Thursday, June 21, 2012

Thank You Archbishop Tutu

When we speak to others who have lived under repression and experienced struggling for freedom, they understand us immediately. If I talk to people who lived under Communist rule in Eastern European countries, everything about the religious dictatorship in Iran strikes a chord with the ideological dictatorship they had to endure. The empty slogans, the corruption, the injustice, the nepotism, the brainwashing, the systematic cruelty, the censorship, the suffocating despotism, the control freaks, the wasted lives of a generation, the discriminations, the lies and the annoying useful idiots are all too familiar with the people who have lived in despotic states.

The people who it is most difficult to connect to are the pretentious arrogant snobs in the West, who  like to refer to themselves as "progressives", the patronising la-dee-das, the Seumus Milnes, the Kate Hudsons and the Heather Gautneys. These people have never experienced tyranny, they praise tyrants as if they were heros and they adulate dictators with all kinds of flimsy justifications they can scrape from the bottom of the barrel but they remain silent when it comes to supporting the people who want to have the same privileges and luxuries they enjoy in their own lives in democratic states..

Desmond Tutu is a man who did experience the apartheid tyranny, a man who took part in a real struggle, a man who undertands the plight of Iran's pro-democracy activists who want to rid Iran from a religious apartheid and this was his message on the eve of the third anniversary of the march by millions of Iranians against the ruling regime in Iran:

Thank you so much Bishop Tutu.


Waybec said...

I am not religious, but I applaud Dsmond Tutu's Comments for telling it like it is! Again instead of banging on about the Nuclear Issues and accepting the Iranian Regime at face value without question, it's about time outside politican's and news media made a much better effort at exposing the smug hypocrisy, criminal incompetence and thug tyranny of the IRI oppressive Regime! Huh, no wonder a lot of Iranian's feel betrayed by the West when a lot of it's public face institutions can't even be bothered to properly accost, challenge or throw back the real facts to this thoroughly corrupt and morally bunkrupt Regime!

sadin patel said...

But on Anniversary of cheat election, where news channels that repeat what Archbishop says? Not one look into any corruption & lies that happen since. Iran people have no voice is West news still only listen to what Regime propoganda try to hide & tell them.

waybec said...

P.S. With Iranians now apparently boycotting bread and milk to protest against rising prices, and a recent Syrian General defecting to say that thousands more would also do the same with outside help, surely the fate of both these Regime's are sealed! With a future that offers nothing more but further pain and suffering, it's well overdue that each Regime of thug criminals were made to pay by the people instead! Azardi Irani and Syria.

Anonymous said...

I agree. Only we can take a dump on our future.