Sunday, February 26, 2012

Iran's Supreme Leader, Patrice Lumumba University's Secret Graduate

It is not the first time, it has been claimed that Iran's Supreme Leader has graduated from the former Soviet Union's notorious Patrice Lumumba University, or the University of "Friendship" aka KGB Tech.

A former CIA agent, Clare Lopez was quoted as saying this during an interview:

And a book titled China & Iran by John Garver, also mentions Iran's Supreme Leader to have graduated from the Patrice Lumumba University in 1968

But a program broadcast on Russia Today on 5th February, celebrating the 50th anniversary of the university was the first time this information was confirmed by a Russian source. The Russia Today presenter mentions with much pride- see below 1:41min - two current heads of state as former graduates of the university, Mahmoud Abbas and Ali Khamenei, IR's Supreme Leader.

The consequences of this information can be cataclysmic and once again it goes to prove the unholy alliance between Iran's Communists and Islamists before the 1979 revolution. For it is inconceivable that the Supreme Leader could have studied in the Soviet Union without the puppert Soviet Communist Party of Iran, the Tudeh Party not having facilitated his move to Moscow.

It also explains all the Stalinist methods so diligently deployed by Iran's rulers in the past thirty years.
The current IR Judiciary Spokesperson, Gholam Hossein Ezhei is also said to be in the university's alumni list.

What will Arshin Adib-Moghadam Come up with Now?

Just a few days after I ridiculed SOAS lecturer, Arshin Adib-Moghadam's school boy attempt to exonerate the Islamic Republic from the recent attacks in Thailand, Georgia and India, Iranian opposition website, Jaras, has claimed that one of the arrested men in Thailand, Mohamad Khazaei, is in fact the brother of IRI's deputy of counter-intelligence. 

If this is true, then even I will be amazed at how Arshin Adib-Moghaddam can fudge this one. It will no doubt be amusing and no doubt the Guardian's Comment is Free, will once again give space to Islamic Republic apologists as usual.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Tribute to Marie Colvin

Intrepid journalists change the world. One picture, one footage or just one report can prick the world's conscience so much so, that the sheer weight of international public opinion they mobilise will bring about change.

My favourite quote has always been "Evil only prevails, when the good remain silent' and it is thanks to all the courageous journalists that sometimes the good do not remain silent and sometimes evil does not prevail.

In 1991, when Charles Wheeler reported Saddam's brutal quashing of the Kurdish uprising, it did that very awakening for the world's conscience, and ultimately brought about the "safe haven" for the Kurds in Iraq. That Wheeler report laid the foundations of the safe stable democracy we see today in the Kurdish Regional Government.

I hope this tear jerking report by Marie Colvin, will also help mobilise the international public opinion to finally bring peace to Syria and end the brutal Ba'thist rule in Syria. May be the world will share the grief of this grandmother working as a nurse in this make shift Syrian hospital when she is overcome with grief as she sees her own grand child.

What better tribute to Marie Colvin, than that?

Bashar Assad supporters at Stop the War Coalition rally in London, with Ba'athist flags and Bashar's pictures:

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Arshin Adib-Moghaddam, an Unlikely Non-partisan Analyst

Arshin Adib-Moghaddam's article in the Guardian's Comment is free section, which argues that the Islamic Republic was unlikely to be the culprit behind the assassination attempt on Israeli diplomats in Thailand, may appeal to most StWC members and other Western tyranophile readers of the Guardian newspaper, but anyone who has objectively been following Iran related news for the past three decades will have difficulty not falling off their chair with roaring laughter at the stupidity of this CASMII member and SOAS university lecturer.

To try to prove the Islamic Republic was the unlikely culprit for the attacks, Adib-Moghaddam in his opening paragraph asks the naive and ridiculous question "What would be the motive?". Such an absurd question triggers the first chuckle. I mean Really? This SOAS lecturer genuinely doesn't know what the motive could be? I wonder if he dared ask the Supreme Leader, "Oh the supremest of the supremests, what was your motive when in your recent sermon, you said your regime will back any nation that confronts Israel?" or whether he questioned numerous Islamic Republic officials who explicitly accused Israel of assassinating Iranian scientists and promised they would retaliate against the Israelis.

Certainly when official and semi-official Islamic Republic news agencies like Mehr, quoted Abdel Bari Atwan, Editor in chief of Al-Quds Al-Arabi, that "IRI will take revenge against Israel", they never asked with such naivety "what would be our motive?"

In fact the Iranian officials have gone further than providing the motives that the SOAS lecturer, Arshin Adib-Moghaddam is pretending to search for. Regime strategists and theoreticians like Rahimpour Azghadi have publicly gone on record saying "prepare for global operations". Places like Thailand, Georgia and India are also part of our globe to this SOAS lecturer's surprise.

Adib-Moghaddam then pathetically tries to argue that even if IR wanted to, it would not send its operatives to friendly countries. Hello?? Where have you been "Iran expert" SOAS lecturer/CASMII member? Have you not bothered to pop down the library and read about the assassinations of more than 100 dissidents and opponents of the regime all over the world? Assassinations that have happened not just in USA, England and France but in Switzerland, Austria, Turkey, Cyprus, Dubai, Sweden, Italy, Spain, India, Pakistan and the Philippines. "Friendly" countries are actually more suitable because they do not require stringent visa requirements and for example in Thailand, until before this recent fiasco, Iranian nationals were issued with a visa at the airport.

Adib-Moghaddam's last desperate attempt in scraping the bottom of the barrel to string up a worthy argument for his "unlikely culprit" scenario, is that the 'highly trained and professional' revolutionary guards would not be so clumsy and the regime in Iran would not be that stupid to alienate its friendly relations?

Lets start with looking at the later point. Actually the Islamic Republic can be and has been; extremely stupid. I have said time and time again that the Islamic Republic's biggest enemy is itself and one should never underestimate its ability to shoot itself in the foot. While its best friend is the incompetent Iranian opposition abroad and the nonchalant majority of Iranian ex-pats who like to enjoy the benefits of living a comfortable life in Western democracies while still maintaining their ability to go back to Iran for cheap holidays.

What other than sheer stupidity can explain the holocaust denial speeches, the numerous outrageous inconsistent lies about Neda's murder or the recent organised mob attack on the British embassy in Tehran, just to name a few? How else could you describe a regime, whose minister of 'intelligence' claims the US government has filtered Facebook and Twitter and slowed down the internet to crackdown on dissent?

As for the professionalism and efficiency of the Islamic Republic assassination operatives abroad, again their track record suggests other than what Adib-Moghaddam likes to advocate. The track record of the clumsy assassination attempts by the Islamic Republic abroad has mostly left plenty of clues that point the fingers to the Islamic Republic. Many of the assassins have either managed to flee to safety in Iran or have been given a hero's welcome at Tehran airport after they have been released from European prisons. Some of the assassins like Anis Naqash, who carried out the first unsuccessful assassination on Shapur Bakhtiar that resulted in the killing and maiming of some French citizens have lived a lavish lifestyle in Iran ever since.

In May 1993, the German chief federal prosecutor submitted his indictment—in which Iran's ministry of intelligence was implicated heavily in what became known as the Mykonos restaurant assassinations.

Shapur Bakhtiar's second wave of assassins who managed to kill him in his Paris residence made a series of such clumsy errors that Arshin Adib-Moghaddam regards as unthinkable. For example, when two of the assassins, Azadi and Vakili-Rad boarded the wrong train at Lyon and made a series of traceable phone calls to other members of the terror network or when they stuck their phoney Swiss visa stamps into their phoney Turkish passports so late that the visa stamp was still moist, arousing the suspicion of a Swiss officer, who on closer examination determined that the visas, supposedly issued in Tehran, bore serial numbers of Swiss consulates in France. I won't even mention how one of the assassins left a suitcase full of clues after visiting a French prostitute.

In denying the involvement by the Iranian regime in the recent attacks, Arshin Adib-Moghaddam, intent on pulling the wool over the typical Guardian reader, has to then put the blame on someone else. He chooses to blame the 'Indian Mujahideen' and tries to induce the idea that there have been such reports that link the attacks to a group that is unrelated to Iran but oppose the relation between India and Israel.

I am not sure if Adib-Moghaddam, wrote this article before the identity of the attackers became known or he simply hadn't been made aware of it, but the evidence speaks for itself.

Saeed Moradi, the man who was injured in the attack and Mohamamd Khazaei who was detained in the airport do not come across as 'Indian Mujahideen', nor does the third suspect Massoud Sedaghatzade and nor the female accomplice, Leila Rouhani who has managed to flee back to Tehran.

The picture which shows them all partying with two Thai prostitutes in Pattaya, the night before the attacks, also does not suggest they are 'Indian Mujahideen'

The female accomplice, Leila Rouhani, who managed to flee back to Tehran and escape arrest by the Thai police, also does not come across as an 'Indian Mujahideen':

I think the evidence that the SOAS lecturer and CASMII member, Arshin Adib-Moghaddam is talking bollocks is overwhelming but the question is, have UK university lecturers really become that stupid or does Arshin Adib-Moghaddam have a vested interest? For example is it true that his father was the former head of the Islamic Republic mosque in Hamburg?

The sad thing however is that the mainstream media like the Guardian give space to such poppy cock articles by such dubious characters with hidden agendas and ulterior motives but they still refuse to publish the questions I have raised as to who is behind the assassination of the Iranian scientists.

Friday, February 17, 2012

A Rare Picture Showing Teenage Prisoners in the Islamic Republic

This is a rare picture taken by a German magazine that managed to get access to Evin prison in Iran during the 1980s.

On the right, sitting behind his desk, is the psychopath butcher of Evin prison, the evil henchman Lajavardi, offering a biscuit to the teenage political prisoners, to demonstrate the Islamic kindness in front of the foreign reporters.

Look at the teenage kid sitting on the left. Look how young and innocent he looks. Most probably, all this kid was ever "guilty" of was selling some Left wing newspaper on a street corner or handing out leaflets. God knows what happened to these kids and the mind shudders to think what they had to endure.

It is for the sake of those innocent kids that I loathe and despise Islamic Republic apologists in the West. The snotty nose tyranophile la-dee-das who turn away and ignore the real tyranny and terror. 

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

America Can Do No Wrong

They say sometimes the joke gets lost in translation, but sometimes revolutionary slogans get lost in translation and the slogan becomes a joke.

The state sponsored slogan is Ayatollah Khomeini's famous saying "America can not do a damn thing" but on the 33rd anniversary of the 1979 Islamic revolution, the slogan is translated as 'America Can Do No Wrong'

The local Baseej must have used Google translator. It is exactly how Google translator, mistranslates the phrase:

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Brutality Beyond Words Can Ever Explain

These images are not from Israel, for if they were, there would have been endless marches by the professional revolutionaries in Europe.

A man is fallen and helpless and Syrian troops and henchmen/scum can not get enough of beating a man who is  on the floor

Half of a teenager's face is blown up by an RPG rocket.

For the sake of the people of Syria, stand up to Bashar's brutality and Stop the War Coalition hypocrites.

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Full House of 'Useful Idiots' at SOAS on Sunday

Who do the Egyptian people least want to interfere in their internal affairs or lecture them on their revolution?

There will be a whole set of such Western useful idiots and tyranophiles at SOAS this Sunday, like former Saddam stooge, George Galloway,  Bashar Assad supporter Communist, Andrew Murray, another member of Communist Party of Britain, Kate Hudson and another Marxist supporter of Ahmadinejad and Guardian columnist, Seumas Milne.

But Western Marxists and tyranophiles wouldn't feel comfortable without some Islamic extremist sitting next to them in a panel and who better than Kamal El-Helbawy, a big time admirer of the Islamic Republic's Supreme Leader.

Egyptian ex-pats would do well, if they turn up to this event and tell this mob that they are not welcome to lecture them on their revolution.

Saturday, February 04, 2012

Rage and Anger Outside Syrian Embassy Today

Every Saturday, Syrian ex-pats opposed to Bashar Assad's regime gather outside the Syrian embassy in London. They peacefully chant, they sing and they remember their martyrs.

After yesterday's brutal massacre in Homs however, they seemed consumed with sheer rage and frustration. The Syrian protesters just wanted to do something more for their fallen compatriots. One Syrian woman told me, more than twenty of her family members have been murdered by Bashar's henchmen, since the uprising started. Many had camped outside the Syrian embassy in freezing cold since the night before. There were already signs of paint thrown at the Syrian embassy door, and today they could no longer tolerate a building that represented Bashar's murderous regime in front of them and they pushed through the police lines.

 They threw whatever they could at the embassy, water bottles, eggs, stones and bricks. As the front line of protesters pushed the police back, the ones at the back threw bricks and stones which smashed the embassy windows. Police pushed back the protesters and the protesters came back again, getting closer and closer to the embassy door.

until the riot police with shields and batons moved in and the police finally got the upper hand

Protesters where then penned in behind the barricades for hours in freezing cold weather and strangely there was no sign of Press TV!

This Iranian reporter from Euronews made me laugh and perhaps explained why Euronews Persian,  launched last year, has almost zero viewers. I told him about the Iranians in the protest who had come to express solidarity with the Syrian people and he said he was not 'allowed' to talk to any Iranians because it was not in his "brief". What a pratt!

There was also this photographer from Demotix. We sort of recognised each other from previous occasions.

He told me he was outside the US embassy last Saturday and had seen how supporters of Bashar Assad, IR's Supreme Leader and Stop the War activists had attacked Iranian pro-democracy protesters for having banners of Free Iran and chanting No to Dictators. He told me, Chris Nineham from Stop the War, had asked him to remove the photos he had posted which showed Iranian pro-democracy supporters had been attacked and he had rightly replied to Nineham "I am a photographer and not your bloody PR man".

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Extreme Idolatry

Islamic Republic uses a cardboard cut out of Khomeini to mark the anniversary of his return from exile, 33 years ago.

During his flight back to Iran from exile, a reporter on borad the plane asked him "What do you feel returning to Iran after 15 years?" and Khomeini replied "Nothing", so we shouldn't expect more from this cardboard cutout.