Monday, February 22, 2016

UCL's Marxist Lecturer on BBC Persian!

 I often wonder if the poor UK tax payer has any idea where his or her hard earned money ends up and the upkeep of what kind of institutions and people is maintained through the taxes they pay.

Well here is one example in this video. The person being interviewed is the Marxist UCL lecturer and member of the Socialist Workers Party, Ali Alizadeh.

The interview is taking place on BBC Persian and this is what he is saying:
"we need both factions [hardliners & reformists] in Iran, because the hardliners are the ones fighting in Syria and are defending the security of Iran. We don't want to eliminate the hardliners. If we have a red line in Iran, its with those people who under the Israeli, Saudi and US flags were planning economic and military attack on Iran. We can live with the likes of Jannati and Messbah Yazdi but with those people, never!"

Don't get too taken up by his typical Leftard way of accusing Iranian secular liberals with being under the Israeli, Saudi and US flags, that's just typical Leftist politics. They live in the West, enjoy the privileges provided in the West themselves, and yet accuse others who are happy to live in a Western democracy as being under Israeli, US flag wanting to invade Iran. Pathetic Leftist tactics to throw mud at their enemy.

And I wonder if this Marxist lecturer at the University College of London, who is poisoning the minds of hundreds of UK students, realises where he is living and who he has had to flee from and whether he really thinks the Iranian hardliners, who killed thousands of Marxists, are happy for an atheist effeminate looking bourgeoise Marxist, like him to live amongst them as he claims he wishes to live amongst them?!


Anonymous said...

Do you happen to have the link to this video on Youtube? Thanks

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Anonymous said...

There is no evidence that Alizadeh works for UCL. What is your source?