Monday, April 28, 2014

If They Are Iranian, Why are they Ashamed of Having Iranian Names?

Ayatollah Montazeri, was once designated to replace Ayatollah Khomeini as the Supreme Leader of Iran, instead he ended up under house arrest for much of his later life and the man who was once destined to be the next Supreme Leader, died as a dissident under house arrest. 
Ayatollah Montazeri often said the Islamic Republic of Iran is neither Islamic nor a Republic" and I have always added,  "and it is neither Iranian".

The video above is one segment of the controversial documentary "I am Rouhani". It was made by the media agents of Tehran mayor, Ghalibaaf, in response to Rouhani telling Ghalibaaf "I am a lawyer and not a general", during the last televised presidential campaign debate. 
In that famous televised debate, Rouhani set out to show himself as a moderate man with a different approach to Ghalibaaf's harsh combative style. The full documentary about Rouhani, however shows that actually Rouhani has not always been such a moderate man that he now makes out to be, but I need another post to discuss the documentary in full.
For now, I have just posted a segment of the documentary where Rouhani explains why he changed his surname:
"when I entered the seminary school, my seminary student friends criticised my original surname, Fereydoun. They mocked me by saying, one day you will become an Ayatollah, how can an Ayatollah have a name like Fereydoun?" and so this led him to change his surname to Rouhani.

Fereydoun is a popular Iranian name, it is the name of a major figure in the Iranian mythology. The rightful king, who along with Kaveh the blacksmith, led the popular revolt against the tyrannical usurper, Zahak. 

If these people are Iranian, why are they ashamed of having Iranian names?


Anonymous said...

They are Arabs and occupiers.

Kiss A Toad said...

cause they are not and you nailed it again Azarmehr

Anonymous said...

Iranians are their own worst enemies. We have cherished our opressors for the past 14 centuries and with 35 years of brutal theocracy, things will only get worse.

Anonymous said...

Thx for sharing.

Anonymous said...

it shows that ruhani decide according to what people think and say not what he himself think.
he cant decide according to his beliefs!