Sunday, May 03, 2015

68 Minutes with Charlie Rose and Pinocchio

"Iran does not jail people for their opinions" That is what the Islamic Republic's Foreign Minister, Javad Zarif told American anchorman, Charlie Rose on Friday.

I have often criticised the American interviewers for their velvet glove questioning of the Islamic Republic officials and compared it to the way, they used to interview the former Shah of Iran. Zarif's interview with Charlie Rose however was too much even for many Iranians who have been his impassioned supporters and adulators until now.

I will not even bother to challenge the hogwash drivels made by Zarif in his interview with Charlie Rose, others and most notably those Iranian political prisoners who have been jailed for expressing their opinions, have already done an excellent job in exposing Zarif's lies after that interview. The people I want to address and educate in this post however are those who think they can change Islamic Republic's behaviour by holding dialogue and pleasantries exchanged during meetings and negotiations.

The entire Islamic Republic's foreign policy is based on values and principles that are incompatible with the accepted international norms and instead pursue a confrontational guidleine. Islamic Republic's foreign policy doctrine is that Iran is the "Mother Country of the Islamic Nations" [Um-Qara of Islam], just like the Soviet Union was to the other so-called Socialist countries, and Iran's Supreme Leader is not just the leader of Iranians but of all the Islamic nations.

The Islamic Republic is therefore duty bound to defend the "downtrodden Muslims" and help all "liberation" movements across the globe. Should there be a contradiction between the Iranian national interests and that of the Islamic nations, then the later has priority over Iran's own national interests.

Within the Islamic Republic's constitution, the export of the Iranian version of the Islamic revolution and its ideals are enshrined as the major goals of Iran's foreign policy.

This is how interference in the affairs of other countries is justified and this is why chants of "Death to America", "Death to England"  are repeated even after the most pleasant meetings and optimistic negotiations with the Western counterparts have been conducted and this is why the Islamic Republic will never recognise Israel and continue to fund those fighting to destroy the state of Israel, despite Iran having no territorial or other national interest disputes with the Israelis.

Sure, as the Supreme Leader himself eloquently explained, there may be need for "heroic flexibilities" at times but the ultimate goal is well beyond any well-wisher's optimism for restoring normal relations between Iran and the Western world, despite all the efforts to daze and dazzle the Western audience via television interviews and social media postings.

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