Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Mollah Hassani on Freedom and Human Rights

Hojjat-ol-Islam Mollah Hassani, the representative of the Supreme Leader in Western Azerbijan province of Iran and the Friday prayer leader for Oroumieh, made some interesting comments during a session held by Islamic Human Rights Commission in the 7th District yesterday.

Hassani said 'Human Rights is what Allah says. Is women's freedom in the West, human rights?Freedom means prostitution and betrayal! Death to such Human Rights! A human who does not obey Allah and succumbs to animal instincts, is not a human, is an animal, there should be no human rights for them. He who shouts Freedom, Freedom, does not have any brains,...
What Allah has ruled for us is our human rights, other than that we do not accept'

Regarding those who had been arrested in the month of Ramadan for having been caught eating in public, Hassani said 'they deserved their punishment, as long as it was according to the Sharia laws.'
Hassani finished by wishing more success for the Islamic Human Rights Commission in their future endeavours.

Read more about who Mollah Hassani is here, how he shopped his own Marxist son to be executed and how the UK Home Office granted him a visa to preach in UK.

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