Tuesday, June 09, 2015

What Do Iran's Clerics Talk About?

What do Iran's clerics talk about? Well the short answer is, not just about the spiritual and religious matters as they should, but just about everything and all topics that they find interesting.
In the Iranian comedy movie, the Lizzard, there is a scene where a cleric is talking on state TV about Quentin Tarantino's Pulp Fiction and describing in detail Tarantino's quintessential techniques as a film director, while the hero of the film, the fugitive prisoner who has to disguise himself as a cleric to escape, watches with amazement and says "these clerics can talk about everything!".

You may also be amazed when you watch this clip below and read the translation of what the cleric tells his faithful audience about the sharia aspects of oral sex and the canonical legalities of swallowing semen.

Translation of the sermon above:
"Eating semen is forbidden and its a sin. People ask me, 'Mr. Dehnavi is sex by the mouth ok? 'What Westerners refer to as oral sex, meaning sex with the mouth and the tongue, man or woman. whether the man wants to have sex with his mouth and tongue or the woman.. Yes that is ok. Thats ok in Sharia. Its eating the sperm which is haram and forbidden ... sex by the mouth in the holy sharia however is not haram, although personally I find it distasteful, I am not that keen on it, I have even said so on state TV, yes it may be that some men and women will become doubly excited, yes it is possible...others however may be turned off by it. Some men think if they are enjoying it their wife must be enjoying it and force them to have oral sex, although it will probably put her off, if she has just warmed up and is about to be turned on, she may lose her urge to have sex altogether and not be able to please him.."

As you can see in the video, there are plenty who go to his 'scholarly' talks to be enlightened. The important thing is men and women are separated in the audience and women are all covered up.


Maya M said...

Actually, I like this "sermon". However, I suppose that this cleric is heavily idealized, as Communist Party apparatchiks were in the Soviet movies.

Anonymous said...

A Saudi ( Although I don't like to call myself based on the last name of the rulers of my country ) comrade would like to wish you the best in this blog. keep up the good work.