Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Before and After

It was a weird feeling before going for the op. Imagine you are 90% back to normal but to get back to 100% you are told you have to go through this painful process that sets you back to worse than how you were when the injury first happened.

Perhaps the before and after pictures shown here demonstrate the dilemma I was going through. I tried to keep a brave face but I was dreading the next few hours, days and weeks.

The first hurdle is over and now I am going through the critical post-op aftercare days.

As I have always said, I am not a spiritual person, I don't know if things happen for a purpose or not, but one can learn so much from each experience. Once again I have been reminded how mortal and feeble we all are. You can be the cock o' the north and rule the roost one day, and then bed ridden the next day. One must always be humble and recognise that nothing, good or bad, will remain the same forever. We should appreciate the good times and remain hopeful during the dark times.

These experiences are great opportunities to learn who your real friends are too and who reads your blog :))) which reminds me to thank again all those who wished for my recovery.

Its frustrating typing with just the left hand but at least this has now filled part of my day, I better go and do some exercises now.


Winston said...

Holy crap. How did you manage to blog then? Dude, take care more.

مواظب خودت باش

Anonymous said...

hope you get well soon. Nice blog you got. Glad to see another Iranian blogger who writes in English.

Anonymous said...

I am glad that you are well after the operation.

Anonymous said...

So now you will have time to read "Guests of the Ayatollah".

Don't over do it. Healing takes time.

Anonymous said...

I hope the recovery goes smoothly...

Anonymous said...

Get well soon.

خیابان شماره 11 said...

I saw your name in Winston's blog for the first time. I am not sure what has gone wrong with your health, but wish you the best anyway.
Take care