Sunday, January 11, 2015

"Islam Does Not Allow Killing"

There seems to be no end to the naivety of some simpletons in the West. Listening to the LBC radio talk show after the cold blooded terrorist attack on the Charlie Hebdo headquarters in Paris, I was dismayed to learn the penny has still not dropped for so many people here in UK.

One listener, who described herself as a homosexual teacher of religious studies at a school in London was more concerned about the imminent Islamophobic backlash on her "Muslim brothers and sisters" than the danger the Western civilisation faces right now from radical Islam. 

Another non-Muslim listener phoned and pretended she understood Islam better than the terrorists who carried out the attack, by saying "Islam does not allow the killing of another human being".

Honestly I know these people wish well but they really have not got a clue. They have not got a clue about Islam and they have not got a clue about where the real danger lies and they have not got a clue how to tackle this serious threat to the Western way of life that so many people have benefited from living under, since the second world war.

There is no Islamophobia in the UK. If there was, then there wouldn't be so many Muslims wanting to come to UK and instead we would be witnessing Muslims leaving UK in large numbers. British Muslims enjoy equal opportunity policies like others and are in all key employments, just take a look at who works in the Home Office and the many Muslim case workers in the Home Office who decide the fate of asylum seekers coming to this country.

Does the non-Muslim Westerner, who thinks she knows Islam better than these Muslim radicals and claims Islam does not allow the killing of another human being, really think any potential Muslim radical will be impressed by their ignorant assertions?

The fact is that Islam does allow killing and even encourages killing of infidels. A potential radical Muslim studying Islam in state authorised religious schools and madrassas up and down England will learn that up to 900 men of the Banu-Qurayza tribe were beheaded in one day and their women and children were sold as slaves by the direct orders of the prophet of Islam.  
The potential Muslim radical will also learn about the dissident poetess Asma Bint-Marwan, who was put to death by the direct orders of Mohammad for her poems which mocked the prophet and his followers.

Does the non-Muslim Westerner who knows nothing about the religion of Islam and its history really think he or she can impress the potential Muslim radicals more than what they will learn from reading the Islamic scriptures and from listening to the Imams preaching from mosques and madrassas throughout England?

It really is time to wake up for those who want to remain in a state of denial. The Western way of life is under real threat and the way to combat this threat is not to delude yourself by thinking Islam is a religion of peace and that Islam does not allow the killing of other human beings. You will impress no one by making such apologetic statements. 


Maya M said...

Thank you for this post!

iranian girl said...

You are who dont know anything about Islam,
I dont want to say anything for defending Islam and the prophet,instead I just want to invite every human to search about Islam and prophet mohammad by their own as Islam do.
and dont let anybody to decide for them, LET`S TAKE YOUR DECISIONS!