Monday, August 04, 2008

The Mossadegh Project or Another Site for IRI Apologists?

I was browsing through one of the CASMII related web sites, Iranians for Peace! and came across this link I thought I find out a little bit about who runs this site and what their aims and objectives are by emailing them and asking them questions. My school teacher's advice 'Beware of people and ideologies who are not keen on being asked questions', as always, being my guideline.

I must say I was not surprised to find out this was yet another pathetic attempt to use Mossadegh's name and what happened more than half a century ago as an excuse to promote the mullahs and silence those voices who highlight the human rights abuses in the Islamic Republic. I wonder what Mossadegh would have said, if he was told 'What we should all be concerned with is to prevent a military attack on Iran by the Allied Forces and we should not be critical of Reza Shah'.

So this is how the email conversation went:

Me: I would like to join your group. Can someone contact me?

Mossadegh Project: Thank you for your interest in our non-profit and independent endeavor, and offer of participation. I can refer you to our Mission Statement, but if you have other ideas or means of assistance we are interested to hear about them. (We are based in the U.S.). Our main goal is to study the events of the Mossadegh era, its relevance to current world affairs, and lessons learned for the future. Highlighting this subject is a way of promoting democracy and sovereignty for Iran.

thanks again
Ebrahim Norouzi

'Our main goal is to study the events of the Mossadegh era, its relevance to current world affairs', so surely there must be some mention of how the present rulers of Iran helped topple Mossadegh I thought and asked the following question in my reply email:

'By the way you don't say anything on your site that Mossadegh was removed with the help of Mullahs and how much the present day rulers of Iran hate the secular Mossadegh. Why is that?'

and their reply was:
'We intend to fully address the role of religious figures in the future.' and continued that Mossadegh's removal was mainly due to foreign intervention, 'It is doubtful that without foreign intervention, the domestic enemies of Mossadegh's government could have succeeded.'

to which I replied:
'I would argue that without the domestic agents, i.e. mullahs and their thugs and hoodlums followings, the coup would not have been possible. Lets not forget the famous thugs and hoodlums who were earnest disciples of Ayatollah Kashani and so forth.

Mossadegh is a hated figure by the present day ruling clerics and many Iranians think the mullahs are puppets of the British. Lift a mullah's beard and you will see the sign, 'Made in Britain' surely you have heard this and when you say you will fully address the betrayal of the religious figures in the future, how far in the future are we talking about?

Just like all those people and ideologies that my maths teacher warned me against, the Mossadegh Project had enough of my questions and decided to call it a day:
'You have already made up your mind about what is more important and we do not wish to continue with your interrogation'

So for those who claim their 'main goal is to study the events of the Mossadegh era' there seems to be an unhealthy reluctance to discuss the role of the ruling Ayatollahs in the downfall of Mossadegh and the vicious annihilation of the followers of Mossadegh, Iranian National Front, after the revolution by the Ayatollahs, and by the way the Nowrouzi brothers who run the site have chosen to live in America. They are Iranian-Americans and 'US Based'.


Louise said...

Your teacher's advice is a gem.

Anonymous said...

I went to the website and it's about as worthy as my frikkin Myspace page. The whole home page is a damn advertisement for their t-shirts. And for some reason they have a video of Ron Paul??? What a joke.

Anyways though, what does it matter if the religious establishment at the time helped oust Mossadegh? Besides, it wasn't even the establishment, it was a CIA/MI6-recruited parliamentarian and a hand full of others. None of the current (big-time) players in Iranian politics were involved in that fiasco.

Your futile attempt to link the current criminal regime to the actions of the ulamma during Mossagegh's era not only reveals your bias and disregard for the truth, but its just plain pitiful.

Even if what you claim was true, it's irrelevant. I hope you at least realize that much.

be salamat,

Mehrtash said...

'You have already made up your mind about what is more important and we do not wish to continue with your interrogation'

Therefore, losers.

Payandeh Iran!

Azarmehr said...

Well what can I say barmakid, once again you have shown your ignorance. You obviously do not realise that this lot ruling Iran are disciples of Ayatollah Kashani. Do you know who Ayatollah Kashani is? Are you aware after Mossadegh was removed Ayatollah Kashani declared that Mosaddeq deserved to be executed??

Have you ever asked yourself what was Khomeini doing during the oil nationalisation? Did you know Khalkhali was a disciple of Ayatollah Kashani?

Do you know anything about the terrorist Fedayeen Islam, and how they are revered by the present mob?

Do you know who Vaez Falsafi is? Why do I even waste my time with an ignorant idiot kaleh khare goh like yourself?

Even if you dont know all these things how can you say there is no link between these criminals and the actions of teh ulamma in that time? Its teh continuation of the same thing surely you kaleh gohi.

Anonymous said...

Kaleh gohi, huh? Another intellectually devoid response from an intellectually devoid man.

So what is your point, if I may ask? Why try to connect the ruhaniyan now to those during Mossadegh's era? Surely you can come up with a laundry list of other reasons why this regime not only needs to go, but why certain members of the establishment need to face justice.

You can find more connections (familial, economic, academic and otherwise) between the ruling ruhaniyan now in Iran with the ulamma in Najaf and Karbala (Iraq) than you can with the ruhaniyan during Mossadegh's time!

Just because you dropped some names of Ayatollahs doesn't mean shit to me; you have no conceptual knowledge of history and your point of view is a testament to that. You and your generation have been deluged with the Shah's propaganda, who, not to mention, sanctioned Walt Disney-made, CIA funded cartoons that you probably watched.


Anonymous said...

It's unfortunate that Mossadegh's name has been hijacked not only by a bunch of apologists but also religious nationalists and some 'reform' minded mullahs. Mossadegh was a progressive secularist and a true patriot.

Anonymous said...

thought your post on the Mossadegh project was very good. What most people dont know (or conveniently omit) is that the mollahs for the longest time were opposed to Mossadegh's secular reforms. Khomeini was vehemently opposed to Mossadegh, and early political bridges between conservatives and Mossadeghists deeply embittered the former even more. The coup was the greatest thing that ever happened to the mollahs. How easy it is to forget history. Keep Well.

Hanif Leylabi said...

When have we said that people in Iran shouldn't criticise the Iranian government? You're either a liar or you hear only what you want to hear.

Anonymous said...


so your not gonna publish my comments? I guess you finally took winston's advice. that's fine, i'll go somewhere else asshole.