Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Nazanin's Third Day in London

Nazanin had an interview with More4 TV Channel this morning and then after a quick lunch at the Portcullis House, we made our way to the Foreign Office, where we had a very useful meeting with an Iran Desk officer on Human Rights issues.

Later we went to the House of Lords. It was my first time ever in the House of Lords. While we were waiting in the lobby, one of the peers acknowledged Nazanin and said he was in committee room 14 the day before and was very impressed with the points she had made during the meeting.

We had a quick tour of the House, as we made our way to the Lord's tea room. I even had the chance of standing right in front of the very Throne of the Queen of England, where the Queen sits at the State Opening of Parliament and delivers the Queen's Speech.

Lord Avebury invited us to his office, where we discussed various Iran related issues. More tomorrow I hope.


Anonymous said...


Sounds like a cool experience; glad you had it. It's always enthralling to go to places like the House of Lords or the House of Commons. With any luck, I'll be working in Congress after this November's elections. But here's a random question I've been wanting to ask: Why haven't you gone back to Iran? Are you on a political black list or something?


Anonymous said...

She's a great representative. If she can help unite Iranians against the regime, she is worth her weight in gold and then some.
Thanks for your reports and your efforts too.

Anonymous said...

If only more of our celebrities were as committed as she is.....

Anonymous said...

Good that you met with Lord Avebury. He is a wonderful man.

Winston said...

great news