Thursday, July 24, 2008

Kidnapping of an 11 Year Old

I have never written anything about Fazad Kamangar, the Iranian Kurdish teacher who is due to be executed. This is because there has been much written about his plight in other websites and I have none of my reliable sources in Iran who can give me first hand information about him. The Islamic regime accuses him of having ties with the armed Kurdish separatist groups, but if I jott down how many times these representatives of the clerical regime have blatantly lied, I will never finish.

However when I read about the kidnap and torture of Kamangar's 11 year old nephew, in the website of Human Rights Activists in Iran, I was really shaken. I have a nephew of the same age myself. Islamic Republic has a horrific track record of killing teenagers during the eighties by madmen like Khalkhali and Lajevardi, even pregnant women were executed by this regime in the eighties. One of CIS members who now lives in Germany, spent the first five years of his life growing up in Islamic Republic prisons in the same cell with his mother and other female political prisoners, watching them being taken for interrogations, and then returned bruised, battered and bleeding. Believe me, you need nerves of steel to listen to or read about the accounts of these children whose misfortune was they were born to parents who were political dissidents during the eighties in Iran.

According to the Human Rights Activists in Iran website, Kamangar's 11 year old nephew who had popped out for some shopping errands, was forced into a white car belonging to the IRGC, taken to an unknown place, and beaten while the assailants hurled insults and threats at his family and at Kamangar in particular for several hours. At the end, this 11 year old boy was released 5 Kilometers outside the town at 21:00 hours, bleeding from his eyes and ears. It took him more than one hour to walk back and find his home. Naturally the kid is in shock and extremely frightened. His family have lodged a complaint with the authorities, who have postponed the hearings from witnesses to Saturday. I can not even imagine the rage this family must feel at the moment. Even if Kamangar is connected with a separatist Kurdish group, what on earth does that have to do with his 11 year old nephew?? Is there no limit to the barbarity of these neanderthals?

Of course according to groups like CASMII and now a newly formed group, 'Iranians for Peace', with the same old familiar faces [Haleh Afshar, Elaheh Rostami, Ziba Mir Hosseini and the rest of the usual IRI apologists and lackeys...], we must not talk about these things at the moment, while we face an external threat! The same external threat that we have been told we face constantly and continuously for the last 28 years. If the regime continues to treat people like this, there will come a time when people will even welcome the external threat, treat your people right however and no external threat can ever match the resolve and support of your people.

All dictatorships have always used the 'external threat' excuse for their human rights abuses. Talk to a brain washed North Korean and he or she will tell you that the Socialism led by their Dear Leader, Kim Il Jong, is so desirable and precious that the whole world is plotting against North Korea. Even the Dear Leader's bulging stomach is not because he stuffs himself while his people starve but because he constantly worries about his people!

Its funny, or perhaps revealing, how during the Pahlavis time, 'external threat' was never a consideration by these people who make up these CASMII and 'Iranians for Peace' type of groups. When Reza Shah came to power, Iran was on the brink of being torn to pieces by separatists like the British backed Sheikh Khaza'l in the oil rich Khuzestan and the Russian backed Mirza Kuchak Khan in the North. Reza Shah was forced to abdicate when the Allied forces of Britain and Russia invaded Iran in 1941. The Russian backed separatists even tried to separate Azerbijan from Iran, and during the second Pahlavi's rule, Iran was constantly under threat by the Soviets to the North and Saddam Hussein's Iraq to the West.

Yet the likes of these IRI apologists who make up CASMII and 'Iranians for Peace', they are old enough and most were political activists against the Shah at the time, were never heard saying 'We must not talk about Human Rights abuses, because we face external threats'. These people welcomed external threats, they saw Iraq's Saddam Hussein and the Soviet Union as liberators!
They went out of their way to exaggerate the human rights abuses under the Pahlavis.

Iranian diaspora must not be fooled by their anti-war rhetoric and peace loving gestures. The best way to remove an external threat is to help establish a regime which respects human rights and allows all Iranians to participate in running of Iran. A democratic secular government which promotes citizens on their merits and not on their ties to the ruling clergy is the best defence against any 'external threats'.


Winston said...

حکومت جنایتکار اسلامی ایران روزی بسزای اعمال کثیف و غیر انسانی خود خواهد رسید

The Iranian regime is a criminal entity

Anonymous said...

هيچ كدوم از اين ازگل ها در جنگ با عراق هم شركت نكردند كه الان رجزخوني ميكنند٠ من هيچ كدوم از هم سنگر هاي ساپقم رو نميشناسم كه حاضر باشند براي اين آخوندها دوباره بجنگند٠ بزار همين چپي چسي ها برند جبهه با آمريكاي جهانخوار بجنگند الپته اكثرشون تو آمريكا زندگي ميكنند و از مواهب اونجا پهره ميپرند

Anonymous said...

من سال 2004 ایران بودم و یک سال از ازاد سازی عراق میگذشت و روزی با یک اقایی که در جنگ هم بود هم صحبت شدم. ایشون میگفت که اگر امریکا به ایران حمله کنه هیچکسی حاضر به دفاع از حکومت نخواهد بود و خودش هم از دست رژیم عصبانی بود

Anonymous said...

And this is how the Islamic Republic treats orphans:

Anonymous said...

Sick bastards...This is domestic terrorism.

OT: Do you know anything about Ter Ter Parsi inviting Khodabandeh including the wife (Ann Singleton) to the congress in the US??? Is this a rumor???


Anonymous said...

I really wasn't going to post on this thread, but anonymous and Janbaz need a reality check. Should Iran be attacked by Israel or the US it would rally the people around the government; there is to be no doubt about it.

If you haven't seen this you should watch it and get a good laugh in:

Nezam-e ma mesl-e ye ghatar-e!! Ghatar-ee ke tormozee nadar-e!!!

And if you wanna see a political rally that makes Barrack's rally in Germany look like child's play check this out:

Ay mardom! aya dar baen-e melat-e iran kesi hast ke taraftar-e regime-e zionisti bashad!!

Na KHer!!!

Aya kesi hast ke nesbat be sarnevesht philistine va mardom-e mazloom-e an be-tafavot bashad!!??!?

Na KHer!!

Boland Faryad bEzanid ke tamam-e donya behfahmand!!!

be salamt,

Anonymous said...

سوسول عزيز برمكي بي نام ونشان

وقتي كه صدام حمله كرد كه بنظر ميرسه خانواده تو در رفته بودند و در آمريكا براي راحتي تو جانفشاني ميكردند و ما اينجا گوشت جلو توپ شده بوديم حالا ايندفعه تو بيا اينجا با آمريكا و اسراييل بجنگ ما بريم آمريكا يك كم استراحت كنيم, جاي گرم نشستي به ما ميگي بريم جلوي تانك! راستي منتظر فلسطيني ها هم نشو نه اوندفعه به ما كمك كردند نه ايندفعه.

Anonymous said...


be ghol-e amrekahea: lick my balls. Shoma cheezi az tarikh-e fameel-e man nemoodeeni, banabareen posho boro kos shehrat-o va-se ammat bekhoon.

man koja goftam ke taraftar-e jang hastam?

faghat dashtam harfha-ye yek ahangi tekrar meekardam, va harfha-ye khod-e ahmadinejad vaghti sokhanrani kard dar maedan-e azadi.

Jesus, I wish I had a program that allowed me to type in Farsi, this is too annoying to keep using English script, so I must cut my comments short since I don't know if Janbaz understands English.


Bahramerad said...

Be pedar O madar - Bar Man Kid E Amrikaei.
Don't worry we all understand farsi and English.

Anonymous said...

You might understand it, but you definitely can't spell. Judging from all your other posts, you really are a terrible English writer, so I can only assume you sound like a retard when you try to speak it.

Stick to Farsi. And try to tone down the language, you're too old to be talking like a vagabond, even though you probably are a vagabond.

Winston said...

STHU Kiddo

Hanif Leylabi said...

You are completely missing the point!

Nobody is saying that Iranians in Iran should stop fighting for freedom from the regime because of an external threat. We are saying that the external threat argument is used by the regime. So we here in Britain should neutralise the threat posed by our governments in order to give the Iranian people (the ONLY people who can liberate Iran) breathing space. It's called international solidarity.

Azarmehr said...


The groups mentioned in this post are CASMII and the newly offshoot, Iranians for Peace. Show me where CASMII has criticised anything about the regime, or any where on the site where the regime is criticised for human rights abuses??

I can show you video clips of Abbas Edalat from CASMII, specifically advising that the focus should be against an invasion and criticism of teh regime will only help war.

I can show you numerous examples of the likes of Elaheh Rostami, with whom SWP is so pally, supporting and commending the Islamic Republic.

I just dont think that you get it though. You still have not answered me, one campaign by SWP against the Iranian regime, just one campaign!

Hanif Leylabi said...

I differ with CASMII on some issues. I think they focus too much on media issues for example and don't necessarily appreciate the value of mass movements.

But as an anti war anti sanctions organisation outside Iran I don't think it's their job to criticise the regime or at least spend much time doing it.

The SWP has never had a campaign against China but do we support China?

Hanif Leylabi said...

I differ with CASMII on some issues. I think they focus too much on media issues for example and don't necessarily appreciate the value of mass movements.

But as an anti war anti sanctions organisation outside Iran I don't think it's their job to criticise the regime or at least spend much time doing it.

The SWP has never had a campaign against China but do we support China?

Azarmehr said...

CASMII cant build a mass movement because all Iranians recognise they are regime's stooges. They just know how to talk Left and charm the pants of pathetic Marxists like yourself.

Are you against sanctions on IRI?
How would you feel towards a group which campaigned against sanctions on South Africa during apartheid years? and said because our main job is to campaign against sanctions against apartheid we shouldnt condemn the human rights abuses in south Africa?? Would you not call them stooges of Apartheid?

You make me sick!

Hanif Leylabi said...

Again you know very little about is if you think we are 'charmed,' by CASMII. CASMII don't put as much as focus on building a mass movement because their politics aren't as left wing. Simple enough really, in united fronts there's always a left right divide on radical direct and mass action.

US/UK sponsored sanctions on Iraq killed over a million Iraqis, half of them children and ravaged Iraqi infrastructure. Infant mortality rates soared after being halved even during the war and Iraq went from having the best health service and water supply in the Arab world to having living standards akin to those of the poorest African countries.

It is the same people who will put sanctions on Iran. Do you trust them to do what is best for the Iranian people? Or do you, like Madeleine Albright, think the lives of millions of innocent people is a price worth paying to swap the reactionaries for the imperialists?