Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Nasrollah on Hezbollah's funding v What John Kerry Ass-U-Me-s?

Below are excerpts from Nasrollah's speech made to mark the 40th day, a Shia tradition after someone dies, for Mustafa Badreddine's death:

"Some in the media were hopeful and were saying that Hezbollah is facing a financial crisis and has lost its position in Lebanon

Sanctions against Hezbollah are useless

Our budget, expenses, food, missiles, weapons, and everything else all comes to us from Iran

As long as Iran has money, we too have money

Hezbollah has no business plans or investment centres

The money allocated for us, does not come to us directly, neither through banks,  just like we get the missiles with which we threaten Israel with

Hezbollah is grateful to Iran’s Supreme Leader, the president, the administration, the Majlis, Grand Ayatollahs and the honourable people of Iran for supporting our resistance, Iran’s support continues and we have no financial problems"

And here is what John Kerry ass-u-me-s :

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