Friday, June 03, 2016

How Times Change - The Secular Iran in 1930s

BBC Persian's revelation of a letter from Ayatollah Khomeini to president Kennedy in 1963, pledging that he would look after US interests in Iran and would not try to export the revolution, prompted me to read the whole 86 page document, "CIA report, Islam in Iran, March 1980, Secret, CREST".

The document is a summary of the role of Islam in Iran in recent history. What prompted my interest was a section in the beginning of the document, which described how secular Iran had become in the 1920-1930s.

The document describes an American Christian minister who had approached Reza Shah the Great's court minister, Teymourtash, seeking his consent for sending missionaries to Iran and setting up schools there.

Teymourtash's reply was:
"Iran is trying to get rid of religion in its own schools" and further asks "How would you like it, if we bundled up a crowd of moth-eaten mullahs and sent them to America to open up schools there?"

Nearly hundred years on, it seems that is exactly what has happened. Lots of "moth-eaten" mullahs have been sent to Europe and America, facilitated by Leftards and useful idiots, to set up schools and it seems at the end, Islam will be victorious and take over!

Below is a picture of Teymourtash and a picture of a "moth-eaten" mullah who opposed Reza Shah the Great:

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Aghaye Azarmehr do you have a link to the full text of the document?