Thursday, September 25, 2014

The Epic Documentary on the 1979 Revolution in Iran

I have a five year old son whose thoughtful and profound questions often startle me. One such occasion was when I was walking with him to his school and as I was holding his hand, he totally rattled me when out of the blue, he asked me the following question:
"Daddy, you know when the baddies came to your old country, why didn't you stay behind and fight them?"

Not expecting to be asked such a question on my daily walk with him to school, I lamented with a lump in my throat and with some shame "They were too strong, we didn't think we had a chance of winning against them". As usual however, giving him an answer resulted in a follow up question from him "But if all the people got together then they could beat the baddies couldn't they?"
I replied with the bitter truth "But most of the people were with the baddies at the time"
"They were tricked"
His last question was the hardest question to answer. How could I possibly begin to explain to a five year old, the intriguing plot by the Leftists and Islamists which was helped by a regime that was taken over by sycophants who were eager to say "Yes, Sir!" but had no stomach to take on such a powerful adversary? Where would I begin to explain a 25 year plan by Soviet influence agents in Iran that was so expertly executed to coerce a whole nation to lead themselves into the abyss?

I am hoping however that one day my son will grow up and be able to watch a five part documentary on the 1979 revolution in Iran which was aired this week from Manoto TV. The ten hour long documentary which has captivated the people in Iran finally tells the truth about the 1979 revolution with some amazing archive footage not shown until now and an in-depth research that took over a year.

The documentary is not dubbed or subtitled into English yet, but I hope it will be in the near future. It is just as important for non-Iranians to watch this and I hope it will answer my boy's questions too.

[Episode 1] :
[Episode 2] :
[Episode 3] :
[Episode 4] :
[Episode 5] :


romillyh said...

Unfortunately Manoto don't sub anything. Maybe a gentle campaign could be mounted – tho subbing 10 hours will take an age. Thanks for the heads-up.

Anonymous said...

This is a great documentary, thank you for sharing it! I was wondering if there are any information available about who actually owns the Manoto TV station? Do they actually make any money and who is paying the bills? Running a TV station with this type of good shows is not cheap.

Winston said...

Great job. It was well done

Unknown said...

"Huge sums of money piling up in Iran...giants of the West in disarray...prices of commodities rocketing...the depreciation of purchasing power..." the troubles still remain today!