Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Al-Quds Counter Demo on Youtube

See the Al-Quds march and the counter demo to Al-Quds on youtube.
This footage was also posted on Megavideo.

Part I:

Part II:

As you can see from the footage, VOA correspondent was there with a professional camera woman and a report of the events was made, however the Islamic Republic infiltrated VOA Persian, for reasons which I will write about later, decided not to show any of it. Instead in the program which was supposed to show the Al-Quds report, 14 million Iranian viewers watched reports on how Eid Fetr is celebrated in Karachi [one of VOA Persian's favourite places for their copy and paste reports], the Munich beer festival, wine making in Argentina, couple of cat walk fashion shows and a preview of Battle of Seattle, where those who took part in anti-globalisation riots were introduced as heroes and American patriots.


Hilda, said...

Merci for showing this.

Winston said...

good job

Anonymous said...

به به هذ كرديم, اميدوارم اين شعار رو در داخل ايران هم تكرار كنيم
مزدوران خليفه ما همه بابك هستيم

Anonymous said...

They showed this on VOA yesterday 8th Oct. News and Views program

Azarmehr said...

Yes finally. I wonder why? ;)

Anonymous said...

ba dorud faravan
aghye potkin azi sepas az tamami mohabat haye shoma farzand rastine iran zamin .
be omid rahei iarn az chang navadegan zahake doran.
omidvaram ke dar hameh karhai ke mi konid piroz bashid .
man vaghan be onvane yek zane irani va yek ham vatan beshoma eftekhar mi konam omidvaram ke tamami farzandan sarzamin ahorai az mobarezani chon shoma shahamat va ensaniyat ra faragirand be eteghad rasekh be domokrasi vaghi barye rahai mardome mazlom va dar band hokomat fashist eslami motahed shovan .
in vazifeh tamami mardan va zanane azadaeh irani ast .
bashad ke chonin bad.
ba sepas faravan