Friday, January 11, 2008

Haleh Afshar, the People's Peer!

A friend outside the UK recently sent me an email asking if I have any contact details from Haleh Afshar. I replied citing Haleh Afshar's university web page which displays her university email account. I was hesitant to continue with saying what I thought of Haleh Afshar in my reply email however. I have seen Haleh Afshar a few times on British TV and on each occasion she has been an absolute disgrace in my opinion.

First time I saw her was years ago on a program called After Dark, where her drunken state and continuous unnecessary giggling was just too embarrassing to watch, let alone listening to her utter nonsense. On another Question Time program, where again her constant giggling with Alex Salmond was annoying and embarrassing, she sort of attributed the candle lit march by Iranians paying condolences to 9/11 victims as an Islamic Republic approved event!

Since Haleh Afshar has become a member of the House of Lords, I have been receiving a lot of emails from people outside UK asking me what I think of her, so I thought if I do this post, I can just refer them to this link.

In my view Haleh Afshar, epitomizes the previous generation of over privileged Iranians, confused and full of unresolved contradictions, who liked to embrace fashionable ideas without thinking them through. The very generation of Iranian intellectuals who got Iran in such a mess today and I despise so much.

To make up your own mind just read this BBC religion program interview transcript with Haleh Afshar:
BBC Religion Program

And this is how I summarise it, if you don't have time to read the above:

In her own words she came from such a pampered background that until the age of 14, she had never combed her own hair, dressed or undressed herself or even had a bath by herself without the help of house servants. After reading Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre, she became so impressed by the steely women of England who did their own things, that she insisted her parents send her to a boarding school in Britain.

Haleh Afshar is then sent to a Catholic boarding school in England where she embraces Marxism-Leninism.

She then claims to have worked with the Marxist-Leninist Fedayeen Guerrillas group against the Shah [not clear exactly what she did]. This is an underground secret armed organisation, but she tells her father about it! I can just imagine her saying "Daddy, I am working with the Fedayeen Marxist-Leninst guerrillas". Her father's reply, as she describes it in the interview, is you know if they come to power they will execute me and again in her own words in the interview she says 'Oh no, I won't shoot you - I will protect you'.

When the 1979 Islamic revolution happens, she is convinced it will be a Marxist revolution and a Fedayeen victory! But of course after the Shah's men, the Marxists were next to face the Islamic firing squads. She describes this period in her own interview like this:
"y'know every day there would be a lot of people I knew who were dying. So I used to just open the newspaper, read, have a cry and then go to work. And I knew we were defeated"
Just imagine! her friends are dying every day, she opens the newspapers, has a cry and then goes to work!!! No campaign to raise awareness of what was going on? No effort to bring pressure on Islamic Republic to stop the executions? No attempt to solicit the international public opinion? just have a little cry for the abandoned comrades who were dying every day and then go to work??

Disappointed with Iran not becoming a proletarian state, Haleh Afshar continues with her proletarian activities in UK. Again in her own words she describes how she stood in a designer Chanel suit outside Rowntree's factory asking the workers to go on strike! [I am sorry I just had a belly ache from laughter as I am writing this bit in the post]

Oh of course throughout this time she is also a Shia Muslim woman. My mind boggles as she tries to reconcile Marx's dialectical materialism with Shiite theology.
She claims feminism has been her core consistency through life. In one of her replies in the interview she says "I began by always wanting to be a man," :))

Since she has become a celebrity TV Islamic apologist, this is how she justifes gender apartheid in Islam:
"I think that women are oppressed universally by men, and the Islamic countries are no exception"

In recognition of her Islamic apologist stand, the UK government has decided she is an Islamic and an Iran expert and made her a people's peer in the House of Lords, which is just another contradiction in my view. What the hell is a people's peer? when did people decide she is their peer? and I thought I would never live to see a Marxist's delight at becoming a member of the House of Lords!

I think I have said enough and you get the picture. If you get time, read her full interview, and you will see that I have been very fair.


Anonymous said...

What a disgrace.

Anonymous said...

She is a so called professor specialized in Islam while knowing not a single word of Arabic or being able to recite a single verse from the Quran. Remember Tudehi haye Nafti? She comes from the same genes!

Anonymous said...

You could become a BBC favourite like her too. Just say Islamophobia, Islamophobia, Islamphobia and claim you are a feminist supporter of female emancipating Hezbollah :)))

Anonymous said...

Press TV's delight at Haleh Afshar becoming a Baroness:§ionid=351020101

Bahramerad said...

What an absolute charlatan. I have always believed that people who lough uncontrollably a lot when discussing important subjects are somehow showing their schizophrenic nature. She calls herself a feminist, a Marxist, an expert in Middle East Affairs, and a Muslim. HA HA ...LOL. Pull the other one. I suppose she is a first class whore in the bedroom, an angle healing her sick children and an excellent servant to the queen and county and a top class Dame of the realm to boot! Well, the Brits are welcome to have her. Just do not call her Persian or Iranian. By the way, the Afshars were the decedents of the Ghajars and big landowners of some repute owning thousands of villages before Reza Shah the Great took some of their lands away and gave it to the peasants who were toiling on those lands for peanut for generations.
I am really sorry that I had to read through all this bullshit-that she had pilled on to BBC in order to write this. I am also glad that I did not have to have this cretin as my teacher and be taught all this crap from her. She defiantly is a disgrace to all Women, Teachers, leftist and religious people. As she says, maybe she is not far off being scared that somebody might knife her in the back one of these days...

Anonymous said...

Its very easy to claim "I was with Fedayean Khalq". As a secret organisation, it had no membership cards, and kept no records of who was a member or not.

Yet it has become very trendy of Iranian intellectuals of Afshar's generation to say "I worked with Fedayean Khalq". They probably handed out a couple of Fedayeen flyers in Trafalgar square and know how it can impress these silly Brits by making them think they took up arms against the Shah!
Abbas Edalat, yet another British university lecturer Islamic Republic apologist, is another example of this kind. He probably sat in some trendy coffee shop spending his Pahlavi foundation scholarship talking about Fedayeen and that was all there was to it.

Anonymous said...

ننگ بر اين مزدور انگليسي و خانواده نوكر پرورش

Bahramerad said...

One more thing.
Who would in their right mind want to serve in the house of so called Lords of a country that does this to others...Please read this article.

Anonymous said...

Haleh Afshar forms her opinion based on what is trendy at the time.

In 1982, her essay entitled "Khomeini's Teachings and Their Implications for Iranian Women", she argued that women in Iran faced the dual problem of the Qur'anic text and the clergy's interpretations of it.

She even compared women's support for Khomeini to that of support for Hitler and Mussolini at the time.

Now she sees them as enlightened Islamist women and considers their anti-imperialist struggle as a more important issue of priority.

Winston said...

For one thing, I am glad that UK is being destroyed from within by these idiots. Once a proud country is now doomed and bound to fail. (Read Londonistan by Melanie Phillips to see what I mean).

Anonymous said...

One more reason to hate the COMMUNISTS!

Anonymous said...

Baroness Afshar is as much a Communist as Ahura Yazdi is a nationalist. Anonymous you must not condemn all Communists because of one bad apple.

Haleh Afshar is no Communist, she is just a fake who has been rewarded by a stupid British administration.

Anonymous said...

هر چه ميكشيم از دست اينگونه مزدوران دولت فخيمه ميكشيم. آيا اگر براي خدمت به روباه پير نبود اين اشرافزاده وطن فروش به اين جاه و مقام ميرسيد؟؟

Anonymous said...

Three Islamic Republic stooges , Rostami, Mir Hosseini and Afshar, come together:

Anonymous said...

Its easy to criticize someone.

Azarmehr said...

Yes it really was easy this time :)

Anonymous said...

What makes you think she is still a marxist?

It is clear from the transcript of the interview that she has changed some of her views and openly laughs at some of her old ideas.

And now you criticise her for the things she has criticised her past self for, ignoring both that she has changed her views, and that had she not been critical of these aspects of her past and spoken about them, you would never have known about them!

Azarmehr said...

She was never a Marxist either, she was never a member of teh Fedayeen Khalq neither. You think you could just become a member of Fedayeen Khalq and then when daddy comes home, say 'Oh daddy I joined teh Fedayeen today!'

She is all bullshit, in the past, present and in the future. Some pampered silver spoon fed girl who makes up things.

SAIED said...


Anonymous said...

"I think that women are oppressed universally by men, and the Islamic countries are no exception"

I thought it was the other way around, and the Islamic countries were the exception.

Anonymous said...

If it makes you feel any better, I have never heard of her! She's ignominious! What a wack job.

Anonymous said...

Lol @ standing outside Rowntrees in a Chanel suit trying to get the workers to go on strike! I bet she was told to fuck off in no uncertain terms. She's the textbook example of overpriveleged twat playing at "radical politics. She could afford to go on strike(If she ever did a proper days work in her life!) because her and her family managed to smuggle all their inherited wealth out of Iran. She spends her time hobnobbing with the upper middle classes and leftist academics pretending to give a fuck about the proletariat. She definitely isn't a Muslim in any real sense of the word, it's just a label she uses to give her more appeal amongst ordinary people. Her son recently spent time in prison for a race hate attack(you couldn't make this shit up!) guessed it Muslims!!! She really is a poster girl for the shallow,overpriveleged faux revolutionarys that pollute the left. Don't anyone be fooled by this odious woman. At heart shes just an entitled snob who is interested solely in her own career and the status it brings. She definitely doesn't represent Iranians or Muslim women. The most revolutionary thing she ever did was probably go visit her son in the nick. I'm sure it made her unconfortable being around all those working class people. That's the ultimate hypocrisy with her ilk. They claim to be Marxists etc. Yet they despise the working class. Fun fact. Recently a relative of hers died and she and her family were left a small fortune! This wasn't a close relative,I'm talking a distant relative. Goes to show you how much the shah and the Iranian aristocrats and landowners managed to drain out of Iran. If she really wants to help, how about returning some of her aristocratic inheritance returned to the land it was bled out if! Didn't think so you old witch! Instead she'll sit in the house of lords at the taxpayers expense going and eating in Michelin starred restaurants with the establishment cronies pretending she has anything in common with normal people. Oh and I've met her, she's also incredibly stuck up and rude in person!