Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Iran Police Shoots Himself in the Foot

It was supposed to be a show of prowess in shooting skills by Iran's anti-terrorist special forces [NOPO]. To begin with, everything was going well. The balloons were going up and between the three of them, they were managing to shoot down the balloons with precision shooting and ease. 
Just when it was all about to finish well and the special forces were about to leave the crowds dazzled and overawed however, one of the special forces policemen, shoots himself in the foot!

In a way, very  symbolic of the Islamic Republic itself. On the surface it looks strong and invincible but given time, it will soon manage to shoot itself in the foot!

Still, the good thing is, no one in the crowd got hurt. Safety of the innocent bystanders not usually the top concern for the regime.

Link to the original video :

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Waybec said...

Plus he then tries to hobble off in denial. Something else which also typifies the Regime. Still, never mind. Sanctions, low oil prices and the financial black hole of fighting foreign wars brought down the Soviet Union. So how is the IRI Regime going to survive this economic disaster Perfect Storm? With Putin's ship now also having sprung many leaks, surely he can no longer throw the IRI a life jacket. In fact, the Regime is already starting to stab each other in the back again with those old infamous words like 'Sedition' and 'Corruption'. Surely, these must be the last pillars to finally drown the rats on the Regime's fast sinking ship. Only Western fools over a Nuclear deal can save them now. So please don't!