Monday, May 26, 2008

Shiraz Explosions, Change of Story

Despite the earlier statements by the IR officials that the ordnance display at the Shiraz Mosque was the cause of the explosion that led to the death and injuries of hundreds of people, the Islamic Republic intelligence ministry now claims that the explosion was the work of a monarchist group and they have made several arrests of those involved.

The monarchist group they refer to is in fact nothing to do with Reza Pahlavi. The group calls itself, Kingdom Assembly of Iran, and was led by Manuchehr Fathollahi, aka Forood Fooladvand, yet another one of these TV satellite based Iranian Don Quixote presenters, only this time based in London and not in LA. Fooladvand was delluded with liberating Iran by himself and setting up a new imperial dynasty of his own. He had even bestowed himself with a title, Iranban, the Protecter of Iran. For him Reza Pahlavi was an incompetent Prince and undeserving for the throne of Iran, but since Fooladvand himself wanted to be the new monarch of Iran, the Western media have been confused with the monarchy connection.

Fooladvand stopped his TV programs a few months ago and said he was on his way to Iran to liberate the country by the next Iranian new year! - how many times have we heard that by now? Since then accounts vary as to Fooladvand's whereabouts, some say he was tricked by IRI agents who were pretending to be his followers and kidnapped on the Turkish border, some say he is already dead and some say he embezzled money and simply disappeared.

Shortly after the Shiraz explosion, some of Fooladvand's followers, typical of those who want to pretend they have a vast network of activists inside Iran claimed it was their network who had bombed the mosque, and so it seems a combination of a typical Islamic Republic Intelligence ministry plot aided by the stupidity of an exiled group, is paving the way for 'justification' of a massive crackdown on dissidents in Iran. Already some pro-democracy activists, Iranian Christians and Bahaii leaders have been arrested and the Intelligence Ministry is promising televised interviews of the perpetrators of the Shiraz explosion who will confess to working for world imperialism and Zionism on the State TV.

Although the regime has not named any of those arrested, Abdollah Shahbazi's blog has published the names and photographs of two of those who are due to appear in the televised confessions. Shahbazi, a former Iranian Communist, has close connections with rival sections of the IRI Intelligence Ministry after his collaboration efforts with the regime in the 80s. Now days he refers to himself as a historian.

Shahbazi claims two of those arrested and promised execution by the intelligence ministry are Faramarz Sheikholeslam and his cousin, Mohammad Shahqotbi. They are in fact computer experts and whiz kids. Shahbazi has even published a picture of one of them, Shahqotbi, while sitting next to Shiraz's Friday Prayer Leader's son and fixing his computer.

Those who have followed Iran news for the last 28 years and the majority of the Iranian population will never believe any such manipulated televised confessions under duress.

The truth is that despite the megalomaniac claims by some opposition groups in exile, the Iranian pro-democracy movement is not about bombs and explosions and acts of violence. The world community must remain alert to such plots by the Islamic Republic. When it comes to blowing up ordinary citizens, its the Islamic Republic who has the top expertise in this field.


Winston said...

I really hate that moron of the Anjomane Padeshahi... What a freaking idiot. I feel pitty for his stupid followers.

Arash Sahami said...

Operation ‘Tondar’ started when in 2005, 70 of Anjoman’s supporters boarded a Lufthansa flight in Brussels and staged a sit-in. Can you logistically imagine this? (This is when we have difficulties pulling 20 to our demos! Don’t you think you’re misjudging his support base??) The second was the bombing of Sad e Sivand construction for which it produced documented proof:
and finally the Shiraz blast which they claim to be responsible for. See here:

I shall write extensively about this in the near future.

Anonymous said...

I must apologise to Potkin. I posted this under the wrong blog post. This is the correct place for it ...

The question is, who did carry out the bombing? The idea that a whole lot of explosives stored in the mosque suddenly exploded sounds more outlandish than the idea that fascist freaks in the Anjomane Padeshahi carried it out. It was interesting that shortly after the attack, amateur videos appeared on YouTube showing pictures of Reza Pahlavi pasted up around Shiraz - of course, they could have been put up by the regime, if you believe it bothers to play such games. I don't believe for one moment that Bahais, Christians or Sunnis would carry out such an operation. Shiraz is well outside the operational zone of the ethnic-based groups like the Jund'ullah. The Mujahideen would hardly carry out an attack at the time when they were hoping to persuaded English courts to lift their proscription. And I don't think this was an inside job, given that it was aimed at Bassijis in the mosque. So who was it? An anti-Islamic (I don't mean just anti-mullah, but violently anti-Muslim with an extreme hatred of Arabs) extremist group like Anjomane Padeshi is a possible culprit. The shame is that such attacks rarely benefit any genuine anti-regime opposition. We'll get the usual forced confessions and collusion with foreign governments, which will be worthless. And the regime's bid to take legal action will fall at the first hurdle.

Azarmehr said...

I am not denying that he has or had at some point 100 supporters, its the intelligence and effectiveness of himself and his group which has put me off.

I thought the Lufthansa sit-in was a farce and clownish act. They wanted the head of Nato to come and meet them on the plane! What did they expect the head of Nato to do???? What was achieved by so much 'logistics', expense and supporters other than make IR opposition look stupid.

As for the "bombing" of the Sivand dam, are you kidding me? You believe that footage and those photographs? Do you think you can blow up the dam and then stick posters there and film it after the event? Even if it is true, Sivand dam project went ahead and was built.

Even if their claims to blow up the mosque and the Sivand dam is true, these acts of sabotage will never bring about change. At the most optimistic end of the spectrum they may bring some admiration by some sections of the population but the average ordinary person will not take part in these kinds of acts.

To bring change you need a mass movement, to do that you need the right initiative and the bright idea that will engage the ordinary citizens. I just don't think acts of sabotage will engage the masses and I strongly believe that the Shiraz mosque explosion is a plot by the regime to justify a crackdown.

Tondar claiming that it was their responsibility only demonstrates their stupidity.

Anonymous said...

While I totally agree with you, Potkin, that bomb attacks are not going to make the slightest bit of difference for the success of a mass opposition movement, I find it hard to believe that the regime will bomb its most loyal supporters to prove a point. Previous black propaganda attacks by the Khomeinists have involved things like the Abadan Cinema Rex fire that killed hundreds and was blamed on the Shah or the assassination of Christian priests that are blamed on the Mujahideen. No previous attacks have been against mosques and congregations of the Bassij or IRGC. There is no doubt in my mind that Anjomane Padeshahi has the capability (it does not take a genius to cause a large explosion) and the desire to bomb a mosque. But I don't think any foreign government is stupid enough to support them in this.

Azarmehr said...


why do you think they won't blow up their own supporters if it serves them?? Who were they sending over the mine fields during the war? The young Baseejis.
ANd have you forgotten the bombing of SHiite shrine in Mashad which they also blamed on MeK?

As far as these people are concerned they will be martyrs and thats ok. They have a total disregard for life even that of their own supporters.

But I still believe the first official categorical statement that it was an accident.

Arash Sahami said...

what will bring change Potkin? Reza Pahlavi? Fakhravar? Nourizadeh??!!! Khatami?? Rafsanjani?? Mojahedeen? You?????????????

Azarmehr said...

definitely not me, because I am not inside Iran.

But to answer your question, I assume you mean change for the better. The most appealing way for me will be when several strands of civil disobedience movements come together and people will join when they see a real credible alternative.

Anonymous said...

I really wish that exiled opposition groups would shut up, get along with each other and stop their egotistic megalomania. Whatever happens in Iran will be because of people inside Iran. Those outside can help by providing genuine grass-roots media that can bypass the censors and enable Iranian civil society to talk to itself. And to do this without financial backing from foreign governments like VOA, that makes them seem like they are obeying the agenda of these governments. Even amateurish efforts are better than a slick production that looks false and only enriches its directors.

There is no single credible alternative, nor should there be. A future Iran should be a pluralistic, tolerant, multi-party democracy, which means all elements of Iranian society are represented and spar with each other with words and not guns. A single alternative means dictatorship and exclusion and this will never win the support of the masses.

Anjomane Padeshahi argue for a narrow singularity that no-one can accept. They manage to upset many millions of Iranian Muslims who want a secular democracy but are offended by the extreme anti-Muslim attitudes of this party. They manage to upset that substantial body of the population comprising Azaris, Balochis, Kurds, Turkmens, Arabians, Assyrians and others who are Iranian but are excluded by the chauvinistic message of this group. In short, Anjomane Padeshahi is the most anti-Iranian party and all Iranians should ensure they do not step one foot down this little group's ideological route.

Anonymous said...

Anjomane Padeshahi is full of stupid hopeless idiots

Anonymous said...

API, hopeless idiots? They are the only true opponents of the Mullahs regime. The rest have no clue and just blaber about democracy and HR, just like the regime itslef. Get a clue, put up or shut up!

Azarmehr said...


Anyone who thinks their little group is the only true opponent is truly a hopeless idiot?

Each group appeals to a section of Iranians, the point is to create an atmosphere where groups can freely solicit people's votes in a fair and friendly atmosphere

Anonymous said...

I don't think you have a clue about what you're talking about. On this occasion, you are full of crap. Your reasoning sounds like IRI's.....and I should know as I still live in Iran and let me tell you that Fouladvand has many many fans among people in my age group of 18-40. at least myself and a lot of my friends at uni.....stop talking shot my friend and stop propagating nonesense about a man who has put his life in line for what he believes......the reality is that most Iranoans are sick of Islam and secretly appreciate the brand of education that Fouladvand offers.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Potkin. This will upset your mentality. Will it?

Afraid you've lost incredible credibility, despite your pic.

No One takes you really seriously.

Some suck up to you, when it suits them, on your blog; but, some will not from this point forward.

You carry and fart on, seriously, you have not got any where last 3 decades for Iran, have you?

What was your father struggling for? For Democracy in Iran during the Shah? And, then WHAT??

They (Islamists) stole it from you?! How old were you champ? Not old enough, obviously!

Move on! Live as you have done in London in the last whatever years, and struggle for whatever you see fit.

I've found your approach to the detriment of Iran because you often convey a confused message. Know where you stand, and carry it through, champ! We cant work on another 10 year plan!

YOU and your blog are of little to no consequence; except you getting publicity and keeping yourself and others amused.

At the end, you will hang yourself (metaphorically). And, NO, I am not in favor of the current government or an Islamic one; but have found you more divisive than uniting over the last three years.

Honestly, dont think you have a clue but know you mean well for your purposes.

Azarmehr said...

Well done, I congratulate you for your perfect English, especially for someone who lives in Shiraz ;)

Anonymous said...

In fact, I speak and write perfect English and am from Shiraz - born and raised (I'm just going to college in the states). So don't be too sure Azzy jon. It's only a matter of time before we start burning some scarves:)


Azarmehr said...

So A view from Iran and the previous anonymous claiming 'I still live in Iran' is you Barmakid? So one day you are a Tudeh Party supporter and one day you support Fooladvand?

As long as you say something against me hey Barmakid? You moron, you really have a problem.

Anonymous said...

Dude, you really need to stop accusing me of posting as anonymous. I have never posted under any name but BARMAKID. And for the record, I wasn't alive when Tudeh was around. So technically, I couldn't be a "supporter." And as far as Fooladvand, well, the word insignificance comes to mind.

I don't care how you engage with these anonymous posters, behnam, and whoever elese, but I give my word I am not posting under any other names.

Oh yea, I have never called you a moron or any derogatory name before, but I guess the older you get the easier it is to eschew the notion of respect and expect to recieve it yourself. You're a pitiful man with pitifully uninformed views; jumping to such a loose conclusion (about who I am posting as) is reflective of your political, historical, and sociological views - impetuous and ignorant.

be salamat,

Azarmehr said...


You are not just a moron but a shit for brains too and you think you are always the centre of attention.

An anonymous person with a perfect English claimed he lived in Iran and supported API, so I congratulated him for living in Iran and writing such good English.
Then an arsehole like yourself thought, ooh Potkin must be talking to me and left this comment
"In fact, I speak and write perfect English and am from Shiraz "

So I humoured you that after being such a big fan of the Tudeh Party, you are now an API fan.

You have your wires crossed, you may suffer from attention defecit, and a host of other complex problems but in brief you are a lot of hot air, with no worthwhile use for society.

Anonymous said...

Well, I thought you were being sarcastic so I wanted to make a point that there are people who live in Shiraz that speak English better than some Americans. I did not get my "wires crossed." But hey, at least I have some wires; unlike your hollow head which is only filled with latent khorma and maust.

You know, I thought winston was a bitter man, but now I know you both are. I don't know why you like to attack me; maybe it makes your penis move or maybe you think you can generate more hits. But when you call ME a moron and someone who has no value, it's truly laughable.

How long did it take before you came up with these grade school insults? You're a joke ghorban, and the funny thing is, even a fool like winston knows it too.

be salamat,

Azarmehr said...


What exactly is your intellectual input? You think the Tudeh Party was Yes man for the Shah, you say that Hamas buys weapons from Iran and thats good for our trade! then you admit you made a clanger, your claims that you will go to Shiraz and organise women to burn their headscarves at the ballot box are just comical, you hate America but you live in America and then you get your wires crossed thinking everyone is talking to you, your constant hollow whines and love affair with Behnam(?) the coward are just getting nauseating, what exactly is your agenda other than a childish immature tit for tat. No one is forcing you to read this blog.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for your interesting weblog.
i'm so sorry for Arjhang Davoodi's situation. Now he is in 54th day of hunger strike. Help and save him and the other prisoners. Plz show the reality of difficulties in iran. Neither bombing nor killing is not a wise approach for solving our problems.

Anonymous said...

1> The place bombed was not a Mosque, but a "hosseiynieh" and a meeting place for Bassiji thugs, responsible for daily acts of oppressions and torture.

2> API has thousands of cells all over Iran, from the remotest locations to the inner most circles of the regime.

3> Democracy in a land afflicted with Islamism and Mullahism is as senseless as painting walls of a house infested with termites.