Friday, December 23, 2005

Bus Drivers Union Members Sent to Evin Jail

Those who desperately seek to promote the Islamic Republic as a "flourishing democracy" will not be ashamed when the news of the arrest of Bus Drivers Union members in Iran was announced. For those who promote the mullahs have no shame, they have other self seeking motives when they promote the Islamic Republic. However those who may be duped into thinking there is any kind of democracy in Iran, due to lack of knowledge and information on the true nature of the theocracy in Iran should open their eyes.

The bus drivers union has no political agenda, they are not planning to overthrow the Islamic Republic. In fact they have tried to negotiate with every level of the Islamic establishment, right up to the vice-president. Yet what is the response of Ahmadi-Nejad's "government of justice"? Throw the union members into the notorious Evin prison! Why? what are they guilty of other than demanding a fair standard of living in a country with so much wealth?

Mansoor Osanloo, The Union's head of executive committee was transferred to Evin prison today. Akbar Yaghoubi, Reza Boorboor and Hamid Reza Rezaiifar were arrested on Thursday.
Javad Kefayati, Javad Sidvand and Morteza Kamsari were arrested by the secret police.

In response to the arrest of their comrades, the bus drivers in Iran are planning to go on strike from Sunday. Their demand is simple: "Release our comrades".

Now wouldn't be a nice gesture from the Transport and General Workers Union in UK, to have banners hanging from their buses which go past the Islamic Republic embassy in London, saying "Release the Jailed Bus Drivers in the Islamic Republic". That would be proper international solidarity.

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