Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Illusions of Fair Elections

Anyone who is under any illusions that there are free and fair elections in the Islamic Republic of Iran, may find it worthwhile to read the news item below.

If a regime can't even stand a free and fair elections in the neighbouring country, Iraq, how could they possibly allow a fair and free election in Iran???

"AFP - Hundreds of blank ballots like those to be used in this week's elections in Iraq have been found on a truck which entered the country from neighbouring Iran, security officials said, according to AFP.

"A truck with Iranian number plates was intercepted Tuesday night in the locality of Badra, Wasset province, southeast of Baghdad," an official said.

Another security source confirmed the discovery and said authorities were looking for three other suspect trucks in areas east of Baghdad near the Iranian border.

"The blank ballots were probably destined to stuff the ballot boxes" in Thursday's general election, a security official said.

The ballot papers were not printed by the Iraqi Electoral Commission which is the only body authorised to supply voting materials.

Iraqis go to the polls Thursday for the third time this year to elect a 275-member Council of Representatives that will form the basis of the first permanent post-Saddam Hussein government

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Michael Bains said...

My hope is for the long-term survival and morally conscientious evolution of our species in all regions of this Earth.

May the Iraqi elections provide something similar to people who love Iran and its potential to provide individual Freedom and Responsibility.

We're young. We will learn what is truly good of and for our existence.