Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Eight Million Vote Tape

An amazing story appeared on the Iranian Baztab Emrooz website yesterday, which was quickly removed.

There has been widespread rumours in Iran ever since Ahmadinejad stood up to the Supreme Leader, that he has some explosive revealing tape on Islamic Republic's unelected ruler. The justification for this rumour was the very fact that Ahamdinejad had dared to take on the Supreme Leader and his people.

Of course, Ahmadinejad did have some secret tapes on the economic misdemeanour of some of the Islamic Republic officials, like the one he revealed in the Majlis against the corruption of the Larijani brothers, but since the corruption of the officials in the Islamic Republic is an accepted fact, it seemed to have made little impact.

Baztab Emrooz's article which was quickly removed yesterday suggested another tape existed, one of a different nature to the run of the mill corruption tapes of the establishment figures. The article referred to it as the "8 million vote tape" which Ahmadinejad has threatened to reveal if the father-in-law of his son, Rahim Mashaei, is not approved as one of the next presidential candidates by the Guardian Council for the coming June elections.

In this tape, Ahmadinejad is contacted by some officials in the early morning hours following the election day and told that he had won the elections by a narrow margin, his total votes he was told, were 16 Million but they will add an extra 8 Million votes and say he got 24 Million votes to make sure there is no scepticism about the final count and to ensure there are no calls for a recount. Ahmadienjad however insists in the tapes that since he has won the elections any way, albeit with a small margin, that the real figures should be announced. The tape then continues with Ahamdinejad contacting other officials and arguing with them that the voting results should not be tampered with.

The Baztab article finished by also referring to a conversation between Majlis deputy and this time round presidential candidate, Alireza Zakani and secretary of the Expediency Council, Mohsen Rezaei. Zakani quotes Rezaei as having said the total number of votes counted is 32 Million and the other 8 million claimed is pure fabrication. Rezaei's reasoning, according to Zakani, was that only 17 million voting slips had been consumed by 5 pm and there was no way that by the end of the voting deadline that night another 22 million votes could have been cast.

If the claims about this tape published in Baztab website, which is connected to Mohsen Rezaei, is true, then this must be the most amazing story from Iran this year so far. Four years after the disputed election results, all that brutal crackdown, the murders of so many innocent peaceful protesters, the arrests, prison sentences and rapes, the man who finally proved the election results were fabricated turns out to be Ahmadinejad himself.

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Waybec said...

How can even his most delluded fans now see Ahmadinejad as a man of integrity? All that obvious evidence he has on Regime corruption, criminality and abuse of power, and all he can do is use it as a personal blackmailing tool amd a bargaining chip! Ha - So much for being a humble man of the people eh? Just goes to prove that in the ed he WAS just another smarmy Regime crook and thereby a traitor of a Liberated Iran through and through!