Saturday, December 13, 2008

Satellite TV Activities are Good for the Regime - Revolutionary Guards Publication

Sobhe Sadegh, which is the official weekly publication of the Islamic Republic's revolutionary guards, printed an article in this week's publication which quoted the reasons given by the Political Bureau of the RG as to why Persian speaking broadcasting media outside Iran has been beneficial for the regime.

The reasons for their conclusion is as follows:

1) A large part of the allocated budgets for the overthrow of the Islamic Republic has been swallowed up by these media without being able to create a strong movement in Iran in support of US and the West's interests.

2) These media have increased the public's trust in the regime

The article then expands on the above by saying, 'Shallow and superficial programs with mild criticisms which really go no further than reader's comments in our internal publications here in Iran, have convinced the people that there is no viable alternative other than the Islamic Republic in Iran...'

And continues:
'The net result for the Islamic Republic from these media has been in our favour'


barmakid said...

Absolutely. And I noticed you had nothing to say about this matter except to report it; because it's true, you know it's true, and I, along with others, have been saying it all along(The IRGC just figured it out, apparently.)

Now, you can misconstrue my agreement with the crux of this report as supporting the Islamic Republic, whatever. But you should really take the time to think about how the radio talk show hosts and other programming hosts are a bunch of old men, talking to a bunch of other old men (and some women). It's a joke. And it's an even bigger joke that the U.S. State Department still funds these garbage media.

Cheers: To the future of the Iranian political debate - amongst Iranians.

be salamat,

Azarmehr said...


I was critical of these satellite TV stations before you were born. The reasons I posted it was to tell eveyone, I told you so, but didn't think I need to spell it out.

barmakid said...

okay, okay. My apologies.

Arash S said...

what do you guys think of the new BBC Persian TV venture? What are your expectations and how do you think you can contribute to it so that it's more balanced and more relevant to the new generation?

Anonymous said...

Why would you believe the Iranian regime propaganda piece about the usefulness of these stupid channels any way?

Anonymous said...

بارمه کیری خفه شو لطفا

Bahramerad said...

The Next Revolution :

Azarmehr said...


This would be top of my wish list
- Not to be intimidated by the regime, cover the events and protests whether the regime likes it or not.
- Not to show any favouritism towards dissidents and give them all air time.
- Be a proper TV not a radio talk show like VOA Persian, and make interesting TV programs not just interviews and chats.
- Focus on Iran related news not Traffic in Karachi and such nonsense news items as VOA Persian does.
- Presneters to be fluent in Persian
- Seek feedback from the Iranians and welcome criticism not like VOA Persian.

Perhaps in short I should just say the very opposite to what VOA Persian and LA TV stations are.

barmakid said...

Lets start our own transcontinental internet broadcasts!! I'm serious, it could be done - I've got ideas.

Winston said...

I think I would agree with you in principle that these LA based channels serve no purpose BUT if regime criticizes them or mocks them, it may mean that the Mullahs are scared of them.

Azarmehr said...


Believe me if they were a threat for the regime, there would be no satellite dishes in Iran. Sobh Sadegh is not exactly a publication which is widely read and quoting the Political Bureau of the IRGC in an article is not propaganda.


Given the fact that internet is really slow in Iran and only a few use it what use will internet broadcasts be? besides what makes you think what you say will be interesting for those inside Iran?

barmakid said...

It's not about what I would say; it's about what WE (and I don't mean just you and me) would say. Each person would represent a particular generation, and it would be INTERACTIVE.

And here's how you can go about it. Many people use Yahoo instant messenger in Iran, and I mean pretty much everybody. We make a certain screen name and spread it around Iran - then we do video broadcasts. I have many cousins who go to college in Iran and would be eager to spread the screen name.

And if the video stuff isn't feasible it could still be beneficial - the screen name could be an outlet for youth frustration. Then we can take their complaints, make them very personal through eloquent writing, and publish them in a fashion that reaches the youth inside Iran - and yes, it can be done.

It's just a thought.


p.s. The internet is much faster and widely accessible in Iran today, it's not like before.

Azarmehr said...

start it and lets see

barmakid said...

Start it and lets see, pshh; no thoughts, no input? Mesleke manam karro zendegi darrama. Mesle ye mongol meekhat dasdoor bede:))

I'm gonna run it by my cousin and see what he thinks. Plus, we would need an older guy with name recognition.


Azarmehr said...

don't look at me, I am far too young for these ventures :))

Anonymous said...

latest in the propaganda drive is this

Ahmadinejad giving the Xmas message on C4.