Thursday, August 21, 2008

Friday Prayer Leader on our Sportswomen

This is probably the worst ever Olympics for Iran, only one Bronze so far puts Iran behind Afghanistan in the medals table. But thats not what Ayatollah Alam-ol-Hoda, the Friday prayer leader for Mashad is worried about! His holiness is more worried about a picture of an Iranian female skater he has seen in some magazine. In an interview with Khorasan Daily, which clearly shows the sheer backwardness of the people who are ruling in Iran, the Ayatollah criticises the female Iranian skater's pose as too erotic despite her adherence to the Islamic dress code!

But it was not just the skater and her erotic pose that he was worried about, the Ayatollah also criticised other pictures of Islamic Republic sportswomen. He said he had also seen a picture of another Iranian sportswoman who had won a medal and while her Islamic dress was satisfactory, the picture showed her shaking hands with the man who is awarding her the medal! Allah forbid what a disgrace!

What irritated Alam-ol-hoda most however was a female rower who represented Islamic Republic in some competition, again observing the Islamic dress code for women but then when she was snapped up by a foreign team she disregarded her Islamic cover and competed wearing the customary vest and shorts for rowers.

'On the one hand we tell the world that women can compete in international competitions with appropriate Islamic dress code and on the other hand this woman sends an unethical message against our Islamic values when she joins another team'

Alam-ol-hoda never mentions these women by their names. Ayatollahs avoid saying female names, it may sound too erotic.


Anonymous said...

what do you expect?

یكی از دوندگان ایرانی شركت كننده
در المپیک پکن بنام احسان مهاجر شجاعی طی مصاحبه ای با روزنامه اعتماد گفت یک روز قبل از مسابقه 800 متر ما را دست خدا سپردند.

وی گفت من گاهی واقعا از شرایط خسته می شدم، ما باید برای المپیک آماده می شدیم، اما حتی یک پزشک مطلع نداشتیم. خودمان باید ویتامین می خریدیم. پولی كه می گرفتم كفاف یک سوم هزینه های من را هم نمی داد.

Iranian athlete in interview with Etemad: ' We had no qualified doctor, we had to buy our own vitamins and couldnt make ends meet with the money they were giving us'

Anonymous said...

He was expecting the Islamic Republic skaters not to open their legs during their performances. :))))

Anonymous said...

ayatollahs make me puke

Mehrtash said...

The Islamic Republic is a disgrace to humanity. They are a bunch of chauvinistic cowards, afraid that their wives (or sighes) will gain more power than them and reveal their impotence.

Marg bar jomhoory-e eslami.

Anonymous said...

I think Alam-ol-Hoda studied these women much too closely and should be punished for doing so.
: p

Anonymous said...

khak bar sare kharesh

Anonymous said...


dar morede olympic vaghean mishe goft mardom babate in masale kheili khoshhalan shayad bavaretoon nashe.vali etefaghan bahse rooz hast va hamash ro ham be jomhoori eslami rabt az in masale khooshhalan ke doroogh gooehaye jomhoori eslami va pasrafte johoori eslami daghighan inja moshakhas shode.
jomhooruri eslami shoma nemidooni ba ye medale talaee ke hadi saee gereft to seda va sima che gheshghereghi be rah endakht va tamame shabakehaye seda va sima che manovri midadan.
vali gandi ke zade shode ro be in rahati dige nemishe jam kard
choon jomhoori eslami baraye moonharef kardane afkare omoomi az varzesh be onvane ye abzar estefade mikard ta javanha kamtar be doonbale siyasat beran va inja bood ke be shedat zamin khord.
mardoom vaghean be in msale hasas shodan va vaghean khoshhal ham hastand az in ghaziye ke iran ta be hal inghadr zaeef amal karde va besyar in mozzo jaye tamol dare.