Monday, August 31, 2009

40th Day Commemoration of Kianoosh Assa

People in Kermanshah commemorate the 40th day martyrdom of Iranian student Kianoosh Assa, gunned down in the post election fraud protests.

For everyone of us you gun down, thousands more will rise, you can chop down the trees but don't you realise you can not kill the Forrest.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Protests Today Outside Mosques in Tehran

Footage of today's protests

The chants:

'Unity Will Win, Coup d'etat will be defeated'
'coup government, Resign, Resign'
'The blood that is in our veins is a gift for our nation' as opposed to the official chant of 'The blood that is in our veins is a gift for our leader'

and chants in support of Moussavi.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Football Crowds Chant for Moussavi

This footage was taken yesterday during a football match between Persepolis and Saba at Azadi stadium. The regime has deployed what it calls Baseej Leaders on the terraces to control the crowds. Interestingly they are identified by labels on their back which read 'Lider'. Yet this footage shows crowds chanting for Moussavi as they go towards the terraces through the tunnels.

Beaten Nabavi Before his Show Trial

The picture below was taken by a photographer sometime during Behzad Nabavi's 60 days captivity before he appeared in the mass show trial, see picture on the left.

As far as I know the picture below is not published anywhere yet. It was passed on to me by a friend.

It is clear from the picture below that Nabavi has suffered a physical beating, the cut above his forehead and his left black eye show a glimpse of what he has had to endure.

No marks or bruises are visible on Nabavi's face in the official published pictures of the show trial. Whether the photographs are touched up before they are published or Nabavi's wounds have healed up, I can not tell. The picture below however is yet another damning evidence of how the defendants are forced to make the confessions for the court. It is also reported to me that in the middle of the show trial, Nabavi stood up and shouted 'Enough of this farce, end this show here and now' and he was quickly forced to sit down by the security agents in the court.

Friday, August 28, 2009

The Audacity of this Little Dictator

Mahmood Ahmadinejad, the head of the coup government in Iran, spoke at the Friday Prayers sermon today before the main Friday Prayer Leader, the newly appointed Ayatollah Kazem Sedighi began his sermon.

After weeks of denial that any human rights abuses had taken place in the post-presidential elections fraud, Mahmood Ahmadienjad blamed the atrocities of the attack on Terhan university and the horrors of the Kahrizak detention centre on the pre-written scenario of the 'enemies'!

'...during these incidents a group of people were hurt and the events turned very bitter, some attacked the university dormitory and did some ugly things. In the detention centres some immoral things took place. I want to say here and now that what happened in the detentions and in the university was the enactment of the enemy's scenario. These things happened by those who want to overthrow the regime. We have clear evidence and documents that prove the esteem of our revolutionary, security and law enforcement forces is unblemished from these shameful actions. Our beloved Baseej members sacrificed themselves to be beaten up but they were still careful people's rights and properties were not harmed. Our Baseej were beaten up but they did not raise a sound. Be certain all these crimes were carried out by the enemy's infiltrators'

Look at the way the cleric sitting next to Ahmadinejad is looking at him; even he can't believe the audacity of this little dictator.

Popular Iranian Singer Morteza Joined Protesters

Popular Iranian singer, Morteza, joined the protesters outside the Iranian embassy in London yesterday:

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Zahra Bani-Yaghoub's Mother Urges Victims to Speak Out

Zahra Bani-Yaghoub was not a victim of the post election fraud protests. She died in suspicious circumstances while in custody shortly after she had graduated. Yet she too is a victim of Baseej's savagery, lawlessness and unaccountability. See:

Parvin Nabi, Zahra Bani-Yaghoub's mother met with a group of Mourning Mothers and told them 'Her throat was cut and her legs and thighs were black and blue. I think she died while resisting them. May God never forgive her killers. I will see the day when my daughter's killers are punished. If my daughter's murder was properly investigated then and her killers were brought to justice then, all these officials would not have dared to torture and kill Iran's children today'.

Parvin Nabi has been wearing black every single day since her daughter's murder, she advised the families of post election fraud protests 'Families, especially fathers be supportive of your children, mothers be patient listeners for them, the support of mothers and fathers will hearten the children who have suffered these atrocities, it will bring them out of their depression. Keep praying, it always calms me'

Parvin Nabi continued about her daughter's case, 'The Baseej official told my husband, your daughter was walking with one of the hoodlums in the park. I say so where is the hoodlum? why did you release him and arrest my daughter? they said your daughter was not fit to be a doctor, who is the Baseej to decide who is fit to be a doctor or otherwise? They were so illiterate that if you read their report you would laugh at their spelling mistakes. Imagine if a top graduate medical doctor like my daughter got in the hands of these illiterate thugs and resisted them, what they would do? of course they can not tolerate the likes of her'

'Our youth are dear to us whatever has happened to them. They should hold their heads high and say whatever they have suffered. If my Zahra was alive she would have disgraced a lot of them. The youth should speak out and not fear, they can save those who are in prison now from being tortured and those who will be arrested and tortured in the future.' Parvin Nabi urged the victims.

Massoud Bastani in Yesterday's Show Trial

I wrote about the young Iranian journalist, Massoud Bastani, three years ago. At the time he was sentenced to 74 lashes and imprisonment. Bastani then refused to ask for a pardon and was imprisoned amongst ordinary criminals in Arak.

"Even though living in prison is difficult, but I am not willing to ask for a pardon, for a sin that I have not committed. Freedom is sweet, but its price is more important" was Bastani's reply to the offer of a pardon.

When the mass arrests in the post election fraud in Iran began, security agents went looking for Bastani in his house. He was not in and instead the intelligence ministry agents took his pregnant wife, Mahsa Amirabadi. Bastani contacted the prisons and asked about the whereabouts of his pregnant wife. He was told she was in Evin prison but if he gave himself up, his wife would be released. Bastani immediately obliged but his pregnant wife Mahsa was kept in prison and not released as promised. Until a few days ago Mahsa Amirabadi was still in prison. God only knows what pressures they put this couple under during their incarceration.

Yesterday amongst those shown on the show trial, a gaunt and scared looking Bastani appeared in his prison pyjamas. Amongst his confessions was that he had received $400 from an Iranian website in Canada to make a documentary about Iran's imprisoned bus drivers union leader, Mansour Ossanlou. At the end of his confession statement, Bastani asked for forgiveness.

Yet no amount of evidence of human rights abuse, rape and intimidation in Iran seems to be enough for Press TV's Roshan Muhammed Salih who made this statement about Ahmadinejad's government in the Guardian:
' I believe it is a fundamentally decent government run by a fundamentally decent man' - Roshan Muhammed Salih, Guardian -Comment is Free 14th July, 2009

Press TV's Roshan Salih should thank his good fortunes that he lives in a country where no one would arrest his pregnant wife for his 'journalism' and force him to ask for forgiveness in a show trial.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Courageous Karroubi Talking to the Victims

Courageous Karroubi talking to the victims and their accounts of Baseej savagery. The woman tells Karroubi, how the Baseej attacked people's houses and cars at night and prevented a young man from being taken to hospital. 'You are our only hope' She tells Karroubi

Pictures from the Fourth Session of Stalinist Trials in Iran

The evil looking Judge presiding over the show trials:

No one can believe the absurdity of the show, even the young policeman

Ahmad Zeidabadi looks on. His wife claimed they had tortured him to the point of Zeidabadi losing his sanity

Look at Behzad Nabavi, former speaker of the parliament and Industry Minister in Moussavi's cabinet during the war with Iraq. It was hard to recognise him at first from this picture. In 1972, as a guerrilla fighter against the Shah, he was arrested and tried to commit suicide by taking a cyanide tablet. Could he even imagine at the time what laid ahead?

Monday, August 24, 2009

I Did not Want to Die in Bed

Dr. Mohammad Maleki has been a revolutionary for over sixty years. He started his revolutionary career in the final years of his high school working with the National Movement of Iranian Resistance in the oil nationalisation struggle during the fifties. He was first arrested by SAVAK in 1960 when he was a university student and one of the organisers of the protests against Richard Nixon's visit to Iran. During the 1979 revolution, he was the conduit between the revolutionaries inside Iran and outside Iran.

After the 1979 revolution, Maleki became the Dean of the Tehran university. A position which did not last long because of his opposition to the 'Cultural Revolution' . He was arrested in 1981 and spent 5 years in prison during some of the harshest post revolutionary years in Iran's prisons. He has been banned from leaving the country since his release in 1986 and not even been allowed to attend academic seminars and lectures related to his field. Dr. Maleki has been in and out of prison several times despite his age and bad health. I spoke to him once on the phone about 9 years ago, despite all his health problems, the old man sounded like a young lionheart, never tired of carrying on with the struggle for Iran's freedom. He finished our conversation by saying 'tell the world what is happening here, don't let us down'.

Now at the age of 76, suffering from prostate cancer, diabetes and heart problems, he was once again dragged out of his house, two days ago, in front of his family. His computer, books and writings were all confiscated. As they came to arrest him, Maleki still roaring like a lion said 'I am glad you came for me, I did not want to die in my bed'.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Head Full of Pellets

The intrepid seventy two year old Karroubi continues to spill the beans on the post election crimes that have taken place in Iran. Not only has he revealed the systematic rape in Iran's many secret detention centres, he has visited the families of victims and revealed many other human rights abuses by the messianic junta's thugs.

Here, Karroubi is visiting this young injured man in hospital. As the X-ray shows in the bottom picture, the young man's head is littered with pellets and fragments. Doctors have had to remove one eye from its socket already to get rid of the pellet fragments. They only have 10 percent chance of saving his other eye.

Iran's hardliners are calling for Karroubi's head, but the seventy two year old Iranian Lor is not backing down.

Anti Kremlin Posters on Russian Airlines and Consulate

Staff and visitors to Russian Consulate, Aeroflot and Rossyan airlines may be surprised tomorrow when they see various posters condemning Kremlin's support for Ahmadinejad's rapist thugs in Iran stuck on their office doors, windows and consulate notice board.

There will be another demo outside the Russian embassy in London on Fri 28th August, between 6-8 pm

Friday, August 21, 2009

Times: Iranian boy who defied Tehran hardliners

The heart wrenching testimony of a 15 year old boy in Iran. His only crime was he wore a green wrist band and joined the peaceful protesters. Eternal shame on the apologists and friends of this evil messianic junta.

Iranian boy who defied Tehran hardliners tells of prison rape ordeal

Lanky Henchman Greets Minikin Henchmen

Regional dictators greet each other enthusiastically with one goal in common, how to remain in power and control the masses through whatever means necessary.

Bashar knows when people in Iran are freed, his reign of terror will crumble and collapse next.

Outside the Supreme Leader's Office in London

Why is a man who is ordering the rape and murder of innocent citizens in Iran allowed to have an office in Maidavale, London?

Ahmadinejad's Proposed Cabinet

Having appointed his most inner circle of loyal cronies as his deputies and advisers, Ahmadienjad needed to quickly form a cabinet that would be approved by the Majles so he could get on with governing Iran. Yet as soon as he went on state TV last night, the capital erupted with defiant cries of "Death to the dictator!" and "God is Great!" from rooftops and windows. It was the same defiant chants in other major cities, Isfahan, Shiraz, Ahwaz, Abadan, and Kermanshah.

Parliament is not required to approve deputies and advisers but already one of his appointed advisers, his brother-in-law and chief of staff, Rahim Mashaei, has been convicted on charges of financial impropriety by the Supreme Audit Court and has been suspended from his government post for two months. Ahmadinejad's administration is trying to reverse the ruling, although the deadline for appealing against the conviction has passed.

Ahmadinejad's proposed defence minister is former Quds Force chief of the Revolutionary Guards, Ahmad Vahidi. He is wanted by the interpol. See:

Interestingly Ahmadienjad's police chief accused Arash Hejazi, the doctor who went to help Neda after she was shot, of being on Interpol's wanted list! A charge that was immediately denied by Interpol but was repeatedly broadcast on Press TV and is under OFCOM investigation for improper news broadcasting. Interesting to see if Press TV now mentions the fact that Ahmadinejad's proposed defence minister is actually on Interpol's wanted list or chooses to ignore this fact.

Perhaps the most amusing part of this cabinet proposal process however was when Ahmadinejad tried to introduce one of his female cabinet nominees on air. The screen showed the nominated female minister's veiled picture and details but instead of talking about her, Ahmadinejad remarked on his former health minister, Dr. Lankarani, in his own way. Ahmadinejad recalled while laughing and sounded like he was getting sexually excited that on one occasion Dr. Lankarani was described as a 'peach', 'he is so lovely one wants to eat this youngster', Ahmadienjad remarked on his former Health Minister!!
How much more 'presidential' can you get than this? :))

I just can't help being reminded of one of Hadi Khorsandi's stand up comedy lines 'We are a nation that started with Cyrus the Great and have ended up with Ahmadienjad' .
tofoo bar tow ey chakhe gardoon, tofoo!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Either Freedom or Death

Iranians chanting Either Freedom or Death in the sporadic protests on 17th August.
Also amongst the chants 'Independence, Freedom, an IRANIAN REPUBLIC'

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Stalinist Show Trials in Iran Continue

Just one look at his face, the black rings under his eyes and his trembling voice tell of what he has had to go through before making these forced confessions. Half way through, he talks about how he was instructed by someone in London to take Cocktail Molotovs to the protests, except that he calls it Cocktail Molophone!

These medieval inquisition shows however, reveal the ugly brutal face of the regime more than anything else.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Protest Outside Russian Embassy in London

People in Iran are chanting 'Down with Russia' and 'Russia, the blood of our martyrs is dripping from your claws' throughout the protests.

In tune with the intense resentment towards Kremlin backers of Ahmadinejad by the people of Iran and rumours that Russian advisers in putting down velvet revolutions are helping Ahmadienjad's rapist junta, Iranian expats staged a demo outside the Russain embassy in London to protest against Russian backing for Ahamdinejad.

The following flyer was handed out to passers by, who mostly shared and approved the animosity towards Russia's consistent support for dictators all over the world.

'Russia Supports Ahamdienjad

Boycott Russian Goods

Hundreds have been killed in Iran; thousands have been imprisoned and injured. More prisoners are dying in Iran’s official and secret detention centres as a result of torture and ill treatment. Iranian people have been made to suffer all this repression so that a savage messianic junta can continue its despotic rule and crush the aspirations of the Iranian people for democracy and basic human rights.

Western democratic countries have condemned the ferocious violence, but Russia was the first to congratulate Ahmadienjad and recognise its illegitimate administration. Ahmadinejad’s first and only foreign trip, so far, after his coup d'état was to Russia to thank his Russian masters, Putin and Medvedev.

Russian advisers in how to put down velvet revolutions are said to be in Iran working closely and guiding the repressive forces of Ahmadinejad. Many of Iran’s interrogators have been trained by the Russians in the art of extracting false confessions from prisoners.

If the Russian support for Ahmadinejad’s messianic junta was not enough, hundreds more Iranians have been killed as a result of unsafe and below the standard Tupolev passenger planes that have been sold to the religious dictatorship in Iran by Russia.

People of Iran have continuously chanted against Russian support for Ahmadinejad in their post coup d'état protests. Today we stand in solidarity with our compatriots and condemn Putin and Medvedev’s support for Ahmadinejad and his cronies. We ask you to boycott Russian goods.

Russia has always supported despotic states.

Its time the world stands up to this despotic state. '

And lets not forget how Kremlin bosses treat their own people. How can any man inflict such unnecessary pain on a fellow human being? and look what cowards they are, covering their faces, because they are scared of being recognised.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Fath-ol-mobin, Codename for Rape Operations in Iran's Prisons

Following the courageous letter by Mehdi Karroubi, exposing the horrors of systematic rape of post-election detainees in Iran, there have been several calls by the 'representatives of God on earth' to put Karrubi on trial.

Babak Daad, is an Iranian journalist and blogger who is now on the run and in hiding. Here is what he says in his shocking interview about what is going on in Iran's prisons and how the lackeys of the coup d'etat are ordered to break down the youth of Iran.

'Its one thing hearing about a news and another thing when you see it first hand for yourself and
realise the full horror of what has taken place. You can hear about an accident on the news but unless you witness the accident close by you do not appreciate the reality of blood. The case of rapes in Iran's prisons for those who read or hear about is a news item, but I saw an 18 year old boy, whose father described him as a piece of flesh with no soul, his name is Mehdi and I hope soon the perpetrators who inflicted this crime on this young boy will be tried in an international court and of course those who ordered these crimes to be carried out should be tried too, those who gave the orders to uproot the spirit and the hopes of Iran's justice seeking young generation.

Mr Karroubi courageously investigated these reports and 15 days ago he wrote a letter about what was taking place and handed it to Hashemi Rafsanjani. He waited 10 days for Hashemi Rafsanjani to show some reaction, and as he had said if within 10 days there was no reply from Rafsanjani he would make it public. So both Mr. Karroubi and Rafsanjani have known about what was taking place for a while now.
These reports are not few now and yet there are still more that are not coming out because of fear and the cultural stigma that these people face, yet the young people who have suffered these abuses, these victims should hold their heads up high and proudly consider themselves as the victims of the path of freedom for this country and those who have suffered this tragedy bear the same honour as the martyrs of this epic green movement.

What they were doing at Kahrizak, was they would choose the spirited detainees who were resisting them and by raping them they wanted to break them from pursuing justice and freedom, they wanted to break them so bad that these youngsters would become depressed and even hate themselves.

The code name for these rapes was Fath-ol-Mobin [Illuminating Conquest - also code name for an offensive against Iraq in 1982], look how far they are prepared go with staining the faith and the sanctities of our people and how they use religion as a tool for the repression of people in order to maintain their illegitimate hold on power... A young 18 year old boy purely because he took part in the peaceful silent march on 15th June and wore a green wrist band is attacked, arrested and suffers two weeks of ongoing sexual rape in Kahrizak and is then taken to another prison where he is allowed to slightly recover before he is handed back to his father, I am sorry I have to mention these things but its no longer appropriate to remain silent, he suffers severe rectal and colon laceration, his infection was so bad that they couldn't keep him any longer, this 18 year old was also forced to witness other detainees being raped, he could hear a law enforcement officer, [whom we can identify and hopefully one day bring him to trial] shout 'take these lot and make them pregnant, so they know whats what'

Tens of detainees have reported many Arab prison guards with Lebanese accents were amongst the rapists. And I am sorry to have to say this but I want the families to hear this so their resolve and not their fear increases, Mehdi in the first instance could not believe a stocky foul mouthed guard is getting ready to rape him, when they beat him and forced him naked, he pleaded with them 'for the sake of Imam Mehdi, I am the same name sake as our hidden Imam, please don't do this with me', the interrogator even insults Imam Mehdi as he holds down the trembling 18 year old Mehdi and tells the stocky guard, 'He had come to take back his vote, now give him his vote back so that he never forgets'

In two weeks, this teenager is raped 20 times, he suffers rectal and colon infection and after taking him to another prison for a week, what they give back to his father is a live corpse with a soul less look, he is released only under the condition that he must say he was treated well while he was detained and he has no right to complain. Now they say the allegations have to be proven. The very same people who completely rigged the election and ignored all the evidence presented to them expect people who have been raped to present their evidence to them, but I have picture and film evidence of one case and I am sure even this one case is enough to prove what has been going on with these detainees.

So there you have it, Ahmadinejad's lackeys rape Iran's detainees, boys and girls, to break their spirit. The evidence is now piling up from all directions. How will the European democracies ever justify recognising a regime that systematically rapes boys and girls arrested during peaceful demonstrations? Why are the European useful idiots not marching in the streets in the same way they did for Gunatanamo and Abu Ghoreib?

And what are the Galloways, Yvone Ridleys and the SWP oinks going to say now? That the rapists were justified becasue they were working class kids who were raping 'rich North Tehran kids'?

And I remember how Channel 4 gave air time to Ahmadinejad for an alternative Christmas message and how Channel 4 news presenter, Krishna, with a smile on his face told me 'but they are being quite restrained on people, I mean they are not firing on people.....' while Baroness Haleh Afshar approvingly nodded her head and smiled in their York studio and kept faith in the 'proper legal process' that she believed existed in Iran.

More Protests by Iranians in UK

Iranian ex-pats in UK show more initiative in staging protests. Here was a clever way of protesting at BBC Persian which has toned down considerably its Iran coverage.

Right when there was a live broadcast, green helium filled balloons with 'Where is My Vote?" written on them, were let up outside the studio window, in full view of the cameras. The presenter had to announce six times that the balloons and the flag seen suspended outside the window were nothing to do with the BBC.

It is rumoured that Ali Kordan, Ahmadinejad's former interior minister who had faked his Oxford PHD, was in UK in the beginning of July to negotiate the release of UK embassy staff in Tehran. Apparently what Kordan wanted in return was for the BBC Persian to tone down its coverage of protests in Iran.

And here are Iranian ex-pats outside the Supreme Leader's representative office in Maida Vale, lighting candles for post election protest martyrs, while a religious festival was being held inside the Islamic Centre of England.

Meanwhile nightly street protests in Iran continue:

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Darius Guppy Another Aristocrat Fraudster Supporter for Ahmadinejad

Just got back to UK with a lot to tell and apparently with a lot to catch up with. While catching up with what has been happening in UK, first thing that made me laugh was the most ridiculous article I have yet read in support of Ahamdienjad and the 'fair elections' in Iran printed in the Independent by the Eton/Oxford educated aristocrat turned fraudster, Darius Guppy.

I have to say it does not surprise me when someone like Darius Guppy defends Ahmadinejad and the thuggish elite in Iran. There seems to be a fascination and obsession by the over privileged and aristocratic ilk like Baroness Afshar, Babak Emamian and Darius Guppy in defending the 'anti-imperialist' Islamic regime or the 'working class' Ahmadinejad cabinet. I have come across too many of these la-de-da bourgeois oinks who pretend to be some pro-proletariat revolutionaries concerned about the poor just in the SWP and Stop the War meetings alone, not to be surprised by coming across more of them any more, but normally they are sophisticated article writers who know how to talk the Leftist talk and bamboozle the useful idiots with the sort of things they like to read or hear. Guppy on the other hand is a halfwitted fool who despite all his inherited privileges and high level contacts and chums that he has got, still couldn't avoid prison for fraud.

Guppy's close friendship with Boris Johnson makes me wonder if that is the reason why the London mayor himself writes such ridiculous articles on Iran. His other close chums and what they write about Iran should be closely monitored now.

Guppy and his privileged chums can all be good material for a comedy play of course, except that the horrors that the victims of the ruling despots in Iran, these silver spoon fed hooray henrys try to defend and promote, is not funny at all.

Below is just a glimpse of what the prisoners of conscience in Iran have suffered, while the Hooray Henrys and the 'useful idiots' have cheered on their criminal oppressors. Guppy may be bitter about Britain and how his high position friends didn't manage to save him from prison but he should throw his hat up in the air that he was not jailed in Iran. May be one day he will be though, despots quickly turn on their cronies too when their sell by date passes.

Saturday, August 08, 2009

French Citizen Amongst the Accused in the Show Trial

23-year-old French academic Clotilde Reiss, is seen here sitting amongst the accused in the Stalinist type show trials taking place in Iran.
On her right, an Islamic Republic police woman makes sure she doesn´t escape?!

Every day this sham trial is turning into more of a farce and the messianic junta shows its ignorance and worthlessness.

Today using Google translator and studying English language was used by the court as evidence against the accused for being foreign agents!

Just this sham trial should be enough reason for the world not to recognise Ahmadinejad´s messianic junta.

Ey Iran Anthem

This should happen wherever Iran sports teams play. Watch the crowd sing Ey Iran anthem instead of the Islamic Republic anthem:

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Quick Post

I am not in UK at the moment, but been getting some news from Iran that I have to share with Iranian expats in particular. First of all there is a lot of footage from recent protests that hasnt come out yet. The internet is restricted, its ok for chat and emails but very hard to send files.

Also the UK and some other European countries having high ranking delegations present at Ahmadinejad´s inauguration has had a demoralising effect on the population. They think once again the world is ready to appease the regime. They are disappointed with the Iranian expats, they think its time they went further than just symbolic acts of solidarity and do more.

Also, there is a real problem of getting information. People are complaining that BBC Persian has become almost BBC AFghan, with very little information about what is happening in Iran.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Iran Will Never Die

Tomorrow is the anniversary of Dr. Bakhtiar's murder. A man who spent a total of six years in Shah's jails and was banned for ten years from leaving the country, yet in 1979 he had the foresight to see the religious dictatorship that was looming and all the tragedies that it would result. If only we had more politicians like him back then who had his courage and foresight.

As he always finished his speeches 'Iran will never die'

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Iranian Lioness Surrounded by the Baseej Hyenas

Iranian lioness surrounded by the Baseej hyenas:

Time Magazine Pictures of the Week: Sunday, Jun 21, 2009

Rescue of Iranian Protester

This is new film footage from yesterday. People rescued the protester - seen without a shirt - from a police car after he was arrested at Park Sayee. They are trying to open his handcuffs and give him a shirt to put on. No wonder the Baseej are now wearing masks, they must be terrified.

Monday, August 03, 2009

Endorsement Ceremony and People's Protests

Pictures of today's protests against the endorsement of Ahmadinejad. Hated Baseej have started wearing masks for fear of retribution

Was the Crashed Plane Carrying Arms for Hezbollah?

Italian daily Corriere Della Sera claims the crashed Iranian jet 'had embarked, in addition to the luggage of passengers, a good number of cases of metal to house the latest generation of detonators. Apparatus consisting of two kilograms of explosive and electrical mechanisms. Some of them, for reasons not explained, would have caused a fatal explosion at the jet. In fact, witnesses have told of hearing the explosions before impact.'

Show Trials in Iran and the Hypocrisy of Stop the War

Haven't had a chance to update the blog with any posts since Friday, yet so much has happened that needs to be told.

Most pressing item is the show trials in Iran. The accused are brought in to the courtroom in their pyjamas looking gaunt and as if they have not slept for days. Any reasonably intelligent person can just take a look at Abtahi and imagine what he has been through for the last 40 days. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to realise how the coup masters are applying the Stalinist techniques they have learned from their Russian and North Korean friends. No one takes the statements made by Abtahi and Atrianfar in court as genuine, nevertheless the show trials should not be underestimated. They are a show of strength. The coup masters are telling the population, look how strong we are and look at what we can do to you.

And just look at the hypocrisy of SWP's scumbag Lindsey German. Here she is representing the Stop the War Coalition in campaigning against the show trial of Egyptian trade unionists yet when Stop the War were asked by a newspaper reporter friend of mine why they are not condemning the show trials in Iran, their reply was 'Iran is not at war'. So was Egypt at war when Lindsey German handed the petition to the Egyptian embassy in London?

These dinosaurs - Lindsey German looks like a dinosaur as well as think and act like one by the way - have a one way ticket for issues and agendas. They care not about human rights, injustice or the truth, they have their political agenda and that is it.

Saturday, August 01, 2009

30th July, London

Young and old, all united to make sure the blood of our martyrs will not be in vain:

earlier at ABC News: