Friday, March 13, 2015

Interesting Comment on the Haleh Afshar Post

It is now 7 years since I wrote this post about the pretentious Baroness Haleh Afshar, the aristocratic Marxist pretender who now thrives on acting as the reborn Shia Muslim feminist, but last week someone left an interesting comment on that post, which I thought should be shared.
I would also like the person who left the comment to get in touch and provide me with more details.

Here is the comment:
Lol @ standing outside Rowntrees in a Chanel suit trying to get the workers to go on strike! I bet she was told to fuck off in no uncertain terms. She's the textbook example of overpriveleged twat playing at "radical politics. She could afford to go on strike(If she ever did a proper days work in her life!) because her and her family managed to smuggle all their inherited wealth out of Iran. She spends her time hobnobbing with the upper middle classes and leftist academics pretending to give a fuck about the proletariat. She definitely isn't a Muslim in any real sense of the word, it's just a label she uses to give her more appeal amongst ordinary people. Her son recently spent time in prison for a race hate attack(you couldn't make this shit up!) guessed it Muslims!!! She really is a poster girl for the shallow,overpriveleged faux revolutionarys that pollute the left. Don't anyone be fooled by this odious woman. At heart shes just an entitled snob who is interested solely in her own career and the status it brings. She definitely doesn't represent Iranians or Muslim women. The most revolutionary thing she ever did was probably go visit her son in the nick. I'm sure it made her unconfortable being around all those working class people. That's the ultimate hypocrisy with her ilk. They claim to be Marxists etc. Yet they despise the working class. Fun fact. Recently a relative of hers died and she and her family were left a small fortune! This wasn't a close relative,I'm talking a distant relative. Goes to show you how much the shah and the Iranian aristocrats and landowners managed to drain out of Iran. If she really wants to help, how about returning some of her aristocratic inheritance returned to the land it was bled out if! Didn't think so you old witch! Instead she'll sit in the house of lords at the taxpayers expense going and eating in Michelin starred restaurants with the establishment cronies pretending she has anything in common with normal people. Oh and I've met her, she's also incredibly stuck up and rude in person!

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Anonymous said...

سال ۲۵۷۴ سال ( الله آدمکش) زدایی از ایران بزرگ.