Friday, July 09, 2021

What Right do Facebook and Twitter Have to Deny you Access to Your Previous Posts

 What annoys me most about Facebook and Twitter censorship is not so much them flagging a post or deleting a post. I don't have a problem with that just as I dont have a problem for a restaurant or a private club to turn you away if you are not dressed according to their rules; but what right do the social media platforms have to deny me access to all of my previous posts and images I posted in and the messages I corresponded with my contacts in the last 11 years?

For more than 11 years, I posted pictures and footage on Facebook and Twitter, some of which were family pictures and shared only with close friends. Yet for the sake of one post their fact checkers deemed "against their community standards", all of that history is now gone. They were user generated contents and not Facebook or Twitter's properties, they should have no rights to deny you access to what you posted before. 

A lot of the correspondence was also with Iranian dissidents inside Iran. If anything happens to them, shouldn't the legislators make these non-tax paying tech billionaires responsible? 

What could justify the likes of Nick Clegg, Zuckerburg, Lauren Culbertson, Tedd O'Doyle and the rest of the social media's thought police, to get away with this?! 

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