Monday, January 01, 2018

Iran Protests

The article I wrote just before the latest protests in Iran erupted:

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Mehrtash said...

Good article, rightly highlighting the 'experts' and western media's quivering silence, afraid of Iran finally becoming free of the shackles of tyranny that oppressed and robbed Iranian citizens for almost four decades.

Asher Abrams said...

Thank you, my friend, for covering these important events. May the Iranian people see freedom soon.

Peter Khan Zendran said...

Just the blowsy mental masturbations of someone stupid enough to fall for rajavi's lies

Samanth said...

Azarmehr, when the Mullahs came to power in 1979 and institutionalized one of the most durable tyrannies, their cheerleaders (more than the Iranian people or the Iranian left) were the International Left in cushy academic positions in the West and some woolly eyed journalists. The academic left in particular came up with the usual tropes of anti-imperialism to justify the brutal dispensation that took place of the old one. Once they boxed themselves into that position, they had to keep justifying it (atleast for a while). Our media is on coals over little things, but when women get lashed just for trying to dress in the manner they wish, there is no murmur....looks like all the primetime feminists are in hibernation (or maybe they have spent all their outrage already against more easy targets)

The Tash said...

Official reports reveal that the IRI Govt. acknowledged that the protests are in response to the poor economy etc, but they're blaming this on the sanctions imposed - what a cop out - whilst they're filling up their planes with all the wealth of the people and flying to Turkey!

Anonymous said...

جناب آذرمهر من هیچ راه ارتباطی جز اینجا باهاتون پیدا نکردم
دو نکته خواستم بگم
اول اینکه شبکه منوتو حتما روی یاه ست بیارید چون همه یاه ست رو دارن و واقعا حیف هست شبکه شما مخاطب هاشو از دست بده
مورد دوم اینکه الان بالای یکسال از تحریم افرادی چون سعید قاسمی نژاد و امیر اعتمادی توسط شبکه منوتو گذشته و در این شرایط نیاز به افرادی هست که بتونن از شاه فقید دفاع و علیه رژیم کثیف اسلامی مبارزه کنند
دلخوری شما از اعضای فرشگرد به حق هست اما الان خیلی وقت هست که گذشته و فردی مثل سعید قاسمی نژاد نه از اعضای فرشگرد بود و نه یک کلمه در مورد شبکه منوتو بد گفته
لطفا بهش تریبون بدید
سعید قاسمی نژاد مخالف واقعی نظام اسلامی هست