroush talked about the depressing literature of defeat in the aftermath of the 1953 coup. One of the verses he quoted, I have forgotten who it was from, said 'There is no sign of Kaveh [Iran's mythical hero], perhaps there will be an Alexander [Macedonian invader of Iran] to save us!'.

The next speaker from the panel was Farrokh Negahdar, former Marxist-Leninist Fedayeen leader who was at the forefront of the split in the Fedayeen to Majority[Bolsheviks] and Minority [Mensheviks] factions. The root cause of the split was this discovery of Lenin's statement by part of the Fedayeen leadership that 'petty-bourgeiosie is the natural ally of the working classes in the class struggle'. Poor old Lenin had not defined what class the Shiite clergy fall into but Farrokh Negahdar and his friends in the Fedayeen leadership then assumed that the Shiite clergy who had seized all centres of power after the 1979 revolution, were also petty bourgeoise and therefore natural ally of the working classes. Cut the long story short, for the sake of the working class struggle, Negahdar promoted the idea that Fedayeen should back the clergy in power and also become Soviet puppets like the Tudeh Party, Iran's pro-Soviet Union Communist Party, and concentrate on the anti-American struggle. The repression and the curtailing of the freedoms was just a bourgeoise grumble and did not matter in the greater struggle against American imperialism.

I remember how I used to laugh at my class mates who were Fedayeen supporters and had bought this new 'intellectual' theory. They would remind me that the likes of Farrokh Negahdar have read lots of books by Marx and Lenin and I would say, even if you read a million books and come up with something as outrageous as this shit, you are talking out of your arse.

The consequences of this petty-bourgeoisie theory was very grave. It made the new ruling clergy even more brazen, first they went for the Fedayeen Minority and then they even went for the Fedayeen Majority. All that support for the 'anti-imperialist' struggle did not even save their own skin. Negahdar had to run away to Afghanistan, while many of his comrades were left behind and executed in Iran. When the Marxist Afghan government started looking shaky, Negahdar then went to Soviet Union and when they started looking shaky, he fled to England, where he has enjoyed the benefits of 'bourgeoisie' democracy for years.

Perhaps the biggest failure of Negahdar and his ilk is that they couldn't even pass their experiences to the Left in Europe and tell them how wrong they were in assuming the same things the European Left assume today about supporting harsh dictatorships that appear to be against the West.

In the meeting, Farrokh Negahdar said we should identify those responsible for the murders of Neda and Sohrab and try to bring them to justice, but didn't give any ideas as to how?! He also kept mentioning the figure of 35 dead and I wondered if he has read the Le Figaro report of what the doctors at just one Tehran hospital had witnessed?!

Next speaker was Massoud Behnoud, the BBC Persian's employee. Now this guy is a fantastic story teller and even a better liar. If there was ever an olympiad of liars, this guy would be a very serious contender for the gold medal. May be even a new platinum medal would be created just for him. Behnood as usual recited some anecdotes, quotes and jokes from the past political figures in Iran and made the audience laugh. After a previous meeting before the 'elections', I had witnessed Behnoud say to people who were talking to him outside, 'The majority is with Ahmadienjad supporters, people who want change amount to 5% at the most'!!

To sum up the meeting, all these old Iranians in the panel could offer was the usual poetry, jokes and anecdotes from the past and more wrong conclusions. There were no solutions, no suggestions as what we as ex-pats outside Iran could do to make sure the coup masters pay a price for the crimes that are being committed against the people in Iran. I asked myself the question, how could a panel comprised of people who have repeatedly been wrong and made disastrous political decisions still have so many as their audience. But perhaps we shouldn't blame the audience, after all the only ones they see on their Persian program TV stations and in the Persian media are these very people. Its not just the elite in the Islamic Republic who have cliques of 'insiders' and 'outsiders', those who present themselves as the Iranian political figures outside Iran also look after their own and are careful not to promote anyone else.

Here in UK, the way I have understood the system and the life span of political players is that the likes of Chamberlain who make disastrous mistakes are never relevant after their political flops. If Michael Foot leads Labour to a disastrous defeat, then thats the end of his political life. Only us Iranians repeatedly become audiences for political figures who have shown repeatedly to be wrong and out of touch.

Outside the meeting, I asked those who had asked me to turn up what they thought?
One response was 'If we had just caught up with some sleep, we would have been better off'. Another one said it was like coming to a Hadi Khorsandi stand up comedy show, but without having to pay for tickets, we laughed and we were entertained for free. Except that apparently the organisers had tried to ask for entrance fees but were told that they were not allowed.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Protesters Outside the Interior Ministry

Look at the courage of these protesters in Iran. They are marching past the interior ministry building and they are chanting against Sadegh Mahsouli, Ahmadinejad's millionaire friend and trustee and the man who organised the vote rigging. You can see scores of riot guards on motorbikes inside the building who could mount a vicious attack on protesters any minute:

In this building there is a macabre floor known as the -4th floor. Here there is no natural light, no toilets, no washing facility, you are given food in your hands to eat and just the stench of the place overwhelms you.

This is the account of some of the protesters who were released from there after their families were forced to sign papers which blamed Moussavi for provoking the protests. It was published on the Amirkabir university students website.

Several hundred injured protesters from the university dormitory raid were captured and huddled into vans. Metal boxes were put over their heads and they were repeatedly hit while on their way to the -4th floor death chambers. They were given no food or water for 12 hours, until a warden with a jug of water came and started pouring the water onto the floor. The prisoners were told to get under the jug and try to catch some of the water as it was being poured on to the floor. In the morning a piece of dry brittle bread with a small piece of cheese was placed in their hand. Most were beaten again for dropping the crumbs as they were eating. In the evening some pasta noodles were given to them, again they were beaten if they dropped any on the floor.
It is impossible to tolerate the conditions for more than 3 to 4 days. The whole purpose is to humiliate and put the fear of God into the prisoners, so they never dare to protest again.

'The Source of our Shame, Our Interior Minister'
'Mahsooli, Shame on You, Let Go of the Ministry'

Latest Footage from Today's Protests

'The blood that is in our veins is our gift for our country'

and constant chants of 'Down with Russia', our historic enemy that has backed Ahmadinejad's messianic junta

Friday Prayers Today

For the first time in 30 years, Friday Prayers in Iran became a focal point for protests against the government.

Protesters chanting, 'Russia Shame on You, Leave my Country Alone':

Crowds outside the Sermon area chanting 'Down with the Dictator':

Hypocrisy Beyond Belief

The callous murder of Marwa Al-Sherbini, the Egyptian Muslim woman who was three month old pregnant, in a German court in Dresden, shocked and sickened every human being who heard the news. The fact that this happened in front of her three year old son and husband who was also hurt when he tried to defend his wife, further magnified the dreadfulness of the hideous act by the Russian neo-nazi scum. I tremble at the thought of what Marwa Al-Sherbini's husband and her three year old son went through and are going through right now.

If there is any silver lining in this gross tragedy, it is that the assailant will be sentenced to life imprisonment and German newspapers have and will cover the story and Marwa will have a decent funeral and her family will be able to grieve for the loss of their loved one. The German city of Dresden has also publicly honoured Marwa. German officials and statesmen as well as the people of Dressden attended the funeral and laid white roses on Marwa's grave. Not much in the face of such dreadful tragedy but lets compare it with what is happening to the protest victims in Iran.

Ahmadinejad, typical to his opportunism in twisting things for his own agenda as ever, has called for the UN to place sanctions on Germany because of the murder. Lets examine some facts:

- The callous murderer was a Russian neo-Nazi and who do neo-Nazis support? Yes, Mahmooooooooooood Ahmadinejad! See:

- Racist attacks on Muslims is a routine occurence in Russia. Does Ahmadinejad ever condemn his Russian friends?

- Pregnant women have been executed in Iran.

- Families of protest victims in Iran are put under pressure not to hold funerals for their loved ones.

- Families of protest victims in Iran are told to sign papers that their loved ones have died as a result of accidents and natural death.

- There is no investigation as to who is responsible for their murders.

- Yesterday it was reported that Taraneh's burned body was found in the outskirts of Tehran. Will there be any press coverage for Taraneh in Iran? Will her family be allowed to grieve for her and have a proper funeral for her? Will there be an investigation to the terrible ordeal she went through?

This is what makes sick, the hypocrisy of Ahmadinejad and his supporters. The hypcrisy of people who are not consistent in condemning human rights abuses but have their own agenda. By the way, did Press TV say anything about Taraneh??

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Iran Plane Crash Today

It seems there is nothing but news of death and suffering coming out of Iran. Today another defective Russian aeroplane has crashed causing the death of 168 passengers and crew. Amongst the passengers on this tragic flight were Iran's teenage judo team, all of whom are reported dead.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Mir Hossein Moussavi and Zahra Rahnavard Visit Sohrab's Family

A heartwarming gesture by Mir Hossein Moussavi and his wife, Zahra Rahnavard, who paid a visit to Sohrab's family today.

This is how leaders truly win people over, not by force not by brutality but by kindness, care and compassion:

Don't ever let these ultimate sacrifices by the people of Iran be wasted. Victory to the noble people of Iran in their battle against the savage beasts.

The music which is played, as Moussavi enters Sohrab's house is 'sar oomad zemestoon', 'Winter Has Come to an End':

Winter has come to an end
Spring has burst open
The red bloom of sun has risen again
and the night has become a fugitive
the mountains are carpetted with tulips
the tulips are awake
and they are planting the Sun all over the mountains

Where is Taraneh?

Taraneh Moussavi, was arrested by Baseej forces when Mir Hussein Moussavi supporters turned up at Ghoba Mosque in Tehran, to hear Moussavi speak. Taraneh was held at Hosseineh Ershad until 22:30 along with others who were detained that day. But while others were then transferred to Nowbonyad police station, Taraneh was kept behind by the Baseejis. Her parents search the next day revealed no clues as to where she may have been detained and as a result of all the distress, her father has become ill with heart problems.

Last Wednesday, an anonymous caller called Taraneh's family and said Taraneh is hospitalised in Imam Khomeini hospital, Karaj. The injuries he described her as having suggest, she has been raped. Her family then went to the hospital to enquire about their daughter. They were told a girl similar to Taraneh's descriptions was in the hospital, but she was taken to another unknown location. One of the nurses confirmed that a girl with Taraneh's descriptions was brought in with similar injuries, she was unconscious when she was brought in and unconscious when they removed her.

Sohrab is not Dead, its the Government that is Dead

Heart wrenching film footage of Sohrab's mother:
'People of this land! know that they killed my son in the most cowardly way 'nA-javAnmardAne'. For 26 days they passed me from one place to another to look for my son, and all the time they knew my Sohrab was dead':

This is the battle of good against evil. Its the battle of javanmardi against na-javanmardi. The fight of a noble people against backward savage occupiers of our land.

It seems with every murder, they are only hardening the resolve of the Iranian people. People in Sohrab's neighbourhood chanting:
'Sohrab is not dead, its this government that is dead':

Read the LA Times piece on Sohrab:,0,3098746.story

And this is what Roshan Muhammed Salih of Press TV has to say:
“Now let me turn to the Islamic Republic of Iran, from which Press TV gets its funding. let me be clear: I believe It is a fundamentally decent government run by a fundamentally decent man.”§ionid=3510303

Monday, July 13, 2009

Sohrab's Funeral Today

Sohrab's Funeral today:

This body that was buried today, was until few days ago, a young 19 year old, with a bright future ahead of him. Why did they take him away from his loved ones? Why was his life suddenly interrupted? Because a small clique want to hang on to power at any cost and regardless of what crimes they have to commit to stay in power. Will the West still appease these monsters? Will the apologists still find excuses to justify them?

Sohrab's mother crying over his body, 'Whoever killed you, may his arms be broken'

And this is Sohrab's last picture at the morgue, it looks as if he is smiling at the most noble death, for freedom and for reclaiming our land from these tyrant occupiers:

Sunday, July 12, 2009

For Iran's Fallen Heroes

The worshippers of the dark think they can stop the light by pulling down the stars, but no matter how many stars they pull down, the sky over our land is still full of stars...

Russia, Iranians Will Never Forgive You

Has there ever been a nation throughout history which has consistently supported and promoted despots and tyrants like Russia has?
See a previous post: 150 Years under 'Putin'

Video by FearlessDream

A partial timeline of events that have taken place in Iran in the past few weeks, posted by FearlessDream:

Saturday, July 11, 2009

19 Year Old Sohrab Died in Evin

19 Year old Sohrab Erabi, one of the thousands of protesters who have been imprisoned, has died while in custody in Evin prison. Sohrab had passed his university exam entrance this year and would have enrolled as an undergraduate student in September. He was arrested on Saturday 20th June and taken to Evin prison.

Sohrab's mother shown in this film footage, is showing her son's picture and asking one of the prisoners who has just been released, her son's whereabouts. She was worried ever since Sohrab disappeared and kept saying 'I have a feeling something bad is about to happen to my son '.

Every day since Sohrab's arrest, she has been outside Evin prison along with other families, searching for her son until today, when she was finally told by the authorities that Sohrab died while in custody.

Weep not mother Iran and show the enemy no sign of weakness, for every Sohrab that falls, there will be tens of thousands more who will soon set you free.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Remember who Galloway's Paymasters were Before

Remember the pain these people suffered while Press TV's Galloway wined and dined with the ousted evil monster, Saddam.

Press TV's George Galloway telling Uday Hossein "We are with you till the end"

Street Busker Playing the Student Solidarity Song

This must be one of the 'rich north Tehran' kids that Galloway is referring to. The street busker with the little girl plays the Iranian student solidarity song, 'Yar Dabestani' to the best of his ability on his old lute and people continuously give him money to show their support and sing along with him. Watch the delight in the little girl's eyes singing this solidarity song.

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Demo in London Today

Around 3000 people turned up for the demo outside the Iranian embassy in London today to mark the 10th anniversary of the student uprising in 1999. My warmest thanks to all the non-Iranians who also turned up in solidarity with the courageous people of Iran. I had to leave before the demo finished for another interview at Al-Jazeera English.

Here are some of the footage from the bravehearts in Iran who once again took to the streets, in different parts of the cities today. Despite all the brutal repression, these fearless men and women have risked their lives for freedom again and again. How can anyone not admire their courage?

Here they are shouting Mojtaba [Reference to the Supreme Leader's son who is the main engineer of the coup and wants to be the next Supreme Leader] 'Mojtaba You will Never be the Supreme Leader'

'We are warriors, if you fight we will fight back' :

Down with the Dictator:

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Please Join us Tomorrow 9th July

Its another big day tomorrow. The 10th anniversary of the student uprising in Iran. The student protests in 1999 spread to 19 cities and went on for 6 days. The uprising was brutally crushed but it was the beginning of a new dawn. It gave us hope that change was coming to Iran. That despite all the propaganda machinery of those who consider themselves the 'Representatives of God on earth', the young Iranians had not been duped, and they had not given up. They were as determined as ever to bring about the 100 year old struggle of the Iranian people for democracy and freedom of speech to fruition.

'Freedom of Thought, Forever, Forever' Was the main slogan of those youngsters who had risked their lives by joining the protests in 1999. Ten years on now, the struggle is much more widespread. Now its every section of the Iranian population. The people of Iran deserve your international support.

Come and join us outside the Islamic Republic embassy in London, tomorrow 9th July,in London after 5:30 pm. Let the forces of darkness know that the freedom loving people of Iran are not on their own.

See you tomorrow at:
16 Prince’s Gate, SW7. The nearest Tube station is South Kensington.

Victory to the freedom loving people of Iran.

Help them enjoy the same freedoms you enjoy:

92 Killed in Tehran Says Doctor who Fled Iran

Journalist Fintan Dunne provides an English-translation of an article published in the French newspaper Le Figaro, which reports that two Iranian doctors, who recently fled the country to France, counted 92 deaths in the post-June 12Th uprising.

"One of a pair of Iranian doctors, who fled the capital to France says an unofficial tally by medical staff at Tehran area hospitals counted 92 violent deaths related to conflicts with security forces. The death toll is considerably at variance with an official figure of 17 deaths.

The account of events in Tehran by the doctors, who declined to be identified for reasons of personal safety has been published today in the online edition of the French newspaper Le Figaro. They say that intimidation prevented them revealing the scale of casualties but motivated them to flee to France to reveal the details.

Among the dead were an eight months pregnant woman and six young males found dead in Shahriar, on the outskirts of the capital. "They all died from wounds in the neck," said the second unidentified doctor, quoting information from a trusted medical colleague. "Their skulls had been smashed and their brains had been opened, presumably to retrieve the bullet and destroy evidence of the crime."

On June 15th, dubbed "Black Monday" by the second doctor, the Rasoul Akram Hospital, near Tehran University, received 38 casualties, including 28 wounded and 10 dead.

"We found that the bullets had passed through the torsos diagonally, which means they were fired from above - ie a roof," says the second doctor.

To conceal the nature of the assaults, doctors at Tehran hospitals were forced to certify that the deceased died of natural causes. A colleague of the second doctor who was on emergency duty at Erfan Hospital, paid a price for refusing to cooperate. "After being missing for thirty-six hours, he was found half-conscious and disfigured on the sidewalk near the hospital," he told Le Figaro.

"In several hospitals - including Rasoul Akram and Imam Khomeini - we organized sit-in protests. But state television, they said it was a strike for better wages."

Due to resistance by medical staff, the bodies of some protesters were speedily removed. "We think they were transferred to the Baqiatollah military hospital or a place unknown to the general public," says the doctor. Then, under the pretext of "organ donation", the evidence of bullet wounds were excised. Families were forced to go along with the deception in order to recover the remains for burial.

The Le Figaro article adds that a witness in Tehran, contacted by telephone told the newspaper that burials in the public cemetery at Behecht-e Zahra take place under surveillance, with the cause of death prohibited to be indicated on gravestones."

Link to the Le Figaro article:

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

What is it that Attracts Flies?

It wasn't just this huge fly that annoyed the junta chief tonight. At the same time that he was speaking on state TV, the loudest protest chants from the roof tops of Tehran shook the very foundations of his illegitimate rule.

Prague Solidarity with People of Iran

Only people who have lived under totalitarian regimes understand how it really feels to live without freedom. Only they understand the damage and pain that 'useful idiots' and apologists of the totalitarian regimes cause.

Picture of people in Prague expressing their solidarity with Iranian people. Thank you Prague.

Footage of Protests from Kermanshah

Crowds in Kermanshah chanting 'Death to the Dictator'

Seven riot guards, armed with batons and whips against one unarmed protester. Such cowards these uniformed beasts are:

Tehran to be Shutdown for Two Days

Tehran's pollution committee has decided to close all government agencies, schools, and factories for the next two days due to heavy pollution from the unprecedented sandstorms that have engulfed so much of the country.

There seems to be more into whats really behind the closures than just air pollution however. It coincides with the 10th anniversary of the student uprising on 9th July, 10 years ago. Also there was a call for a two day national strike by the Moussavi campaign team starting from today. Shutting down Tehran will now curtail the effect of the strike.

China Protests

More than 150 Uighur ethnic people have been killed by Chinese riot guards and more than 800 people are said to be injured and the Chinese government has said 1500 people have been arrested. The pictures of the Chinese riot guards in their uniforms wielding their batons are similar to their colleagues in the Islamic Republic, the indiscriminate shooting at the crowds, the widespread arrests and terror are all similar to what we see in Iran, but thats not where the similarities end. The Chinese government like their friends in Ahmadienjad's junta fear information. They too blocked all access to mobile phones and the internet.

In theory the atheist Chinese Communist Party should be the furthest possible from a Shiite theocracy junta but the truth is, ideology is always just an excuse and a tool with totalitarian regimes. None of them believe in the ideologies with which they justify all human rights abuses they carry out. In practice only one thing matters to them, survival in power and in this they behave the same, help each other, stand united and support each other despite their ideological differences.

And in the same way the 'useful idiots' behave the same, they care not about people, they have their own hidden agendas. Are the Muslims in UK marching in support of their Chinese brothers? Are they gathering outside the Chinese embassy? Did 'stop the war' activists care about 10% of the Chechen population killed by the Russians? Did they care about Chechnya being flattened by massive Russian bombing? No of course not. They pick and choose their issues according to their agendas which has nothing to do with human rights or people suffering.

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Freedom Has a Price

The writing says 'Freedom has a Price - We pay the price with our blood'

And this one that says
'Although the night is dark, Keep a brave heart for dawn is near'

Very Bad Liars

Remember this previous post? It was one small example of how the Islamic Republic officials and elite lied through their teeth. They are not even good liars, they can tell the most outrageous lies without feeling any loss of face or even worrying about the shame of people seeing through their blatant lies. To list all the examples of their lies will be a hefty novel. Below is one recent one they have broadcast from their Press TV;
'Interpol have a warrant to arrest, Dr. Arash Hejazi, the eye witness who came to Neda Sultan's help'.

I mean how long does it take to find out from Interpol that this is pure bullshit? and of course Interpol do deny such an outrageous claim but the Interpol denial of course does not get aired on Press TV.

There were two further good articles in the English dailies today on Press TV and the stooges who are still working for the Supreme Leader's TV station:

Iran's British stooges are staring right at you

and some very powerful arguments again by Martin Bright
Yvonne Ridley and Press TV

Who does Yvonne Ridley's working class pretentious claptrap remind you of? Fifth richest MP in UK, George Galloway? Socialist 'Worker's(?)' Party Laddie daas? or as Martin Bright correctly reminds these fools, is oppression, killings, beatings, mass arrests, tortures, forced TV confessions by 'working classes' justified?

I did not hear these useful idiots say the human rights abuses at Guantanamo and Abu-Ghraib were carried out by working class US army junior ranks? Or it would be like these stooges, who are really scraping the bottom of the barrel to come up with something to justify their jobs at Press TV, to praise the BNP because much of their support is amongst the working class people?
Not that of course any of this Ahmadienjad working class cabinet and working class support bollocks is true in the slightest. See:

Laying a Wreath for 7/7 Victims

There is a memorial plaque at Tavistock Square in Bloomsbury, London. The plaque bears the following names
'Anthony Farayi-Williams
Anat Rosenberg
Jamie Gordon
Gladys Windowa
Giles Verron Hart
Phillip Stuart Russell
Marie Joanne Hartley
William Wise
Miriam Hyman
Shahara Akhtar Islam
Neetu Jain
Sam Ly
Shyanuja Niroshini Parathasangary'

They are the names of the victims who were killed on 7 July, 2005 when the double-decker bus exploded near where the plaque stands today. The beast who took away these lives was a brain washed 18 year old from Leeds.

Today, I was asked to lay a wreath by the plaque. I wrote on the limited space I had,
'With deepest sympathies,
For the families of these victims who were from different races, ethnicities and religions.
Supporters of Iran's Pro-Democracy Movement'

Laying the wreath by the plaque, I read the 13 names. Each name represented a life which was interrupted suddenly. They could have been with us today and we could have been one of them on that day. This is a fight between good and evil. A fight between those who cherish the miracle of life and those who glorify death, but also a fight which has become harder by the meddling of the treacherous spineless politicians who simply can not stand up to this evil and do-gooder 'useful idiots' who always find ways to justify and appease these wicked monsters.

Friday, July 03, 2009

Press TV's Lauren Booth

Lauren Booth is the presenter of 'Between The Headlines’ program on Supreme Leader's Press TV. She covers her hair with a scarf on the programs of course.

She is also half-sister of Cherie Blair which makes her sister-in-law of former British prime minister, Tony Blair.

Despite her comfortable life now and having a second home in South of France, Lauren Booth seems to have had a terrible loveless childhood life, where she suffered terrible emotional traumas at the hands of her unloving mother.

In an article printed in the Daily Mail, Lauren Booth revealed why she hates her mother so much and never wants to see her again. She seems to have been a constant victim of her mother's non-stop abusive and humiliating remarks. "Well you wanted her, now you've got her. Good f*****g luck!" was her mother's remarks to her husband on her wedding day. Charming!

When I read Lauren Booth's justification of working for the Supreme Leader, I wondered how much of the abuse she suffered in her childhood contributed towards her twisted warped logic today.

'My program on Press TV is too important for me not to make it' was her comment to the Times reporter.

Is she making up for all those years of childhood humiliation? Does she want to prove to her mother how important she is now? No matter how important or how good her programs are, surely it should matter where they are broadcast from? If a Nazi channel or a porn channel agree to give her air time, would she still feel that her programs are 'so important' that she would present them there too? Does she not realise that the medium she uses can take away the credibility of her programs? Can she be serious about helping any children, when she works for a repressive state that executes minors? especially at a time when that state is involved in such terrible acts of human rights abuses? Does she not think about all those Iranian mothers who do love their children and have had their children taken away from them by this messianic junta that is paying her wages and making her feel 'important'?

Mathew Richardson, Press TV legal Advisor, Iran Protests were Irresponsible

Listen to Mathew Richardson, the Press TV legal advisor. He makes a judgement that Iran is not a dictatorship and the protests were irresponsible:

Thursday, July 02, 2009

I am Iran, I will Fight until Freedom

I am Iran, I am Iran
I have a passion in my heart
I am like thunder and like hail
Until the day of freedom
I will be part of this struggle
Your cries and my cries together
This is the roaring of lions
Tell the hated henchmen
This is the beginning of the end.....

Can Anyone Take this Idiot Seriously?

He tells the interviwer what to ask him and then...

Not clear which New Year they are talking about??

Another Good Man Distances Himself from Press TV

Iain Dale says he will not appear on Press TV again and will ask his colleagues at Total Politics to do the same as well:

Lets show our appreciation of his honourable decision.

Here is a footage of SWP, CASMII and Baroness Afshar who had invited Press TV to give coverage to their meeting. The girl shown grabbing Arash and setting the security guards on him is BBC Persian employee, Somayeh Zadeh. She has publicly gone on record before saying 'Iran's homosexuals are not harassed and they are free as long as they change their sex' :))

Yesterday Somayeh Zadeh and two of her friends were trying to hand out their leaflets at the demo outside the Iranian embassy, but once they were recognised, they were duly stopped.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Where Else Have You Seen Cruelty Like This?

Iranian youth chased and beaten up by Police thugs in Iran:

Iranian Protesters, arrested, beaten up and raped

Press TV Dick Head, Mathew Richardson on Newsnight

Here is one example of what Mathew Richardson calls objective reporting and an implict threat to the courageous eyewitness, Dr. Arash Hejazi:§ionid=351020101

Riot Guards in Every Side Street

Imagine the fear when they walk down your street in such large numbers, well equipped and brain washed to beat up people to death indiscriminately. See how they smash up motor bikes and then understand the frustration when they lie on Press TV that those arrested were destroying property.

Article in the Times on Press TV

Times newspaper reports on the latest resignations from Press TV and those who are still insisting their programs are so 'important' that they will continue to work with Press TV no matter what.

As a simple example of Press TV lies just look at the comments left here

Just about everyone is blamed for Neda's death, the MKO, the monarchists in LA, Moussavi and even me!!!! Yet see how long your comment lasts on ther website if you put an objective comment against the regime in Iran.