Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Iran's National Student Day

With all the repressive measures recently taken, I was convinced that the student movement in Iran would not be able to commemorate the National Student Day this year, but I was wrong. One day later than the anniversary date, the Iranian students showed that Iran's student movement is still alive:

On Youtube
AFP: Iran students protest amid heavy security
Radio Free: 'Pseudo-Students' And Shenanigans
CBS: Students Rally For Democracy In Iran

IHT: http://www.iht.com/articles/ap/2008/12/07/news/ML-Iran-University-Protest.php

But has anyone seen a coverage from Ayatollah BBC?


Anonymous said...

No, but they did post a video of a clearly premeditated protest organized by either the IRGC (speah-pasderan) or daftar-e rahbar.

It really is absurd and frustrating that they would post such a piece of propaganda meant to win the hearts and minds of Arabs in the IRI's imperial quest.

Just listen to the mullah at the end, he is clearly reciting something he was told to say and can barely remember it. Not to mention that all the protesters look like basijis!!

So yes, I am in line with the idea that the BBC Persian service has lost a good chunk of their credibility. Check out this screenplay the BBC calls a protest:



Azarmehr said...

You see everyone, Barmakid can say sensible things some of the time :)

Sohrab said...

It's interesting to consider who they are calling a diktator. Supposedly Khamenei was scheduled to visit Daneshgahe elm va san'at and then canceled, presumably in light of the student mobilization.

Can we then construe that the "dictator" in question may not have been Ahmadinejad but the Ayatollah-in-Chief himself?

Winston said...

Ayatollah BBSakineh has been covering Basijis' tiny protests in front of the Swiss and Saudi embassies. As usual, Mullahs fund BBC and BBC gives them cover.

Hidden Author said...

Clearly then the people of Iran want freedom. And we can agree that Iraq is now free of its dictatorship because of America's invasion. So Azarmehr: Do you think Iran should also get an American invasion? That's the question you haven't answered yet!

Azarmehr said...

Hidden Author,

I haven't answered that question??
NO, I don't think Iran should be invaded. I thought I made my views on this clear in the past. I don't know how else I can put it.

Hidden Author said...

But invading Iraq is OK? What I don't get is: Do you have a double standard or some other standard you're not telling me about?

Azarmehr said...

Its not double standard at all.
SOme invasions are justified. When the allies invaded Europe to liberate it from Hitler it was justified. When the Vietnamese invaded Cambodia to liberate it from Pol Pot it was justified, to invade North Korea to liberate it from the terrible repression there is justified. IN these examples there is no civil movement, the governments have the complete control and often involved in mass murder of their citizens or as in Pol Pot and Hitler even genocide.

Anonymous said...

Bomb the Iranian leadership and the people of will Iran will rise up

Anonymous said...

Please see this : 'S T U D E N T ' S D A Y' I N I R A N - in the ALLIANCE FOR DEMOCRACY IN IRAN site - http://alliancefordemocracyiniran.blogspot.com/

Anonymous said...

Students_Protest in Iran 7Th Dec 2008 - http://www.searchles.com/channels/show/6193

Azarmehr said...

To 'AllianceForDemocracy' in Iran

I don't mind you advertising your site here but at least have the courage to say who you are or you will remain a cyberspace organisation with two anonymous members for ever.

Azarmehr said...

AllianceForDemocracy in Iran:

You hae not even copy/pasted Reza Pahlavi's message correctly:
بارديگر فرياد آزاديخواھی و حق طلبی
جوانان آزاده و آگاه ايرانی از سنگر فرھنگ ساز دانشگاه
را آشفته ساخت. « مردم ستيز و ايران خوار » برخاست و بانگ رسای آن خواب سنگين سرکوبگرانِ
بود که جز خفقان، فقر و ظلم ارمغانی ديگر « انقلابی » آنچه در دانشگاه ھا گذشت، جنبش فرزندانِ
برای آنھا نداشت.

Did you not read it after you copy/pasted it???

With friends like you, no wonder he feels so lonely!


Thank you for pointing out the printing mistake.
There is no need for sarcasm unless you want to more identified with your friend Bar_Man_Kiri more than necessary.

Azarmehr said...

So who is in your 'Alliance'?