Friday, August 17, 2012

Al-Quds Parades in Iran Today

Today is the Al-Quds Day in Iran, the day marked by Ayatollah Khomeini in the Islamic Republic's calendar to show the state's commitment in "liberating" Palestine. There will be parades all across Iran and throughout the world, including London and other European cities. In fact in London, this year, the Advertising Standards Agency, had allowed the advertising for the Islamic Republic sponsored demo to be publicised on the back of London's buses.

The footage below is from the Iranian state TV today, from Khorram Abad, West Iran. Huge megaphones ask the crowds to chant Allah Akbar in support of Palestine, but no one chants back. The speakers repeat the calls for Allah Akbar and still nothing. So the state TV plays Pirates of the Caribbean theme music and moves on

And this one is from Sari, North Iran. This time the huge megaphones chant "The Blood of the Martyrs of the Nation Boil/ The Supreme Leader of Iran Roars", but no one roars back. Everyone is busy talking to each other or playing with their mobiles!


Waybec said...

Not so much zeal - as totally surreal. Forgive me, but the people here just look like vacant automatons. Aimlessly wandering about looking for the next person to evoke some kind of action. Of course that action should be marching for the democratic aspirations of the Iranian people themselves! Not just sleepwalking underneath the flacid flags of a totalitarian theocracy's thumb! It's no good just dreaming about the end of a nightmare. Sorry, but that only comes with the Tunisian/Libyan/Egyptian and Syrian guts of the Iranian people also finally waking up!

Bahramerad said...

They only come because their jobs depends on them attending ... and they are all waiting for the free food and drink spreads...
Rent a crowd only cares with what they can get for free !