Monday, January 25, 2021

Twitter's Thought Police Find Nothing Wrong with Child Porn!!

Twitter is facing a lawsuit in the Northern District of California, because its Thought Police repeatedly refused to remove child porn videos saying they found nothing that violated their rules and policies!

Not only Twitter refused to remove the disgusting videos which were going viral, Jack Dorsey's company made money off the clips as well, according to the New York Post article!

Those of us who have had experience of the inconsistencies and duplicities of Twitter's Thought Police, including me, can very well believe Dorsey's Kapos are capable of such hideous acts.

In a previous post, I published screenshots of how Twitter did not consider the threats to rape my family members, including my children, as "violating their rules and policies".

I sincerely hope the courts will handout the punishment Dorsey deserves. He is a threat to democracy, free speech and also to the basic moral decency. The BigTech billionaires should not be allowed to get away with their control of public opinion. 

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